The Legend of Futian
1402 Siege
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1402 Siege

The ominous atmosphere in this space became more and more intense. The previous battles had broken many rusty swords on the ground, and there were even evil ghosts rising from the underground that seemed to be transformed from the dead people's lingering grudges.

At this moment, a pair of ghostly hands stretched out from a crack in the ground. A phantom showed up and pounced towards the person standing in the void sky.

As more and more ghosts joined the fight, the warriors, who had just arrived, all perceived the threat. They glanced at Ye Futian indifferently. They must deal with him as soon as possible and leave.

For an instant, the warriors released their life forces, which followed Ye Futian and attacked the lower sky.

Ye Futian looked up at these warriors. In his Life Palace, the flame was burning, and the Fire Spirit Orb seemed to be devouring his Life Palace, and then the blaze rushed to his whole body, engulfing him all at once. For a moment, he transformed into Flame God of War, with all the power of his body burning.

At the same time, in the endless flame, there was also a golden aura of the divine elephant. The elephant's roars came from his body. A mighty force overwhelmed the vast space. He held a huge stick of stars in his hand, with an unparalleled bearing.

Yaya stared at Ye Futian. She rose to her feet, standing on the ground. The infinite Sword Will erupted from her body, drawing the Great Law from heaven and summoned tens of thousands of swords. A Sword Matrix was formed around her body.

She could tell that Ye Futian had been injured, and now he had to face such oppression. So many warriors were targeting him. If he let the fire of the law burn again, he would run out of his energy. Let alone what level of combat ability he could use? It would be difficult for him to persist for long.

Moreover, these warriors were all capable of using Nirvana skills. It was looking like none of the top forces from the Heavenly Mandate Realm would be weak.

The Purple-golden Rat lifted a brow when he perceived Ye Futian's life force, and his narrow eyes looked cold. He stretched out a palm and immediately a sword that could release Renhuang might appeared in his hand. This was odd--a rat demon beast cultivated in swordsmanship.

However, it was rumored that when the old ancestor of the Purple-golden Rat Clan was in humble circumstances, he once served many powerful figures and dedicated himself as a beast servant, serving many top figures, and, at the same time, secretly learned many human cultivation methods.

So, warriors of the Demon Realm showed no surprise when seeing this Purple-golden Rat Beast use sword skills.

Renhuang-level might was being released from the sword. It was a Renhuang object. The sword body was thin and narrow and had strong penetrating abilities.

"Vroom." The Purple-golden Rat was standing on top of the void sky. He wielded his sword, and for a moment, there seemed to be a rain of golden swords appearing in the void sky, each sword raindrop containing the Might of the Great Law. Over the skydome, a curtain of sword rain enveloped the boundless space. The rat's sword pointed to Ye Futian, and immediately, the sword rain followed and attacked Ye Futian. The rain curtain covered the sky, and the phantoms of demon elephants around Ye Futian suddenly were all penetrated, like being pierced through by thousands of swords and smashed directly.

When the sword rain approached Ye Futian, it even penetrated the Might of Flames and made a slight dangerous rustling sound.

The elephant roar continued in Ye Futian's body. A giant figure of a golden elephant appeared around him. The sword rain fell with no end and kept making a harsh, shrieking sound. The sword raindrops sneaked into the golden divine elephant's body little by little.


Ye Futian took a step out and shook away those shrieking golden swords from the divine elephant figure. He moved quickly and slashed out the long stick in his hand. A huge stick shadow appeared in the upper sky and slashed toward the Purple-golden Rat's head regardless of the spatial distance.

The Purple-golden Rat shunned and turned into a dazzling bolt of golden lightning, running between the suppressing forces of the Great Law. His speed was still extremely fast, and he directly avoided the attacks of the long stick and soon appeared in another direction.

"I should finish the battle quickly," he thought to himself. More evil spirits from the ground rushed up to catch him. Wisps of thoughts entered his mind and made his will power unstable. He glanced toward them and said, "if you continue consuming time like this, it will be no good for anyone."

It was not enough for him alone to take the treasure.

Zhan Huan did not expect Ye Futian to have a whole card. Where did this fire that enhanced his strength and endowed him with Nirvana-level abilities come from?

Ye Futian seemed to carry many secrets.

Zhan Yuan strode in the void air. The lightning swept out and destroyed the chaotic life force around him that wanted to erode his body.

The Nirvana-level warriors, who just came to the void space, all started to take action, each of them had an extremely terrifying life force. They all exerted pressure towards Ye Futian in the lower sky.

For a time, Ye Futian was besieged by enemies.


The void air shook fiercely. Ye Futian stepped in the void sky, with his body shrouded by flames and his hands wielding the long sticks. Phantoms of demon elephants galloped between the sky and earth. The vast endless space seemed to be under heavy pressure.

The Purple-golden Rat Demon Beast started to move. He held the imperial sword high in his hand, bearing endless wills in the sky. The golden divine rain fell. His body flickered, heading straight toward the lower sky. The sword came out, and sword rain fell, annihilating everything.

Ye Futian felt the power and slashed out the long stick in his hand towards the sky and buried the sword rain. But the Purple-golden Rat monster was extremely fast and changed his position in an instant. He launched the sword rain and wanted to control Ye Futian in that space.

Zhang Yuan stepped in the void air. The thunder roars around him shook the sky and earth. Endless thunder from the sky gathered in his body and turned into thunderous light that destroyed everything, slashing out towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's stick shadow smashed out again, crushing on the lightning, and a booming sound burst out.

