The Legend of Futian
1411 The Celestial Gate’s Participation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1411 The Celestial Gate’s Participation

Gu Tianxing's overbearing voice shocked the world and made countless people's hearts tremble.

Since the two emperors unified the world, Gu Tianxing indeed was at the peak of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

One should know that in the past thousands of years, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had been the leader of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The old Imperial Lord dominated the domain for thousands of years until the new Imperial Lord ascended the throne, and then the former Imperial Lord stepped down. He was like a superbeing of this world.

But in the battle less than a century ago, because Gu Tianxing's offspring was assassinated by the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Gu Tianxing entered the Dynasty Court in a rage and fought with both the old and the new Imperial Lords. To repel Gu Tianxing, the former Imperial died in the Dynasty Court but also severely injured Gu Tianxing, which led to the battle in Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven during which Gu Tianxing also lost his life.

However, judging from that battle, even the Cang Lan Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, who dominated the Realm for thousands of years, died in the hands of Gu Tianxing. Not to mention the warriors appearing after the reunification of the world, perhaps no figures in the past were comparable with him.

Therefore, even though his words are incredibly arrogant, everyone had to admit that since the two emperors ruled the world.

In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Gu Tianxing could be considered as the top one.

At that time, Gu Tianxing's son, Gu Jiangnan, was not less talented than his father. Since Gu Dongliu might be Gu Jiangnan's offspring and used to be sealed by celestial methods, his talent must also be incredibly amazing. If he also obtained Gu Tianxing's celestial cultivation method and the Laws of Origin.

What kind of monster would he become?

There could be no suspense for him to reach the Renhuang level. Gu Tianxing was the first figure who made a breakthrough at that level, which could be seen from the fact that his Wills integrated into the Mountain Range of Origin and invoked the spirit of the Demon Monarch. He was the person who had reached the Renhuang Plane, which was why he could do all these.

If Gu Dongliu inherited the Laws of Origin, he would also own the talents of tens of thousands of demons, and in the future, he might have the opportunity to ascend to the throne of Monarch.

Moreover, if he ascended to the throne, he would even be more suitable than the previous Emperor Yeqing.

After all, Emperor Yeqing was just a human cultivator who could control demon beasts and was intimate with them. But Gu Dongliu directly inherited the Laws derived from the tens of thousands of demons' Laws of the Mountain Range of Origin. From this point of view, he was more suitable as the new king of the Demon Realm.

Unless, like the ancient times, a Demon Monarch appeared from their own clans in the Demon Realm.

But it was extremely difficult for demon beasts to seize the creation power between heaven and earth and take that step.

It was also the difference between demon beasts and human cultivators. Demon beasts were very hard to touch the pinnacle that was within human beings' ability.

Ye Futian heard Gu Tianxing's voice and trembled inwardly. No matter he was an unparalleled figure that intimidated the whole Heavenly Mandate Realm, Gu Tianxing knew that the Heavenly Mandate Realm could not tolerate the Third Brother, so he wanted to bind him together with the warriors of the Demon Realm?

The only thing was that it was not that easy to let these prominent figures of the Demon Realm admit him as the new king, only if the Third Brother had the strength of that level one day.

If he just received those Laws, these prominent figures of the Demon Realm would just watch and not care about him.

After all, they were already at the peak of their level.


The Might of Thunder roared again. The Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace summoned the thunder od destruction and threw it toward the direction where Gu Dongliu was located, right below the Divine Matrix Pattern.

How difficult was it to kill Gu Tianxing at that time? If previously both the old and new Imperial Lords who had seriously injured him, they would not have been able to kill Gu Tianxing.

However, even so, Gu Tianxing had not died yet, and now he also wanted to create a new king of the Demon Realm whose talent was higher than himself. If Gu Tianxing really did this, it would be a great disaster for them.

Therefore, for the two major forces, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace, it was necessary to stop Gu Tianxing.

"In the land of Heavenly Mandate Realm, many top imperial clans in the Demon Domain coexist and govern the demon world together, each of which had their territories. The world of human cultivators and the Demon Realm is divided by the boundary stone and never interfere with each other. Gu Tianxing, you let all the great powers of the Demon Realm show reverence to a young Saint-plane cultivator who is also your descendant. Don't you feel it ridiculous?"

From the collapsed ground, the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty rose to the sky and raised his hand to cover the sky. Infinite divine palm prints appeared at the same time, destroying the Great Law of the Heaven and Earth and blasting toward the place where Gu Dongliu stood below the divine pattern.

Two peak figures both wanted to wipe out Gu Dongliu here to prevent future problems.

The divine pattern rotated, and the heavenly Might came down. Appalling divine light bloomed from the vast and boundless Fighting Wills. Giant ancient characters appeared above the skydome; demon-like phantoms stepped down, like demons of all skies chanting in all skies, punching out fists of destruction, piercing through the Great Laws in the space.

When the attacks collided, the sky and earth seemed to fall apart, mountains collapsed. The ground was cracking, and the land turned into a deep canyon. The Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty God was shaken into the crack of the canyon and quelled down below.

The divine pattern still released the bright divine aura; the nine characters' radiance flew at the same time, and the demons of all the skies surround the nine figures, extremely solemn.

