The Legend of Futian
1376 The Demon Metropolis
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1376 The Demon Metropolis

A glaring flash of sword light appeared from the matrix of Final Thunder of Catastrophe and faded away.

Those falling beams of lightning flickered and turned into a disarray of light. The core of the matrix in the upper sky also shattered and dispersed.

Endless Divine Thunder poured down, but there was not as much might as before.

When all things vanished, only two figures were standing above the sky.

The Sword Will was flowing in the body of Huo Yan, an Unblemished Saint warrior of the Violet Heavenly Palace. He got a gash on his body that blood kept flowing from.

He slightly coughed and blood oozed from his mouth; his life force was weakening rapidly.

The strike of the sword badly wounded him.

Huo Yan raised his head and looked up at the young lady in a white dress standing in the void air. She stood there quietly like a sword; he could feel a sense of mysterious detachment from her, which gave him the impression that the woman was not an Unblemished Saint but a Nirvana Saint.

He understood that although her current Plane was Unblemished, she was actually infinitely close to Nirvana, and even the might she exerted was already that of the Nirvana Plane.

Countless pairs of eyes stared into the upper sky; they watched those two figures, stunned, and felt extremely unsettled.

They lost again.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was defeated again in the Unblemished Saint Plane, and the warrior was seriously injured.

It seemed that Ye Futian's statement was confirmed: just choose any one of the four Saint Planes to challenge them, they didn't care.

Two battles were complete. Together with Ye Futian's better performance compared with Tan Zimo, so far, the Violet Heavenly Palace has been defeated in three out of the four Saint Planes.

Before, everyone thought Ye Futian's words were nothing but ridiculous exaggerations.

But now...Did anyone still think so?

At this moment, they were beginning to doubt that, even in the Nirvana Saint Plane, there were still more cultivators who were able to win over the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace in Ye Futian's group.

This idea naturally came to them after they witnessed the two previous battles.

Moreover, it was meaningless to them even if they fought in the Nirvana Plane.

Even if they won the battle of the Nirvana Plane, so what?

They still had huge disadvantages in three other Planes.

Huo Yan was seriously injured and looked quite dispirited. Suddenly he had aged a lot, and he trudged back.

The Violet Heavenly Palace, known as the origin of all Thunder Laws, the supreme power of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, was trounced by a group of casual cultivators.

News of this battle would soon be spread across the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Huo Yan returned to the group of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Yaya flashed away, and the next moment, she landed on the ground, standing quietly behind Ye Futian, as if the battle had never happened.

At this moment, the place fell silent. No one of the Violet Heavenly Palace stepped out again. As many people thought, it wouldn't make much sense to fight again in the Nirvana Plane, not to mention that they were no longer sure if they would win the Nirvana Plane battle after two fights.

Perhaps, even the Violet Heavenly Palace themselves had lost all confidence.

\"It seems that your Thunder Law is not very good. From now on, when you are outside, don't always say that others are not qualified. That will only lose more of the Violet Heavenly Palace's dignity.\"

In this quiet place, what Ye Futian said was like a loud slap hitting the faces of those in the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was thoroughly defeated by Ye Futian. Everything that happened before looked even more ironic.

Even though Ye Futian rejected the Violet Heavenly Palace, so what?

All disciples of the Violet Heavenly Palace were vanquished by him.

The faces of those who lived in the Violet Heavenly Palace were burning. If they had not had tasks with them, they would have immediately left. Staying here would only make them feel more humiliated. People were unkind to the losers of battles.

Their failure was so obvious that they couldn't even say anything; they were speechless.

Ye Futian took one more glance at Zhang Changqing and others in the Eight Thunder Law Sects. His glance was cold and full of contempt; he soon looked away without paying attention to them.

Ye Futian's gaze made Zhang Changqing realize that Ye Futian never cared about what the disciples of the Eight Thunder Law Sects thought of him.

Even if he could successfully challenge the Violet Heavenly Palace, would he care about their Eight Sects?

Just think about the battle between Huo Yan and Yaya. Zhang Changqing was the most gifted disciple of the Purple Underground Sect, the future successor of the Great Law Wutu Infernal Thunder. The Purple Underground Emperor valued his talent and his cultivation plane was also unblemished.

However, he had asked himself if he was able to face Huo Yan's blow, and he knew he couldn't bear it, and he wouldn't have the ability to fight back.

But Yaya could seriously injure Huo Yan in that kind of attacking matrix. If he faced Yaya, his ending wouldn't be much different than that of Huo Yan. He would be killed.

Disciples of the other top forces, like the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Brahma's Pure Sky also had mixed feelings because of the battle.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was a famed institution just like them, standing at the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Since Ye Futian was able to turn the Violet Heavenly Palace upside down, their strength shouldn't be weaker than those of disciples of any other top forces.

