The Legend of Futian
1367 Friction
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1367 Friction

The great demon beasts of Zhu Yan Clan were known as soldier beasts, resembling belligerent apes.

It was said that Zhu Yan was a kind of ape. Before, the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord told Ye Futian that the Zhu Yan Clan might've been on good terms with the Ape Clan, and thus was implicated and exiled to the Celestial Demon city.

At that moment, Ye Futian felt a little familiar with this martial art of stick.

The Ape Clan inherited the Eighty-one Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques. The 81 strikes of stick techniques were the foundation that the demon beasts of the Ape Clan could have their newfound knowledge based on, like the fact that the Late-snow Ape Emperor created the Nine Heavenly Attacks based on the 81 strikes.

However, this should've been considered his legacy, and Ye Futian was the only person who inherited it and passed it on to the Golden Apes.

Zhu Yan's martial art of stick was probably familiar to him because it was also derived from the stick techniques of the Ape Clan, with absolutely overbearing power.

It seemed that the Zhu Yan Clan was close to the Ape Clan.

In that case, then it's no wonder he was on good terms with the Thunder God clan; they even called each other brothers!.

Of course, other people thought from Ye Futian. When countless people saw the warrior of the Thunder Sect fall, they looked up towards the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince who stood in the air with a long stick in hand, his whole body shining. The ignited hope of the Eight Thunder Law Sects seemed to have been extinguished again.

They had wounded the Taotie beast and the big demon beast of the Thunder God Clan. If they continued sending warriors to challenge, it was possible to be victorious.

If the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was so powerful, however, how could they fight?

With a single blow, he could severely injure and incapacitate a warrior.

It was clear that the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was much stronger than the other two big demon beasts.

\"Anyone else?\" the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said coldly and proudly, a pair of golden eyes full of contempt.


Thunder Light illuminated the sky. Another Thunder Sect warrior stepped out, concentrating the Thunder Law in his hands.

Expecting his arrival, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince Yao wielded the long stick in his hand as his body hovered in the void sky. Countless shadows of his appeared in the space alongside tens of thousands of stick shadows.

Another strike came, followed by tens of thousands of stick shadows; the Might of the Great Law befell.

People stared at where they collided. When the sound of thunder rang out, they saw the warrior's body fly backward and loudly fall back to the ground, his body twitching.

\"Bang!\" the Zhu Yan demon crown prince stepped into the void sky and landed on the edge of the Celestial Demon Arena. His golden eyes full of divine flame swept towards the crowd, fixed on several figures in the distance.

Would those cultivators of the top human forces remain idle?

Above the sky shone the light of thunder, and a group of people approached from a distance. The leader looked toward the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, his eyes like lightning.

At that moment, both demon beasts and human cultivators also looked to that side.

Warriors of the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects all looked towards the skydome. Seeing those people stopped their movement right above them in the sky. They were cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

They hadn't expected that they needed to show up at the first stop, the Celestial Demon City of the Demon Realm. They thought that the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects would be enough to cope with them, but the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was more difficult to deal with than expected.

More people were coming from other directions, to which many demon beasts gave way.

In one direction, a group of gorgeous women showed up. They were like fairy goddesses, captivating several people. Many warriors guarded around them, separating those covetous demon beasts from the goddesses in case the latter were affected.

\"Cultivators of the Brahma's Pure Sky!\" the excited crowd talked about them. It seemed that people of the top forces were ready to show up.

Another group of figures in gorgeous robes also showed up, all of them with a transcendent temperament. Demon beasts voluntarily gave way to them, and the vast space was occupied only by human cultivators.

These people were from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Their intimidating gaze swept towards the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince in the void sky.

As the top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they knew more things than most people. The Zhu Yan Clan once was also very powerful. Although the Zhu Yan Demon Emperor was not a demon emperor of the highest rank, he was still prominent in the Demon Realm.

The demon crown prince seemed to have inherited the demon emperor's talent and was overbearing, but if he wanted to stop them, then he was biting off more than he could chew.

The top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm would've lost dignity if they personally fought with him.

Up in the sky, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince glanced towards these people with a pair of golden eyes as the Fighting Will from his body dripped down.

Finally, they showed up.

Just then a voice rang out and said, \"The Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects of the Heavenly Mandate Realm all inherited from the Violet Heavenly Palace. Is this all you can do?\" Everyone turned to find that the ones who spoke were those of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty in stunning clothes.

There were not many people coming from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and the people around them were all talented royal warriors ruled by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

In the central area of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty ruled several forces that once prospered, some of which were similar to the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Forces such as the Purple Underground Sect.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had the right to direct governance and was the strongest power in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. It once stood on the political apex of Heavenly Mandate Realm.

However, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was brought to ruins after battling with Gu Tianxing, and its power was greatly weakened. Now it no longer had an advantage over the other four top powers.

\"There are forces in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, but why have I never seen any of you lend us a hand?\" Zhang Changqing replied. Although they came from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Purple Underground Sect was not under their influence. The Dynasty didn't dare to touch the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects; even though the Purple Underground Sect was in awe of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, he didn't fear them.

The warrior of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty glanced at Zhang Changqing and said, \"This time in the event of the Eight Divine Mountains, there were two people who broke records. Why don't you let them fight?\"

This time there was another person besides Ye Futian who broke the Heavenly Thunder record of divine mountains, in the God-slaughtering Mountain.

The Thunder Law inherited by the God-slaughtering Mountain was the overbearing power of the Demonic Thunder of Lushen. The name of the person who broke the mountain was Wang Chao, who was now the direct disciple of the God-slaughtering Clan Renhuang.

Now he was also in the crowd.

However, the God-slaughtering Clan didn't plan for Wang Chao to fight.

This person who had broken the record was considered a significant talent that the God-slaughtering Clan would especially raise. If there was no guarantee, they did not want him to fight against the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince.

As for the other person who broke the record, Ye Futian didn't even join the Eight Thunder Law Sect.

Zhang Changqing looked somewhere else. Because demon beasts had retreated from this area, Ye Futian looked quite conspicuous; he was just standing nearby.

Besides Ye Futian, there was the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord, the bull beast and warriors of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm; they were all demon beasts.

The scene made Zhang Changqing look puzzled.

Had he figured out the connections between the other demon clans?

Besides, many of the demon beasts around him were quite powerful. Although Kong Xuan's life force was not strong, Zhang Changqing could tell she was of unusual origin from her outstanding temperament and beauty; she probably was a demon emperor's offspring who was born to be able to transform.

\"You have been forbidden to cultivate in Thunder Law. Now, are you going to join the Demon Realm?\" Zhang Changqing said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian, who had been watching the battle quietly, did not expect that he would get involved. He looked at Zhang Changqing from a distance and said, \"I cultivate in whatever fields I like. What does it have to do with you?\"

\"Also, it's my own business whether or not I cultivate in Thunder Law. Why do I need you to tell me to stop?\"

The moment Ye Futian finished speaking, the warriors' eyes all fell on him. They all knew something about Ye Futian. The man who broke the record of Wutu Divine Mountain was now staying with demon beasts. Was it because he knew he had no future in the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

\"Since you chose not to join the Thunder Orthodox Sect, you have volunteered to give up cultivating in Thunder Law,\" other Saint-Plane warriors said.

\"Did you create Thunder Law?\" Ye Futian rebutted. The Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects were humiliated on the Celestial Demon Arena, so they now turned to him?

If a disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace claimed that he should no longer cultivate in Thunder Law, did it mean he was no longer allowed?

Since when did a disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace have the right to decide his path of cultivation?

\"All Thunder Laws of the world originated from the Violet Heavenly Palace. The Thunder Law of the Tutu Divine Mountain also belonged to the Violet Heavenly Palace,\" Zhang Changqing said, staring at Ye Futian. \"Since you have refused to join the Heavenly Palace, you are not allowed to use the Thunder Law to cultivate. Don't think you can forget about it after joining the demon clan.\"

His tone was jarring and aggressive.

\"Before I entered Wutu Divine Mountain, no one said that I had to join any Thunder Law Sects if I entered the Wutu Divine Mountain,\" Ye Futian responded coldly. \"Was what you said about Violet Heavenly Palace's tenet of preaching the Thunder Law to the world to let all cultivators learn Thunder Law a lie?\"

\"You are too presumptuous,\" the warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace said coldly. They looked down at Ye Futian in the void sky.

Demon beasts around them looked confused. Were these human spiritual cultivators fighting amongst themselves?

The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince also showed interest. He walked back to the top of the stairs of Celestial Demon Arena and watched quietly.

Ye Futian glanced up at the people of Violet Heavenly Palace. The light of thunder shone around his body, like the light of catastrophe.

\"Before entering the Wutu Divine Mountain, I had already been cultivating in Thunder Law. Since you claimed the Wutu Infernal Thunder belongs to you, I will not use it. However, I have long been cultivating in Thunder Laws by myself. It is supposed to be one of the Great Laws between the sky and earth. Who has the right to keep me from cultivating it? \"

Ye Futian looked at the figures in the void sky and replied indifferently, \"You, the so-called Eight Great Thunder Laws Orthodox Sects, prohibited me to cultivate your Thunder Law. Are you sure I value it?\"

Everyone around him was shocked by his words. Was he showing contempt to the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Forces?

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    《The Legend of Futian》