The Legend of Futian
1390 Bone of the Elephant Emperor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1390 Bone of the Elephant Emperor

Zhu Yan, the Demon Emperor, took a look at Zhu Zhao and asked, \"Why are you here?\"

\"I heard something was going on in Demon Metropolis, so I came to have a look,\" Zhu Zhao answered.

\"No problem with you coming here. Take good care of the lot of them, or I'd skin you myself,\" Zhu Yan said with an overbearing voice, causing Zhu Zhao to stare straight ahead.

\"Big brother here is going to take good care of us, uncle. You can relax,\" the princess of the Feather Men Clan said with a smile. She was white all over, and her smile was pure. Zhu Yan clapped her shoulder and continued, \"Especially her. If I were to find out that you let someone else out there bully her, you'd be getting it from me.\"

Zhu Zhao bared his teeth somewhat at him, looking rather displeased.

\"Let's go.\" Zhu Yan did not care about Zhu Zhao's expression and walked away. The demon emperor of the Celestial Fox Palace came out and asked instead, \"Aren't you going to come in and sit for a little while in the Celestial Fox Palace?\"

\"Nah. Your place is beyond me.\" Zhu Yan waved his hands for a bit and said, \"Best you people invite those friends of yours from Yingzhao Mountain instead.\"

Ye Futian took a look in their direction before he turned around and left as well.

\"I'm so sorry, Sir Ye,\" Hu Yao'er said in a soft voice. Ye Futian took a look at her and said, \"That has nothing to do with you. We'll meet again.\"

He said this before he left as well. There was no way he could have stayed there any longer after all that had happened. Cooperating with Celestial Fox Palace was out of the question altogether as well.

While it was true that those from Celestial Fox Palace were unable to keep the ones from Yingzhao Mountain in check, they could have at least stayed neutral, yet they failed to do even that. They were all eager to have Ye Futian hand the stuff over to settle all that commotion. It became clear that they were siding with Yingzhao Mountain.

But then again, that was normal. He was only one human cultivator, after all, and there was no way he could compare to the entire force that was Yingzhao Mountain.

The two parties were not even at the same level at all, and there was little to be said between them. Ye Futian did not let all that bother him, but there was no way he could have been friends with them either.

After Ye Futian and the others left, those from Yingzhao Mountain remained glum.

The demon emperor of the Celestial Fox Palace came before the demon emperor of Yingzhao Mountain and asked, \"Just what is that bone?\"

If those from Yingzhao Mountain were to go to such lengths to secure it, then the item must be some extremely valuable treasure.

The demon emperor of Yingzhao Mountain took a look at the other demon emperor and answered telepathically, \"Bone of Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions.\"

The demon emperor of the Celestial Fox Palace shuddered for a bit. The aura around him flickered, and an extremely sharp look was seen in his eyes. They felt an extremely intense sharp pain in their minds all of a sudden.

\"That divine elephant who served the Demon Monarch told in the legends? That Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions?\" the demon emperor of the Celestial Fox Palace asked further telepathically. The demon emperor of Yingzhao Mountain nodded, which caused the other party to shudder further deep down. Despite being a demon emperor, his mind remained extremely rattled.

Just what have we of Celestial Fox Palace traded away? he thought.

Did we just trade a bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions with the price of saint level?

This is insane! he thought.

If the matter were to be heard elsewhere, it would have ruined Celestial Fox Palace's reputation. The Celestial Fox Palace, which was known for its intellect, would be reduced to an utter laughing stock.

That was the most powerful relic that they at Celestial Fox Palace had ever gotten their hands on, after all.

While they had no idea what purpose it served, the item's status, which bore the name of Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, would have made it one of the rarest treasures to be found in the world.

And yet, they just traded it just like that.

That was done all because the demon emperor of the Celestial Fox Palace was unable to fathom its use, all because he knew that it was extremely resilient and nothing else.

