The Legend of Futian
1392 The Gathering
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1392 The Gathering

Countless monsters were found all over the sky, in a frenzy, in the Demon Metropolis.

There were countless demon saints all over the place, while those from the Violet Heavenly Palace moved in the air.

\"Human Renhuangs are here in the demon realm,\" a demonic beast said, not far away. The look in its eyes was pointed.

The demonic beasts spotted a Renhuang.

The Heavenly Mandate Realm was divided into two areas with the realm markers, and both sides stayed out of each other's business. It was especially so with imperial level beings, who were usually forbidden from stepping into the other party's territories.

At present, a Renhuang was stepping into demon realm territory. Worse still, they came to the core region of the realm—the Demon Metropolis.

All eyes turned in their direction. That monster who spoke earlier sensed thunderous will of the great path in the eyes of the humans. It was as if it would pierce through its brain, causing that monster to shake all over.

\"They are from the Violet Heavenly Palace,\" yet another monster asked.

\"What are you people from the Violet Heavenly Palace doing here in the demon realm?\"

\"Silence,\" a cold voice said. A mighty one from the Violet Heavenly Palace, who was at the forefront in the sky, had his hair billowing. His face was very angled, and his entire being exuded intense, overbearing will. Lightning coursed all over that man as if he had been born like that.

That man was so overbearing that thunder sounded as he moved.

\"Thunder, a body of lightning, from the Violet Heavenly Palace.\" Many monsters who were in a hurry in the air turned to look at that young man. Their minds were all rattled as they were reminded of someone told in legends.

They were all training in the demon realm, and as such, they knew little about human cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. But they had nonetheless heard of some of the humans who were top figures from top forces.

For instance, it was said that there was a man in Violet Heavenly Palace who had a supreme body of the great path and was born with innate lightning powers. Thunderous noise was heard when he emanated his aura, so much so that he was capable of killing by merely walking around, making him a terrifying figure. He was lauded as the number one among the younger generations in the Violet Heavenly Palace and was fostered to become the next Palace Lord. He was taken in as the personal student of the Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace, and he was given great importance.

Many great monsters zipped past the mighty ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace as this thought welled up in their minds. They were, however, not worried that the Renhuang from the Violet Heavenly Palace would do anything to harm them.

Those from the Violet Heavenly Palace would have only done so if they did not mind being ganged up on by the entire demon realm.

They were the ones who broke the rules, making them incapable of simply acting out against any demonic beasts below the imperial level. It would provoke stoke flames of anger all over the demon realm.

\"I'm rather curious about just how powerful those few humans, known to have supreme bodies of the great path, actually are,\" a monster said and breathed fire at them, burning the sky.

\"I'd like to try it out myself.\" Yet another monster flapped its wings, and terrifying lightning surged all over it. That creature was a lightning roc.

\"Consider your wish granted.\" A voice was heard. That young man stepped out. Rumbling noises sounded, those few monsters' eardrums to rattle.

The young man was then extended his hand, and there seemed to be a huge image appearing in the sky. It was a diagram of lightning, and eight bolts of lightning rained down from above, shrouding the entire place.

\"The Lightning Matrix of Doomsday.\" The monsters were perceptive enough to tell and intended to evade it right away. However, the beams of lightning coming down placed a lockdown on their surroundings. Countless bolts of lightning rained down throughout that vast space, which then turned into a huge screen of light. There were demonic beasts intending to burst outside, but shrieks were soon heard, and blood was spilled. There were even demonic beasts whose claws were sheared off by that screen of light.


That young man uttered a single word, and eight different bolts of lightning rained down all over him, blasting every single one of the monsters caught in the area in an instant. They were unable to evade the attack and had to resist it head-on.

Shrieks were continuously heard. One monster after another was either bloodied or charred. The scene looked extremely harrowing.

That young man shot a plain look at them before continuing forward. Demonic beasts before him moved out of his way and no longer dared to stop him. Their eyes were filled with anger and resentment, but there was also a faint hint of fear as well.

That supreme body of the great path of that man from the Violet Heavenly Palace was terrifyingly powerful indeed.

Despite being an Unblemished Saint, that one great attack from him made everyone sense killing might of Holiness of Nirvana level.

That man was born with a body of lightning, and it was a supreme body of lightning.

A group of women clad in white was traveling in the air in another corner of the Demon Metropolis. Despite being under the dark of night, they were very eye-catching. Countless monsters looked in their direction.

Their white garb billowed in the air, making them look like fairies and goddesses. Moonlight shone on their faces, which made them dazzling enough to cause others to forget what they were doing, and they looked like perfect illustrations.

It was especially so with one of them. Her face was so perfect and flawless that she was stiflingly pretty. However, the arrogant, cold look in her eyes made her look somewhat unapproachable.

Other than that, they emanated imperial level might. Some of those beautiful women were Renhuang level beings.

\"Cultivators from Brahma's Pure Sky.\" They attracted countless monsters. Human cultivators of such unparalleled bearing could have only been those from Brahma's Pure Sky.

Is a Jiutian Goddess among them then? they wondered.

They wondered just how many Jiutian Goddesses were among them.

\"So, you're here too, Xuantian Goddess.\" A figure was seen not far away. One of the goddesses turned around and saw a group of people wearing robes. They looked dashing as they blitzed in the air, coming near the ones who came first.

\"So you all are here as well,\" the Xuantian Goddess turned around to look at those who were dressed in robes and quipped.

