The Legend of Futian
1399 Unexpected Surprise
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1399 Unexpected Surprise

Ye Futian was able to perceive what was happening at the moment, but the qi of death was too strong, and his whole body was eroded.

Before, even his life spirit was occupied by the Will of Death, and the life spirit tree was also dyed the color of death. He had been using the power of the ancient tree to expel the Will of Death, but now, something changed in his life spirit.

He took a look at the situation he was in, and suddenly, a horrifying ray of golden light burst out of his body. The roaring sound came out, and all of a sudden, a loud shrieking was heard from Nine-Headed Phoenix's mouth.

At this moment, the Nine-headed Phoenix was leaving the space very quickly, his nine heads exuding an aura of violence, his vast body full of lethal coldness. It was very imposing.

But at this moment, tens of thousands of golden light rays burst from one of his huge mouths. He tilted his head, from which a loud roar came. He let out a long shriek. He wanted to close his beak, but it was torn up. A figure rushed out of it, bathed in golden light while holding another person, who seemed lifeless.

The Nine-headed Phoenix breathed out at Ye Futian. The horrifying life force struck Ye Futian.

Boom! Crimson lightning flashed across the sky. His body turned into a bolt of lightning. His mouth spat out a keen crimson sword of destruction, the destructive dark power, veiling the sky and hiding the sun, covering the whole void sky.

The Nine-headed Phoenix was also an overawing figure of his clan—an Unblemished Demon Saint—with appalling combat ability.

Ye Futian looked up and felt that the force of destruction was burying this space. The sacred light shone on his whole body, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension exploding and purifying his body. His body turned into a cauldron of the Great Law, expelling all forces of darkness.

Above his body, suddenly, the trumpeting sound of the elephant came, trembling between the sky and the earth. Inside his body, the roaring sound continued, just like the symphony of the Great Law.

What was more frightening was that in the light curtain of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, a boundless huge elephant phantom showed up above Ye Futian's body. The divine elephant was like a demon god. With one roar, it could make the void air tremble.

The rumbling sound continued. The flash of the divine elephant rose into the sky, slashing toward the sword of destruction that covered the sky and hid the sun. Appalling waves exploded in the space as if the trembling space would be destroyed.


The Nine-headed Phoenix breathed the fire of destruction, engulfing the void sky and burning the sky and earth.

Ye Futian held Xia Qingyuan's body in one hand and took one step forward. The trumpeting sound trembled between the sky and earth. His body soared into the sky like a bolt of lightning, moving forward in the flame of destruction.

The devastating fire burned down but was shrouded by a sacred golden halo, blocked by the inviolable figure of a giant elephant.

Ye Futian's fist punched out, and the sound of the elephant shook the sky. Tens of thousands of elephants roared in unison, trampling the space.

Thousands of elephants came out, galloping, crossing the sky. What a terrifying scene...

The crimson Nine-headed Phoenix made an extremely sharp shriek. His nine heads spewed out flames, and his claws smashed down. Phantoms of elephants were torn and shattered, and the claws thrust toward Ye Futian.

The demon aura billowed and surged between the sky and the earth. A boundless Nine-headed phoenix bird appeared, its claws smashing down powerfully. It collided with Ye Futian's fist.


With a loud noise, the Nine-headed Phoenix felt that his claws didn't smash on flesh, but rather on a statue of an elephant. Between them, two phantoms were colliding and clashing with each other; it was the confrontation between a sacred giant elephant and a Nine-headed Phoenix.

The imposing Might shook the Nine-headed Phoenix's body to the sky. His appalling eyes stared at Ye Futian.

How could this human cultivator of True Self Saint Plane contend with him by strength?

The enormous power of the elephant was the ability of a demon clan. Where did he learn it?

At this moment, Ye Futian loosened the hand holding Xia Qingyuan, and branches and vines swept up and wrapped her body. His might was supporting her body.

Ye Futian's chilly eyes stared at the Nine-headed Phoenix in the void sky, and the imperial bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions in his body emitted a dazzling brilliance. Now, he was possessed by the Divine Elephant.


He took a step out. The void air vibrated. A shocking scene of thousands of elephants trumpeting in unison appeared between the sky and earth as if he was also the king of divine elephants.

In another part of the Origin Mountains, a group of warriors was on their way. They were from the Divine Elephant Clan and were traveling in the sky.

But at this moment, as if perceiving something, they all turned back and looked toward one direction, where they faintly sensed a divine feeling of being summoned.

This feeling was wonderful, but they all understood that it must be related to their Divine Elephant Clan.

Could it be any treasure left by their ancestors in the Origin Mountains?

"Let's go." They turned around and went in that direction, all with solemn looks.

On the battlefield, the Nine-headed Phoenix's body was suspended in the sky. When his were wings spread, they were like clouds reaching the edges of the sky, covering the sphere and hiding the sun. Around his body, phantoms of divine elephants showed up. He walked in the air, trampling on history.

He opened his wings, flapping. His body was like a flash of lightning, but he could feel that the repressive force limited his speed.


