The Legend of Futian
1407 The Mysterious Man
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1407 The Mysterious Man

Under the abyss, Ye Futian wrapped himself and Xia Qingyuan like a cocoon.

At this moment, he seemed to have perceived something; the ancient branches and leaves wrapped around their bodies were spreading to the surroundings, and then, like a blooming flower, he and Xia Qingyuan, from inside the cocoon, were gradually revealed.

They kept their eyes closed. Ye Futian had been recovering during this time while waiting for the opportunity. However, he did not expect that the evil thoughts now could recede on their own.

Next to Ye Futian, Xia Qingyuan sat there quietly, also with her eyes closed. At this moment, her cheeks were burning up. Her eyelashes moved, and her bright eyes narrowed into slits. She secretly opened her eyes and took a glance, and what came into view was that handsome face and the long silver hair flowing freely in the wind.

Ye Futian seemed to perceive it and also opened his eyes. Xia Qingyuan hurriedly moved her stare away and looked toward another direction.

However, at this moment, her pupils contracted slightly and she felt her whole body go rigid. The life force instantly swept out of her body.

Ye Futian also looked forward, and the expression in his eyes suddenly changed. A chill came up his spine, and he got a lot of goosebumps.

A figure was standing in front of them.

The person standing there didn't release any life force, and they couldn't even sense his presence. It was as though he didn't exist. Yet he was just standing there and looking at Ye Futian quietly. His eyes were tinged with a horrifying blood-red glow; with just a glance, he could directly penetrate Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan's minds.

Someone could even be here.

But where was the Glass Saint?

"Ye Futian is here to salute you, sir," Ye Futian was tense and saluted to the figure in front of him. That person still just stared at Ye Futian, without any expression on his face, and even his body felt like non-existent.

"Vroom." His body flashed away and disappeared directly from the abyss. Ye Futian looked up and could only perceive a wisp of his life force.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. His body soared and rose above the abyss; after a while, Ye Futian showed up outside the abyss. People there were also stunned, all staring at that figure who just showed up.

Qi Xuangang looked very solemn; the person who just showed up gave him a feeling like he was unassailable.

Moreover, he could even show through the abyss. Who was he?

Later, when they saw Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan also coming up, they felt relieved. Finally, nothing happened to them.

However, Ye Futian seemed to also be staring at the figure and have no idea who he was.

That figure slowly came forward, and the direction he was moving in was the direction of Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen.

More precisely, it was the direction of Ye Wuchen.

He stared at the sword in Ye Wuchen's hand, and a gleam of red light flashed across that pair of eyes that had been emotionless.

"Sir," Ye Futian called him. Ye Futian saw this scene and became more anxious; his body tried to move forward, but he could feel an invisible force directly covering his body. He floated in the air weakly, unable to move at all.

But the person was still walking forward with his back facing Ye Futian as if he had not released any power.

Such a level of ability was simply appalling as if this person had an invisible hand in the void space.

"Wuchen," Ye Futian called Ye Wuchen and looked nervously toward him, but that figure didn't seem to want to hurt Ye Wuchen; he still just stood there watching quietly.

Ye Wuchen was still standing there like a statue, holding the sword with both hands; only his body was still surrounded by the evil life forces, which kept pouring into his body. Around him, countless air flows of Sword Laws converged and came into being as if the process had never been stopped.

Finally, the figure started to take action.

"Boom!" Yu Sheng took a step out, worrying that the person would hurt Ye Wuchen. When he came near Ye Wuchen, that person waved his palm, and Yu Sheng's body was directly flung away; the two of them were not even on the same level.

When that person stretched out one palm, Ye Wuchen's body rose a little bit, and when he clenched the fist, immediately countless air currents around Ye Wuchen all poured into his body. At this moment, the lines on Ye Wuchen's face twisted wildly.

However, at this moment, there was a horrifying beam of red glow appearing in that person's eyes, and then a wisp of light rushed directly into Ye Wuchen's eyes. For a moment, those roaring thoughts in Ye Wuchen's mind suddenly quieted down and merged into Ye Wuchen's mind.

Qi Xuangnag just stared at the person; perhaps his strength was a figment of their imagination.

He slightly turned his palm, and the wind and clouds in the sky suddenly changed their color. Countless swords appeared in the void air, covering the sky and hiding the sun.

He then slightly gripped his fist, and suddenly, innumerable Sword Wills turned into beams of bright light and rushed into Ye Wuchen's body.

Ye Wuchen's floating body suddenly changed to lying there. The horrifying Sword Laws on the top of the sky washed his body and rushed into him madly. Ye Wuchen's body kept shivering. Seeing this scene, Ye Futian and others all held their breath and were extremely nervous.

However, they could not intervene at all.


Countless swords became one. Ye Wuchen's body seemed to be transformed into an extremely sharp sword, laying between the sky and the earth.


