The Legend of Futian
1375 The Battle of Matrix Methods
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1375 The Battle of Matrix Methods

It could be said that during the battle between Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and Tan Zimo, Tan Zimo's defeat lost the Violet Heavenly Palace's prestige, especially after Ye Futian repelled the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince. In contrast, Tan Zimo's lack of strength became even more apparent.

In that battle, however, at least Tan Zimo had performed supreme combat ability of a disciple from the Violet Heavenly Palace, and his defeat was not too bad.

After that, Ye Futian raved that the Violet Heavenly Palace could choose any one of the four Saint Planes to challenge his teammates.

That was why the brutal battle just happened.

The first-plane disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace, Wen Yan, was directly controlled by Yu Sheng in a domineering posture and elevated above others.

He was trounced by the power that had an absolute advantage.

Wen Yan was crushed in a humiliating way without fully exerting his strength. It was miserable.

Even he began to doubt his strength; was he that weak?

Was the many years he spent on cultivation nothing but a waste of time?

Countless pairs of eyes gazed into the void sky; this scene was simply shocking to them.

The faces of warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace all became pale. They did not understand how Wen Yan could be defeated like this. Previously, they thought Ye Futian's ravings were just a joke.

But now, it didn't seem funny at all.

Ye Futian let them choose any of the four Saint Planes to challenge, and after they chose one and fought, their warrior was vanquished; it was so ironic.

The fighters belonged to one of the strongest forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the Violet Heavenly Palace.

\"Banning him from using Thunder Laws, how dare you?\" The voice of Yu Sheng came from the void sky. He carried Wen Yan's body down, like a lightning strike, and smashed his body on the ground.


With a loud noise, the ground shook violently. Yu Sheng turned around and walked back, leaving Wen Yan's body lying on the ground.

\"He is so violent.\"

Many people marveled; this was even more violent than demon beasts.

When Yu Sheng passed by warriors of the Eight Thunder Law Sects, he glanced at them with his cold demonic eyes. Zhang Changqing and others frowned and even felt an invisible pressure.

Yu Sheng also felt a little bit perturbed at that moment. What happened to the world?

A group of casual cultivators successfully challenged the Violet Heavenly Palace.

And, they came from the Lower Realms.

On the top of the stairs in the distance, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was staring; there was a strange look in his golden eyes. Yu Sheng's power was horrifyingly domineering; the cultivator of the Violet Heavenly Palace was not weak in the slightest, but under Yu Sheng's Might, he couldn't fight back.

Who were these people?

He arranged this Celestial Demon Arena to challenge all the cultivators of the peak forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but now it seemed that it had become a battlefield for Ye Futian and the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Ye Futian looked at the other side calmly without saying anything.

At this moment, another figure stepped out, still from the crowd of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Obviously, they were not willing to let it go.

For the Violet Heavenly Realm, this battle was a big humiliation.

The warrior who came out had an astounding demeanor--a destructive Might of Thunder shrouded the world, crushing the sky and earth. He was more imposing than any of the other previous warriors.

\"An Unblemished Saint.\"

Ye Futian glanced up at him. The Violet Heavenly Palace sent an Unblemished Saint.

Their strongest warrior of the Doctrine Saint was Wen Yan, who was vanquished. Who dared challenge Yu Sheng?

The True Self Saint, Tan Zimo was defeated by the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, but Ye Futian successfully repelled Zhu Yan, so no one had the confidence to defeat Ye Futian.

So, only the Unblemished Plane and the Nirvana Plane were left.

Thus, this time, the cultivator who stepped out, was an intimidating warrior of the Unblemished Saint Plane.

The warrior was not young, a middle-aged man with an aloof temperament.

Ye Futian glanced at him and said, \"Shall we continue?\"

Before, Ye Futian only asked them to choose one of the four Saint Planes to challenge; he had not said he would keep fighting. But apparently, the Violet Heavenly Palace was not willing to end the battle.

\"Let all your warriors below Nirvana Plane come out and fight with me,\" the warrior said.

\"No need, just one battle is enough.\" Ye Futian responded, and he turned to look at two people behind him.

In their group, there were two Unblemished Saints, Yaya and Mu Chunyang.

Although Mu Chunyang was Qi Xuanzhang's disciple with outstanding talents, he didn't have a conspicuous advantage over the Unblemished Saints of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Although Yaya was at the apex of her Unblemished Plan, she was about to return to the peak Nirvana Plane. She already had the state of mind of Nirvana and had previously been to the Nirvana Plane.

Moreover, her Might of Sword Matrix was also extremely powerful.

So, for this battle, Yaya was obviously more suitable than Mu Chunyang.

Seeing Ye Futian looking at her, Yaya stepped out, without saying anything.

Her body flashed. Yaya rushed to the sky like a sharp sword.

The Unblemished Saint warrior of the Violet Heavenly Palace was called Huo Yan. His cultivation in Thunder Law was at its pinnacle. Seeing Yaya jumping into the air, he did the same, crossed the endless void sky with one step and came to the upper sky, standing opposite Yaya.

Neither of them talked nonsense; astonishing spirits exploded from both of them. Huo Yan waved two hands, and suddenly around Yaya's body, the sky and earth were filled with thunder. As if in just one moment, she had been sealed in the domain of thunder.

