The Legend of Futian
1404 The Hearts Following the Ligh
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1404 The Hearts Following the Ligh

The Renhuang figure of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked toward Ye Futian, slightly nodding, and then stepped forward. Covered with the bright Thunder Light armor, he slightly raised his arms and headed toward Ye Futian.

Yaya and others looked sullen. Was this Renhuang warrior also going to capture Ye Futian?

Ye Wuchen on the ground rose to his feet again. He held the sword with both hands, and the bloody light burst out from his deep, dark eyes.

At this moment, he seemed to have given up his self-consciousness, and the Sword Will darted toward his body madly and swallowed him up. He seemed to have become part of the sword; not only that, all the horrible air flows around him in the space poured into his body.

With a roar, Ye Wuchen's body was devoured. Over him, a real demon appeared. The demon stared at the Renhuang warrior, and the sword in his hand was also roaring and shaking.

"You are giving yourself to evils!"

The Renhuang of the Violet Heaven Palace shouted at him solemnly. Even his voice contained horrifying Might of Thunder and wanted to penetrate the demon's body, but it was of no use.

Ye Wuchen was still standing there. The Renhuang of the Violet Heavenly Palace had no choice but to put down Zhan Yuan. He needed to deal with the monster in front of him first.

"You give me a moment," he spoke to Zhan Yuan. Soon the Might of Thunder fell from the sky, and his body turned into the Law of Thunder, just like a real figure of Thunder Deity. He took one step forward, crossing the void sky and heading toward Ye Wuchen.

"Vroom." At the same time, the Sword Saint held the overbearing demonic sword. The terrifying demonic Might surged straight to Zhan Yuan's body. Yu Sheng, Zhu Zhao, and Black Wind Condor did the same. Since they couldn't fight with the Renhuang, they would target Zhan Yuan.

Everything started with him.

Accompanied with a rumble, the demon Ye Wuchen launched an attack on the Renhuang. The sword penetrated his body directly, but the Renhuang's body was nothing but a Thunder Thought. The Thunder Thought also penetrated the demon's body. Suddenly, the huge demon burst frantically. The light of endless thunder entangled it, and with a loud noise, phantoms around it all burst and shattered.

Ye Wuchen's figure showed up from the explosion but again fell feebly.

However, the Renhuang was not well at this time, either. His body was exposed to countless dark airstreams that devoured his thunder form, making the lightning gradually dim and trying to devour his Thunder Thought completely.

He glanced toward Ye Futian with a cold look.

"Take them away," Yaya sitting on the ground said to a beautiful figure next to her. That person looked at Yaya with a pair of gorgeous but emotionless eyes. She was the first beauty of the Eastern State of that time, the Glass Saint.

"Go to that abyss," Yaya stared at the Glass Saint's eyes and said, showing no expression. The Glass Saint also looked back at her eyes. If she went to the abyss, would she survive?

Was she telling her to go die?

At this moment, her heart was stirred, no longer as calm as before.

"Aren't you always looking for the answer? If you find it, you die," Yaya said in an extremely indifferent tone, without any emotion as if this unsmiling girl, who was always patted on the head by Ye Futian, had turned into a real cold-blooded and ruthless Sword Saint of the Void.

But was she ruthless?

She asked the Glass Saint to die.

The Glass Saint lowered her head slightly, looking at Ye Futian, but at this time, Ye Futian was also looking up at her. The Glass Saint wondered what answer was she looking for.

"Okay," she answered. When the horrifying might befell, and the Renhuang of the Violet Heaven Palace came near, she grabbed Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan with both hands. Seeing Ye Futian wanting to move, she released the Might of Ice and sealed Ye Futian's body using extreme coldness, and she took the two of them directly toward the direction of abyss.

The Renhuang frowned and continued to pounce toward them, but at this moment, a bright sword matrix shone across space, and thousands of rays of sword light slashed out. Yaya, severely injured, submerged the Renhuang figure with the sword light.

"You are playing with fire," the Renhuang said coldly and continued moving forward. The Thunder Light directly destroyed the Might of Sword.

"Vroom." The sword matrix engulfed toward him, and a sword burst out from the center of the matrix. The Renhuang of the Violet Heavenly Palace raised his hand to draw the divine thunder. The imperial might swept across the world and destroyed tens of thousands of swords, but that single sword continued to drop down and penetrate his body. At the same time, those dark forces that devoured his body became stronger, little by little making his body disperse.

He turned around and took a glance. At this time, Zhan Yuan was also under siege. All his opponents seemed to be attacking him at all costs. Zhan Yuan had been wounded by Ye Wuchen before; otherwise, he would have not been threatened by these low-level people.

"Boom." Zhan Yuan's fist collided with Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng clasped his fist directly. The violent Might of Thunder pierced through his body and banged on Yu Sheng, but Yu Sheng's hand still clasped on him tightly.

The Sword Saint's sword chopped off. Zhan Yuan let out a roar and accumulated divine thunder in his palm.

The Black Wind Condor swooped down toward Zhan Yuan. He had almost turned into a demonic instrument, a pair of eyes full of killing thoughts.

Zhan Yuan raised his head, the terrifying thunderous light erupting in his eyes, shooting toward the Black Wind Condor.

The demonic sword split the sky--blood splashed and a deep blood mark appeared on Zhan Yuan's body, but his arm also shook Yu Sheng away.

