The Legend of Futian
1406 Constant Breakthroughs
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1406 Constant Breakthroughs

Days passed slowly. In the vast and boundless Mountain Ranges of Origin, demon clouds rolled over the sky, but the mountains were still barren and dead silent.

A few months ago, countless warriors stepped into the mountains, and now many people had died here. Of course, there were also quite a lot of people who had found the ruins of the ancient battlefield and unearthed what ancient demon emperors and Renhuangs had left.

But of course, there were more dangers than opportunities, and a lot of cultivators had been buried in the Mountain Range of Origin.

Ye Futian escaped danger. At this time, the Sword Peak had collapsed, and in the land full of tumbling evil forces, Ye Wuchen had thought about giving up many times, but Yu Sheng kept him in the Buddha light all the time. The Buddhist chants kept falling upon his years and helped him to see a faint glow of dawn in the abyss of agony, while he was struggling in despair.

At this moment, his mind seemed to have been dissociated, and he developed many personalities. In his vague conscious space, there were many phantoms transformed from the wills. There were wills of evil spirits, wills full of destruction, and bloodthirsty wills that made him want to become aggressive.

And among these wills, there was one white illusive will, which seemed to be swaying in this storm, as if it might be destroyed at any time.

It was his own remaining will, which was always close to disappearing.

"Boom…" All the wills flung at him again, trying to occupy his willpower, and then, countless chaotic wills showed up again all at once. He was struggling in pain, and the horrifying bloody light reflected in his eyes.

Yu Sheng was sitting in front of Ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen kept rolling on the ground because of the pain, and his mouth continued to make low roars. During these months, Ye Wuchen had entered the Path of Demons many times and even thought about killing Yu Sheng. There were also countless moments that he wanted to abandon himself and let the demonic wills completely control him, but every time he reached the point of despair, he held on to his faith and didn't give up.

The pain he had suffered during this time even made Yu Sheng feel like it was nearly unbearable; sometimes, Yu Sheng even thought of ending Ye Wuchen to relieve his pain.

With another loud roaring sound, Ye Wuchen jumped up from the ground. His body was surrounded by the horrifying dark air flows, pitch-black. Dark airflows appeared on his face as if he was going to fall completely into the Devil's Way.

There was bloodthirsty light in his eyes. He slowly walked toward Yu Sheng and said, "Just kill me."

There was no end to this pain, and he feared that he would fall completely and became a person who was not him.

He'd rather die than live like this.

Sanskrit charms kept coming from Yu Sheng's mouth. Yu Sheng stared at Ye Wuchen.

Then he walked to Ye Wuchen's side, looking at the demonic sword obliquely inserted there. He held the sword with one hand. Ye Wuchen's pitch-black eyes trembled when seeing this--he stared at Yu Sheng.

The Buddhist aura dissipated, Yu Sheng restrained the light, and suddenly the magical wills surged. A powerful devouring force swept out, and all of the sudden, the will in the sword rushed into Yu Sheng's body.

For an instant, countless demon torrents flowed toward Yu Sheng, as if he had become the center of a vortex.

He turned around, holding the sword with both hands, his face distorted, and dark streaks appeared on his face, blue veins visible on his arms. A look of agony showed on his face, but his eyes were unwavering. He stared at Ye Wuchen and said, "I'll stay with you."

He slowly stretched out his right hand and lifted the sword; infinite demonic flows rolled in. Yu Sheng stared at Wuchen and growled in a deep voice, "Even though we have strong wills, the demons are in the heavens. What can we do?"


A horrifying light of darkness appeared in the sky, rushing into Yu Sheng's body. His voice resonated between the sky and earth, allowing the force to erode.

"Get out of me," Yu Sheng raised his head and let a roar. Then a terrifying will swept out; the life force around his body became stronger, and the winds of talents whistled around him.

Just with one thought, Yu Sheng made a breakthrough and entered the True Self Saint Plane.

Ye Wuchen looked at Yu Sheng, a wisp of will shaking in his heart; his eyes were trembling.

What could the demons of the heavens do to him? He could enter the True Self Plane in an instant because he was Yu Sheng, a domineering figure who sneered at everything and had strong faith.

Could he do it?

During this trip, both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were in a unique position. Ye Wuchen could barely follow the team with his tenacity, but a good state of mind couldn't make up for everything.

Could he?

Yu Sheng was bearing the pain together with him at the moment.

"Nobody will be left behind on our way to cultivation," Yu Sheng stared at him and said.

Ye Wuchen's heart trembled. His eyes looked like he was driving out the evil spirits from himself, and his will was strong.

For so many years, from an early age to present, the three of them had gone through fire and water and all entered the Saint Plane.

