The Legend of Futian
1393 Origin Mountains
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1393 Origin Mountains

There seemed to be extremely scorching divine fire coming down from above.

Countless mighty ones looked up and saw a dazzling scene high up in the sky. One dazzling monster after another descended from above.

Among them were golden ravens, peacocks, phoenixes, kunpengs, and other formidable demonic races.

All of the mighty ones from the demonic races sported solemn looks, and they looked at the mighty ones that came.

\"The Sky Demon Court.\" Zhu Zhao then said telepathically to Ye Futian, \"Back in that awestruck battle in ancient times, human and demon cultivators fought a great, harrowing battle. The demons began to form alliances in order to resist the humans, but the kings of the flying creatures in the sky formed the toughest of alliances. Under the leadership of The Golden Raven Saint Emperor, the Peacock Saint Emperor, the Phoenix Ancestral Emperor, the Kunpeng Demonic Master, Golden Wing Roc Emperor and many other top-notch beings allied themselves and reigned over the flying beasts of the demon realm, establishing the Sky Demon Court and creating the most powerful of demonic armies to resist humans. Even today, the Sky Demon Court remained at the very top of the demon realm.\"

Zhu Zhao then continued, \"But, there seems to be a schism within the Sky Demon Court. At present, the Golden Raven Saint Emperor and the Kunpeng Emperor are at odds with each other. The Kunpeng Emperor was extremely prideful and refused to take orders from anyone. The Golden Raven Saint Raven liked being alone, too. The nine-headed phoenixes were not accepted by the phoenixes as well.\"

Ye Futian nodded deep down. All of those demonic races were of top-tier talents among the demons. While their alliances might not have been all that powerful, they would have reigned supreme in the demon realm.

Furthermore, infighting was normal. All of them formed an alliance due to having to fight an external enemy, after all. It was even considered quite a miracle that the Sky Demon Court was able to stay intact for that many years.

\"Father,\" Kong Xuan, who as at Ye Futian's side, called. The Demon Peacock Emperor was among the mighty ones from the Sky Demon Court as well, standing beside another peacock monster.

They had relatives in the demon realm, and the Emperor had been there to pay a visit to them before.

\"Come over here, Kong Xuan,\" the Demon Peacock Emperor called at that moment. Kong Xuan took to the sky and headed straight for the place where the monsters of the Sky Demon Court in the air were.

\"Seems like your friend has a chance of becoming part of the Sky Demon Court,\" Zhu Zhao said. Kong Xuan was seen greeting the demon emperors high up in the sky.

\"This is frightening.\"

The Black Wind Condor at Ye Futian's side shirked its brains, surprised at just how formidable Kong Xuan's background was.

The bird deemed that the Princess was not to be messed with.

\"Princess Qingyuan, I'm rather concerned for you,\" the Black Wind Condor looked at Xia Qingyuan at the side and said. When the backgrounds of both women were compared, Xia Qingyuan would indeed lose.

\"Shut up.\" Ye Futian knocked the bird's head hard.

\"Why are you around human cultivators?\" a young peacock demon saint took a look at Ye Futian and the others below, then asked Kong Xuan.

Peacocks were inherently prideful, and they were rather displeased to see Kong Xuan mingling with humans.

\"They are my friends,\" Kong Xuan answered.

\"Ye Futian is an extraordinary young cultivator, and those people around him are indeed good people,\" the Demon Peacock Emperor added. Many of the monsters in the Sky Demon Court took a look at Ye Futian, and that was all.

Ye Futian took notice of how the monsters' eyes. They looked composed and were hardly fettered.

The demons and humans in the Heavenly Mandate Realm carved their own territories and trained in their respective places, so it was only a given that both parties were not on good terms.

\"What are we still staying around here for? We're already here, aren't we? Just get into the Origin Mountains then. Let the demon emperors take the lead, just so the others won't get in trouble.\" A booming voice was heard. A group of true dragons appeared high up in the air, looking majestic.

The true dragons were composed of many dragon races, and all of them were in their true form. The scene in the air was frightening, as dragons of over a thousand meters, one after another, were circling in the sky. That scene was indeed awe-inspiring.

\"The Dragon Gods, again, a top-notch race in the demon realm,\" Zhu Zhao added. The Dragon Gods gathered many mighty dragons around, and things looked terrifying.

Their powers, in general, would have allowed them to take on the Sky Demon Court by force.

The one who spoke asked for the demon emperors to proceed before the others because things with Origin Mountains were special.

If everyone were to venture inside at the same time, the demon emperors would probably bring bad luck and disaster to the other demonic beasts below the imperial plane.

\"Let's go.\" A figure emerged, and all demon emperors took to the skies, stepping inside the Origin Mountains.

Ye Futian's mind rattled as he looked at the emperors before him.

It seemed that over half of the top-notch forces all over the demon realm had gathered there.

Other than that, there were also many top-notch human cultivators in Heavenly Mandate Realm gathering at the mountains.

It was a testament to just how great that commotion with the Origin Mountains had been.

\"Let's go.\" The demon and human cultivators below the imperial plane flashed one after another, moving forward from all sides, venturing into the Origin Mountains.

Demonic clouds shrouded the sky above the mountains. The scene with over 10,000 demons moving in the same direction was awe-inspiring.

The mighty ones from Yingzhao Mountain scanned around and locked their eyes on Ye Futian and Zhu Zhao. All of them sported a cold expression.

That demon bone was probably in Zhu Yan's possession. That emperor's absence meant that he was probably already in the mountains, and taking that bone would be difficult.

There was also another extremely alluring woman among the mighty ones from Yingzhao Mountain. It was none other than Hu Qian of Celestial Fox Palace. She moved alongside with the mighty ones from Yingzhao Mountain.

