The Legend of Futian
1391 Dance of the Demons
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1391 Dance of the Demons

Many mighty ones gathered right outside the cavern residence that Ye Futian was training in. The bird blinked, thinking that its master was really impressive.

That demon emperor bone that the demon emperor of the Celestial Fox Palace and Zhu Yan was unable to tell what it was had already been taken care of by the bird's master.

Rumbling noises continued to be heard, and there was even the trumpeting of elephants mixed within at times. Zhu Yan extended his demonic will to shroud the place, preventing anyone from peering into what was truly happening there. If anything from what he was doing leaked outside, it would have resulted in a disaster for Ye Futian.


A loud rumble came from the cavern residence after a while. The seal was broken, and someone dressed in white emerged, whose silver hair billowed.

The aura all around him shimmered, and golden light coursed throughout his body. His aura seemed to have grown stronger than before, and his plane seemed increasingly stabilized.

A golden sheen was seen in Ye Futian's eyes. Several Life Spirits of his had been destroyed years ago. The Life Spirits of metal and earth elements were both gone. The newly born Life Spirit, however, was innately equipped with those two elements, and the power of great path resided within it.

Few would have done it like he had—reforging his Life Spirit even after becoming a saint.

The process saved him the trouble of evolving his Life Spirit as the power of the great path was innately imbued. That, coupled with the bone, allowed for his newly born Life Spirit to be extremely formidable.

It went without saying that he rescinded the Life Spirit right away. It was unwise to reveal it easily, after all. While the few demon emperors had been nice to him, it was still better to keep secrets, like creating a whole new Life Spirit, to a select few.

\"So, you have unraveled the secrets of the demon emperor bone, I take it?\" Zhu Yan looked at Ye Futian and asked. His expression was rather peculiar. Ye Futian had accomplished something that he failed to do.

This guy is just..., Zhu Yan thought.

Zhu Yan had been looking at the demon emperor bone just a while ago, and he was unable to see anything. It was no surprise why those at Celestial Fox Palace overlooked its value, and those at Yingzhao Mountain probably knew its true value.

However, Ye Futian seemed to have been able to unravel its secrets within mere moments.

\"Indeed.\" Ye Futian nodded.

\"Goodness gracious!\" Zhu Yan was utterly dumbfounded, while the other three demon emperors sported baffled expressions as well.

That actually happened?

This friend of Zhu Zhao may turn out to be a monster after all, no? they thought.

By the way, just how did someone like this not get taken away by any of those top-notch forces in Heavenly Mandate Realm? they wondered.

\"Are your people reliable?\" Zhu Yan asked telepathically.

Ye Futian nodded slightly and answered, \"Rest assured, senior.\"

Those who were at his side were people who had been through thick and thin with him, with the exception of Kong Xuan.

He knew Kong Xuan long enough, and she definitely would not sell him out. Those that the Demon Peacock Emperor left at her side would definitely be trusted monsters as well.

\"What is that thing, anyway?\" Zhu Yan asked after seeing him nodding. The demon emperor did not hide anything as he was truly curious about the bone.

\"A bone of the elephant emperor.\" Ye Futian answered, \"It contains the will of the elephant emperor. Please have a look.\"

Elephant trumpeting was heard from his body as he took a step forward. A dazzling divine elephant shadow appeared shortly afterward, reigning supreme all over their surroundings. The ground shook violently. The mountain trembled. Shadows of elephants sprung from all around them. The might emanating from it was extremely formidable.

Zhu Yan's face lit up, and he turned to look at the demon emperors around him, asking, \"What do you all think?\"

\"Probably something of the current demon emperor of the divine elephants,\" the demon emperor of the Thunder Gods shook his head and said.

\"If it is something of the current demon emperor of the Divine Elephants, those people back there would have acted a long time ago, and the bone wouldn't have fallen into the hands of the Celestial Fox Palace. It would have been utterly ridiculous that the bone remained so unassuming. Furthermore, the Celestial Fox Palace claimed that this thing came from the Origin Mountains. Could this be from an elephant emperor of ancient times, then?\" the demon emperor of Taotie added.

\"If the ones at Yingzhao Mountain value the bone this much, then it couldn't be from a common elephant emperor,\" Zhu Yan added.

The demon emperor of the Feather Men's eyes gleamed and then said, \"It reminds me of someone.\"

The other three demon emperors turned their eyes to look at him.

They all offered a guess soon after. Their eyes became pointed, and their minds seemed rattled.

Would it turn out to be that someone?

\"Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions,\" the demon emperors said almost at the same time. All of them looked at each other as soon as they said the name, and all of them saw the shock in each other's eyes.

The Celestial Fox Palace actually came into possession of a bone that belonged to the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions by chance?

Judging from how much value Yingzhao Mountain deemed it to be, the possibility was indeed very high.

\"Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions?\" Ye Futian asked in a low voice.

\"A steed of an ancient Demon Monarch, the king of the Divine Elephants, who ruled a vast territory and was known as the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions. He reigned supreme right after the Demon Monarch himself.\" Zhu Yan looked at Ye Futian and added, \"Legend said that one step from the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions was able to pin down the great path over a vast region. He was also known as invincible in the demon realm in terms of power and once brought the Divine Dragons to their knees, a testament to him being a king of sheer power.\"

Ye Futian's mind was rattled. That would have made the demon emperor a monster like none other from many, many years ago.

