The Legend of Futian
1382 The Fox Spiri
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1382 The Fox Spiri

Ye Futian and his group just walked away; many people stared at them but did not stop them.

After all, it was still impossible for them to associate the death of a legendary Prophet of the Demon Realm with a human Saint Plane cultivator.

\"Didn't you ask about her?\" Xia Qingyuan asked Ye Futian while they traveled in the void sky.

Ye Futian shook his head and delivered his voice back, \"I didn't lie. After seeing the prophet, I didn't ask anything, and he didn't say anything.\"

Ye Futian suddenly realized that he should have asked.

However, the moment he stepped into the Prophet's Palace, the Prophet just stared at him with a pair of red eyes, and soon blood oozed from those eyes. In such a situation, he only thought about walking away, how could he ask anything?

At that time, he couldn't expect that the Prophet directly departed this life after he came out, and it was because of this that he began to change some of his previous thoughts.

\"The prophet's death doesn't have anything to do with you, right?\" Zhu Zhao suddenly asked Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was stirred slightly. He looked at Zhu Zhao and said, \"What do you think?\"

Zhu Zhao shook his head; even he felt this idea a bit too crazy. He was the only prophet in the Demon Realm, and why would he choose to depart this life because of Ye Futian?

\"It's just way too strange. Gu Tianxing entered the place of origin of the Demon Realm, and warriors from all over the Demon Realm came together. There was news from the Prophet's Palace that a drastic change would happen in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Later, the Prophet continually summoned people and passed away. It seems that the Demon Realm is not at peace this time.\"

Zhu Zhao raised a brow and seemed to be thinking.

\"Let's see what will happen,\" Ye Futian said.

\"What kind of person is your Third Brother?\" Zhu Zhao asked. Now he had known the relationship between Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu. Everything started because of this descendant of the Gu Clan, and if it had not been for him, Gu Tianxing would have not shown up.

\"How can I know?\" Ye Futian asked and shrugged.

\"I heard that many people speculated he was the grandson and only descendant of Gu Tianxing and son of the peerless talent of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven Gu Jiangnan in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but at that time, nobody had heard that he had any children,\" Zhu Zhao said. He had also heard about the name of Gu Jiangnan, the gallant hero of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven in the Demon Realm.

He was the youngest Renhuang in the history of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

\"Gu Jiangnan,\" Ye Futian murmured. \"Does he have any story?\"

\"At that time, he was considered to have the potential to surpass Gu Tianxing. But a conflict erupted between him and the crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and he was besieged and killed. It was because of this incident that Gu Tianxing wiped out the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, which caused a monstrous commotion that shook the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm.\"

Zhu Zhao slowly said, \"Speaking of this, I also think that the conjecture of the people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is correct. It must be true that only the son of Gu Jiangnan can lead to the death of Gu Tianxing; a large sealing charm was on his body, which I guess was put on by Gu Tianxing and the Gu Clan Twelve Immortals, so even a Renhuang could not detect it.\"

\"I'm afraid that your brother will disturb the peace of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.\"

\"What are we going to do next?\" Ye Futian asked. He didn't say much; no matter what the Third Brother's identity was, it didn't matter. He only knew that Gu Dongliu was his Third Brother of the Cottage.

\"Didn't you see that all the demon emperors have arrived? Now, all we need to do is wait with patience and see what they will do,\" said Zhu Zhao.

\"Okay,\" Ye Futian said and nodded. Zhu Zhao was more familiar with the Demon Realm than Ye Futian. Ye Futian couldn't use his strength here at all, so now following others was indeed the most suitable choice.

They found an inn to stay the night in the Demon Metropolis. In the following days, the Demon Metropolis bustled.

The news that Gu Tianxing had appeared in the Mountain Range of Origin caused a commotion in the Demon Realm. Countless big demon beasts came to investigate, and now many top demon clans were gathering in the Demon Metropolis.

The underground waves were surging.

Both human cultivators and demon clan warriors who wanted to collect news were preparing to enter the Mountain Range of Origin.

The Mountain Range of Origin was known in the Heavenly Mandate Realm as the demons' place of origin. There were many legends about it, and it was the forbidden land of the demon clans.

But now some human cultivators had entered there, so they had to go in.

For human cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they wanted Gu Tianxing's news. Whatever the news was, it would have great influence and might even affect the whole Heavenly Mandate Realm.

At this moment, in the Demon Metropolis, in the void sky, there is a group of people walking in the air. Zhu Zhao and Ye Futian were walking at the front and seemed to be rushing to somewhere.

\"Just now the news came that those demon clans were getting ready to enter the Mountains Range of Origin. Right now, many demon warriors are heading toward the Celestial Fox Palace and want to borrow the ability of the Celestial Fox Clan,\" Zhu Zhao said. \"But the Celestial Foxes are cunning and intelligent by nature. They will be ripped off if they want to take advantage of them.\"

\"What special abilities does the Celestial Fox Clan have?\" Ye Futian asked.

\"The Celestial Fox Palace is one of the most attractive places of the Demon Metropolis, even more than the Prophet's Palace because the Prophet seldom summoned people, even Demon Emperors could rarely visit, so usually no demon warriors were going there, but the Celestial Fox Palace is different. The Celestial Fox Palace opens the biggest trading place of the Demon Metropolis, which is a miracle in itself. In addition to their special talent, the extraordinary intelligence of the Celestial Fox Clan is also a factor of their success.\"

Zhu Zhao explained to Ye Futian. The Celestial Fox Clan indeed had superior intelligence. Many warriors of demon clans said the average intelligence of the Celestial Fox Clan might be the highest among all demon clans, and they were good at scheming. Even when they were weak, they were able to negotiate well between top clans.