Above his head, a Nirvana Saint launched an attack. A huge, dark palm print came from the skydome, reflecting black-gold light, containing the strong airflow of destruction and tearing the void air.

Ye Futian could only slash out the stick again. His body swirling, and the stick shadows appeared. The dark palm prints collapsed and shattered.

Another golden bell released tens of thousands of rays of light, crushing the void air and crumbling the place where Ye Futian was, hiding the might of Renhuang and wiping out all existence.

Ye Futian's body soared into the sky. The shadow of the stick covered the sky, and it suddenly chopped down. After a loud clanging noise, the ancient Renhuang clock was shaken back, but the horrifying killing rays of light's attack didn't stop. The Renhuang bell also returned and ran over his body again.

The powerful attacks continued. Ye Futian kept waving his stick, but these warriors did not even get close to him. They trapped him there and attacked wildly, consuming Ye Futian's energy, making it impossible for him to escape.

After all, every person who was attacking him was powerful.

Seeing the battle scene in the void sky, Yaya looked disgusted. All these were top figures, Nirvana Saints, and a Supreme Master, but they all assaulted Ye Futian at the same time, just iso they could steal his belongings.

As the fight went on, more warriors arrived in the area one after another. Some people were afraid to come because of the danger, but there were still a few bold people who entered the battle.

An intimidating life force came, and a Nirvana-level big demon beast Zhu Yan came to this area with Zhu Zhao, Yu Sheng, and others.

Seeing the battle in the void sky, Yu Sheng looked extremely worried.

"Boom…" The skydome trembled, and divine elephants trumpeted. In the distance, a group of powerful divine elephants raced towards this side. They glanced down at the battlefield in the lower sky and saw the life force erupting from Ye Futian's body, which made them feel something familiar as if it was from their ancestors.

"We should help him," Zhu Zhao said. He saw Ye Futian being hit by one attack right after the other, defending himself alone, when the attacks were coming from so many intimidating warriors.

The Nirvana-level Zhu Yan Great Demon's might swept out and rushed towards the skydome.

"Bang!" A violent sound came out. The sound of elephants trumpeting shook the sky. Above Zhu Yan, the Great Demon Beast's head, giant elephants marched in the air, among whom, one of the divine elephants glanced at him and said, "Go away."

Ye Futian, the Divine Elephant Clan wanted him.

The roar continued, and they kept treading in the void air. Warriors on the other side of the battlefield saw warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan, and their attacks became even stronger. In the shadows of the stick, the Purple-golden Rat Demon Beast crossed the sky and passed through the stick shadows. Horrifying might blasted over his moving body, but his body turned into the size of a rat and directly penetrated the Great Law attacking force. This was his innate talent.

"Bang!" With a loud noise, the Purple-golden Rat Demon Beast almost penetrated Ye Futian's body and smashed Ye Futian's overall defense, but Ye Futian's body seemed to have a terrifying Flame Might that made him scared and devoured him.

The golden aura wrapped around his body. The Rat's sharp claws clawed toward Ye Futian. Using the reaction force, he stepped back. His heart thumped fast, what was that power?


The Might of the Thunder Laws also blasted over Ye Futian, making his body fall to the ground.

The Purple-golden Rat was extremely fast. He continued to dive down and wanted to take Ye Futian away. A gust of Sword Might arrived in an instant and thrust straight toward him. The Purple-golden Rat spun his body. The Renhuang sword in his hand thrust down and turned into a horrifying golden storm that collided with the sword.

The sharp shrieking sound came, and golden blood flew from the Purple-golden Rat. He was shaken to the void sky. Yaya fell to the lower sky with Ye Futian and dropped on the Sword Peak. Both of them spat out blood.

Yu Sheng and others rushed to check them, but, considering their levels, they couldn't change the situation at all.

In the void air, those top Saint figures looked down at them.

"Get out of our way!" Warriors of the divine elephant clan marched in the void sky. Many divine elephants descended at the same time, and suddenly their might shook the sky. Even the Supreme Master Zhan Yuan of the Violet Heavenly Palace didn't dare to trouble them.

That Purple-golden Rat demon beast looked sullen. The Divine Elephant Clan was also very powerful. In the era of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, the Divine Elephant Clan was the king of the Realm, and they still had a vast heritage after so many years. Now, since they had arrived, it was difficult for him to take the treasure.

Warriors of different forces stared at each other with anger, and both Ye Futian and Yaya were severely injured.

Ye Wuchen looked indifferent, with anger and sadness in his heart. So many warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Realm chose to besiege one single person.

However, they simply could not participate in combat of such a high level.

He raised one foot and walked toward their direction. This space was suppressed by countless broken swords and filled with horrifying chaotic thoughts.

"Boom!" There was another loud bang. Warriors stepped down and exerted pressure on Ye Futian. Except for the warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan, none of them wanted to give up.

"He belongs to me," Zhan Yuan said indifferently. He might not want the divine elephant imperial bone since it was the bone of the ancestor of the Divine Elephant Clan, and he didn't want the corpse, either. However, he was interested in Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had more treasures.

"The corpse belongs to me," another Nirvana-level warrior said. They had already started to discuss how to divide gains.

But at this moment, a rumbling sound came out, and the mountain peak was shaking.

They turned around and looked toward that side. On the top of the mountain, in front of the giant sword inserted in front of the Sword Peak, a man in white with long hair blowing in the wind was standing, holding the hilt of a sword with both hands!

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    《The Legend of Futian》