The Legend of Futian
1365 The Power of the Demonic matrix
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1365 The Power of the Demonic matrix

Early the next morning, several demon beasts and human cultivators had convened at the Celestial Demon Arena in the central district of the Celestial Demon City

Large demon beasts with all kinds of strange appearances were the most prominent amongst the massive crowd, their thick demonic aura permeating the air.

However, the human cultivators who came here were also of Saint Plane and were unaffected by the aura, even though they were not as comfortable in the realm of demon beasts as they were in their own world.

Warriors of the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Forces had also arrived and gathered in the same area, and behind them were more warriors from various parties of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

A few powerful cultivators had also arrived and stayed in other locations.

For example, somewhere far away in the sky, some warriors were standing above the clouds, overlooking everything below them. Their eyes were keen, and the light of thunder reflected off from their bodies.

Some warriors stood far behind the crowd and kept their distance from others. They were all gorgeous female cultivators with an unusual temperament.

Several figures also stood somewhere else. They all looked aloof and watched toward the Celestial Demon Arena in the distance. However, there were many warriors nearby circling them at the center.

It seemed that they were just watching from a distance and didn't want to get involved.

Although the Celestial Demon City was huge in the Demon Realm and being guarded by Zhu Yan the Demon Emperor and three other demon emperors, its level was still far from enough compared with the top forces these warriors belonged to.

The same was true for Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince; it was still unclear if he was qualified to let them take action.

In another direction, Ye Futian and others had also arrived and joined the crowd.

This time, they had a stronger lineup; Kong Xuan and other warriors from the Demon Peacock Emperor also joined the team.

They joined the flow of people and looked up at the Celestial Demon Arena to find a group of warriors approaching them from afar. The four figures who took the lead were the Zhu Yan demon crown prince and three other demon princes.

Just like yesterday, the four demon royalties sat down in their seats.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince sat on the throne at the top of the stairs. He leaned there lazily, a pair of eyes containing golden flames sweeping towards this space. A demon beast behind him was whispering something in his ear.

He glanced lazily around and found the airborne warriors in the distance, full of contempt in his eyes.

He specially designed this demonic matrix to see how the strongest warriors of the human world were like, and these people wanted to get the news without doing anything?


He wanted to see who could break the demonic matrix.

"I'll give you another chance. If today is still as boring as before, then maybe you will not see me tomorrow. If you want to get the news, go somewhere else and explore by yourself," Zhu Yan demon crown prince's voice was cold and slightly threatening.

To get the news, they needed to show some sincerity.

His time had been wasted by those who made tentative attempts a few days ago; he felt so bored.

Although he received several things and cultivation methods from them, he didn't see them as all that valuable. Thus, he just awarded them to subordinates for enlightenment and practice.


Below Zhu Yan demon crown prince, the prince of thunder god clan let out a dragon roar. Streaks of lightning thunder pierced across the void sky; rolls of thunder shook everyone's eardrums.

Human cultivators all looked cold. Feeling rather presumptuous, the four demon beasts of the Celestial Demon City tried to provoke them again and again.

Over the enormous Celestial Demon Arena, the demonic matrixes were in formation. Many demon beasts guarded the demonic matrix, their appalling demonic aura emitting from their bodies.

At that moment, the crowd suddenly gave way to a group of warriors emerging from its center.

They were from the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects. As they stepped down from the area below the Celestial Demon Arena, demon beasts all gave way to them.

"They are all of the same levels!" The four demon princes above the stairs of the Celestial Demon Arena looked puzzled. These human cultivators were all True Self Saints who had the same Cultivation Plane. They were clearly selected from multiple forces instead of just one sect.

True Self Saints' correspondent matrix was one of the three matrixes in the same demon level: the Demon Thunder Drum Matrix arranged by warriors of the Thunder God Clan.

The other two demonic matrixes left the vast Celestial Demon Arena to warriors of the Thunder God Clan. Large demon beasts of the Thunder God Clan hovered over the arena and waited at different locations.

Just then, a person jumped up to the Celestial Demon Arena. He first stepped aside, put down a lot of storage rings in a line, and said, "These treasures and cultivation methods belong to me and the people behind me. I have lined them up in order. If one of us fails, you may take one from them."

"What is he doing?" Demon beasts looked confused.

Were the Eight Orthodox Forces preparing to challenge the Demon Thunder Drum Matrix one by one to tire them out?

"Put the storage rings aside first," the Zhu Yan demon crown prince said slowly. A demon beast instantly stepped out and took all the storage rings away, much to the human cultivators' displeasure.