And today, they had also become a very powerful demon force.

Moreover, it maintained a very friendly relationship with many top demon clans. Those top demon clans would not touch them, and other demons dare not assault them.

\"Warriors of the Celestial Fox Clan have a strange skill of transformation, and they also know the powerful magic of Phantom Illusion, which makes them the demon beast clan that most frequently enters the Mountain Range of Origin. The Celestial Fox Clan uses the Mountain Range of Origin to hide their treasure and often enter it to dig out treasures and hold open auctions to sell them. With their talent for business, they gradually made the Celestial Fox Palace a well-known trading place for the Demon Metropolis. It's famous for being the first demon trading place in the world.\"

Zhu Zhao said, \"You should know that demon beasts are different from humans. Most demon beasts are not good at trading and prefer to directly steal what they want. Although the world of human cultivators is also full of cheating and scheming, the dirty tricks are in a deeper sense and more civilized on the surface, which is why there are more trading places there.

\"So, asking the Celestial Fox Clan for help is doing trade with them,\" Ye Futian asked.

\"The Celestial Fox Clan will naturally think in this way. Now, all warriors want to enter the Mountain Range of Origin, and if they want to use the power of the Celestial Fox Clan, they can just wait and see how the commission skyrockets,\" Zhu Zhao said.

Ye Futian nodded slightly.

\"Also, the female beasts of the Celestial Fox Clan are all alluring fox spirits,\" Zhu Zhao said and took a look at Ye Futian with a smile.

\"Brother, don't be fooled by fox spirits,\" the Princess of the Feather Men Clan said, smiling.

\"What level of fox spirit can trick me?\" Zhu Zhao asked disdainfully. Although many demon beasts had some special habits, he had no interest in those kinds of habits at all.

\"It's here,\" Zhu Zhao said, gazing downward. There was a large palace standing there; the peaks of the palaces seemed to be shrouded by clouds and mist, much like the castles described in fairytales.

The Celestial Fox Palace was extremely vast, far grander than the single Prophet's Palace.

\"Let's go down.\"

And they descended and arrived outside of the Celestial Fox Palace. There were warriors of different demon beast clans gathering all around, together with a few human cultivators.

Besides, the most conspicuous people were the Fox Spirits that Zhu Zhao talked about.

Young women of the Celestial Fox Clan in human form were all extremely beautiful. Their skin was smooth like silk, looking very delicate; their bodies were fair and unblemished. The most attractive thing about them was their eyes, which were the perfect shape and could steal a man's soul and enchant even the most indecisive demon warrior's heart with a single glance.

Ye Futian they didn't attract much attention after they landed; after all, powerful demon warriors were everywhere.

However, there were several young women of the Celestial Fox clan walking toward them. They all had strange charms when they walked. That pair of fox eyes gazed at them. Even though Ye Futian was used to being around beauties, he still felt that these women of the Celestial Fox Clan had a natural charm.

\"Are you the crown prince of the Celestial Demon City?\" a woman asked while looking at Zhu Zhao. Great demon beasts of the Zhu Yan Clan were rare, and most members of the Zhu Clan were in the Celestial Demon City and governed by the Zhu Yan Demon Emperor.

The Celestial Fox Clan was always sociable and resourceful, and they had an immense knowledge of all forces of the demon clan. They had heard that there were Four Princes in the Celestial Demon City with the Demon Crown Prince Zhu Zhao as the lead, and now these four people were in front of them.

Zhu Zhao glanced at the female fox. Although it was not surprising that she could recognize them, a Sage Plane demon beast who could recognize him with one look must have some extraordinary abilities.

Zhu Zhao nodded slightly and avoided her eyes, looking forward.

\"Your Highness, wait a moment,\" she said. She seemed to have understood something and retreated, with an alluring smile on her face.

A moment later, a beautiful woman with an even more unusual temperament came; every smile of hers was touching.

\"Hu Yao'er is here to salute the Crown Prince and Your Highnesses,\" the woman bowed slightly and said. She was actually a fox demon beast of Doctrine Saint Plane, but she didn't show any arrogance and acted humbly.

Her eyes glanced at them and lingered for a while when she saw Ye Futian; her eyes seemed to be able to steal anyone's soul.

\"You must be Master Ye,\" said Hu Yao'er with a smile.

Ye Futian looked at her in surprise. It was nothing special to be able to recognize the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, but now she also recognized him, which meant the Celestial Fox Clan was indeed very sensitive to news.

\"Yes, but I am afraid I don't deserve the title, Lady Yao'er,\" Ye Futian replied.

\"Yao'er is just a beast. I don't deserve the title 'Lady,' either. Please just call me Yao'er,\" she said with a smile. When she talked, she slightly lowered her head and giggled, and looked at him with her gorgeous eyes. Ye Futian felt like he would be captivated by her eyes.

\"It is the charming craft,\" Ye Futian thought to himself.

\"What are we doing here?\" Xia Qingyuan asked coldly, interrupting the conversation. She stared at Hu Yao'er and felt there was something wrong with her. She was indeed a fox spirit!

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    《The Legend of Futian》