The Legend of Futian
1394 Canyon of Death
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1394 Canyon of Death

As more and more mighty ones were stepping into the Origin Mountains, everyone gradually spread out and headed in different directions.

The Origin Mountains were so vast that even with countless monsters inside, it was nonetheless easy to spread out into isolated pockets.

However, the fact that there were monsters found in every single direction as they moved forward remained.

Ye Futian and the others around him felt all the other mighty ones distancing themselves from one another. The crows gradually disappeared as they moved forward, yet the demonic aura about became even thicker. Furthermore, the entire barren mountain seemed to be shrouded by some mysterious powers, giving off a faint stifling feeling.

That pressure was something challenging to put in words, but it was something that made people feel uncomfortable. Be in the sky or on the ground, or even just in the air around, that faint sense of pressure seemed to be everywhere, prompting all the mighty ones to be on guard.

However, there seemed to be little danger in the external regions.

\"The aura of the Origin Mountains feels stifling,\" Xia Qingyuan quipped. She felt slightly uncomfortable but was unable to tell where her body was feeling uncomfortable. Mentally-speaking, it was a feeling that she was unable to place.

\"Same with me.\" Ye Futian nodded. \"Best be careful.\"

He wondered if Gu Tianxing were really still alive, why had he brought his third brother to the Origin Mountains?

\"It was said there had once been an out-of-this-world battle here. Many demon emperors and Renhuangs perished, and their blood was spilled everywhere. Their frustration and resentment latched onto the place as a whole, forming into an aura that will never dissipate from the Origin Mountains, causing many inexplicable, unreasonable dangers to lurk all over the place. It is completely normal to feel stifled here.\"

The Princess of the Feathered Men explained to Xia Qingyuan, and she nodded to the demon princess in return.

\"Those from Celestial Fox Palace would know more about the place. That Hu Qian is a virgin-like figure in Celestial Fox Palace, and it should be a lot safer staying around her.\" Ye Futian cast his gaze forward. Mighty ones from Yingzhao Mountain were moving forward at very high speeds, making it seem like they were beams of silver light.

Hu Qian of Celestial Fox Palace traveled into the Origin Mountains alongside those from Yingzhao Mountain on that trip.

\"Good idea.\" Zhu Zhao nodded and then followed right behind them. All of them sped up, moving right behind those from Yingzhao Mountain.

Ye Futian and his people were not the only ones to do so. In truth, many demons were doing so right after they stepped into the Origin Mountains. They followed right behind those from top-notch forces, forming huge groups as they moved into the depths of the mountains.

They came to deeper regions of the mountains as time passed.

There seemed to be a canyon right before them all, and the mighty ones from Yingzhao Mountain stopped. They were not the only ones to do so. Many mighty ones slowed down and eventually stopped.

However, they were even more mighty ones who continued forward.

\"Look out!\" Lei Meng's voice was thundering as he spoke. Everyone wondered if those from Celestial Fox Palace had sensed any danger.

Wind blew, and shrilled noises were heard from the canyon. The noises sounded like drums and howls. While the noise was not very loud, they were quite unpleasant to the ear. The noise traveled with the wind, and the noises continued to sound like wails.

Ye Futian felt his eardrums ringing. The pointed winds traveled with those weird noises and made him feel as if his mind was under attack. It was very uncomfortable.

\"Seems like we've gotten somewhere dangerous,\" Zhu Zhao said. At the same time, many throughout the vast space stopped, looking ahead while on high alert.

That shrilled howl emanating from the canyon ahead made all of them feel uneasy.

\"Can we take a detour?\" a monster from Yingzhao Mountain asked Hu Qian at that moment.

Hu Qian shook her head and answered, \"That is the Canyon of Death, and we need to pass through it. Furthermore, we can't cause too much of a commotion while doing so. From what I've read in Celestial Fox Palace's records, the more high-profiled one is in the Canyon of Death, the easier one will end up dead.\"

A group of mighty ones took to the air right before them as soon as she finished. Those people were trying to pass through the canyon from above, making their way to the other side.


A bolt of black lightning streaked right before everyone's eyes. Its speed was so fast that it looked like a mirage. It was something that the naked eye had difficult tracking.

That mirage shot up to the sky and swept all of the mighty ones taking to the air away in an instant, giving them no chance even to attempt to escape. All of them were caught.

Those mighty ones who were caught were flabbergasted. Powerful might of the great path was cast, but it was of little use. That thing that captured them pulled back in an instant, backing away into the canyon while breaking them down bit by bit.

That group in the sky all disappeared within mere moments, leaving behind some blood.

\"Well...\" The minds of many raced, feeling terrified. The eyes of many mighty ones even looked different by then.

\"Some speed indeed.\" Ye Futian's pupils contracted. \"Is that a vine from a tree?\"

\"Be careful. It's the Demon-eating Tree,\" some demon fox from the Celestial Fox Palace said. Many mighty ones from the Celestial Fox Palace were invited by all manner of forces to embark on the trip into the Origin Mountains.

\"How should we make it through?\" some mighty ones asked the demon fox from the Celestial Fox Palace.

