The Legend of Futian
1410 To Make a New King
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1410 To Make a New King

The Laws of Origin, the new king of the Demon Realm?

Big figures of the Demon Realm looked up at the sky; what did he mean by the Laws of Origin?

What did the new king of the Demon Realm mean?

Could it be that Gu Tianxing wanted to obtain the power of the Mountain Range of Origin and create a new king of the Demon Realm?

But, who did he think he was?


Above the sky, the divine pattern of the Great Law was moving; endless divine light bloomed, and the demon clouds tumbled and roared violently, pouring into the divine pattern. All the warriors could see countless phantoms flowing into it, and solemn chants from the matrix pattern came out like demons' whispers.

"He wants to seize the laws of the whole Mountain Range of Origin," the Dragon Emperor said coldly. He had transformed into his original form, a sacred Purple Gold Divine Dragon, with nine claws below his belly and a body tens of thousands of meters long. When hovering above the sky, he looked like a heavenly dragon, covering the sky and hiding the sun.

But even so, below the ultimate divine pattern, at this moment he still looked small and was shrouded by the celestial might of the matrix.

The vast and boundless Mountain Range of Origin was shaken even harder. Peaks were torn apart, and cracks appeared on the earth; rivers flowed backward, and tens of thousands of monsters all fell to their knees.

The divine pattern was getting bigger and bigger, almost about to radiate toward the whole vast and boundless Mountain Range of Origin area. A supreme power merged into the divine pattern; the nine immortal shadows controlled the nine characters and blended with them to launch the divine matrix. At this moment, the big figures below faintly felt the mighty pressure of the Heavenly Law but could not do anything to fight against it.

"Stop!" the Dragon Emperor let out a roar, and the sky and earth trembled; the void air was about to shatter. But this roar did not affect the operation of the divine matrix, and the Great Law divine pattern was still rotating in a balanced manner. After a while, a tall and boundless phantom showed up on the top of the divine pattern.

At this time, in the infinite space of the Mountain Range of Origin, many weak demon beasts knelt on the ground and worshiped.

Even some powerful Demon Saints had an impulse to bow at this moment; even the Demon Emperors looked solemn and stared at the figure that just showed up.

Was that phantom the Demon Monarch?

The Mountain Range of Origin was born from the Demon Monarch. When the Demon Monarch unified the Demon Realm, the Mountain Range of Origin was where the Demon Monarch palace was built. After the Demon Monarch passed away, his skeleton turned into this endless mountain range and became a part of the Mountain Range of Origin. Countless great demon beasts were bred from here, so it became called the Place of Origin.

Now, Gu Tianxing wanted to seize the creative power of the Mountain Range of Origin and let the Demon Monarch reveal himself. Was this what he said, inheriting the Laws of Origin?

That was crazy.

Giant figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were stirred by the scene. What did Gu Tianxing do?

After his death, did he merge his soul into the Mountain Range of Origin just for this moment?

"Stop him!" the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty said. His royal robe was dancing in the wind; he stepped into the void sky, and a faint phantom of a Supreme Renhuang of tens of thousands of meters in height loomed behind him, like a god, supporting that side of the sky.

He stretched out his palm, and the Great Law divine light of all skies shot at him. The immense Imperial Might swept across the sky and earth, and countless wisps of keen life forces appeared between the sky and the earth, like endless divine weapons rushing toward him. His outstretched palm turned into a divine sword that pierced through the sky, and he raised his hand and slashed toward the divine pattern of the Great Law in the upper sky.

At this moment, a huge, endless divine sword chopped toward the sky and instantly reached right below the celestial divine pattern, stabbing toward the center of the divine pattern.

The Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was still standing in one place, but his arms and the divine pattern in the void sky seemed to be connected, which were all part of the divine sword light.

"Boom!" The infinitely huge divine pattern trembled fiercely when attacked by the divine sword, but then the tremble gradually subsided and the pattern continued spinning. It was not disturbed and kept obtaining the creation power between the sky and earth.

The Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was calm. Divine light shot out from his palm, and endless divine weapons integrated into the sword emitting light beams that pierced through the sky, trying to chop off the divine pattern.

Above the divine pattern, the figure sitting cross-legged glanced at him. Instantly, celestial light shone, and the beaming nine characters above the divine pattern rotated. It looked like demons of all skies rushing out of the matrix slots. At the same time, the glare of the nine characters shone down, blasting towards the Imperial Lord.

At this moment, demons of all skies smashed down from the divine matrix at the same time toward the Heavenly Mandate Imperial Lord.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty Imperial Lord's huge figure held the divine sword with both hands. The divine sword flew, releasing magnificent radiance, tearing off all the skies. Many approaching demons were torn and shattered, but the radiance of the Great Law divine matrix was endless, which vanquished everything and pounced on his body.

The Heavenly Mandate Imperial Lord's hands shook, and accordingly, the shape of the sword changed. It turned into a boundless huge golden bell.


The sound of the bell resonated between the sky and earth. The boundless glory of the Great Law divine bell wiped out all the demons around.

However, above the divine matrix in the sky, huge demon figures descended from the sky, as if all the demons in the place of origin were blended into the power of the divine matrix, which contained the power to destroy the world.

