The Legend of Futian
1377 Gu Tianxing’s Life or Death
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1377 Gu Tianxing’s Life or Death

After Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince announced the news, warriors from the Violet Heavenly Palace glanced at Ye Futian, looking a little bit sullen. One of them said, \"Let's go.\"

After that, the party walked into the sky and immediately left.

Warriors of the Eight Thunder Law Sects followed them. In the battle of the Celestial Demon City, the Thunder Law cultivators were the ones who took the lead, and even the place of origin of all Thunder Laws, the Violet Heavenly Palace, had to join the battle. But because they were all beaten, they were too ashamed to stay there.

Seeing them all staring at Ye Futian before leaving, Xia Qingyuanan whispered beside him, \"After being so humiliated by you, I'm afraid the Violet Heavenly Palace will remember you forever.\"

Ye Futian had provoked a lot of hatred. In front of the world, he turned the Violet Heavenly Palace upside down, which made the place of origin of all Thunder Laws, the most advanced practitioners of the Thunder Law cultivation power lose all its dignity.

He let them choose any of the four Saint Planes, but he defeated them at every level.

The feud between Ye Futian and the Violet Heavenly Palace had been settled, but this matter would soon spread.

Ye Futian shrugged, slightly turned his head toward Xia Qingyuan, looked at her and said, \"Have you forgotten the way they talked to you?\"

People of Violet Heavenly Palace were full of themselves, and when doing things or speaking, they never cared about Ye Futian's feelings, so Ye Futian had to teach them a lesson.

Besides, everyone had to see the situation. If he had fought then privately, the Violet Heavenly Palace might have cheated.

Xia Qingyuan heard him mentioning her, blinked, and soon turned around, avoiding Ye Futian's eyes. She did not speak, but her feelings were stirred.

Was it because of her?

Earlier that day, someone from the Violet Heavenly Palace said that she was not qualified to speak, which triggered the things that happened later. Ye Futian arrogantly claimed that they could fight with the Violet Heavenly Palace at any of the four Saint Planes and won all the battles in front of the world.

People gradually dispersed, and warriors of all the top forces also left; before leaving, they did not forget to look in the direction of Ye Futian.

Today, Ye Futian and his party stole all the limelight, throwing the Violet Heavenly Palace's dignity to the ground and trampling on it again and again.

Perhaps they were proud at this moment.

But nobody knew how long their victorious state would last.

For those who were also top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they naturally knew each other's strength. The Violet Heavenly Palace was one of the five supreme powers standing on the peak of power. There were countless cultivators and quite a few core disciples. Among them, some extremely dangerous ones had not been sent to this Demon Realm for trial. After all, there were some unknown risks in the trip, and the Sect Seniors wouldn't allow their elite to go deep into the demon world.

Ye Futian turned the Violet Heavenly Palace upside down, and one day, the Violet Heavenly Palace would seek revenge. Although Renhuang would not do anything to him, if those Saint Plane talents wanted to settle with him, other people had nothing to say, and they might fight again in the name of combat cultivation.

And because there was a gap between two sides' strengths, no one dared to say anything if the Violet Heavenly Palace wanted to kill him.

Thus, in some people's opinions, Ye Futian and his companions proved their talents and combat abilities, but that might not be a good thing if they didn't have any top forces on which to rely.

He had no top-notch background, but he had the top-notch talent, which meant he would be destroyed by the environment around him, just as an extra tall tree alone among bushes would be blown down by the wind.

The Violet Heavenly Palace would deal with them sooner or later.

After people left, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince looked at the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord and said to him, \"Are you willing to come to the Celestial Demon City to cultivate in the future?\"

The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord gave him a surprised look. He didn't understand why the Demon Crown Prince suddenly asked. However, since the Demon Crown Prince asked him to cultivate in Celestial Demon City, he wanted to help him.

He didn't care, but he knew that for his daughter, Qingyang He, being able to cultivate with the Demon Crown Prince of the Celestial Demon City was the best choice.

At least this place was much better than the Verdant Gazelle Palace, and there, she would not encounter things like the incident with Ye Futian.

\"Yes, I appreciate Your Highness's kindness,\" replied the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord. Although he was unsure why he still accepted it. After all, he was one of the most powerful demons in the Demon Emperor's territory.

\"Good,\" Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince nodded and then looked at Ye Futian, who was next to him and said, \"want to walk with me?\"

Seeing this, the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord could tell that the Demon Crown Prince invited him to cultivate in Celestial Demon City because of Ye Futian.

Before, when he requested news for Ye Futian, he didn't leave a good first impression, but after Ye Futian broke through the Demon Matrix and showed his marvelous fighting power, the Demon Crown Prince was a little bit surprised.

Besides, when the Demon Crown Prince fought with Ye Futian, he advanced his cultivation level and could tell that they had similar staff methods. It was just that they both added their understanding and cultivation methods inside, so their staff methods could be considered independent from one another.

\"Sure,\" Ye Futian replied and nodded; he also wanted to talk with him.

The ancestors of the Demon Crown Prince and his people might have contact with Emperor Ye Qing.

So, they talked.

\"Let's go then,\" Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said. Ye Futian walked out. The Demon Crown Prince intentionally waited for a while to walk with him, and the other three demon princes followed.

\"What is the name of your staff method? Where did you learn it?\" Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince asked. He maintained the same human body just like Ye Futian. Although he was an extremely proud person, for those who could defeat him, he showed respect and treated them equally.