\"We need to walk past, but we need to be careful. Do not cause a scene,\" the mighty one from the Celestial Fox Palace said to the crowd.

More and more mighty ones came to that place. The shrill noises remained, and they slowed down as they walked, but their ears felt even more pained.

\"Walking right through the canyon?\" Some demonic beast felt rather doubtful.


\"You have a death wish or something?\"

Some mighty ones snickered sarcastically and shot upwards, reaching so high that they almost entered the clouds, zipping forward from above.


The dark bolt of lightning shot to the clouds as if it was able to ignore distance altogether.


Shouts were here high up in the air. That black lightning pulled that someone down, and they disappeared in the canyon. Many extended their will to probe the inside of the canyon but quickly found that their will was blocked by some invisible force.

Can we only get through by passing through the canyon? they thought.

Many mighty ones frowned. At that moment, a group of mighty ones burst with dazzling brilliance. Everyone turned around and saw mighty ones among the Purple-gold Rats taking their original form. Bolts of golden lightning zip past, and they burrowed underground, disappearing in an instant.


Many sported peculiar expressions at that scene. While it was true that the Purple-gold Rats had already become a race of demons at the pinnacle of the demon realm, they still were unable to get rid of that habit of being rats.

\"Let's go.\" A group of mighty ones, who were of the dragons, took the lead.

They stepped forward and headed to the edges. They scanned the canyon for a bit and then dove down.

The monsters of the Sky Demon Court followed suit.

\"Let's head out,\" Ye Futian said and began walking. The shrilled noises became increasingly annoying as they moved forward, making them feel very restless.

They came to the edge of the canyon and looked down into the deep canyon. One dark ancient tree after another swayed, guzzling the aura all about them.

\"Be careful. Try your best not to unleash your aura,\" a mighty one from the Celestial Fox Palace reminded. Everyone concealed their aura and walked slowly to the canyon.

The ground of the canyon looked as if a grand battle had once been fought there, as the ground was cut up into pieces. The shrilled noises became even more intense.

Xia Qingyuan closed her eyes, feeling extremely uneasy.

\"Was this a battlefield?\" Ye Futian asked in a low voice. The chaotic auras and shrill wails seemed to contain the will of the great path of countless hateful souls.

Voom! At that moment, one of the dark ancient trees in the canyon grew all of a sudden, lashing out in all directions. Many mighty ones were gobbled up in an instant, and that tree gradually consumed them.


Many of the monsters were shocked and terrified by what just happened, running forward in a frenzy.

Swishing sounds were heard as countless ancient trees ran amok, spreading out in all directions.


The monsters everywhere became frenzied as they sped up and charged forward. However, those trees seemed to be even faster. One would have ended up being gobbled up as soon as they got tangled.

Countless demonic beasts perished in the canyon within mere moments. Their blood stained the ground red, which was then consumed by the ground of the black canyon.

\"Move already.\" The expression of a mighty one from the Celestial Fox Palace changed. There were simply too many demonic beasts getting into the canyon, making the situation utterly uncontrollable.

Things at the moment seemed to have changed entirely.

One dark ancient tree after another seemed to have sprouted from the black ground of death, and the trees continued to grow in size. They gobbled up the demonic aura all around them before attacking and consuming the demonic beasts and human cultivators to fuel their growth.

A dark ancient tree grew in a frenzy at the center of the canyon and had gotten increasingly huge, shooting up to the skies. Its leaves and vines shot to great distances, intending envelope the entire canyon, looking like a dark, divine tree.

That dark tree swayed, and destructive dark aura seemed to have emerged in the canyon, which seeped inside the mighty ones' bodies right away.

\"What the hell is this?\" Ye Futian and the others around him sped up as they moved. There was no way they could have avoided running in such a situation.

\"Things are going south; let's move.\" Zhu Yan's face turned glum. A rumbling was heard from the ground, and cracks formed in the canyon. Boundless dark aura permeated the canyon and swept at all of them. The dark aura seeped into the bodies of the mighty ones, killing them on the spot and filling the place with death in an instant.

Qi Xuangang burst his aura, and turned it into a dazzling screen, circling those around him. He said, \"There was a very formidable someone proficient in deathly powers that perished here. That someone had their power of the great path seep into the soil after death. Right now, all of this is probably something conjured by their will of the great path.

\"Look out!\"

Terrifying dark aura swept at them at the moment. Qi Xuangang waved his hand about, and might of great path burst from within him, destroying much of the invading aura. However, the aura seemed to be endless and capable of permeating into anything and anywhere as it moved in the crowd's direction.

Ye Futian burst with divine flames all over, which burned all the dark aura coming near him, reducing it to nothing. There were also several Holiness of Nirvanas who stood by his side to guard him.

Yu Sheng took to the air, and when he saw those auras coming at him, he extended his hand and conjured a terrifying whirlpool, devouring the aura instead.

The dark aura seeping inside his body caused dark streaks to appear all over his body. Rumbling noise was heard from his body, and his expression continued to change as he did so. However, his hand remained extended forward, continuing to devour that dark aura and internalizing it.

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    《The Legend of Futian》