Mighty ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace gathered in another direction, led by someone who seemed to have divine lightning coursing all over him, making it so that the figure was training all the time with the might of the great path tempering his body at all times.

That man was named Zhan Yuan. He was someone with a supreme body of the great path in the Violet Heavenly Palace and was an Unblemished Saint. He was a leading figure of his generation and a personal student of the Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Zhan Yuan took a look at the ones beside him and asked, \"Who was the one in that battle back then?\"

Tan Zimo and the other mighty ones searched the crowd and found someone far away after a while. His eyes were locked on Ye Futian.

Zhan Yuan traced the direction where their eyes were looking, then found Ye Futian and his people.

Those who were with Ye Futian seemed to have sensed the look they had got, turning their eyes around in a single direction as well before catching sight of Zhan Yuan and the others.

Ye Futian seemed to have seen a pair of eyes of a thunder god within an instant. It was as if he was dragged into a world of lightning and thunder in that instant, dealing heavy impact on his spiritual will.

Boom... Lightning coursed throughout Ye Futian's body. His eyes became very pointed in an instant. His hair billowed, and he felt an extremely dangerous aura about to befall him.

Zhu Zhao, who was at his side, turned around to look in that direction as well, looking very defensive, about to fight someone powerful.

He, too, felt an immense sense of crisis, and that cultivator who was looking at them was indeed powerful.

Formidable sword will surged throughout Yaya's body, which was then directed at the other party. It was obvious that the might of the great path of the other party was not directed only at any one person; he was directing his might at many at the same time.

The feeling lasted for little more than an instant.

\"The supreme body of the great path of the Violet Heavenly Palace,\" Zhu Zhao muttered, and Ye Futian's eyes remained directed at the other side.

He heard of that before, wondering if that person was indeed one with a supreme body of lightning at the Violet Heavenly Palace.

\"When we get back to the heavenly palace, you all are to dedicate yourselves to training for the next several years and are not allowed to venture elsewhere.\" Zhan Yuan turned his eyes around and said to Tan Zimo and the others. All of them looked rather glum after being told that, but they all nodded without objection.

In Zhan Yuan's current generation in the Violet Heavenly Palace, his words were taken as those of the Palace Lord's.

\"Let's go.\" Zhan Yuan did not do anything against Ye Futian and the others. That one look he shot at those people allowed him to have a rough idea of what they were like. With the exception of the few Holiness of Nirvanas in their midst, everyone else was of no threat to him.

Taking them out at such a place was utterly pointless.

He deemed that the Violet Heavenly Palace had not stooped so low as to cling on a group of lone cultivators.

\"Let's go,\" Ye Futian then said. He was getting ready to leave when Kong Xuan flashed and came to their side. The mighty ones in the Sky Demon Court in the sky looked at her. One of the peacock demon saints asked, \"You are with them?\"

\"Indeed. We've been together all along,\" Kong Xuan acknowledged with a nod.

\"Other human cultivators are venturing inside the Origin Mountains of the demon realm as well. If you are to go with them, be careful on your own,\" the other party said in a prideful tone before leaving.

The monsters of the Sky Demon Court flashed as well at great speeds, overtaking one demon beast after another.

Ye Futian and the others took to the air and stepped into the Origin Mountains. There was a flat hill before them. It looked vast and almost endless. They had no idea where it ended.

They proceeded forward without any hiccups. The terrain was getting increasingly high. It was as if they were to enter the sky above. The demonic aura high in the air was getting increasingly powerful as well. Many of the monsters absorbed those demonic aurae in a frenzy and internalized them.

That area was the entry to the Origin Mountains. The true place of origin lay beyond where they were now.

Ye Futian finally came to the peak of the hill after a while, gazing at the ridges before them. The place high in the sky felt dead, with black crows circling about, and an aura of death permeated the place.

Voom. A group of black crows suddenly dove down at the mighty ones at the very forefront. Many monsters and humans unleashed their aura to resist the attack.

Some monsters were swallowed whole by the crows, and the scene was extremely harrowing.

However, there were also terrifying mighty ones who managed to repel the crows. For instance, those from the Violet Heavenly Palace. The Lightning Matrix of Doomsday made it so that the crows simply dissipated before they were able to get near.

The mighty ones from the Sky Demon Court were not having a hard time either. Golden divine fires burned the skies around them, making it impossible for the crows to get near.

The Divine Elephants trumpeted and stomped on the ground. The crows were killed and shredded in the sky before they were even able to get near, making the elephants extremely terrifying.

Ye Futian and those around him moved forward as well. Yaya took the lead and held her sword in the air. Boundless sword will circled about her and swept out. Crows were diving at them, and the crows all sported terrifying demonic aura, but all were immediately destroyed by the sword will. Wu Yong and the other Holiness of Nirvanas at Ye Futian's side burst into flames, burning those crows away.

All of the mighty ones moved forward. They were only at the beginning on the trip into the Origin Mountains.

Terrifying demonic clouds emerged from the depths of the Origin Mountains at the moment. A storm conjured by a huge demonic cloud in the air circled about. Boundless might of demons seemed to have gathered around.

There was vaguely a spectral being seen in that frightening storm, but the being looked rather blurry, and no one was able to make out their face.

There was also another figure who was at the peak of the skyscraping mountain below. That figure was dressed in white and looked very dashing. The elegant, refined bearing of a scholar was felt from him. There was also dazzling godly light emanating from him.

Other than that, it seemed that he had also been affected by the demonic aura, giving him a hint of feral grace as well.

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    《The Legend of Futian》