\"I'm reporting this to the Palace Lord,\" he said. If the Palace Lord were to punish them over this, then all of the ones involved would probably end up getting caught in the mess.

\"You know just how serious the matter is then. Don't spread it elsewhere, or we'll end up with nothing in the end. Now that we of Yingzhao Mountain have become allies with you, if you were to be able to take the bone back from Zhu Yan at Origin Mountains, we of Yingzhao Mountain would definitely be sure to pay you guys of Celestial Fox Palace handsomely,\" the demon emperor of Yingzhao Mountain added telepathically.

\"We shall talk further in the palace,\" the other demon emperor said. That mighty one from Yingzhao Mountain then shook his head and said, \"No need for that. Time is short, and we need to report back as well. We've come secretly because we did not want to cause a commotion. Now that we've failed and the item has fallen into the hands of a very difficult person. Things have gotten rather tricky, and we need to inform the others at Yingzhao Mountain.\"

\"Sure.\" The demon emperor of the Celestial Fox Palace nodded, and both left.

Seeing how the demon emperors talked in secret up in the air, many were curious as to what that bone was.

However, none of the demon emperors obviously wanted it known by others, and so they did not voice their concerns.

There was no doubt that it was a treasured piece, however.

But then again, since it was now in the hands of Zhu Yan, taking it back would be difficult as well.

Zhu Yan took his men and left unusually swiftly, coming to a peak in Demon Metropolis before long. They were many cavern residences for training.

\"Who did you learn those staff techniques from?\" Zhu Yan looked at Ye Futian and asked.

\"I'm good friends with the golden apes at the Lower Worlds,\" Ye Futian answered.

\"The apes.\" Zhu Yan looked faraway and added, \"Some techniques you have.\"

The demon emperor then took out that piece of bone and said, \"The bone is extremely hard, but it looks unassuming, and there doesn't seem to be anything special about it. No telling what use would it serve. No wonder those at the Celestial Fox Palace were unable to see what it truly is. Hell, even I wouldn't be able to actually tell what this thing is, thinking that it is only a very resilient piece of bone belonging to a demon emperor. Do you know what this is?\"

\"I do not.\" Ye Futian shook his head.

\"Then how could you tell that it was an extraordinary piece and refused to trade it with Yingzhao Mountain?\" Zhu Yan then asked further.

\"I have some special abilities that allow me to know this thing is extraordinary. And then, the ones at Yingzhao Mountain seemed to be out to get it at all costs, so it would make sense that I actually underestimated its value,\" Ye Futian answered.

Zhu Yan nodded. Ye Futian was right to have such thoughts. Judging by how badly those on Yingzhao Mountain wanted it, the true value of that bone might have been terrifying.

\"Those from Yingzhao Mountain aren't going to just let it slide. This thing would be a difficult piece to keep around. Good thing that they thought that I'm the one holding onto it for the time being. You take care of it yourself then,\" Zhu Yan said as he threw the piece to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian took it and looked up at Zhu Yan. \"Thank you, senior.\"

\"That thing was yours, to begin with. Did you seriously think I'd take it from you?\" Zhu Yan then said, before turning around and leaving, \"But, don't let anyone else see it.\"

\"I understand.\" Ye Futian nodded.

Ye Futian held the bone in his hand after Zhu Yan left, heading into a cavern residence.

The Black Wind Condor and Ye Futian were connected telepathically. The bird kept watch outside and laid out sealing powers outside the cavern residence. It then sat around and looked at Kong Xuan, who was not far away, and said, \"Princess Kong Xuan, let's talk about the relationship between you and master.\"

Kong Xuan turned around to glare at the bird. Xia Qingyuan, who was somewhere nearby, turned around and shot a cold look as well.

\"No need to be shy, Princess. I'm just to do you a favor as a matchmaker, as a way of thanking you for all you have done for me,\" the Black Wind Condor continued.

