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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1388 Be

The ground outside the Celestial Fox Palace was shaking. The cultivators all around made way.

Ye Futian had fallen there, and his legs were slightly twisted. His halberd had plunged into the ground, sending debris everywhere.

He stood up and looked into the air. The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain had been knocked back high up into the sky, but he was evidently much better off than Ye Futian was.

The Unblemished Saint level demon was the top demonic beast from Yingzhao Mountain. He had a very high status, and thus his strength was beyond any doubt.

\"So, he withstood a single blow.\" All the cultivators around them were shocked when they beheld Ye Futian's posture. Although he had been knocked to the ground, he did not seem to have suffered any injury. A Saint of True Self level cultivator had withstood an attack from this powerful demon and not been injured.

Previously, the Prince of Celestial Demon City, Zhu Zhao, had been defeated in a single blow.

\"You are quite powerful.\" The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain stepped through the sky until he stood in the air above Ye Futian, looking down on him. He saw a burst of sword will shoot up into the air from beside Ye Futian.

The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain's eyes flashed as he looked to Ye Futian's side and saw a woman there, her long hair flowing in the wind. She disappeared from where she had been standing, and a sword pattern appeared in the air. She wielded the sword pattern, slicing it through the air, seeming to ignore the distance between them.


The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain snorted. A human Unblemished Saint swordmaster?

He thrust out with his spear, and grey afterimages appeared behind it. The violent storm seemed to become one with the spear as it transformed into destructive light that pierced through the air. It slammed into the sword.

Boom! A powerful wind swept out, and Yaya was sent flying backward, falling until she almost hit the ground. She stabilized herself, and her aura flared.

Her opponent was still standing there, high up in the air. The wind and clouds danced around him in a roaring, destructive airflow.

\"My patience is limited,\" he said. The meaning behind his cold tone was unmistakable. He had personally come here for the bone. He needed to bring it back to Yingzhao Mountain. Who could stand in his way?

Even with Ye Futian and his pack of human cultivators standing in his way here at the Celestial Fox Palace, he would think of a way to get the bone.

\"Are you still considering, Lord Ye?\" Hu Qian, the Saint of Celestial Fox Palace, looked at Ye Futian. Her tone was a little bit displeased. Things had already come to this point. Did they really plan to resist Yingzhao Mountain so firmly?

The question was, what could they use to resist Yingzhao Mountain here in the Demon Realm?

There were two more Demon Emperor level figures up in the air behind the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain.

Of course, they would not get involved lightly.

Zhu Zhao looked up at the cultivators from Yingzhao Mountain and asked, \"Are you trying to seize the bone by force?\" Then he looked at Hu Qian with his fierce and powerful eyes. \"Will the Celestial Fox Palace support them in this?\"

Hu Qian frowned and said, \"I just don't want this incident to cause any friction. It would be best if we could come to a peaceful solution, one that does not humiliate Lord Ye.\"

\"Wouldn't it be a peaceful solution for you to ask Yingzhao Mountain to leave? From what you've said, it seems like Celestial Fox Palace is more keen to have them steal the bone,\" countered Zhu Zhao.

Hu Qian's face froze. Now that this had been said, how could Yingzhao Mountain retreat?

Their strength could be seen at a glance.

Ye Futian looked up at the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain up in the air. \"Celestial Fox Palace made a gamble when they sold the bone. If you want, we can make another bet. How about that?\"

\"What is the bet?\" asked the demon.

\"You and I will fight. If you win, I will give the bone to you. If I win, you will renounce all claim to it,\" said Ye Futian.

The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain looked surprised. Ye Futian—a Saint of True Self—was challenging him to a fight?

He had said that he did not have the right to risk the bone in a fight with Zhu Zhao, but he did have the right to do so for a fight like this. Moreover, he could not lose.

He looked down at Ye Futian a little bit playfully. \"Why should I make this bet with you?\"

There was no need to speak of victory or defeat. He would certainly be the one leaving with the bone. Why should he make a bet?

Ye Futian had no right to speak of terms with him.

He only had one option: give the bone to him.

\"Fine.\" Ye Futian nodded. He took out the bone, lifted his palm into the air, and opened his fingers. \"I don't want the artifact from the Demon Emperor,\" he said. \"If you want the bone, then take it from me.\"

An interested look came over the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain's face as he watched what Ye Futian was doing.

This human cultivator was actually pretty interesting.

If he did it this way, he would be losing a little bit of face if he just took it from him.

He smiled and said, \"Fine. I'll give you a chance. You may start first.\"

Ye Futian wanted to gamble on a battle with him?

What did he have that could threaten him?

