The Legend of Futian
1366 The Law of Stick
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1366 The Law of Stick

Zhang Changqing stood alongside the other warriors of the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects; this area was full of their people.

Zhu Yan demon crown prince gave them two choices: either break through the matrix or challenge the four demon princes. \"If one won't work, we'll have to pick the other,\" someone whispered.

There were three Plane options of matrixes for them to choose from. If they failed, they would not be in real danger.

But if they chose to challenge those four demon beasts, their only Plane option was the True Self Saint Plane.

These four demons were on the same level; three of them were True Self Saint, and one of them the Doctrine Saint. Regardless of the Doctrine-Saint female monster of the Feather Men Clan, the three demon princes of the True Self Saint were their main opponents.

Since they had to conquer all of them to win, the challenge would've been too demanding.

Moreover, the consequences of defeat would've been significant. Since the Celestial Demon City was the opponents' territory, the opponents could easily kill them. They didn't dare to take that risk.

This battle was meant to be unfair, but all they could do was obey the opponents' rules.

Among the three big demons, Zhu Yan demon crown prince was the most intimidating one; so far he had yet to try. According to what they learned in the Celestial Demon City, however, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince's combat strength was astonishing; he was known as the strongest of his generation within the endless territory of the Celestial Demon City.

In that case, it would've been both difficult and risky to defeat all three demon beasts. The previous strategy of challenging each opponent individually to tire them out might've worked. However, the warriors who first challenged and defeated them might've been seriously injured.

\"Let's go with the other plan,\" said Zhang Changqing coldly. He didn't believe the united Eight Thunder Law Orthodoxy Forces would've been defeated by the four demon princes of the Celestial Demon City.

\"Okay,\" people answered and nodded. Soon, a person stepped forward in front of the Celestial Demon Arena with a solemn look.

He flashed in the air and landed on the Celestial Demon Arena. The man was wearing a golden robe, looking unusually handsome. He looked up toward the four demon beasts above the stairs of the Celestial Demon Arena and said, \"I am a disciple of the Golden Clan Sect and am here to ask for fighting instructions from Your Highnesses.\"

The Golden Clan Sect was one of the Eight Orthodox Sects. Their disciples specialized in the Perilous Thunder of Gengjin and were famous for their aggressive attacks.

The warrior who set foot on the Celestial Demon Arena was an extraordinary disciple of the Golden Clan Sect who accomplished so much in Thunder Laws.

Above the stairs, the four big demons looked down toward him sullenly.

\"Third Brother, you want to go?\" Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince asked the Taotie big demon beast.

\"Sure,\" the Taotie big demon beast opened his mouth and answered. He had a human face, but when he opened his mouth, it turned into that of a Taotie beast; it looked terrifying.

Although he had a human head, he also had a Taotie's body complete with a tail. As his four hoofs stepped down, a ferocious life force emitted from his body.

Taotie was considered a menacing kind of demon beast.

When he stepped onto the Celestial Demon Arena, his head also became that of a demon beast. Within a fierce aura, his sharp teeth appeared as horns grew from his head.

He glanced toward that warrior in contempt as golden divine thunders shone on the Golden Clan cultivator's body, resonating with the sky and the earth. The bright golden light of catastrophe appeared in the vast space, covering the sky and hiding the sun.

\"Boom!\" Golden lightning descended from the sky. An endless stream of sword-like golden beams of light split the void sky, crushing toward the Taotie big demon's body.

Along with the Celestial Demon Area, even the vast sky was filled with bright golden lightning rays. They hovered over each warrior's head, threatening several demon beasts.

The Taotie big demon glanced at the other side and felt the Might of the Perilous Thunder of Gengjin. As he let out a low roar, his body grew to the size of a mountain standing on the battlefield. One by one, some patterns resembling mouths appeared on his enlarged body.

The Taotie big demon beast claimed to be able to devour the Great Law of sky and earth.

When the golden lightning of catastrophe fell, all the mouths on the mountainous body simultaneously opened. The demon aura engulfed the vast world and swallowed Perilous Thunder of Gengjin.

\"Boom!\" He stepped on the area, facing forward, and roared again. A demon vortex appeared between the sky and earth enveloped the Golden Clan warrior directly inside the vortex storm, trying to devour it.

As golden lightning bolts exploded directly over the battle platform, the Golden Clan warrior rose to the sky with the power and removed the horrifying vortex.

The demonic whirlpool continued spiraling upwards. The warrior looked emotionless as his life spirit bloomed behind him as a golden sword of catastrophe.

He waved his palm, and the infinite Perilous Thunder of Gengjin in front of him integrated with the sword. Numerous golden divine swords suddenly appeared in the sky.

The thunderous booms trembled everyone's eardrums. The Divine Thunder fell and the Great Laws became as one. In the middle was a golden sword that seemed capable of chopping down the Nine Skies.

Warriors of the Eight Thunder Law Sects looked solemn. This time the selected challengers were outstanding top-level figures of True Self Plane of the Eight Sects. If they were defeated, they should've been able to retreat safely.

Letting out a roar again, the gigantic demon beast Taotie who had transformed back into a huge original beast stood on his four hoofs, with big mouths open at the same time. A horrible demonic cloud storm appeared above the sky; the huge whirlpool seemed to want to swallow all the skies; the sky over the vast endless area was full of terrifying clouds.