Such a siege was not very powerful. Since Yaya was qualified to stand there, how could she be easily trapped?

Yaya saw Ye Futian had no intention to attack, so she waved her hands, and the Might of Swords were condensed and formed from all skies. With her body as the center, countless swords showed up between the sky and earth, rotating toward her.

Around her body, a huge sword matrix pattern appeared; tens of thousands of words rumbled and devoured the Sword Laws of all skies.

Warriors saw this scene and said to themselves, \"A Heavy Sword Matrix.\" At that moment, countless people were also watching the fight.

This young lady was able to control such a mighty Void Sword Law.

\"He's also creating a matrix, but it's a Matrix of Thunder Destruction,\" someone said.

The crowd turned to look toward Huo Yan of the Violet Heavenly Palace again. The endless Divine Thunder surged, sealing the sky and earth; sometimes a terrible lightning bolt flashed by, thrusting toward Yaya's body, but he was unable to break through the horrifying Sword Will.

\"Are there two Unblemished Saint warriors going to fight against each other through the Matrix?\" people asked each other.

All the onlookers' hearts beat quickly. All the Might of the Great Law between the sky and earth converged and turned into turbulent Fighting Wills, which only made the destructive power even stronger.

Huo Yan flitted forward. He opened his arms and looked up at the sky, and beams of light descended from the sky and surrounded Yaya's body.

Countless people's hearts thumped fast.

\"He is so powerful.\"

The rolling demonic cloud was similar to the Thunder Law used by Tan Zimo before. It should have been the Final Thunder of Catastrophe, but this time the power was even more horrible.

\"The sky, seal.\"

The words came out of Huo Yan's mouth. Suddenly, towering beams of lightning blocked the sky. Numerous thunderbolts directly thrust toward Yaya; the scene was appalling.

Warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked sullen. Huo Yan was of the Unblemished Saint Plane, and his cultivation of the Thunder Law Final Thunder of Catastrophe had broken through to the third level.

Once one entered the third level of the Final Thunder of Catastrophe, the attack could be transformed into a Final Thunder of Catastrophe matrix. Using the great path of sky and earth, one could infinitely restore the Might of Thunder. It was indeed a crucial method of Thunder Law attack and destruction. If it was used on a large-scale war, it could be a catastrophic power once released.

\"She's over.\" People of the Eight Thunder Law Sects Men looked at Yaya and said to themselves.

In the previous two battles, they were okay, but now, Yaya was confronting the Matrix of the Final Thunder Catastrophe of the Violet Heavenly Palace; how could she survive? Nothing but destruction was awaiting her.

The third level of the Final Thunder of Catastrophe could terminate all Unblemished Saints and even threaten cultivators of Nirvana Planes.

Huo Yan wanted to kill Yaya on the spot to frighten those people, removing the stigma for the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Endless beams of thunder light descended; and, at this moment, Yaya below looked extremely trivial. Even all the skies were sealed by the beams of lightning, and the endless void space was filled with beams of thunder. The Thunder Law locked the sky. She had nowhere to hide and just had to withstand the attacks.

Ye Futian looked up to the sky. He was confident in Yaya's strength; after all, she came from the Nirvana Plane, and now she was about to return to Nirvana. Her ability was strong beyond doubt.

But seeing this destructive scene, he was still a little worried.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was a force standing at the peak of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and its disciples were all extremely outstanding. It was just that the opponents they met here were also highly skilled, including Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, Ye Futian, and Yu Sheng.

Yaya sat cross-legged, and a huge sword pattern appeared around her body. In the sword pattern, infinite Sword Wills were formed, and outside the walls of lightning, there were still swords coming from beyond. Those Sword Qi directly penetrated the void air and entered her matrix pattern.

Around Yaya's body, a sword-shaped light curtain was formed. Endless Sword Wills turned into a sword of storm, heading towards the skydome, and collided with the beams of thunder light.

Yaya was still sitting in the matrix pattern, and the Might of the Sword Matrix was still strengthening.

\"Die,\" Huo Yan yelled. He stepped in the void air, rising to the upper sky. He lowered his head and looked down. At this moment, the Final Thunder of Catastrophe exploded, and tens of thousands of beams of lightning penetrated the world, blasting toward the direction of Yaya as if they could slay all the gods and demons on earth.

People's hearts thumped hard. How could this woman withstand such an attack?

Perhaps she would be destroyed by the Matrix of Final Thunder of Catastrophe.

At that moment, Yaya 's body seemed have merged into the sword matrix; all the swords shrieked at the same time, hovering, and turning into a sword-shaped storm spinning between the sky and earth, which then turned into an extremely dazzling sword, pointing directly toward the skydome and shooting above the void air.

Huo Yan's eyes moved there, and suddenly endless light of catastrophe thrust out and crushed on the sword, which made the colossal giant sword tremble.

Then, a woman's figure showed up and looked up at the sky inside a sword.

For a moment, the sword seemed to be turned into nothingness; it went up along the destructive pillars of thunder light, penetrating the thunder attacks, roaming in the light of thunder, and going up against the trend, as if it was a sword walking in the nothingness.

Seeing this, Huo Yan felt strong anxiety. His body flashed into the sky, but the sword directly penetrated the thunder and targeted his body; it was coming!

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    《The Legend of Futian》