She was definitely able to tell who those people were—mighty ones from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

The commotion was indeed huge. Gu Tianxing was traced to be at Origin Mountains, and the ones who were most aware of it were those from either the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty or the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

The ones from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were sworn enemies of Gu Tianxing, while the ones from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were only there because Gu Tianxing was there.

Those two forces would not miss the chance to travel to Origin Mountains.

\"How about you join us, goddess?\" a mighty one from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven said. Mighty ones from both sides hovered in front, heading towards the mountain together. Both parties were moving at blitzing speeds, crossing through vast distances in a matter of moments.

Ye Futian and the others were heading towards the Origin Mountains as well. The peak that Zhu Yan taken them to had not been too far away from Origin Mountains, after all. It was evident that Zhu Yan had had plans regarding the matter. It turned that Zhu Yan was not the only one, as many powerful beings were all behaving as such.

The entire Demon Metropolis was only roused when demonic aura permeated the entire Demon Metropolis. Every single mighty one headed towards the mountain at the same time.

It was truly the dance of the demons all over the place.

\"Things are getting rocky indeed.\" The Black Wind Condor continued to suck in the demonic aura all around it while it was in flight. It scanned its surroundings and was in awe that the place was filled with monsters.

Things were really about to get messy. Hordes of demons moved out, with the demon saints all heading towards the forbidden land that was the Origin Mountains.

No one knew what actually happened there, but the demonic aura was very enticing to demonic beasts nonetheless.

Furthermore, myths regarding the Origin Mountains had always been nothing short of legendary.

As such, that terrifying scene at the moment happened, and the entire Demon Metropolis was shaken.

As time passed, light was seen in the sky. The night was over, but the sun had yet to rise.

Demonic clouds shrouded the entire place. It was as if the whole place had been covered by one giant dark cloud.

The mighty ones came to the external fringes of Origin Mountains one after another, casting their gaze at the boundless mountain.

Noise was heard all over the place. Things were utterly chaotic outside the mountains, as countless mighty ones showed up.

By the time Ye Futian and the others had gotten there, countless monsters had gathered outside Origin Mountains. There were also many human cultivators found all around.

The mighty ones looked ahead of them and found the mountains to be as peaceful as they had always been. It was as if it would stay this way—dead, and hardly anyone to be found.

However, in the sky far above Origin Mountains, people were vaguely able to see a terrifying dark vortex with towering demonic aura.

Just what the hell is happening? they thought.

Many demonic beast's eyes remained pointed, wanting very badly to charge into that area. However, their logical side told them that Origin Mountains were not a place they could easily step foot into. Countless demonic beasts were known to perish in there, after all.

Few spots emanated the most terrifying of auras. All demonic beasts in the areas they occupied simply stayed there quietly, not daring to even yelp.

For instance, there was a clan of very formidable demons in an area, and all mighty ones in that area felt stifling pressure all around them.

\"It's the Divine Elephants,\" Zhu Zhao then reminded Ye Futian, who was at his side.

The Divine Elephants were still top-notch demons found throughout the demon realm. Their powers were extremely formidable, and they were frighteningly overbearing. Their sheer power was unmatched, enabling them to pin down a great path over a huge area.

Of course, the Divine Elephants once obeyed the orders of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, Ye Futian thought to himself, wondering what they would have done if they found out that he had internalized a bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions.

\"Those over there are the Purple-gold Rats,\" Zhu Zhao introduced as he pointed in yet another direction.

\"Rats?\" Ye Futian looked somewhat surprised as he looked in that direction. He saw that all monsters had taken a human form, yet, all of them looked extremely ugly. Their eyes were so small that they looked shifty.

However, a purple-golden sheen was all over their bodies, making them look incredibly noble.

\"Indeed.\" Zhu Zhao nodded. \"Rat demons are originally very weak demons. However, many years ago, one tremendously powerful rat demon emerged in the ranks of the Purple-gold Rats, and that being was lauded to be extremely legendary. It was said that that particular demon had always been submissive to other demons, yet it actually ate countless treasures and enhanced its foundation. Furthermore, that rat was extremely cunning and hardworking, as well as extremely proficient in concealment. It then consumed several monsters and grew in strength, emerging as one of the top demon emperors from being lowly rats. That rat called itself a divine rat and brought the rats to where they are presently.\"

Ye Futian nodded deep down. Innate abilities of demonic beasts played a huge factor in their growth. Being able to rise like that was indeed legendary.

\"Best not mess with the rat demons. While they are indeed very capable now, they still feel inferior deep down. They behave in an extremely prideful way and are bloodthirsty. Get on their bad side and you can start counting your troubles,\" Zhu Zhao went out of his way to remind Ye Futian telepathically.

\"Seems like human cultivators are almost all here too.\" Zhu Zhao cast his gaze further away, and Ye Futian looked in the same direction. He quickly caught sight of the extremely dazzling Xuantian Goddess bringing many from Brahman's Pure Sky, and they looked extremely exceptional.

They seemed like they were the only beings left in the world, simply standing around and doing nothing.

Ye Futian felt a sense of loss, and his heart ached somewhat at the sight of those women.

He turned his eyes away from them and looked elsewhere. Those from the Violet Heavenly Palace were there as well. There were also some other top-notch forces present.

The human cultivators had indeed fielded their top figures.

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    《The Legend of Futian》