The Legend of Futian
1379 The Prophet’s Prophecy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1379 The Prophet’s Prophecy

These days the Prophet's Palace was particularly bustling, especially since yesterday.

The demon Prophet changed his habit and no longer rejected people's visits; he even began to receive visitors one right after the other.

Many big demon beasts, and even human cultivators, came to the Prophet's Palace in the past two days requesting to see the Prophet.

Many people speculated whether the Prophet's unusual behavior this time was related to the future changes of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the \"big figure\" in his mouth?

The Prophet's Palace was located to the west of the Demon Metropolis. It covered an extremely vast and open area, exuding an immortal atmosphere.

At this time, many people were standing in an open field. In front of them were stairs of some thousand meters, and above the stairs was a single palace, which was not magnificent but showed a sense of transfixion.

Above the stairs and outside the palace, there was a statue next to the palace gate, a statue of a demon beast.

This demon beast combined many characteristics of different big demon beasts, with a tiger head, a single horn, two dog ears, a dragon body, a lion tail, and unicorn's feet. Even though it was only a statue, its eyes still looked animated. This was the form of a Prophet demon beast.

But nowadays in the Demon Realm, there was only one Prophet in this Prophet's Palace.

By the time Ye Futian came, there were already many demon beasts and humans waiting quietly outside.

Ye Futian even saw some familiar figures, warriors from the world of human cultivators.

For example, the Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky showed was there.

When Ye Futian arrived, many people took a look at him; the Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky also noticed him, but she was unsurprised and soon turned her eyes away.

However, she was slightly curious. What did Ye Futian come to ask; his future?

\"People who come to visit the Prophet's Palace wanted to ask about their future in cultivation, some wanted to ask the fate of their families, and some people asked about what to do next. In short, there were all kinds of questions; some human women even asked about the Great Law of marriage, but of course, it rarely happened,\" Zhu Zhao said to Ye Futian.

There was some sort of strange look in Xia Qingyuan's eyes after his words.

Ye Futian raised a brow and said, \"Can the Prophet measure a person's life and death?\"

\"I don't know, but you know some people who are here today. Maybe they want to ask about someone's life and death,\" Zhu Zhao said. Ye Futian understood what he meant.

Many people of the Heavenly Mandate Realm must want to know whether Gu Tianxing was alive or dead.

At this moment, a figure walked out, standing on the edge of the stairs. He was a young doorman, but his cultivation was also on the Saint Plane level. He looked down at a big demon beast and said, \"Come in.\"

The big demon beast nodded and then walked up the stairs until he entered the Prophet's Palace.

\"How did the Prophet feel so good today? What did he see that made him summon so many people continuously?\" Zhu Zhao murmured, a little confused.

At this moment, the young doorman looked at Zhu Yan and Ye Futian and asked, \"Who among you wants to see the Prophet, what is it for?\"

\"We all want to see the Prophet and have many things to ask, but it depends on whether the Prophet is willing to call. If the Prophet is willing to call one or two of us, we will ask a question according to the rules,\" Zhu Zhao said.

\"All right,\" the young doorman nodded, showing he had understood.

They waited patiently. At this moment, someone looked at Ye Futian and asked, \"Mr. Ye, do you also come here to ask about your future cultivation path?\"

Ye Futian looked toward the speaker. He was a personable young person. He didn't have a lot of companions with him, but every one of them appeared to have a good temperament. The speaker said with a smile, \"My name is Jiang Mo, from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Mr. Ye's talent is extraordinary; you will enter the Renhuang Plane in the future.\"

The Jiang Clan was one of the three large clans in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Ye Futian looked at him. He also knew that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had three big clans, but he was not clear about what happened that year, and what the relationship between Jiang Clan and the Gu Clan was.

\"How about you?\" Ye Futian asked.

\"I am here to inquire about the future of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven,\" Jiang Mo said.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. Now nobody knew whether Gu Tianxing was alive or dead. The Third Brother appeared and was brought to the Mountain Range of Origin in the Demon Realm. Now for Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, they had to make decisions, since this storm might affect the future of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

\"Whether Gu Tianxing is alive or dead, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had better distinguish itself from the Gu Clan,\" someone said in a proud voice. The speaker was a cultivator of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Gu Tianxing were deadly enemies. If the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven wanted to stand with Gu Tianxing, then they could only be enemies.

Warriors from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty come to ask the Prophet whether Gu Tianxing was dead or alive.

\"Elders of the Celestial Gate will decide by themselves, so I don't need to think too much about it. It is also not your turn to judge the things between the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heavens,\" Jiang Mo responded calmly. They were also a top force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm; naturally, he had no love for the people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Not to mention that their relationship had never been very good.

The warrior of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty snorted coldly and said nothing.

After a while, that demon beast stepped out of the Prophet's Palace, with his head lowered, looking quite discouraged.