"Boom!" There was another loud bang. A long stick slashed down. The Might of Thunder violently blasted from Zhan Yuan's body, but he was still pushed away by the force.

When he stopped, Zhan Yuan looked down at his arms and body. A startling bloodstain was there as if being eroded by demonic wills. A lot of dark airflows rushed toward him, and his face looked extremely gloomy.

"You retreat first," a voice from the Renhuang of the Violet Heavenly Palace said. He shook his arm, and the sword matrix was annihilated. Yaya's body was shaken out, blood splattering in the void sky, and she weakly fell on the ground. The Renhuang turned into a flash and ran toward the Glass Saint and Ye Futian.

The Glass Saint now was standing on the edge of the abyss. In the bottomless abyss, there were endless dark air torrents, as if ancient monsters were looming inside, filled with infinite danger. If the power in this abyss broke out, even the Renhuang would not dare stay here.

She took a glance at Ye Futian and then stepped forward and leaped down toward the endless abyss.

She hoped Ye Futian could survive. Ye Futian seemed to have strong adaptability in these dangerous places, and she hoped it would be the same this time.

The Renhuang descended on the edge of the abyss, and countless air flows came. He looked indifferent, turned around and transformed into a flash of lightning. His form was about to dissipate, and he had to take Zhan Yuan away.

At this time, Zhan Yu's whole body was stained with blood, and killing thoughts were reflected in his pupils.

"Let's go," his voice rang out. The Renhuang's phantom showed up and used his remaining strength to guard Zhan Yuan's body and soared into the sky, letting the terrible dark power eat away at his body and still rush out of this district with Zhan Yuan under his protection.

Other warriors also made their way to escape. The destructive power of this space was getting stronger and stronger, and soon, only those around Ye Futian were still there.

"It's going to go," a Nirvana-level Zhu Yan demon beast came to Zhu Zhao and said. At this moment, it was not easy to escape.

He let out a yell and turned into Zhu Yan's original form. The huge beast stood on the ground like a mountain.

Zhu Zhao looked in the direction of the abyss, but the Nirvana-level Zhu Yan great demon beast seized him directly, asking the Sword Saint and others, "Do you want to go with us?"

"You can go," the Sword Saint said. The Zhu Yan Great Demon Beast let out a roar, took his people and soared into the sky, escaping the space.

The Sword Saint raised his foot and walked toward the abyss. The Sword Saint's whole body was covered by the Demon Might; Yaya and Ye Wuchen were severely injured; Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan had been to the abyss.

How did they go?

Where should they go?

The Sword Saint approached Yaya, raised his head and asked Black Wind Condor, "Condor, is Ye Futian all right?"

The Black Wind Eagle stood in front of the abyss, staring down, and said, "They were still going down."

He looked back at Sword Saint and said, "Glass Saint, I am afraid she is in danger."

How deep was this abyss?

The Sword Saint lowered his head. He inserted the demonic sword on the ground next to Yaya, holding the demonic sword with one hand. Suddenly the mighty demonic will power swept out, dispersing all evil spirits. He was covered by the Demonic Will and seemed to be enduring very intense pain.

Yaya sent the Glass Saint to death.

However, Yaya intended to prevent Ye Futian from being taken away. Ye Futian had too many secrets on him and must not be taken away. If he was taken to the Violet Heavenly Palace, he would die.

So, Yaya asked the Glass Saint to send Ye Futian to the abyss, which was equal to letting her die.

He understood that Yaya was making the right choice. Ye Futian had survived too many life-and-death situations, especially in the secret relics, his survivability was amazing. If he went to the abyss, there was still a chance for him, but if he was taken away, he would be killed. And that was also why Yaya sacrificed her life to block the Renhuang.

Yu Sheng walked to Ye Wuchen's side. At this time, Ye Wuchen was eroded by the darkness. He was not only seriously injured but not even like himself.

Yaya and Ye Wuchen were the injured the worst, and they had more than just injuries.

Yaya used what was left of her power to stop the opponent from taking Ye Futian away, and the other one, as a Doctrine Saint, pulled the sword and induced the demonic power entering his body. How did he afford the pain?

Yu Sheng came near Ye Wuchen and sat cross-legged in front of him. His whole body was in golden radiance, and there was Buddha's whispering echoing between the sky and the earth. The golden aura of Buddha shrouded this place and also wrapped around Ye Wuchen's body.

Behind Yu Sheng, the Buddha's light shone, and many Buddhist statues appeared. Tens of thousands of Buddhas together worshiped the law, emitting glaring Buddhist radiance. Countless Buddhist charms "卍" showed up and flew toward Ye Wuchen's body.

At the same time, Yu Sheng chanted Sanskrit mantras. The Sanskrit chants resonated with the sky and earth and gradually turned into the supreme power of karma, which was trying to influence Ye Wuchen. There was nothing more that Yu Sheng could do, and he could only pray that Wuchen could pass through this calamity.

On the other side, the Sword Saint was looking at Yu Sheng. There were two more severely injured people in need of being taken care of. He would take care of Yaya, and Wuchen would be in the care of Yu Sheng.

He raised his head and glanced at this dim world. It seemed that now it had truly become a demons' cave. However, even though they were surrounded by the boundless darkness, their hearts still followed the light!

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    《The Legend of Futian》