No one would be left behind on the path to cultivation.

Wasn't it exactly what he had in mind when he pulled the sword? Everything that Yu Sheng did for him was the same as what he had done.

"Yes," Ye Wuchen nodded hard and said. He stepped forward, looked at the sword in Yu Sheng's hand, and extended his hand.

Yu Sheng understood what he meant and handed the sword to Ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen held the sword in both hands. Even though he was in great pain, he still held it tightly. The appalling dark airflows invaded, and the endless chaotic wills whirled toward him. He inserted the sword on the ground with two hands and held it tightly, standing like a statue.


At the same time, a horrific Sword Will rushed into the sky. The gorgeous radiance of the Sword Law bloomed from Ye Wuchen's body and soared up.

There was not only great terror between life and death but also great opportunities.

Ye Wuchen's state of mind was sublimated. He also entered the True Self Plane.

The Sword Saint looked toward them, watching them both making breakthroughs and Ye Wuchen still insisting. A gleam of a smile appeared in his demonic eyes.

After experiencing so many storms, they still had young hearts.

He still remembered the time when they entered the Book Mountain. So far, they had traveled all the way here and gone through many life and death experiences. No one would be left behind on the way to cultivation.

This feeling was so good.

A smile flashed in his dark demonic eyes. He looked up into the distance.

Was the Third Brother Dongliu still okay in this Mountain Range of Origin?

Compared with the little brother Ye Futian, the Sword Saint was more worried about Gu Dongliu. He believed that Ye Futian would go through this, and his belief was unshakable.

The Demonic Might tumbled and roared. The Sword Will dominated the sky. The Sword Saint sat down and also made his breakthrough. The three of them seemed to resonate in their states of mind, and one by one all stepped into the True Self Plane. In a short time, they all had entered a new level one after another.

At this dangerous moment, they all strengthened their beliefs that they would all get out of here alive.

Master had taught them that traveling thousands of miles was sometimes even a better choice than reading thousands of books. Even if one was familiar with thousands of ancient books and could use all methods freely and had extraordinary talents, his state of mind could not keep up without traveling many places, experiencing enough trials and challenging himself many times.

All the Renhuang, Saints and Sages in the world were once just ordinary people.

Even a true emperor had to go through all sufferings of the world. Nobody was born to be an emperor.

The domineering life force kept roaring. The Buddha light was released again from Yu Sheng's body. He evolved himself and expelled evil spirits for Ye Wuchen at the same time.

Horrifying air torrents flew along Ye Wuchen's body. The sword held in his hands made a clanging sound.

Suddenly, a beam of terrifying Sword Will rushed into the sky. It was a dark Sword Will, releasing Sword Might in the void air.

Ye Wuchen maintained the pose as if he had completely turned into a statue. The Sword Will flowed and rolled, and a beam of bright light was released, then another Sword Will was condensed and rose into the sky.

"Boom, boom, boom…"

Beams of Sword Wills were released. They seemed all to be transformed from the Laws. Gradually, over Ye Wuchen's body, infinite beams of horrifying sword energy were born, each of which contained extremely strong Laws.

Ye Wuchen's body was surrounded by the Sword Wills as if he would turn all the intruding Thoughts into sword energy.

In the abyss, the eyes with red light opened again, glancing over the abyss, and the next moment, endless airflows in the abyss roared and rushed out, rolling towards the sky above the abyss.

"Huh?" The Sword Saint's face changed color. The terrifying storm currents moved in the direction of Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng and tried to devour them. Ye Wuchen maintained the pose and didn't move.

The horrifying air flows madly drilled into the sword, flowing into the sword frantically. The sword held in Ye Wuchen's hand seemed to be devouring all the evil thoughts.

"Boom." Ye Wuchen was completely swallowed by the dark air currents, but he still didn't move. His face seemed to be constantly twisted and transformed. It lasted for a long time, and when everything went away, countless air flows were swept by the sword energy, and there were only horrifying air currents flowing around Ye Wuchen's body.

The air between the sky and earth gradually cleared and went back to normal as if it was no longer the demons' land.

The demonic spirit in the void air was still rolling, and in the distance, a group of cultivators was rushing to this side; they were Qi Xuangang and others who were waiting outside.

They stared at the scene for a moment and then seemed to be searching for something.

Ye Futian was here.

Where was he?

How did those dark torrents disappear?

Kong Xuan flashed forward, and she saw Little Condor standing on the side of the abyss like a monster statue, and he was staring at the abyss below.

Ye Futian might be under the abyss.

Qi Xuangang also noticed, and his mind was rolling towards that side.

Yu Sheng and the Sword Saint were all safe. Hopefully, Ye Futian would be too!

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    《The Legend of Futian》