What was more, Ye Futian might have a relationship with the Ape Clan.

\"I came from the Lower Realm and once was instructed by the Golden Ape Clan to cultivate the Eighty-one Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques. Later, with my understanding, I evolved the staff method to fit my own cultivate method,\" Ye Futian responded.

It was no secret that the Ape Clan cultivated in the Heaven-Traversing Staff Method, and the Heaven-Traversing Nine Strikes itself was indeed derived from the Eighty-one Heaven Traversing Staff Strikes. The Snow Ape Emperor created the Heavenly Traversing Nine Strikes after he left, and he was the only one who passed on the techniques. The Princess Eastern Phoenix, who went to capture the Snow Ape Emperor was probably the only person who knew it.

These skills were kept a secret, and usually, the Snow Ape Emperor would not tell anyone. After all, the situation in the Demon Realm was complex. If anything went wrong, there would be trouble.

But there was nothing wrong with saying that he learned his skills from the Heaven Traversing Eighty-one Staff Strikes.

\"Um-hum,\" Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince nodded without a doubt. He also had such conjectures.

After that happened, the Ape Clans were torn apart; nobody had a good time at that time.

\"How about you, Your Highness?\" Ye Futian said. \"Where did you learn the staff method?\"

\"The Zhu Yan Clan is of the same origin as the Ape Clan; we are relatives. We Zhu Yan know all cultivation methods in which the Ape Clan cultivates,\" the Demon Crown Prince responded. \"It's just you understand the staff method better than I do, and you made it more advanced, which allowed you to win in our fight. In terms of gifts in understanding cultivation methods, human beings still outdo the demon clans.\"

\"But I don't understand, why is your physical strength so strong?\" Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince asked curiously. Not only was Ye Futian extremely strong, but Yu Sheng, the demonic cultivator, was also terrifyingly strong.

\"When I entered the Saint Plane, I had already built a figure of a Saint. Since I began to cultivate, I have been refining the body by cultivating and never giving up,\" Ye Futian replied.

\"Even so, you should have also cultivated in body-enhancing techniques. After all, even if you have the sacred body, the physical strength of the Zhu Yan Clan should still be stronger than yours,\" said Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince.

\"Your Highness's physical body is indeed very strong. In addition to the physical body, I have also cast the Starry Battle Form with the Might of Law, so I didn't fall behind in terms of strength,\" Ye Futian said.

The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince nodded and said, \"from now on, you don't have to call me Your Highness, just call me Zhu Zhao.\"

\"Okay,\" Ye Futian replied and nodded. The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord behind him was surprised. Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince had told Ye Futian his real name, as though he was a friend!

In the Celestial Demon City, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was the most distinguished and unparalleled person. Even the descendants of the other three demon clans followed him. He was the boss of the Four Tyrants.

Ye Futian would be the first cultivator he was willing to befriend as an equal... and he was a human!

One reason for the budding friendship might have been because of the Ape Clan's staff method.

Of course, another reason was that Ye Futian had defeated him.

The Demon Clans respected power, following the rules of nature. For the ones who were stronger than them, they naturally showed respect.

Hearing what Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said, the Taotie demon looked dissatisfied.

\"Boss, he's a human,\" the Taotie Demon Prince whispered.

\"Third Brothers,\" the prince of the Thunder God Clan told him to stop; he didn't feel anything, and since the boss had decided, he agreed.

The gorgeous lady of the Feather Men Clan also pulled Taotie's arm.

Zhu Zhao turned his head, took a glance at Taotie with his golden eyes, and said, \"Stop it.\"

The Taotie Demon Prince lowered his head but still looked unhappy.

\"Your temper is too hot,\" Black Wind Condor murmured next to him. The big demon beast glanced at him with a pair of fierce eyes, and the Black Wind Condor was not scared at all and was also staring at him with a pair of sharp eyes.

\"This idiot, it is his honor to befriend my Master. Did he dare complain? If it had not been for Master's kindness, he would not have deserved to be a mount.\"

\"I'm also going to the Demon Metropolis, how about going with me?\" Zhu Zhao said after turning his head.

\"If you are willing to lead the way, it will be more convenient,\" Ye Futian said.

\"Don't be too positive. Demon Emperors were not here in the Celestial Demon City now. We will have to travel by ourselves. I am afraid it will take a lot of time,\" Zhu Zhao laughed and said.

Ye Futian showed surprise and said, \"Where did Demon Emperors go?\"

\"Their purpose is the same as yours, Gu Tianxing's news. Otherwise, how would I know about it?\" Zhu Zhao asked slowly, sobering Ye Futian. Had Gu Tianxing's news also cause a sensation in the Demon Realm?

For the Third Brother, was it a good thing or a bad thing?

\"What happened?\" Ye Futian asked.

\"Gu Tianxing went to the place of origin of the Demon world,\" said Zhu Zhao, his golden eyes looking into the distance, extremely sharp.

At this moment, the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord behind him was also slightly agitated.

A human cultivator had set foot on the place of origin of their Demon Realm?

It was an absolutely forbidden area for the demon world!

What was Gu Tianxing doing there?

Ye Futian also realized that the situation was becoming more and more unusual. He thought it was unlikely that Gu Tianxing was alive, but the change of survival was growing!

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    《The Legend of Futian》