At this time, Ye Wuchen opened his eyes, and an extremely radiant beam of sword shot out; his whole body now looked like a sword.

His body lying in the void sky slowly stood up and floated there. Ye Futian and others all showed surprise when they saw this.

Was the mysterious person trying to help Wuchen?

"Thank you for your guidance, sir. My name is Ye Wuchen," Ye Wuchen said and bowed.

The person raised his hand and waved. Suddenly, the sword Ye Futian had pulled out suspended in the mid-air, making a clanging sound. Seeing the sword, the mysterious man's eyes displayed a different emotion.

With a wave of his hand, the sword flew directly to Ye Wuchen's side. Ye Wuchen looked at the sword and then at the mysterious man and asked, "Is this your sword, sir?"

"Han Zhou."

The mysterious figure said two words. It was the first time he spoke, and when he said the word, the sword made shrieks and seemed to be trembling.

As if it had heard its name.

"The sword's name is Han Zhou," the mysterious person said. Ye Wuchen watched the sword floating in front of him.

The mysterious person let out a sigh. He was no longer himself, and Han Zhou had already been broken and turned into countless broken pieces. This sword was new and deserved to be born as new again.

"The sword was already a broken sword, with no spirit of that time. You can rename it," the mysterious warrior said.

Ye Wuchen looked at him and knew the mysterious warrior was serious. Ye Wuchen extended his palm and held the sword. Was this a broken sword?

If so, those sword fragments that were used to suppress the demons of all skies were all transformed from this sword.

Today, the sword had lost its aura and power of the past.

"Sir, I will call it Jiu Zhou," Ye Wuchen said. He came from Jiu Zhou.

The mysterious man looked at Ye Wuchen and nodded slightly.

"Why can't I understand your existence, sir?" Ye Wuchen asked.

The mysterious warrior looked at Ye Wuchen and did not answer. Of course, he could not perceive his existence because he was non-existent.

He was the same as Ye Wuchen, except that Ye Wuchen was luckier than him.

He looked up at the sky. Above the void air, the demon clouds were rolling and seemed to have changed their color.

What would happen to this Mountain Range of Origin?

"Sir," at this time, Ye Futian stepped forward and asked, "have you seen my friend?"

The Glass Saint brought him into the abyss, but he did not see the Glass Saint again.

Of course, he did not want anything to happen to the Glass Saint.

Would she survive in that environment?

"She's gone," the mysterious man said calmly.

Ye Futian's heart trembled. So that was to say, was Glass Saint still alive?

But how did she get out of there?

The mysterious warrior still looked up at the void sky. Endless demon clouds flew back against the trend and swept towards the central area of the Mountain Range of Origin. Not only could Ye Futian, but other people could also feel the change when they looked up.

For these months, which part of the Mountain Range of Origin had those warriors gone to?

Deep in the Mountain Range of Origin, the life force was too terrifying. Above the skydome, the scene was just like that in the doomsday. The demon clouds overwhelmed the sky, all rolling wildly in one direction.

Appalling battles were breaking out everywhere in this area, including Imperial-level battles and Saint-level battles. Of course, Renhuang warriors were the main force to clear the way and push forward.

Those who blocked their way were sounds crawling out of the ground as if they were endowed with real lives.


Extremely gorgeous divine light was released by a Renhuang-level warrior; everything that it had crossed turned into nothing, but still, there was a life force in front of the Renhuang that chilled even his blood.

The Renhuang looked up into the distance where he saw a terrifying storm converging above the skydome, and a very intimidating life force was being released from there.

In the mighty space, all warriors marched forward violently. They had spent so many months on the trip; it was extremely difficult to reach this place, whether for Renhuang warriors or Saint-plane warriors.

During this time, many warriors had fallen into the Mountain Range of Origin and lost their lives.

They kept moving forward. Among the crowd, Zhan Yuan, the Supreme Master of Violet Heavenly Palace was also here, but now he was with the Renhuang warrior of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Thunder was roaring from his body, and he was heading forward.

Beside them, warriors of other top powers had also arrived and were heading forward from different directions.

Gradually, they all gathered under a huge demonic cloud whose shape looked like an endless loop.

They raised their heads and glanced at it. No matter what level a warrior was, they all could perceive a suffocating pressure that seemed to be able to overwhelm them.

The terrifying demon cloud lay above their heads, and sometimes they could see a demon shadow in the cloud, which was about to climb out of it.

"It's here." A Renhuang warrior followed the destructive demon cloud and walked forward, and there he saw a single mountain peak on which a figure dressed in white sat cross-legged and looked like a scholar.

The figure in white was sitting under the center of the storm.

"What is he doing?" warriors asked themselves.

Warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace recognized the figure; he was the descendant of the Gu Clan.

What was he doing there?

Who brought him here?

Did Gu Tianxing do that?

And now, he was sitting there; who was he waiting for?

They didn't know the answer, so they could only keep walking toward the mountain!

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    《The Legend of Futian》