The Legend of Futian
1418 At the Heavenly Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1418 At the Heavenly Palace

Of course, even only inheriting 100 of the Strikes of Heavenly Thunder would make one an extremely powerful figure.

If they had not previously seen that Ye Futian's Infernal Thunder of Wutu was so powerful, they would not have called upon him to go with them.

The group entered Thunder Punishment City. Ye Futian looked up into the sky and saw endless flashes of lightning. Thunder Will flowed across their bodies, making their wills tremble as it entered into them.

His heart trembled slightly. This was the main city of the area that the Violet Heavenly Palace controlled. Thunder Will was everywhere, covering all of Thunder Punishment City. It was no wonder that the influx of population was controlled.

If you were to cultivate in this sort of environment, endlessly bathing in Thunder Will ever since you were young, you would have an advantage over everyone else in terms of the environment you grew up in.

In an environment like this, there would be few difficulties in becoming a Saint. As long as you were not extremely untalented and you bathed in Will ever since you were young, how could you not achieve enlightenment? As long as your state of mind was up to the task, your ability to become a Saint was not in any doubt.

And the other top forces' cultivation places were probably no worse off than Thunder Punishment City.

"Brother, it was a difficult journey to Thunder Punishment City this time. Should we go and explore?" said the woman from the Purple Underworld.

"Zijun, a great event at the Heavenly Palace is a once in a lifetime occurrence. We can't miss it. We can explore the city after we have watched the ceremony," said a middle-aged Saint. Zijun was relatively young and had cultivated to only a rather weak level.

"Right, I'm getting ahead of myself. We have to watch Brother Changqing enter the Violet Heavenly Palace," said Zijun with a smile. She was greatly affected by the environment of Thunder Punishment City, and she was full of respect and curiosity for it.

"Let's go. We are still a good ways away from the Violet Heavenly Palace," said the middle-aged man. The group sped up, their figures flashing as they moved forward. From time to time, they would look up into the distant sky. The city built upon the clouds was up there. It was grand and majestic as a temple of a god of thunder, and people could not help but be in awe of it.

They may have been able to see it, but in reality, it was still very far away.

Countless people were soaring through the air towards the Violet Heavenly Palace. They were all coming to observe the ceremony as well.

"I head that the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is here," said Zijun.

"Not only him. Qin He, the foremost lady Saint of Brahma's Pure Sky, is here as well. And besides the most prestigious human cultivators, many powerful members of the demon families are coming to the Violet Heavenly Palace to watch the ceremony as well. Since the juniors of the Gu clan have shown up, all of the other top figures came in succession. These juniors have officially started to travel around the world," said the middle-aged man from the Purple Underworld.

He was getting old, and he had cultivated to the level of an Unblemished Saint, so he had a clear understanding of the situation. This event taking place at the Violet Heavenly Palace was not so simple as just picking a new disciple. The significance behind it was that a new era was about to begin. The younger generation was beginning to take the stage and was getting ready to enter the Imperial Plane; they were getting ready to replace the older generation.

Now, all of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is taking of this prince. How strong is he?" Zijun asked curiously.

"The Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty has said that his son's talent is worthy of respect, and he is full of confidence in him. Moreover, he was officially made a prince at the age of eighteen and has rarely appeared in public since then. It was only once he reached the Nirvana level that he started to come out more. The Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty obviously has great expectations for him. This is obviously very grating for that genius who was created by Gu Tianxing."

"Gu Jiangnan's son?" asked Zijun.

"Yes. You saw him before in the Purple Underworld. He cultivated in the Lower Realms, where he proved his talent. Now, I don't even know how powerful he is," said the middle-aged man.

"Can he compare to the supreme body of the Great Path of the Violet Heavenly Palace?" asked Zijun. She had cultivated the Way of Thunder, and thus naturally had a special reverence for the Violet Heavenly Palace.

"It's hard to say." The middle-aged man frowned slightly, and thunder flashed in his eyes. Gu Tianxing was so powerful, and he had been training people for so many years, and so it was not an easy answer. This could be clearly seen from the reactions of great figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

And then there was Gu Dongliu, the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. He was certainly not inferior to Zhan Yuan at all.

In addition, the top figures of the demon families had come out into the realm of human cultivators. Their powers were unfamiliar to human cultivators.

But how could it be any weaker than theirs?

"What do you think, Seventh Swordsman?" the middle-aged man asked Ye Futian. He had seen that Ye Futian was silent, and he wanted to know his opinion.

"Truly?" asked Ye Futian.

The middle-aged man nodded. "Of course."

"The Purple Underworld uses a branch of the Violet Heavenly Palace's eight great thunder methods, and so you all must have a special attachment to the Violet Heavenly Palace. You may be overestimating them," said Ye Futian. The others were shocked and stared at him. They would never have thought that he would say something so bold.

"The Violet Heavenly Palace is at the peak of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. How could we overestimate them?" asked Zijun with a frown. This Seventh Swordsman was speaking nonsense.