All the phantoms of the Taotie big demon beasts also ascended into the sky, devouring the converged golden divine swords in the sky.

Cultivators of the Golden Sect looked solemn. Golden divine prints were drawn in their hands. The Catastrophe Thunder of the Great Law transformed into golden divine swords, piercing through the sky and opening up the world.

At that moment, it seemed that all the golden divine swords in the Nine Skies thrust down. The golden light rays enveloped the sky, emitting powerful energy.

The battlefield was consumed by the Perilous Thunder of Gengjin and demonic whirlwinds. Rolls of booming sounds erupted above the sky, causing horrifying collisions that shook people's minds.

Several golden divine swords seemed to be getting devoured as phantoms of the Taotie big demon beasts were also annihilated. The strongest golden divine sword thrust towards the Taotie beast's real body, igniting tens of thousands of afterglow rays in the sky.

Warriors of the Eight Sects looked somehow relieved. The battle was so intense because both sides had fought with all their might. Before, when they challenged the matrix, they had their abilities restrained with no opportunity to be fully unleashed.

Although the four demon princes were powerful, the matrixes formed by numerous big demon beasts were far more threatening than their individual attacks.

However, the risk of challenging them was greater; this demon prince hit hard.

Sky-shattering sounds of collision erupted above the sky. Everyone stared at that side as a huge body descended and, following a boom, fell on the Celestial Demon Arena and trembled it. It was the Taotie big demon beast, drenched in blood.

On the other side, the warrior of the Golden Clan Sect also flew out feebly before falling to the ground with his whole body also soaked with blood.

Many warriors with strong abilities had witnessed the finishing blow. The strongest golden divine sword still failed to fatally wound the Taotie big demon beast and only gave him slight injuries. However, the warrior of Golden Clan Sect was hit hard and severely injured.

After all, the Taotie big demon beast was more powerful than the warrior of the Golden Clan Sect. Demon beasts had a natural physical advantage, but human cultivators were better at cultivation methods.

At that moment, a bolt of lightning flashed across the void sky as another warrior from the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects came to the arena. He tossed out a storage ring and immediately charged at the Taotie big demon beast, the lightning swiftly sweeping across the sky.

Above the arena, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince frowned. Did they still want to try tiring them out?

In the crowd, Ye Futian had been watching this battle carefully. While the Taotie demon beast defeated that warrior in the first round, the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects were not common forces. If they kept sending elite warriors to fight, these four demon princes would be in trouble.

As Ye Futian had expected, the second battle was still merciless. The Taotie big demon beast still defeated the opponent but with some injuries.

In the following battle, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince let the prince of Thunder God Clan replace the Taotie big demon beast. He was a better fighter than Taotie big demon beast, but the opponents he met were also menacing. After several consecutive battles, even the dragon scale armor of his original body was broken and stained with blood. Both he and his opponent were severely injured in battle, but the latter was taken out of the Celestial Demon Arena.

Another figure leaped up onto the arena, lightning illuminating the sky.

A dragon's voice trembled in the sky like the sound of a war drum, and a huge thunder dragon hovered in the sky.

\"Second Brother, come back.\"

Just then, a voice came from above the stairs. When the prince of the Thunder God Clan wanted to keep fighting, Zhu Yan demon crown prince stood from the throne in the sky and stepped forward into the void sky.

The prince of the Thunder God Clan looked back then returned his giant body to its previous state. He moved backward, leaving the battlefield to the crown prince.

The warrior of the Eight Thunder Sects glanced up at the Zhu Yan crown prince walking in the void air. With golden flames blazing in his eyes, the demon crown prince headed straight towards him.

Thunder Light shone from his body and collided with the golden divine fire shot down from the void sky, bright lightning surrounding him.

\"Bang!\" Zhu Yao Demon Crown Prince took another step forward. The void sky trembled violently as if a mountain was about to drop down and oppress this side of the sky.

He stretched out one palm, and endless golden divine fire converged into a huge stick.


He stepped out again, like stepping on that human warrior's heart. As the divine fire approached, its sky-shattering Might overwhelmed the warrior of Thunder Sect.

He was not the only one; countless warriors also felt the pressure. It was the first time that Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince showed his ability.


With another step forward, the Thunder Sect warrior's body soared straight into the sky, surrounded by the endless divine thunder.

Just then, the long stick in the hands of Zhu Yan demon crown prince slashed out. The long stick born from the golden divine fire suddenly grew and slashed down from the sky, covering the sky and hiding the sun as one stick cut through the sky.

The Thunder Sect warrior's face suddenly turned pale, and his body turned into thousands of thunder shadows and moved in all directions. Under the Might of the stick, the Great Law came down and slowed him down. Endless stick shadows fell all at once, smashing and collapsing all thunder shadows.


A violent sound came out, and the time and space seemed to be frozen. The flashes of the stick stopped and turned into one. The Thunder Sect warrior's body was directly hit with a violent blow, and then he fell from the void sky feebly, constantly spitting out blood.

With one blow, he was badly injured. Perhaps his trip would just end here, and he had to be taken back now.

\"The Law of Stick.\" Ye Futian took a glance at Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and murmured. The weapon looked quite familiar to him!

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    《The Legend of Futian》