\"There has been commotion sweeping all over Origin Mountain, and have you heard of some rumors regarding the place? Legends in the demon realm say that Origin Mountain might possibly be the place where the Demon Monarch was buried. The Demon Monarch's body became the land, while his blood became the lakes and rivers, giving birth to all manner of demons. That was why Origin Mountain was lauded as the ancestral land of demons.\"

Zhu Yan then continued, \"If this turns out to be just like how it was told in the rumors, then it is indeed possible that the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions might have been buried at Origin Mountain. Years past and what happened was lost in the course of history. We can only speculate with what we've got.\"

Ye Futian nodded while his mind remained rattled. He was able to vaguely sense that Zhu Yan was probably right.

It was extremely probable that the bone belonged to the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, that formidable monster that once reigned supreme in the demon realm. He never expected to have been able to internalize something like that and make it part of his powers.

\"If this turns out to be true, your luck is off the charts indeed. But then again, there is no telling if this will turn out to be a blessing or a curse. You really need to be more careful from here on out,\" Zhu Yan reminded him.

\"I understand.\" Ye Futian nodded. Many demonic beasts looked at Ye Futian and felt somewhat jealous. Even the demon emperors were unable to help but feel the same. Ye Futian's luck was truly out of this world, as he had internalized a bone that belonged to the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions.

But then again, even if they were given that bone, none of them would have been able to unravel its secrets.

They deemed that Ye Futian must have had some special means for being able to pull that off, but Zhu Yan did not ask any further.

Everyone had their secrets, and there was no need to delve that deep into it. It would have made things awkward otherwise.

\"Get back to training then,\" Zhu Yan then said. Everyone had their routines interrupted by all the ruckus Ye Futian caused.

Ye Futian nodded, and the crowd dispersed, returning to their respective training grounds.

Ye Futian returned to his cavern residence to continue comprehending the secrets of the bone.

He did not know how much time passed when he suddenly sensed a mystical aura.

He opened his eyes and looked outside. There seemed to be a powerful demonic aura all over the place.

\"What is happening?\" Ye Futian stepped out and wondered if something emanated from any one of the demon emperors training.

It was dark and gloomy outside. While the moon was still high up in the air, it was shrouded by dark clouds. The light from the moon was entirely blocked.

He looked up and found Zhu Yan was there as well. That demon emperor was not the only one, as there were also some other demon emperors around. Even Zhu Zhao and the others all looked up in different directions.

\"Some intense demonic aura indeed,\" Ye Futian noted to himself. Dark clouds hovered in the air as if the place harbored intense demonic aura; it did not come from someone's training.

He cast his gaze faraway, finding only a demonic cloud moving. But then, he quickly corrected himself. It seemed that the entire sky was shrouded by demonic aura. Demonic clouds were all over the place, shrouding the entire Demon Metropolis.

\"What happened?\" Ye Futian mumbled to himself. He stepped out and headed to where Zhu Yan and the others were, feeling somewhat rattled deep down.

What is with all that demonic aura? he thought.

At that moment, Zhu Yan cast his gaze far away. His eyes seemed to have penetrated boundless space, making him capable of seeing the entire Demon Metropolis being covered in the powerful demonic aura.

\"This demonic aura comes from Origin Mountain,\" Zhu Yan lowered his voice and said. The demon emperors by his side looked severe, as they all sensed something was off.

They were surprised to find demonic aura from Origin Mountain about to shroud the entire Demon Metropolis.

What is happening over there? they wondered.

\"I've heard from the prophet that something big is about to happen in the demon realm. It seems like the prophecy is about to come true,\" Zhu Yan continued. He then turned around and shot a look at Ye Futian.

It seemed that Ye Futian was the last person who had seen the prophet.

He wondered if that actually meant anything.

Probably not.

He dared not speculate just how a human saint would be connected with the passing of the prophet.

If he were to be indeed connected to the prophet's passing, he wondered just who Ye Futian was.

\"Something big is about to happen in the demon realm,\" Zhu Yan mumbled to himself and added, \"I'll be off. Take care of yourselves.\"

He then flashed away, taking to the air and leaving with the other demon emperors, leaving their offspring behind.

The Black Wind Condor came high in the sky and guzzled up the demonic aura in a frenzy.

\"Hey, bird,\" Ye Futian called. The Black Wind Condor dived down and came before Ye Futian, saying, \"Master, the demonic aura is thick. Man, it feels so good.\"

\"Yeah.\" Ye Futian nodded. Zhu Zhao came forth, saying, \"Let's get to Origin Mountain. Things are about to be shaken up.\"

\"Sure,\" Ye Futian replied, and a group of people headed for the mountain.

They were not the only ones; countless monsters took to their air in all directions in the Demon Metropolis, dancing maniacally under the moon.

They absorbed the demonic aura all over the place in a frenzy, feeling very at ease and relaxed.

A huge demon roc zipped past in the sky, and dragons were roaring.

It was the dance of the demons all over the place.

There were also many human cultivators in the midst of the mighty demons all over the realm.

A group of mighty ones took to the sky at that moment. That group dazzled with a flash of lightning when they moved. They were clad in formidable might all over.

They took a look at the demons who were in a frenzy, and one of them looked on with contempt. The demonic aura made them feel uncomfortable.

There was news in their clan a while ago, saying that Gu Tianxing's steps were traced to the Origin Mountain. As such, many human cultivator forces of Heavenly Mandate Realm came as well.

\"It seems like the news possibly holds true after all. Gu Tianxing might not have died all those years ago,\" a mighty one said with a cold voice.

\"I wonder if the shake of Origin Mountain has anything to do with Gu Tianxing.\"

\"Who knows.\"

All of them moved, and one of the legendary youth among them basked in divine lightning as he said in a low voice, \"I wonder where Zimo and the others are right now.\"

\"Challenged and defeated by lone cultivators, putting us at the Heavenly Palace to shame. I'll have them locked up and training in isolation for years after we get back from this trip.\"

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    《The Legend of Futian》