The Legend of Futian
1409 The Matrix Pattern
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1409 The Matrix Pattern

The Heavenly Mandate Realm Imperial Lord's robe was blowing in the wind. A horrifying gleam of Divine Light flashed in his eyes; he stared down at the mysterious figure and asked, "May I know your name, sir?"

He called him sir because the person knew his father, the old Imperial Lord.

"Who am I?"

The mysterious man murmured as if he was also a little confused. He looked at the tumbling demonic cloud in the sky and said to himself, "Dugu is already dead."

"Dugu is dead?" the warriors all stared at him, and those top figures seemed to be searching for which figure's surname was Dugu in their minds.

Soon, they contracted their pupils slightly, and they seemed to have thought of someone.

That was the time before the Divine Prefectures united, and he was a figure during the battle between the humans and demon beasts in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

In the most recent war between the two races, there was a peak swordsman whose surname was Dugu.

"Han Zhou Sword Emperor. When he drew his sword from the sheath, the world shivered for him. It was said that during the battle, he alone slew many demon emperors," The Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace murmured. Han Zhou Sword Emperor was a legend. According to some ancient records, his wife was killed by a warrior of the demon clan, and then he practiced swordsmanship alone and became a disciple of many famous masters in the sword to study it. In the end, he perfected the skill of wielding swords, and he slew countless demon warriors.

The final battle was that so-called super war. It was rumored that he went alone to the deep of Demon Realm with one single sword, killed countless warriors of the demon clan, and sealed the souls of countless demon clan warriors under his sword.

It looked like the place where these younger people broke into was the land where he killed monsters.

Han Zhou Sword Emperor, during the war of that year, pushed straight into the Place of Origin of the Demon Realm.

The Lord of the Jiang Clan of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven looked at Han Zhou Sword Emperor and asked, "Sir, have you already passed away?"

Han Zhou Sword Emperor looked at him and said, "I suppose you could say that."

He was no longer the Han Zhou Sword Emperor of that time. During that battle, he was devoured by many powerful warriors of the Demon Realm, but a wisp of his memory persisted. The spirits of the demons had eroded him, and the soul of his sword and the demons had been fighting for so many years; he was no longer what he used to be.

Han Zhou Sword Emperor's body also contained the wills of countless big demon figures slain and buried by his own hands, and now they had all been combined as one, but still, the body was dominated by his own will.

Before, he had been actually in a deep sleep state, until Ye Futian and others arrived. His will was awakened after Ye Wuchen pulled out that sword.

In a sense, his experience and Ye Wuchen's experience were somewhat similar; he was also invaded by the wills of demons.

Therefore, after seeing Ye Wuchen persist, he helped Ye Wuchen, because he saw himself in Ye Wuchen.

The Lord of the Jiang Clan nodded slightly. He noticed that the Hanzhou Sword Emperor's body didn't seem to be concrete; it was condensed from wills. He had lost his life at that time.

The Han Zhou Sword Emperor they saw today was no longer the Dugu Zhanzhou in the past.

The powerful figures of demon clans all looked emotionless. Han Zhou Sword Emperor was also a big figure whose name was well known in the Heavenly Mandate Realm; he entered their demon world and exterminated the Qiongqi great demon clan.

Nobody expected that such a figure was still alive and was in the Mountain Range of Origin. Even though he said he had fallen, he still stood there.

Top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm at this moment all thought of Gu Tianxing. Since Han Zhou Sword Emperor could be alive, could Gu Tianxing also be?

Although Han Zhou Sword Emperor was also a legendary figure, his strength in his peak period was not as high as Gu Tianxing's.

Gu Tianxing was just a freaking genius; he even had touched the Heavenly Law.

Many top figures turned their eyes back to Gu Dongliu who was above the single peak. The horror storm hovering above him was still flowing. Above his head, amid the terrifying spiral storm, an illusory phantom was looming, but the phantom was in the storm, in a distorted shape.

"Go take him," a voice came out. the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Realm didn't want to wait any longer; they had to take action after all.

He raised his palm, grasping toward Gu Dongliu in the air, and suddenly a large palm print headed toward the single peak and clawed toward Gu Dongliu's body.


When the big palm print arrived, a terrifying storm light curtain appeared around Gu Dongliu's body, which shrouded his surrounding area and isolated him from that palm print of Great Law.

The Palace Owner of the Violet Heavenly Palace glanced at him. Suddenly, the bright divine lightning lit up the earth and suddenly covered the sky. Thousands of thunderclouds gathered together, and the vast space seemed to have turned into a ruined world of thunder.

The monstrous Might of Thunder attacked with the power of supreme destruction and blasted toward the place where Gu Dongliu sat. He wanted to see what Gu Dongliu had arranged and how he would stop them?


The shrieking horrific sound came out, and the terrifying thunderstorm rubbed against the light curtain around Gu Dongliu's body. Nine beams of celestial light from Gu Dongliu's body rushed into the sky and poured into the storm above the skydome.

At this moment, the storm above the skydome suddenly dropped endless immortal light, completely sealing Gu Dongliu's body, and the air flows of the Great Law above the sky flew down, blocking Gu Dongliu from all attacks.