Ye Futian's body soared into the sky. It was the first time the Nine-headed Phoenix felt threatened by a human cultivator.

He let out a rumble. The Wills of the Great Law turned into destructive beams of dark light, flowing up to the sky, surrounding his body, converging into an appalling storm of destruction.

He spread his wings and thrust them out. Suddenly, beams of destructive light darted towards the surrounding elephant phantoms and collided violently.

At this moment, Ye Futian came out.

He thrust two fists at the same time, piercing into the sky. The divine elephant guarded the sky dome, crushing the void air.

The Nine-headed Phoenix's claws smashed down, followed by endless destructive storms, clawing toward Ye Futian.

Boom... Two of them had an appalling fight in the void sky. One human and one demon beast clashed against each other. The Nine-headed Phoenix spread his wings and flickered. Ye Futian followed closely, punching his fist again and again in the void. They kept colliding and conflicting in different locations of the sky. The air was shaking violently.

Lightning flashed by. Ye Futian grabbed his claws and rushed upward, breaking through his defense and smashing toward the Nine-headed Phoenix's belly with his relatively insignificant fist.

But as the punch smashed out, both the sky and earth made a dull sound, and that attack directly hit the Nine-headed Phoenix's huge body, cracking his bones and tearing his organs.

He let out a painful shriek and smashed his claws towards Ye Futian's abdomen.

One punch after another, Ye Futian blasted the Nine-headed Phoenix's huge body into the sky. He depended on the reaction force to fly backward, then crossed the void air, and returned to where Xia Qingyuan was and held her in his arms.

In the upper sky, the nine heads of the Phoenix were all bleeding, his blood dripping down. At this moment, his life force fluctuated drastically above his huge body; his body seemed somewhat unstable.

His cold eyes took a glance at Ye Futian. Wings flickering, he flew into the distance. He had given up.

At this time, on another battlefield, Yaya did nine sword strikes continually, one after another blowing towards Zhan Yuan. She also turned into a sword and charged toward Zhan's body. But behind Zhan Yuan, an appalling matrix showed up, devouring divine thunder of all skies and dropping down. Swords were all wrapped into the thunderstorm.

At this moment, a devastating thunderstorm swept out, blasting on Yaya's body. Yaya spat out a mouthful of blood. Her body was struck by lightning, and she flew away, felling towards the lower sky.


Yaya's body hit the ground and made a dent. Many broken swords flew out. Appalling phantoms suddenly appeared on the black earth and flung themselves at Yaya's body, like evil spirits.

Boom. A flash of lightning came and wiped off the evil spirits. Zhan Xuan looked down at Yaya in the lower sky and said, "You did a good job. From now on, you can cultivate by my side and serve me."

Yaya raised her head and glanced at him coldly. This leading figure of the Violet Heavenly Dynasty was extremely arrogant.


A thunderbolt struck through the void sky. Zhan Xuan raised one hand and drew out a palm print of Thunder. After a loud noise, a sword was inserted on the Thunder matrix in his palm. The sword wanted to penetrate it but was turned into ashes in the Might of Thunder.

A figure flickered and landed on the ground, picking up Yaya.

He raised his head and took a cold glance at Zhan Yuan, turning around and heading towards the sword matrix.

Zhan Yuan was not in a hurry. For him, capturing them was like capturing sitting ducks—none of them could escape.

During his fight with Yaya, he felt this woman's combat power was quite good. Any casual cultivator of his level who was able to fight with him for a while could be considered outstanding.

Moreover, she was extremely decisive in her shots and hard on herself. She was also sincere to friends and was eager to protect Ye Futian at any cost.

So, he appreciated her and thought it would be nice to have such a person around him.

As for an intimate relationship, he only had cultivation in his mind and had never thought about it.

"Are you okay?" Ye Futian asked Yaya, infusing life force into Yaya's body. The Will of life emitted from the branches and leaves of the World Tree. Yaya's pale face turned red. Her gorgeous eyes looked at Ye Futian. For these years, this "elder brother" had been calling her "little sister" but always needed her protection, but now, he had grown to the point where she would no longer be needed soon.

Her cultivation had not been restored to its peak, but Ye Futian was almost catching up with her.

However, she was still happy. After this trip, if they could leave the Mountain of Origin safely, Ye Futian would no longer need her protection.

Today, he had defeated the Nine-headed Phoenix big demon beast of Unblemished Saint Plane.

"Yes," Yaya nodded her head slightly and said. Ye Futian didn't know she had thought this much. He left Xia Qingyuan beside Yaya, then turned and stood up. He raised his head, looking toward Zhan Yuan in the void sky. His stare was extremely cold.

"Give me the corpse of the Renhuang and that piece of bone," Zhan Yuan said. Just now, he had noticed the battle between Ye Futian and the Nine-headed Phoenix. It should be the strength of that bone. He had not expected that piece of bone wanted by Yingzhao Mountain was the bone of the former Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions. What an unexpected surprise!

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    《The Legend of Futian》