Ye Futian smiled. "Then, I will not express my opinion."

"Please speak without hesitation," said the middle-aged man. "We will listen."

"How does Gu Tianxing compare to the top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm today?" asked Ye Futian.

"He is stronger than them, of course," said the middle-aged man. They would concede this point.

"If so, then Gu Tianxing's descendant, who is also the inheritor of the Laws of Origin. Given this setup, how could the people that he trains be any worse than others? And if this is the case, then why do you regard the top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm so highly?" countered Ye Futian.

He continued softly, "Also, the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Realm concealed his son for decades, so this is not just a simple comparison. On the other hand, the Violet Heavenly Palace is said to be embroiled in some disputes within the Origin Mountains, and it is also said that they have suffered grievous defeats. Those who have supreme bodies of the great path are always very superficial. Everyone regards them highly, but I don't see them as being able to defeat the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Realm."

Everyone listened quietly and did not make any comments.

What Ye Futian was saying made sense. However, the Violet Heavenly Palace was the ultimate inheritor of Thunder Punishment after all.

All of the Thunder Methods in the world came from the Heavenly Palace. From this, it could be seen that the Violet Heavenly Palace was the central focus for everyone who cultivated the way of thunder.

Thus, they were still a bit unconvinced by what Ye Futian was saying. Especially Zijun, who snorted contemptuously.

But Ye Futian did not care. The group continued forward.

After a while, they finally arrived below the palace. The feeling of awe grew stronger as they looked up at the distant temple of thunder. It was an astonishing sight.

The noise was clamorous. One could see many scenes while standing outside of the Sky Stairwell. There was a sea of people there, as countless cultivators had gathered.

At that moment, some people were walking up the Sky Stairwell. Lightning fell upon them with every step, but some of them continued forward, while others were sent flying back down the stairs, grievously wounded.

Only those who could make their way up the Sky Stairwell of Thunder could enter the Violet Heavenly Palace and watch the ceremony.

"A Sky Stairwell of the Great Path has various rules. The higher up you go, the harder it gets. We need to take this seriously, or we won't earn the right to watch the ceremony," said the middle-aged man at their head. Then he started up the stairway first.

All the cultivators of the Purple Underworld moved forward at the same time, moving up the stairwell step by step. They moved incredibly quickly. After all, the beginning was relatively easy.

Ye Futian watched them, then stepped forward himself. He shot through the air, straight as a sword, passing the cultivators of the Purple Underworld in a flash.

"He's so arrogant," Zijun said quietly as she watched him. She did not shy away from saying this about him; she expressed herself naturally. If he moved up the Sky Stairwell so quickly, he would certainly pay a heavy price.

Ye Futian turned into a sword as he flew upwards, and a terrible airflow appeared all around him. Thunder boomed and rolled across him, but it did not affect his progress in the least.

"Huh?" The middle-aged man from the Purple Underworld watched him. It looked like they had underestimated Seventh Swordsman's power.

Thunder boomed as he continued forward. It seemed to be very powerful. He rushed up the stairway, flying over many stairs with each step. A roar came up from the stairway as he shot up it, moving incredibly quickly as it chased after Ye Futian.

The other cultivators of the Purple Underworld sped up as well. As they continued forward, the thunder grew stronger and stronger. A terrible roar rang out as one of them was sent flying down the stairs.

"Slow down!" A voice rolled down to them from up ahead of them. The rest of the cultivators of the Purple Underworld no longer forced themselves forward. They slowed down instead.

An ugly look came over Zijun's face as she watched the figure charging on undisturbed ahead of them. Were the cultivators of the Purple Underworld not as good as a wandering swordsman?

They continued up, their eyes full of fierce determination. After a while, they finally reached the top of the staircase.

When they arrived, a white-robed figure was standing there calmly, as if he had already been waiting there for a long time.

The people from the Purple Underworld's expressions changed as they looked at Ye Futian now. They had just watched him ascend the Sky Stairwell. It had been shocking.

But soon, their attention was drawn to the scene before them. They gazed out into the distance.

High up in the sky, there were several different areas. The great figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were all there.

The central area was also the highest. A group of purple-robed figures was seated there. Their auras were overpowering.

The Assistant Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace was seated in a place of honor in the central area. The people around him were all great figures of the Violet Heavenly Palace. They saw that even the Emperor of the Purple Underworld was only sitting to their side.

And it was not only him. The Renhuang level figures who were the inheritors of the eight great thunder methods were all there.

Besides them, many of the Renhuang level figures who were under the Violet Heavenly Palace's command had come to watch as well.

Ye Futian noticed a familiar figure. Emperor Qi was there as well. He was also an Emperor of one of the areas under the Violet Heavenly Palace's control.

These people represented the most powerful of the infinite territories under the Violet Heavenly Palace's control. Almost all of the top figures were there.

Among all these Renhuang level figures, there were only a scant few Saint level cultivators who had the right to be there. One of them was Zhan Yuan of the supreme body of the Great Path!

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    《The Legend of Futian》