"Don't worry. Since the rules have been set, I will return them to you as long as you made it. I won't covet your belongings," Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said nonchalantly. The cultivator in Thunder Law stepped in front of the Celestial Demonic matrix as the crown prince said, "Begin!"

"Boom!" The moment he spoke, a dazzling burst of fire and thunder broke out from that warrior's body. It was the intimidating Solar Thunder of Binghuo, one of the Eight Orthodox Thunder Laws.

A dazzling bird showed up behind him. It was his life spirit, a divine thunderbird called Thousand Thunder Bird.

The life spirit kept growing, covering the sky and hiding the sun. Its mouth spat out a stream of lightning and fire that directly darted toward the big demon beasts of the Thunder God Clan.

The big demon beasts roared and opened their wide mouths, releasing dazzling purple lightning bolts. They collided with the thunderbird's solar thunder of flame and ignited the explosion of appalling light beams.

Meanwhile, enormous bodies of the Thunder God Warriors bathed in the appalling Might of Thunder. Rolls of lightning on their bodies fell, converging into a war drum of Thunder on their abdomens.

Warriors of the Thunder God Clan spat out lightning while chanting in the language of dragons, causing the bolts to converge and crush on the war drum of Thunder on their bellies.


The aura of electricity overwhelmed the sky. The human warrior headed straight toward the demon beast, thrusting out his palm as it turned into a Thousand Thunder Bird. His head shook violently as if the drum sound would shatter his soul into pieces.

He groaned as the endless thunder from the war drum came. With a loud noise, his body was directly shaken by the shock and got burned by barely touching a warrior of the Thunder God Clan. He looked miserable.

Bolts of lightning shone above the sky, overshadowing the sky and sun; the scene was appalling.

Another warrior from the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Forces rushed out, seemingly prepared for this.

This time, human cultivators planned to make a series of shots without letting the opponents gain momentum, thus interrupting the attack of the matrix.

The thunder dragons of the Thunder God Clan ascended into the clouds, their roars shaking the sky. The dragon's body was straight, and the endless thunder light converged in the sky. Among the nine dragons, a larger war drum of thunder appeared. These dragons spat out divine thunder to the war drum at the same time.

Suddenly, the war drum trembled the air. The incoming cultivator snorted and kept moving.

However, the other side's attack did not stop. The thunder from the war drum contained the Might that could even destroy the Great Law. It came down and penetrated the cultivator's body defense, throwing another cultivator away from the arena.

It all happened within a few seconds.

Their strategy seemed useless.

The advantage of the demonic matrix was too conspicuous.

"The matrix is stronger than it was yesterday," someone said. Warriors of the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Forces all looked gloomy.

The Matrix grew stronger when challengers were stronger. Yesterday, those cultivators made only a few tentative attempts. Was it now the demon beasts' turn to play around with them?

These demon beasts were more cunning than expected.

Soon, four cultivators had been knocked out. The crowd of the demon beasts scattered, their roars trembling the sky.

"The Thunder God Clan isn't as prosperous as before, but they were once a very powerful demon clan. These selected demon beasts were all pure-blood outstanding warriors of the Thunder God Clan. With the aid of the matrix and the Law method, their overall power became more than several abilities simply being superposed. Warriors of Thunder God Clan are strong beasts who charged headfirst into battle," the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord next to Ye Futian said.

"In this kind of matrix, the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Forces don't have a chance to attack. The demon princes seem to be targeting those top figures," Qi Xuangang said.

The power of matrix superposition was much stronger than an individual's combat ability. Once the matrix was formed, there was no need to waste energy making tentative attacks. Simply attacking them directly with the most aggressive skills would've been the fastest way to victory.

This was what the Warriors of the Thunder God Clan had always done.

As more warriors were defeated, others who followed had lost their confidence.

"That's enough," Zhang Changqing stood together and looked toward the battlefield of Celestia Demon Arena. They knew they didn't have a chance.

When the two sides' abilities were vastly different, even adopting the strategy of challenging each one individually still didn't work.

Those who had not fought glanced back, looking quite uneasy.

"If you don't fight, I will assume you have given in. But I can't return the things to you," Zhu Yan demon crown prince said as he lazily leaned on the throne. He looked quite nonchalant, idly watching the people below.

Zhang Changqing said nothing. That was why they took the things away at the beginning.

The demonic matrix today was stronger than the one from yesterday, so the other two demonic matrixes must've been just as powerful.

In other words, it was extremely difficult to win by passing through the demonic matrixes.

The Zhu Yan demon crown prince ignored Zhang Changqing and glanced towards the warriors standing in the distance.

Why were they still waiting?

He wanted to see how long these top forces of the human cultivation world could wait!
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    《The Legend of Futian》