"Boom!" A giant foot stepped on the imperial bell, and more demons were approaching, destroying all existence.

Seeing this, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty Imperial Lord looked embarrassed. He held the imperial bell in his hand to sweep down toward the void air, unwavering.

The attacks of the laws continued to fall, endlessly; the ground collapsed and shattered at the feet of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and his body was sinking.

At this time, the boundless and gorgeous divine light on the matrix pattern lit up the sky. Sacred and shining killing light went straight down, targeting the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty Imperial Lord's body.


After a loud noise, the bodies of cultivators below imperial rank were all shaken away and flew to distant places.

Ye Futian was the same, and when he stabilized his body, the scene in front of him had already changed, and he was hundreds of miles away. He looked up at the divine pattern in the sky; it was still so dazzling, covering the whole space inside it. Not only that but when he looked into the distance, he could still see the peerless figures standing over the skydome.

A groan escaped from his mouth. His blood was boiling. If the divine matrix had not been targeting the Imperial Lord, its aimless attack could wipe out all of them.

Even some warriors of imperial rank were shaken from the central area to the edge of the land, only for their safety.

Ye Futian stared toward that direction. Even though the attack used so much might, it still did not affect the operation of the divine matrix.

Even the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty might be injured by such a blow.

"Boom ..." The divine thunder shone between the sky and earth. Even Ye Futian was in a place hundreds of miles away, there was also lightning radiating in this area and shining in the sky.

Ye Futian looked toward the central area of the Thunder Divine Light, where the Place Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace summoned the catastrophic divine thunder and blasted it towards the sky divine matrix.

They had to stop Gu Tianxing. Although they didn't know what Gu Tianxing wanted to do, he seized the power of the place of origin and let the Demon Monarch that had been underground for many years show up, so he must have a big scheme.

The endless divine thunder blasted toward the sky and shrouded it.

The divine matrix was still running. Demon-like figures showed up from the divine matrix, their bodies spinning. A divine sword was cast out of the demons of all skies and weapons; it thrust directly toward the Violet Heavenly Palace Lord in the lower sky.

Ye Futian couldn't open his eyes because of the dazzling light. When the two attacks collided, another gust of Heavenly Might swept out. Their bodies were once again shaken by the shock and were shook hundreds of miles away. Many warriors coughed up blood and got hit by the after wave of the light of thunder, bodies burning.

Ye Futian and his companions were all scattered and were in different directions.

But everyone was still watching the appalling scene over there.

At this time, Gu Dongliu 's body flew to the void air and appeared below the divine matrix. He sat cross-legged, eyes closed, and his long black hair was flying wildly in the wind. Under that might, he seemed calm while sitting, without knowing the outside changes.

At this time, the divine light descended over him and poured into his body.

He was receiving the Laws of Origin.

A thought came into many people's minds: Gu Tianxing was trying to make himself the new king of the Demon Realm.

He absorbed all creation power of the Mountain Range of Origin and merged it into Gu Dongliu's body.

The big figures of the Demon Realm all looked sullen. This lunatic had passed the creation power of the Mountain Range of Origin in the Demon Realm to one single person.

But, Gu Dongliu, could he handle it?

The Cultivation Plane couldn't be taught directly to a person.

At this moment, nine beams of celestial light surrounded Gu Dongliu's body and then poured directly into him. The nine ancient characters also rushed above his body at the same time, as if they were guarding him so that he could inherit the Laws of Origin.

The original form of the Lord of Sky Demon Court was a three-legged golden raven. He stood below the divine matrix, and there was a golden aura of divine flame around him, like a sun deity. He stared at the figure in the void sky and said, "You want to pass the creation power of the Demon Realm to a human?"

Gu Tianxing was a lunatic.

"The Mountain Range of Origin contains the belief of the Demon Monarch was transformed from the Demon Monarch's flesh. The whole mountain range is filled with his wills. Before I died, I integrated my laws into his laws, so that I could one day launch it. Except me, there is no second person in the Heavenly Mandate Realm able to do it."

The voice in the upper sky was extremely solemn, spreading through the Mountain Range of Origin, "From now on, he will be the only one who inherits the belief of the Demon Monarch and wills of countless demon emperors and demon saints of the Mountain Range of Origin. He was the future of the Demon Realm. After his laws get proven, he will become the new king of the Demon Realm. "

"As a human, he was guided by the celestial cultivation method, but you said he will bear the origin of the demon realm and you Gu Tianxing's heritage of celestial laws?" the Sky Demon Court Lord asked in a loud voice. Gu Tianxing was just crazy; he wanted to create a new king.

Now the world was under the rule of the human race. After Emperor Yeqing was expelled, the demon clans were split. Although they were still strong, they all understood that the demon world was still under the shadow of human cultivators, unless a new king showed up.

Gu Tianxing wanted to create a new emperor.

Moreover, if Gu Dongliu bore the Laws of Origin, he would have an inseparable relationship with the demon world.

"By creating a new Demon King, do you think you can do it as you want?" the Dragon Emperor asked coldly.

"Since the unification of the world, for 300 years, has anyone in the Heavenly Mandate Realm been stronger than me, Gu Tianxing?" a domineering voice asked from the upper sky. "The path he is taking is destined to surpass mine in the future."

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    《The Legend of Futian》