The Legend of Futian
1387 Pressure
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1387 Pressure

Ye Futian looked up at the woman in the sky. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had seen here at the Celestial Fox Palace. She was perfect in every aspect, and her every motion left people in wonder.

But Ye Futian's gaze was still very calm. He gazed indifferently at the figure in the sky and said, \"How do you know that it will be of no use to me?\"

Hu Qianmei, the lady Saint of Celestial Fox Palace, looked at Ye Futian. The treasure that Yingzhao Mountain wanted had been overlooked by her Celestial Fox Palace and was now in Ye Futian's hands. But how would it be possible for him to put it to use?

Ye Futian may have known that the bone was an incredibly exceptional treasure, but if he tried to hold onto it by force and deny it to Yingzhao Mountain, it would be of no use to him.

\"I'm sure you must realize this, Lord Ye. Moreover, I have no ulterior motive in saying this. Giving the bone up and handing it over to Yingzhao Mountain would be advantageous to you as well,\" continued Hu Qian.

How powerful was Yingzhao Mountain?

What human within the Demon Realm, or even which of the powerful demon families, would dare to take something away from Yingzhao Mountain?

Even though Ye Futian had obtained it, how could he hope to hold onto it?

Obtaining a ritual implement of a Demon Emperor would be the most useful possible outcome for Ye Futian. This was Yingzhao Mountain allowing him to save face since they did not dare to steal it from him directly.

But if Ye Futian were not interested in their offer, then Yingzhao Mountain would have to stop being so polite.

Everyone could see the Prince of Celestial Demon City, Zhu Zhao, lying in a hole in the ground, spitting up blood.

Yingzhao Mountain had not allowed Zhu Yan's family to maintain even the slightest bit of dignity.

How could Ye Futian withstand them?

She had asked Ye Futian to give up the bone. This would be best for both sides, and no one would be losing anything at all in this deal.

\"I should thank you for saying so, Your Grace.\" Ye Futian smiled. He could see how valuable the bone was by how much the cultivators from Yingzhao Mountain desired it. It seemed that it was even more precious than he had imagined.

And so, he had even less desire to sell such a precious item.

Of course, he was at a severe disadvantage here.

Yingzhao Mountain was far more powerful than Zhu Yan's clan from Celestial Demon City. Given this, if Yingzhao Mountain wanted to seize the bone from him here in the Demon Realm, how could he resist?

\"No need. I am merely speaking honestly. Do not blame us, Lord Ye. This treasure came from our palace, and you bought it at the auction, so we are at some fault here. But we hope we can avoid any friction,\" continued Hu Qian.

Ye Futian smiled. He looked at the great demon of Yingzhao, who had previously been beaten back by Zhu Yan. He said, \"Yingzhao Mountain is so strong, and they say that I am not worthy of having it. Why don't we try this? If you can beat me, then I will give the bone to you and will ask for nothing in return. If you lose, then you will leave voluntarily and not disturb me. What do you think?\"

The cultivators from Yingzhao Mountain stared at Ye Futian. The great demon, who had been beaten back by Zhu Zhao, regarded him coolly, his eyes as sharp as swords. He wanted to accept and seize the bone for Yingzhao Mountain without any additional complications.

But this was such an important matter that it did not fall to him to take responsibility for it. Even if he lost to Ye Futian, Yingzhao Mountain would not give up their fight for it.

The bone had something to do with a legendary demon.

\"You fail to appreciate how much kindness we are showing you.\" He stepped out towards Ye Futian.

Silver light flashed in his eyes. It was dazzling to behold.

Why did Ye Futian think he was in any position to speak of terms?

And by what right did he do so?

If he wanted the ritual implement of the Demon Emperor, then he could trade the bone and have it. If he didn't want it, that was no concern of Yingzhao Mountain.

The bone was Yingzhao Mountain's. He had no choice but to give it up.

Although he had lost a little bit of momentum from his battle with Zhu Zhao, he was still frighteningly powerful as he stepped out. Silver light flashed throughout the entire area, covering his body. A silver halo appeared in front of him as an incomparably sharp aura pressed against Ye Futian.


Ye Futian stepped forward into the air, going higher and higher. The two of them rose at the same time. Mighty demonic energy swept through the heavens, and silver light filled the sky.

Ye Futian waved his hand, and suddenly, endless sword seals appeared all around him.

Every sword seal looked like a sword that was swirling around his body. The shrieking sword Qi produced an ear-piercing sound. The sword seals faced off against his opponent's spear.


The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain stepped forward. The silver light that was swirling around him transformed into silver lightning bolts. They pierced through the sky with incredible speed.

Ye Futian stepped forward as well, his sword will shrieking. His endless sword seals transformed into a river of swords. They slammed towards the silver lightning bolts. The two attacks clashed in mid-air, creating an astonishing burst of destructive power.