At this time, the young doorman's eyes fell on the Goddess of the Brahma's Pure Sky and said, \"Please come in.\"

The leading Goddess of the Brahma's Pure Sky had a gorgeous face and stunning bearing; she was very famous even in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. She was Jinyi Saintess below the thrones of the Nine Divine Goddess. With outstanding beauty and talent, she served as the leader of her saint clan.

\"What will Jinyi Goddess ask today?\" someone of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty asked, \"Maybe about the path of divine marriage?\"

Jinyi Saintess turned her head and glanced at him but did not reply; then she went straight up the stairs and entered the Prophet's Palace.

She walked all the way forward. In the palace, an unembellished courtyard, a white furry demon beast was sitting there. It was the Prophet Great Demon Beast. He did not take the human body but rather maintained the original beast form. His eyes reflected red light, and he looked at the Jinyi Saintess. With just one glance, the Jinyi Saintess felt as if she had been seen through. Her Heart of Law even grew a sense of unease.

\"You have an inexorable catastrophe waiting for you,\" the Prophet said in a hazy voice. The Jinyi Goddess stared at him with a pair of gorgeous eyes, \"What kind of catastrophe?\"

\"Catastrophe about love,\" the Prophet said.

Jinyi Saintess didn't believe him. She looked indifferent and said, \"I heard that you as a Prophet can predict the future, but now it seems you just have an undeserved reputation. I am never interested in the relationship between man and woman, and I am not here to ask about it.\"

\"You will be one of the Nine Goddesses, but the future of Brahma's Pure Sky will not be about you. The fate of Brahma's Pure Sky will be tied to one person,\" the hazy voice of the Prophet came again, but it could only be heard in this space and was isolated from the outside world.

Jinyi Saintess's beautiful eyes stared at him; he knew what she was about to ask.

She had a very low opinion of relationships between men and women and was a devoted cultivator. As one of the saints under the Ninth Goddesses, her biggest wish was to be one of the Nine Goddesses. She was here to try her luck; it was said that the Demon Prophet could hear everything in the Three Thousand Realms and predict the future, knowing everything, so she wanted to have a look.

\"You can go now,\" the Prophet said calmly. The Jinyi Saintess seemed to perceive a mysterious and unpredictable power, so she turned around and left here.

She would become one of the Nine Goddesses, but the fate of Brahma's Pure Sky was not about her, it was about another person.

Who would that be?

She came down the stairs and left the Prophet's Palace. She, who had never been convinced by the rumors of the Prophet, at this moment was lost in thought. She didn't come out of trance until she stepped out of the Prophet's Palace. She looked downward, her gaze falling on the crowd.

She walked down the stairs.

\"What did you ask, Jinyi Saintess?\" people from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty asked again.

\"It has nothing to do with you,\" Saint Jinyi said coldly. After returning to Brahma's Pure Sky's group, she did not immediately leave.

Later, the young doorman stepped out and looked at Jiang Mo of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, saying, \"Please.\"

\"Why does the Prophet keep calling upon human beings?\" asked the demon grumpily.

The boy glanced at him and said, \"You can just go. The Prophet won't see you.\"

\"You...\" the big demon beast grumbled, looking unfriendly. At this moment, there was a supreme pressure coming from the Prophet's Palace, which fell on his body and made him unable to move; sweat flew from his body.

\"I apologize for my offense, please forgive me,\" he said in a trembling voice. The Prophet in the Demon Realm is well-known for his knowledge of the past and future, but people seemed to have forgotten the Prophet's cultivation was also extremely powerful.

Just like Jinyi Saintess, Jiang Mo also went to see the Prophet. He bowed down and saluted, \"Jiang Mo of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven is here to meet, sir.\"

It might sound funny that a human visited a demon beast and called him \"sir,\" but in the moment, it all seemed very normal.

The Prophet looked at him, and Jiang Mo suddenly had the same feeling as Jinyi that just with only one glance, he had become completely transparent.

\"Gu Tianxing will die,\" said the Prophet. Jiang Mo trembled slightly.

This sentence seems to have two meanings. Gu Tianxing was still alive, but he was by no means Gu Tianxing of his heyday; maybe only the residual soul existed, and he would die.

\"For the future of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the new master must be assisted with all your efforts; otherwise, the Celestial Gate will decay,\" the Prophet continued. Jiang Mo's heart trembled. He looked up at the Prophet and asked, \"Who is the new master?\"

The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was jointly governed by three major clans at that time. After the Gu Clan died out, only two clans were sharing the power, and they jointly controlled the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Even in Gu Tianxing's days, he was the representative of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, but he was not the sole ruler of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

\"You can go now.\"

The Prophet did not answer his question but indicated he should leave. Jiang Mo's expression froze; he wanted to ask something more, but in front of the majesty of the Prophet, he finally didn't say anything, turn around and walked away, but what the Prophet said to him kept echoing in his mind.

Would there be an absolute ruler in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven?

\"Otherwise, the Celestial Gate would decay.\"

\"Gu Tianxing, he would die.\"

What would happen in the future?

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    《The Legend of Futian》