\"You really have a death wish, don't you?\" Kong Xuan quipped coldly before flashing and leaving right away. Xia Qingyuan continued to glare at the bird with cold eyes. The bird leaned around lazily and asked, \"What is the matter, Princess?\"

\"I just think roasted condor seems like a good idea,\" Xia Qingyuan then answered coldly.

The Black Wind Condor shuddered for a bit and glared at Xia Qingyuan, finding the woman to be very ferocious.

This woman could never be the mistress, or I'd be in huge trouble, it thought.

Ye Futian sat cross-legged inside the cavern residence. That bone was placed right before him, and his aura was extended, shrouding the bone.

Ethereal branches of the World Tree swayed and tangled with the bone, wrapping it up bit by bit.

At that moment, dazzling golden light was emitted from the bone, and it surprisingly merged with the ethereal branches gradually. The bone then fused with the branches altogether and was absorbed into Ye Futian's body bit by bit.

The World Tree in his Life Palace swayed, and there was a piece of bone in the leaves of the tree. The golden radiance grew increasingly bright. Powerful might of the great path spread from within and grew in strength.

The specter that Ye Futian conjured with his will inside the Life Palace appeared, and it shuddered slightly, looking at the bone, finding the power to make the piece formidable.

Rumble, rumble...

Under the golden radiance, the Life Palace seemed to be rumbling and shaking. Extremely divine pressure rained down in his Life Palace, causing the whole place to shake.

That bone seemed intent on breaking through his Life Palace and escaping.

The World Tree continued to sway. Branches all over the place shot out and enveloped the world of his Life Palace, stabilizing the place like a mountain.

Rumbling noises continued to be heard even so. Boundless golden divine light burst from the bone. There seemed to be dazzling runes appearing and shooting out in its surroundings. The boundless runes then coalesced into golden demon statues, and elephant trumpets were heard, shaking the place and overwhelming the air about.

\"The bone of a demon elephant emperor, then?\"

Ye Futian spoke deep down, and his heart remained shaken. Furthermore, the bone definitely did not belong to a common demon emperor, but one that was extremely formidable, one who was a cut above the other demon emperors.

His Life Palace became rather stifled as the trumpeting of the divine elephants went on. The golden light also shone even more brilliantly and a ring of light dazzled. A figure was seen appearing gradually, and it grew in size.

The golden divine elephants then faced the direction of that being and worshipped. A huge, boundless shadow of the divine elephant emperor appeared in the world of his Life Palace.

That divine elephant emperor looked incredibly majestic as it looked down on its surroundings. It was as if it was standing high up in the clouds, and it seemed able to subdue anything with just a single step.

At that moment, Ye Futian saw an image, depicting an extremely tall divine elephant emperor. Countless divine elephants worshipped it as it walked in the sky. Its thick, massive legs stepped down. It was easily able to reign supreme over a region.

Thousands of demons laid prostrate on the ground as it walked, all of them worshipping it, making it seem like it was the king of all demons.

The rumbling of his Life Palace had gotten increasingly loud. Light from countless runes burst out of Ye Futian's mind. The golden essence was fused with his body as well.

Intense rumbling reverberated throughout his Life Palace, causing even the cavern residence that Saleen was in to shake as well, with rumbling noises heard outside.

The Black Wind Condor outside then blinked and turned around to look inside, wondering what just happened.

The peak shook as well. It looked as if it was about to collapse. Dazzling might of the great path punched through the peak and carved a slit, shooting inside Ye Futian's body, which was in the cavern.

A dazzling beam of light shot upward from Ye Futian, turning into an extremely massive shadow of the divine elephant.

One figure after another flashed and looked at the cavern residence that Ye Futian was in. All of them were wondering what he was doing inside.

Zhu Yan stepped out and looked in that direction as well. He was pondering seriously.

Is it getting through the secrets of that bone? he wondered.

He wondered if a saint would be able to be better at such feats than he was.

Furthermore, that was a bone of a demon emperor, not something left behind by a Renhuang.

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    《The Legend of Futian》