"Boom." At this moment, the Heavenly Might fell, and a phantom from the Divine Pattern crushed down from the sky. The demons of all heavens became one, thrusting toward the two people.

Even those top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm moved back quickly, to avoid this attack.

The Lord of the Heavenly Palace and the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty felt the terrifying power of this attack, and they walked fast in the same way, raising their hands and removing the ground that obstructed their movements.

However, it was too late. The demons of all skies came down with the divine pattern. They looked toward the sky, divine light erupting from their bodies, releasing the strongest Might. The endless thunder protected the Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace. A vast ancient bell surrounded the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Those giant figures who dodged the attack looked at this side from a distance, hearts shaking. This attack had reached the limit. Even giant characters like the Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace and the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty could not exert their strengths and crushed.

A devastating air stream swept past, and the bright light dispersed. There, the crowd saw two peak figures showing up, but their clothes seemed to be a little messy, and even there were bloodstains on their bodies.

The shock injured these two giant figures.

"I will not blame all the people who participated in that thing except the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace. If you have any concerns, my grandson Gu Dongliu can marry the Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky if she agrees. As for Ten Thousand Divine Mountain, Gu Dongliu can also go to cultivate with the Mountain Lord," he again talked.

Every sentence Gu Tianxing said seemed to be paving the way for Gu Dongliu to prevent future troubles.

There were too many people who attacked him at that time. If he were attached to hatred, Gu Dongliu would surely die, and no one could save him.

For some things, he should just let them go.

He didn't blame others for his death, except the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Those two significant forces could not be forgiven, especially the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Gu Dongliu's mission was to exterminate the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The scene stirred many strong men. Gu Tianxing acknowledged that this person was his grandson.

He was indeed Gu Jiangnan's son, who was sent to the Lower Realm to cultivate in order to escape the disturbance of that time.

Until now, he returned to the Upper Realm.

Gu Tianxing made the arrangements so that if one day his grandson could return, he would give everything to him and paved the best way for him. It could also make up for the regret that Gu Dongliu was sealed for so many years.

The Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky and the Lord of Ten Thousand Divine Mountain did not have many thoughts on what Gu Tianxing has proposed; after all, prominent figures like them did not care too much about these.

For example, about the political marriage, she, as the Lord of Brahma's Pure Sky, was the legendary empress in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, unparalleled in the world. Did she need to protect herself through marriage?

However, at least it reflected Gu Tianxing's attitude.

Figures like Gu Tianxing did not bother to lie even though they were about to fall.

Since he said that he could let go of his grievances with others, he could just let go of them.

After Gu Tianxing's words, the terrifying divine Might condensed again, and the divine light of nine characters dazzled and once again thrust toward those two prominent figures.

The Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked embarrassed. They flashed away, receded into the distance, and vanished in an instant; they left the space.

The two of them were already injured, knowing that nothing could be done. They want to stop the running of the Great Law Divine Matrix, but with the power of two of them, they might not be able to do it.

Now, it was time to layout how to eliminate Gu Dongliu this potential danger.

The terrifying divine light chased towards these two men. At the same time, over the flowing divine pattern, the celestial light rushed toward Gu Dongliu's body.

At this moment, demons of all skies swarmed towards Gu Dongliu's body, making Gu Dongliu's body keep trembling.

Above Gu Dongliu's body, the nine beams of celestial light were extremely bright, guarding his Will.

Tens of thousands of beams of celestial light gradually were released from Gu Dongliu's body, resonating with the sky and earth. His body kept going up to the center of the divine matrix. Then Gu Tianxing took a glance toward the lower sky.

There, a person was walking toward the void sky and came under the divine matrix.

That figure was the Lord of Jiang Clan.

The scene made many powerful figures feel shocked. One should know that when the Gu Clan was exterminated, and Gu Tianxing died, the other two clans of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were silent, or one could say they also participated in some things.

However, at this moment, the Lord of Jiang Clan walked to the divine matrix; what did he mean?

"This time, will you really go?" the Lord of the Jiang Clan looked up and said to Gu Tianxing.

Gu Tianxing's phantom sat in the center of the divine matrix, nodding calmly.

"I asked you to die once, but now, you are really going to depart this life," the Lord of Jiang Clan said, "Farewell."

Warriors around him heard his words and were all stirred.

At that time, did the Lord of Jiang Clan ask Gu Tianxing to die?

That was to say, at that time the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven sacrificed the Gu Clan after they had reached a tacit understanding,

Gu Tianxing was struck hard and must be sacrificed.

The Gu Clan couldn't survive.

Therefore, he asked Gu Tianxing to die.

So, had the Lord of Jiang Clan also participated in today's plan?

Was it also the reason that Gu Tianxing did not wholly die at that time?

"You hid it so deeply," the Lord of Ten Thousand Divine Mountain thought to himself. They were really cruel to themselves; the Gu Clan's death was used in exchange for the prosperity of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, and did they make the arrangement for today?

At that time, they were all in Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and witnessed Gu Tianxing's death, but he was now still alive, and also Gu Dongliu. If the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven said they didn't know anything, nobody would believe it.

Obviously, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven directly participated in everything!

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    《The Legend of Futian》