The Legend of Futian
1396 Devour
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1396 Devour

Countless branches of death wrapped the fiery being up in the air, pulling it down like a bolt of black lightning.

Countless branches and vines quickly enveloped that being. The skyscraping tree wrapped them both up, seemingly out to swallow them whole.

While many monsters and humans had experienced what just happened to Xia Qingyuan, nothing had been as shocking as what happened before them just now. That was because the tree went out of its way to eat that one particular being up, which gave many a breather, enabling them to escape by charging outside of the canyon.

"This is ridiculous," Tan Zimo of the Violet Heavenly Palace said after seeing what happened, wondering if it worth it dying for the sake of a woman.

Ye Futian had pretty much flipped the Violet Heavenly Palace over with what he did. Despite being on opposing sides, they had to acknowledge that he was very formidable and was superbly talented. It was too bad that he had to die in such a manner.

Virgin Jinyi of Brahma's Pure Sky sighed deeply as well. It was a pity that Ye Futian would die for a woman.

While the sentiment was indeed respectable, she did not see the point of throwing one's life away because of it.

Training was difficult; it would be more so if someone were to get to Ye Futian's current level.

Qi Xuangang and all those around Ye Futian sported glum expression. There was no stopping it, and not even Emperor Xia would have been able to do anything.

They stepped forward towards the tree of death. Qi Xuangang lashed out with both hands, shattering a great number of branches and vines outside, yet he was still unable to get through.

Yaya took to the sky and had her sword in the air. Towering sword matrixes appeared beneath her feet. Her expression was frosty as swords whooshed out of the sword matrix on her palm. However, like Qi Xuangang, she remained incapable of breaking through. The cut vines and branches simply regrew in an instant.

She felt rather vexed and kept bringing her swords down continuously, but she remained incapable of making it through.

Voom. The sound of swords zipping was heard. She charged inside the mass of branches and vines with her sword matrixes.

However, the will of the great path bound her immediately. She turned around and found Qi Xuangang behind her.

Qi Xuangang shook his head at her and said, "His luck on this trip is incredible."

Yaya was dumbfounded as she looked at Qi Xuangang. She knew that Qi Xuangang had some special ability, allowing her to peer into fate and luck. He had checked out Ye Futian's luck before all of them entered.

Furthermore, she recalled the death of the prophet just a while ago. As such, it seemed that Ye Futian's luck was so formidable that he definitely would not just perish right there and then.

She was rather relieved to find that, but she nonetheless remained anxious, keeping her eyes on the site.

Qi Xuangang stopped everyone else trying to get before him. While the older man had no idea what tricks Ye Futian had up his sleeves, he knew that student of his was someone exceptional; he would survive charging into a place like that. For the others, however, it would probably have been on a one-way trip.

Ye Futian's body was tangled and buried by that tree of death. Boundless deathly aura and branches lashed out at him. He burst in terrifying might of the Flames of the Way, even utilizing the power of that Fire Spirit Orb within his Life Palace, burning those deathly branches away in a frenzy.

A terrifying fire zone appeared all around his body, and his eyes turned into flames.

At that moment, that statue-like tall, imposing figure seemed to have manifested a great many arms, lashing out at Ye Futian, who was protecting Xia Qingyuan. It burst through the binding of the will of flames and headed towards Xia Qingyuan.

It was evident that despite having been dead for so many years, that figure clung to life still nonetheless.


Ye Futian's eyes burned. Terrifying branches burst from him. Green will shrouded the place all of a sudden, swishing out as they moved. The divine tree of life within his life contained boundless life.

"If you want the power of life that badly, then come and take it." Ye Futian's eyes were cold. Those branches sensed it all in an instant and charged at Ye Futian in a frenzy. Boundless deathly aura burst into his body. The deathly vines stabbed into his World Tree, intending to drain all that will of life in Ye Futian's Life Spirit in a frenzy.

The World Tree swayed, and boundless divine light burst. When the will of death came upon him, it seemed to have ended up assimilated and devoured, as if it had been merged inside his Life Spirit.

Xia Qingyuan, who was being protected by Ye Futian, was shocked at that scene. She had given in to despair before, and there was no longer sorrow in her. She thought both of them would have ended up devoured.

Yet, she saw that it was Ye Futian's Life Spirit devouring the will of death from that tree of death instead.

"That is probably his primary Life Spirit," Xia Qingyuan muttered to herself. It was as if there was a divine tree fighting against another divine tree.

That deathly aura was absorbed into Ye Futian's body, and he devoured even the branches as they surged into his body. That tree of death seemed to be alive, sending more branches at him.

Furthermore, the canyon trembled violently at that moment. More branches of death burst from the bottom of the canyon, heading towards that region. That scene was very shocking.

"What is going on?" Some who were leaving stopped at that scene. They turned around to get a better look and found countless branches from the canyon beneath them, heading towards a single direction.

"Is he still alive?" They were shocked deep down.

They found what was happening to be utterly impossible. It was something that not even the will of Renhuang had been able to resist. Both Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan were just saints, and there was no way they could have survived being buried by that tree of death.