Sacred beams of divine light sparkled and shone. Above the sky, the speed of the storm's rotation was extremely stable, and the storm turned into a matrix pattern, emitting aura toward all the Nine Skies. It turned into a supermatrix pattern that enveloped the endless void air.

Huge endless ancient characters surrounded the matrix pattern, which were: Lin, Bing, Do, Zhe, Jie, Zhen, Lie, Qian, and Xing!

The nine characters rotated, and the rays of celestial light rushed into the clouds, radiating demon beasts of hundreds of millions of miles, and the entire Mountain Range of Origin was shaking, creating roars.

A terrifying devouring force came out, emitting celestial light. The demon clouds above the sky were all rolling toward the matrix plane; at the same time, in the lower sky, the mountains were all collapsing, and the ground was cracking. Illusory figures of wills rose to the sky and merged into the slots on the edge of the matrix pattern, like becoming part of the matrix.

Not only that, but the divine weapons buried under the ground of Mountain Range of Origin also flew out and headed toward the matrix. Then they merged into the matrix slots and were refined into the pattern.

Even Han Zhou Sword Emperor, who as right below the matrix, felt his body was out of control and would have to head toward the sky and merge into the matrix.

However, he looked relaxed and extremely calm.

Was it refining the law between the sky and earth and obtaining the fortune of the space?

Those top figures had their pupils contracted and their hearts trembled. No wonder they had hardly encountered any threat since they came near this area. It turned out that all had been absorbed by this supermatrix.

Was he going to borrow the power of the whole Mountain Range of Origin, refining all the power into the supermatrix?

The Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Lord of the Jiang Clan stared at the matrix in the upper sky. Their robes were blowing in the mind, and their hearts were slightly stirred. The scene was so familiar to them.

They wouldn't forget how intimidating Gu Tianxing's Life Spirit Celestial Matrix was.

Was this Matrix transformed from his life spirit?

In the void sky, over the matrix, nine celestial flashes merged into it. In the end, an illusory figure sat on the matrix.

The illusory figure looked solemn and sacred; even though it was just a blurry shadow, one could still see his domineering appearance.

Gu Tianxing was alive!

Even if he was not, he still had thoughts in the world, and the plan he set was still in existence.

The Lord of Brahma's Pure Sky, Lord of the Ten Thousand Divine Mountains, and the big figures of the demon world also had complex feelings.

Too powerful.

Even so many years after he had fallen, Han Zhou still had such mighty power.

Ye Futian saw this and finally understood why this deceased person after so many years could still make the whole Heavenly Mandate Realm tremble.

Unless he completely disappeared, those powerful giants of the Heavenly Mandate Realm would never be at peace.

In a distant place, a group of warriors from the Heavenly Mandate Realm were trapped in a relic, but at this moment, the relic fell and collapsed violently, cracks appeared on the ground, and a series of phantoms headed directly toward the distance. A demonic weapon was born from here; it was a peerless ominous sword, but it was also rolled into the distance.

Not just here, similar scenes were happening everywhere in the Mountain Range of Origin.

In the Mountain Range of Origin, everyone looked up in one direction, and they could faintly see the matrix of the Great Law above the skydome, and the matrix was still growing.

Only the people standing directly below the pattern could truly feel how terrifying this matrix was. Within hundreds of thousands of miles of the space, there were countless chaotic shadows roaring and rumbling and then being swallowed up, and countless divine weapons were also involved in the whirls.

It seemed to have become a matrix pattern of the Heavenly Law.

It still spun in an orderly way, absorbing everything in the world.

Saint-level warriors were already powerful ones of their territories and no longer had perishable bodies, but at this time, Ye Futian and other warriors standing under the matrix just felt so small, like millet in the sea.

If Gu Tianxing was alive, what did he want to do with this matrix?

Gu Dongliu's body floated up and came right below the towering matrix.

At this moment, the Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace finally lost patience. He stepped out, stretching out his hands.

In an instant, endless divine thunder appeared around his body, glaring in the vast world, and there was also a matrix showing up around his body, which was the matrix of divine thunder. The matrix swallowed the divine thunder between the sky and earth. Hundreds of millions of lights of catastrophe shone at the same time, covering the boundless space.

"Since you are dead, just rest in peace," the voice of the Heavenly Palace Lord was overbearing. Following his voice, hundreds of millions of divine thunders slashed toward the Celestial Matrix over the skydome and also hit toward Gu Dongliu's body.

Even after so many years, Gu Tianxing still was a strong threat to him.

There was no other person in the Heavenly Mandate Realm that could bring him this kind of feeling; for so many years, Gu Tianxing was the only one.

He had not expected that Gu Tianxing was still so terrifying to him after his death.

The heavenly Divine Thunder rose against the wind; the Matrix of Heavenly Law in the void sky dropped hundreds of millions of beams of divine light as if innumerable demons transformed from demons rushed out. Countless divine weapons and instruments also fell and turned into divine light that could annihilate everything, colliding with the force of thunder.

"Boom…" Above the sky, there seemed to be destructive might, and the appalling divine light of thunder was restrained and could not attack Gu Dongliu's body.

Above the divine matrix, Gu Tianxing's phantom gradually solidified. He looked down at the warriors in the lower sky and said, a voice that sounded like it was coming from outside the sky.

"One who has inherited the Laws of Origin can be the new king of the Demon Realm."

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    《The Legend of Futian》