That was very unusual in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

At the same time, some cultivators of Brahma's Pure Sky also went to the Purple Underground Sect. When Ye Futian went away, many people sympathized with him and felt pity for him. Now it seemed that Ye Futian himself didn't care at all.

At that time, no one knew he was this powerful.

This younger brother of Gu's descendant was not as simple as he seemed.

On the top of stairs of the Celestial Demon Arena, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince had watched everything. He had also perceived how unusual Ye Futian was. He had the upper hand in the battle with him, and even the people around him were extraordinary.

However, after listening to their conversation, he got to know this Ye Futian was not a cultivator from top powers, and he used a stick method.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was curious about Ye Futian's identity.

In one step, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince reentered the void sky; other demon princes followed him, and they came to one corner of the Celestial Demon Arena, looking at the crowd.

Today, his purpose had been achieved. He fought battles with Tan Zimo of the Violet Heavenly Palace and Ye Futian and watched the battle between Yu Sheng, Yaya, and warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace. He hadn't wasted his time.

As for other top powers, it seemed that they had no intention of fighting.

However, since they wanted to find Gu Tianxing, they would have to take action in this demon world one day.

\"You all know where the Demon Metropolis is, right?\" Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince looked at these people and asked. Suddenly everyone turned their heads and looked at him.

How could they never have heard of it?

It was rumored that many years ago, the Demon Metropolis of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, also called the Divine Demon Domain, was the birthplace of countless powerful demonic beasts.

But now, the Demon Metropolis had become the most chaotic area in the demon realm, but it was also the most crowded gathering place of demon beasts in the demon world, where there were many relics left by the ancestors of the demon realm, even forbidden zones.

Therefore, even though there were no top demon clans located in the Demon Metropolis, it was still one of the most prestigious areas in the demon realm. Many of the top demonic clans in the demon realm were active there.

Even in a geographical sense, the Demon Metropolis was also the center of the demon realm.

\"Gu Tianxing has appeared in the district of the Demon Metropolis. It is said that he is in a certain forbidden area of the Demon Metropolis. If you go there, you will surely get news about him,\" the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said. He chose to announce the news in public instead of just telling any individuals.

The information wanted by these top-level humans was useless to him. He arranged the Celestial Demon Matrix here just to see what levels of strength these top cultivators had.

Now that his purpose had been achieved, it was okay to tell them.

What's more, he also wished that these humans would go to the center of the demon realm and see how many of them would be left there forever.

People of all powers slightly changed their expressions when they heard what Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said.

He said that Gu Tianxing had shown up in the Demon Metropolis district and was in the forbidden zone.

Did it mean that Gu Tianxing was still alive?

If Gu Tianxing hadn't died in that battle, it would potentially be a huge risk for many forces, especially the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace.

\"Are you sure that person is Gu Tianxing?\" a royal member of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty asked Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince while staring at him.

In the Purple Underground Sect, when Gu Tianxing came in and just stood there, his existence was able to intimidate all Renhuang figures; one could imagine how threatening he was to the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

A person who had passed away many years ago was still so intimidating; Gu Tianxing should have been the only one in the century.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince glanced toward the crowd of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and said, \"I am unclear on this now. Why don't you just go and see for yourself?\"

Warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty frowned. It was already risky for them to enter the demon realm. It was better in the outer area, and the Celestial Demon City was the first demon city near the world of human cultivators.

But they were very clear where the Demon Metropolis was. It was the core area of the demon realm, a chaotic place, where there were countless demon beasts, and even the top demon forces would be active there.

If they went to the Demon Metropolis, the risk would shoot up.

Moreover, if Gu Tianxing was alive, it was a huge risk for them to go there.

\"Sir, where is the Demon Metropolis?\" Ye Futian asked the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord next to him in a low voice.

The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord looked at the white-haired young man next to him; he was also stirred by the things he saw today.

The people he encountered were very unusual.

\"The Demon Metropolis of the Demon Realm was known as the place where the Demon Realm originated. Now it was also the center of the Demon Realm. The demon forces there are intricate and complex, and there are many large demon beasts there. It is far more powerful and complicated than the Celestial Demon City,\" the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord looked up at Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and said, \"I can tell the Demon Crown Prince might also want to go to the Demon Metropolis.\"

Ye Futian was surprised and looked up.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Princess has been peerless in this area, and he arranged these Demon Matrixes also to test the top figures among human cultivators. I guess, the Demon Crown Prince himself wants to go out for a trial,\" the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord continued. Ye Futian agreed with him.

The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord might be right. Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince probably had such a plan indeed.

The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince seemed to have noticed his gaze; he looked down at him, and soon looked away.

Ye Futian knew the Demon Crown Prince must be curious about him now!

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    《The Legend of Futian》