Zhan Yuan of the supreme body of the great path from the Violet Heavenly Palace halted and looked in that direction. He did not continue moving forward but instead kept his eyes locked there.

"Are we sticking around?" some at his side asked.

"We'll check out for a little bit longer," Zhan Yuan replied.

Many people of top-notch forces stopped. A terrifying nine-headed phoenix in the air devoured the deathly auras in a frenzy. Its eyes were cold and giving off a violent, unruly aura. The nine heads of that phoenix made it look even more cold and unforgiving.

The nine-headed phoenixes had been a branch of the phoenixes, yet they were seen as outcasts. However, some of terrifying powers had emerged from their ranks, and they were taken into the Sky Demon Court. They were extremely formidable and had always been at odds with the phoenixes.

At that moment, that nine-headed phoenix's eyes glared at that space that was being buried. The will of death was so thick that if it were to swallow it all, it would have done a lot of good.

Furthermore, if it could gain the remains of that ancient Renhuang that looked like an imposing statue, things would have even been more perfect.

It was a pity that it would not be able to resist being devoured by that power.

However, things seemed to have taken a peculiar turn within.

Ye Futian's World Tree Life Spirit seemed to be gobbling up the deathly auras and the branches while still being inside the tree of death, absorbing it into his Life Palace. At present, his Life Palace was filled with death. It had taken over the world of his Life Palace altogether. It made his entire body course with deathly auras, so much so that even his fair face seemed to have the will of death streaking about it.

In that god of the death-like statue, countless ancient tree-like arms were extending and lashing out at Ye Futian, tangling with the World Tree that was coiling around his body. Both powers were at odds with each other, encroaching each other.

The World Tree Life Spirit swayed, and divine light surged in every single part of the ancient tree as if it was able to take everything in the world into it.

Both divine trees seemed to be merging. The branches from that tree of death seeped into the World Tree Life Spirit bit by bit. It looked like a snake was trying to swallow an elephant.

Deathly auras continued to surge inside Xia Qingyuan's body unceasingly. The deathly auras on her grew increasingly thick, and Ye Futian was unable to do much than wrap her body up with his World Tree, sending the energy of life into her body to fight the will of death in her stead.

Time passed, and the ones outside continued to watch the extremely thick will of death rumbling about. The branches were all over the place, preventing them from telling what was happening inside.

"The will of death is subsiding," a mighty one said. Many peoples' pupils contracted.

They were rather puzzled, wondering if Ye Futian was indeed alive.

They were extremely curious as to what was happening inside.

"Wha..." Some outside were seeing the branches wilting one after another at that moment, and they were shocked.

The will of the great path of death is drying up?

Just the hell is happening? they wondered.

Yu Sheng stood about at the side and watched everything nervously. Everyone else at his side was doing the same. They were rattled at that scene, yet they were relieved deep down, thinking that it was going to be alright.

That guy sure is always making miracles happen, Yu Sheng thought.

Wu Yong and the others were very stunned as well. The longer they spent around Ye Futian, the more terrifying they found him to be. What happened all those years ago back at Emperor Kua's ruins was already a testament to his mettle, and they were unable to believe that he was even able to survive such a despairing state.

The drain of that ancient tree was increasingly obvious. The will of death throughout the canyon was dwindling. Many mighty ones had their eyes locked right below them.

At that moment, both Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan seemed to be wrapped inside as if in a cocoon. The branches of his World Tree had even extended outwards, wrapping up even that statue that looked like a god of death, devouring the deathly aura in them bit by bit.

Despite having been dead for many years, that being still had the formidable great path of death in them. As a Renhuang, that power of great path had long been melded with their body and blood. Even though they had been dead for many years, their body remained intact, and the will of the great path stayed behind as well.

The World Tree speed into that being's body bit by bit, entangling and devouring them gradually. The will of death stained Ye Futian's World Tree pitch black, yet the branches of the World Tree continued to wrap that being up as if they were devouring that Fire Spirit Orb back in Emperor Kua's ruins, as well as that bone from the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions.

Ye Futian's body seemed to have turned into a terrifying whirlpool. The World Tree rescinded back into his body and disappeared altogether. That Renhuang being was no longer seen as well. In Ye Futian's Life Palace, however, a statue-like being appeared instead.

Ye Futian was pitch black all over, and the deathly aura was extremely thick about him. Xia Qingyuan was not in a good state either. Both of them seemed to have simply turned into statues, unflinching.

The tree of death that wrapped them both up wilted in a frenzy. The branches shrouding the place were wilting and falling as well.

The deathly aura dissipated gradually, scattering in the winds.

"The deathly aura is almost gone." Those outside were very shocked. Yu Sheng stepped forward and charged inside the branches of the ancient tree, shattering them in a frenzy.

Those branches became extremely fragile by then, and one blow was all it would have taken to crush them.

They were quickly reduced to dust.

Yu Sheng appeared somewhere below. Two figures stood quietly by his side, like two statues.

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    《The Legend of Futian》