Ye Futian rose into the air, quickly reaching the higher part of the sky. But the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain was still looking down on him, and his eyes were full of scorn. He was arrogant to the extreme. Ye Futian could use that to his advantage.


The power of the Deed of Thought Comprehension flared, and a halo of the light of the Great Path began to flow. The World Tree life spirit within him began to create will. The wind blew and the clouds drifted by as endless will flowed out from him and pressed against everything in the area.

\"Are you ready?\" the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain asked him.

Ye Futian nodded. \"I am.\"

His opponent smiled coldly, then stepped down. In a flash, endless silver spears formed in the air and fell downwards. The whole area was covered in terrible destructive power.

In the next instant, the endless silver spears shot downward like a destructive air flow. The cut through the very air itself as they were launched towards Ye Futian.

He stood there as if he could destroy everything.

Boom! A terrible aura burst forth. Stars flowed all around Ye Futian, and endless ancient characters wrapped around his body. His form resonated with the Great Path. As he stood there amongst a halo of light of the Great Path, he reached out with both hands, and a long staff appeared in his hands. He waved it around, and suddenly the air shoot shook as the great air flow was destroyed.

The endless stars and ancient characters shot out towards the oncoming silver spears, but they were destroyed one after another. The Unblemished power destroyed them all.

A terrifying vortex appeared in the sky with endless spears swirling around inside of it.

Ye Futian flew up higher, treading upon the air. His power was growing. When he waved his arms, the stars and characters around him moved with him, making a shrieking noise. They shot out towards the oncoming spears yet again.

Bang! The image of a staff appeared in the, and all of the silver spears were shattered by it.

A look of surprise flashed in the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain's eyes as he beheld this scene.

This human cultivator's attack power was so strong. The power of his staff nearly exceeded Zhu Zhao's. Moreover, there were a lot of similarities between the two of them, although Ye Futian's staff had greater momentum.

His expression did not change. He stretched out both hands, and suddenly countless silver spears appeared in front of him. Then, they all merged into a single spear, forming a mountain of silver spears. The infinitely sharp spears shot downward. The mountain of spears grew larger and larger until there seemed to be enough of them to cover the entire world. Their destructive force was extremely terrifying.

\"This...\" All the cultivators below were looking up into the sky. The scene unfolding there was horrifying. It looked like a silver mountain was falling, but this silver mountain had an incomparably sharp aura and carried terrible destructive power within it.


There was a great roar, and the air shook as the mountain of spears descended. It was traveling at an astonishing speed. And not only that, but endless silver spears still surrounded ye Futian. Their attack power kept him hemmed in where he was, making it so that he had no way to evade the falling mountain.

Even Xia Qingyuan and the others looked worried for him. It was not that they were not confident in Ye Futian's strength; it was just that his opponent was so powerful.

He was a top figure from Yingzhao Mountain. He was much more outstanding than people like Xing Kai and the others from the Crimson Dragon Realm. He was on another level entirely. He was truly a descendant of a Demon Emperor, and his strength was beyond any doubt. Moreover, he was at a higher level than Ye Futian. He was a demon at the Unblemished Saint level.

Just watching his attack spells made them all feel a powerful sense of danger. Previously, Yaya had tried to attack him once and had been knocked back.

It would be challenging for Ye Futian to defeat this opponent.

Bang! Bang!

Ye Futian struck out with his staff time after time with terrifying momentum. The stars and characters around him danced around the staff as it swung, containing the Rule Power of the Great path. He was growing stronger and stronger.

A storm whipped across his body. At the moment when the incomparably huge mountain peak reached him, he grabbed his starry staff tightly and waved it through the air. The stars became one with the Great Path as they slammed into the mountain that was falling towards him.

A crack appeared as the mountain of spears was cut open by the staff. The starry characters wrapped around the spears, destroying them one after another. The crack grew larger and larger, inexorably splitting the spear mountain in two from the middle.

The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain was still standing up there in the air. He could not help but look surprised when his attack was cut open. He reached up into the air and called upon the power of the Great Path itself.

But at that moment, Ye Futian shot straight up into the air, moving at incredible speed. There was a loud roar as he shot upwards. All of the will of the Great Path in the area was gathering together into his staff.

Ye Futian stopped not far away from his opponent. He lashed out with the staff, seeming to block out the sky.

\"Huh?\" The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain frowned. He stepped through the air, trying to retreat, but at that moment, his brow furrowed tightly. The whole sky seemed to be filled with images of staffs, all lashing towards him along with Ye Futian's staff. That was the staff technique of the Great Path. Endless power was integrated into his staff technique. The whole sky was filled with them. The Great Path fell upon the great demon, and the whole sky was blocked off.

He suddenly had an ominous feeling. It seemed that he had underestimated his enemy.

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    《The Legend of Futian》