The great demon from Yingzhao Mountains attacks seemed endless, and Ye Futian's sword seals were as sharp as could be as they pressed forward with an indomitable will.


The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain moved and turned into a point of silver light that pierced through the sky and shot towards Ye Futian.

The sword seals had already turned into a river of swords in the sky that swept out through the whole area. They shot towards the silver spears and crashed into them.

At the same time, a brilliant divine halberd appeared in Ye Futian's hands. He thrust it towards his opponent without the least bit of hesitation.

His sword will smashed into his opponent's long silver spears. Although the spears were shooting towards him with great force, their strength was ebbing. At that moment, he saw Ye Futian's halberd coming towards him.

The great demon of Yingzhao Mountain did not try to evade Ye Futian's attack. He still had extreme confidence in his power, and so he let Ye Futian's halberd crash into his spears.

In the instant that the spears crashed into the halberd, a terrible beam of light tried to pierce through the halberd and shoot towards Ye Futian. But the beam of light did not manage to cut into him. Instead, it dissipated into nothing.

And not only that, the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain felt his arm tremble and then shatter, and then it seemed like his whole body would do the same.


A loud noise rang out, and the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain was sent flying. He turned into a phantom that tried to flee.

But Ye Futian stepped forward, his sword Qi shrieking. Endless Swords of Kasypya split through the sky in an instant, covering everything in the area beneath them.

At the same time, a great space binding power spread out, and the whole area began to feel like thick mud. Ye Futian pierced right through the sky, crossing a vast distance in a single step. He thrust the halberd forward yet again.


This time, it was the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain who spat up blood. His very organs trembled. He stared up at Ye Futian, who was standing above him, holding the halberd.

Was his spear not as powerful as his opponent's halberd?

\"Could this human cultivator really be so strong?\" Many of the demon cultivators did not know Ye Futian. Of all of them, only the cultivators of Celestial Fox Palace knew a little bit about Ye Futian's glorious battles.

This great demon from Yingzhao mountain had first lost to Zhu Zhao, so now him losing to Ye Futian seemed reasonable.


Silver-colored lightning cracked across the sky. A tall and mighty demon appeared there, and he swept his cold gaze down on Ye Futian.

A silver storm gathered together. It cut down through the sky, destroying everything in its path as it descended towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked up and felt an astonishing power. The Unblemished Saint from Yingzhao Mountain had finally made his move.

\"The Unblemished level. He is already without flaw,\" thought Ye Futian. He had previously defeated Zhu Zhao with a single attack. This was not because Zhu Zhao was not strong, but because of the difference in their levels.

The Unblemished level was far beyond the True Self level.

The Deed of Thought Comprehension flared to life and resonated with the Great Path. He pulled out his Divine Implement, the Halberd of Time and Space, and poured his will into it. Brilliant light shone from the halberd.

\"Give up,\" spat the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain. A silver-colored airflow cut downwards from him.

Ye Futian watched as the airflow gathered together into a terrifying storm. His heart was trembling.

The Deed of Thought Comprehension shone as he stepped forward. He struck out with the Halberd of Time and Space, and terrible light shot out from it, crashing into the silver air flow and destroying it.

The Unblemished Saint from Yingzhao Mountain watched this scene indifferently, with no emotion on his face. A terrible power descended and gathered around him, forming a terrifying, destructive storm that put pressure upon the whole sky.

\"If you must fight, then even if you voluntarily give it up in the future, we will not give you a chance,\" continued the Unblemished demon in the sky. His presence was overpowering.

Boom! Ye Futian stepped up into the air.

\"Why do you refuse to see reason?\" The Unblemished demon from Yingzhao Mountain sighed as he watched Ye Futian. The storm grew stronger and stronger as it wrapped around his body. Silver meteors rained down from it, each one seeming to have terrifying piercing power.

But Starry Stele's appeared all around Ye Futian, wrapping around his body. Just as the silver meteors hit, the steles were cracked in the middle, making a terrible noise.

The attacks were too powerful. An Unblemished Saint's might was unstoppable.

But the light around Ye Futian was endless. It seemed that it had not been extinguished.


Finally, the figure in the sky stepped forward. The destructive silver storm descended, causing an apocalyptic scene. The whole world seemed like it would be destroyed in this chaos.

He looked down on everything, including Ye Futian.

Woosh! A beam of light shot out as his opponent disappeared from where he had been.

Ye Futian was flying up into the sky, piercing upwards as quickly as he could. The spear and the halberd clashed together.


A wild air flow swept out as the two figures parted.

Ye Futian was sent flying backward and slammed into the ground with a terrible sound!

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    《The Legend of Futian》