The Legend of Futian
1419 Pointers
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1419 Pointers

"Is that Zhan Yuan?" Several of the people from the Purple Underworld looked at the man with the supreme body of the great path. Lightning flowed over his form, bathing him in divine light. The Thunder Will falling down from the Violet Heavenly Palace fell continuously upon him. It was like he was constantly cultivating.

"Yes, the foremost talent of the Violet Heavenly Palace, Zhan Yuan. He is an Unblemished Saint, and yet he can fight Nirvana level Saints," whispered the middle-aged man from the Purple Underworld. Their hearts beat wildly when they beheld this legendary figure. They were very familiar with his supreme body of the great path. They had heard about it countless times.

But this was the first time they had actually seen him.

"There are so many powerful figures here," sighed the people from the Purple Underworld. Their own clan chief was only of high enough status to sit off to the side. He was not in the center.

More than half of the greatest figures in the land were there.

And not all of them were from the Violet Heavenly Palace. All around the palace were people from all over.

The cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were on the right side of the Violet Heavenly Palace, and the people at their center had incredibly powerful auras. Even if you only caught a single glance of them, you would never forget them. One of them was a figure whose name had been heralded throughout the Heavenly Mandate Realm for many years, and the other was the one who was currently the most talked about person in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The first was the most powerful person in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty besides the Divine Overlord: the Divine General. The other was the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

These were the two most important people in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty besides the Divine Overlord.

Many of the Jiutian Goddess's people were also there on the right side, and all of them looked stunning. Qin He was there, with her peerless style attracting everyone's gaze.

Everyone could not help but look at the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and Qin He. Previously, news had circulated that the Divine Overlord wished for his son to marry her, but Brahma's Pure Sky did not want this. They would not let their foremost lady Saint marry an outsider.

Ten Thousand Divine Mountain was there as well. One of the youths amid the crowd of people from the mountain was attracting a lot of attention. His long hair was as black as ink, and his dark eyes were deep. He was tall and broad, and gave off a powerful aura.

His name was Gao Huang. Although he had not been kept away from society for many years like the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, he had still not appeared outside many times. But he was very famous in the area around the Mountain of Celestial Divinity and was greatly admired by many people.

It was said that Gao Huang had incredible potential and had cultivated many different abilities. He had trained in each ability to the highest level. He had integrated all these abilities together. He even gave others pointers about their cultivation when he went around in the outside world. Many people in the area around the Mountain of Celestial Divinity owed him a debt of gratitude, and thus he had a great reputation.

Ten Thousand Divine Mountain had never announced his status to the outside world like the Divine Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had boasted of his son's prowess by naming him a prince. Nor was he boasted of like the foremost Saint Qin He or Zhan Yuan with his supreme body of the great path.

Gao Huang did not have such high expectations placed upon him, and so he was pretty much able to walk his own path. Now, all of the cultivators of Ten Thousand Divine Mountain assumed that Gao Huang would one day become the heir of the mountain. This would be harder for him then it would be for people like Qin He and Zhan Yuan.

However, Gao Huang was a little older than them and had already cultivated up to the Nirvana level. He was the most powerful person in Ten Thousand Divine Mountain below the Renhuang level.

Of the top five human forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, only the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had not come.

This gave people a bizarre feeling. It seemed like the Violet Heavenly Palace wanted to isolate the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Or rather, their goal was to purposely target the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

The Gu family of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would never produce another Gu Tianxing.

In fact, other than these powerful human cultivators, many powerful members of the demon clans had come as well. But the vast number of people from the Heavenly Mandate Realm were not acquainted with the cultivators from the Demon Realm, and thus they had no particular feelings towards them. They did not feel such a strong sense of astonishment when seeing them like they did when they saw the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Zhan Yuan with his supreme body of the great path.

However, powerful demons like the golden bird of the Sky Demon Court, Kunpeng, the Golden Winged Peng Bird, the Phoenix, as well as top cultivators like the Dragon Gods and the Divine Elephants were not any weaker than the most powerful of human cultivators.

They had come from the Demon Realm to the world of human cultivators. In some sense, they had come to the world of cultivation in preparation for the great changes in the Heavenly Mandate.

Below all of the great forces was a massive altar with nine thunder platforms upon it. Even lower than that were all the cultivators who had come to watch. There was a sea of people there that filled the area completely.

"Is anyone looking at we people from the Purple Underworld?" someone asked.

"Brother Changqing is, over there," said Zijun, pleasantly surprised. They all looked towards a place among the nine thunder platforms and saw a figure there. It was indeed the most outstanding genius of the younger generation of the Purple Underworld: Zhang Changqing.

"Let's go." They all moved over there, making their way through the crowd of people. Before long, they had reached where they were going.

"Why are you all here?" asked someone who saw the group of them moving through the crowd. There were so many people from the Purple Underworld gathered there.

"All of us wanted to come and watch, so we decided to all come together," said the middle-aged man. The man who had spoken before nodded, then looked at Ye Futian. "Who is he?" he asked coldly?

"He is Seventh Swordsman, a cultivator from the lands under the Purple Underworld's control. He once entered Wutu Divine Mountain, so he is extraordinarily powerful," said the middle-aged man. "Seventh Swordsman, everyone here is our brothers and sisters of the Purple Underworld."

At this point, he wanted to try and convince Ye Futian to join the Purple Underworld.

But Ye Futian had no intention of doing so. He knew what the middle-aged man was thinking, but he just nodded casually. He did not look too interested.

The cultivators of the Purple Underworld were naturally aware of the middle-aged man's intentions as well. But this Seventh Swordsman seemed extremely arrogant and did not seem to want to have too much to do with them.

They looked at Ye Futian but did not say anything. After a moment, they averted their gazes. At that moment, it could be said that cultivators had gathered there like clouds. Even a force as powerful as the Purple Underworld counted for very little in such surroundings. They were only a mid-level power, and not eye catching at all.

In such an environment, it was only natural that people would not be paying attention to them. And besides, how could a talented cultivator like Seventh Swordsman not be proud?

"Who is Brother Zhang Changqing's opponent going to be?" asked Zijun as she looked up at the battle platform. A figure was standing across from Zhang Changqing with an extraordinary aura.

"The banquet has been going on for many days already. Those who still dare to go up to the battle platform are all powerful figures. This man has cultivated a strange form of the Thunder Methods and has defeated many people in the previous battles. He is extremely powerful," said the man from the Purple Underworld.

"As long as Brother Changqing uses all his techniques, he should not have any problems," said Zijun quietly. She had always greatly admired Zhang Changqing.

"Let's watch," said the man from the Purple Underworld. The battle broke out in an instant. Zhang Changqing's Infernal Thunder of Wutu was performed at the highest degree of perfection. Peal after peal of thunder boomed, shaking everyone's very souls.

But his opponent was difficult to get a hold of. He was skilled in a strange form of thunder methods. His speed was incredible, and his thunder methods changed into many different forms. Several times he managed to threaten Zhang Changqing as he himself was being attacked.

The battle between Unblemished Saints was incredibly fierce, and even the smallest misstep would be enough to cost you the match. The battle was strange and did not last very long. Zhang Changqing seized his chance to defeat his opponent, ending the fight.

"Brother Changqing is powerful, indeed. Even at this point, he is still able to crush his opponents," said Zijun with a smile.

"He was hurt as well," said Ye Futian.

Zijun was stunned. She looked back at Ye Futian.

The cultivators from the Purple Underworld who were standing in front of them looked back as well with surprised expressions. He had been able to see that!

"It is incredibly difficult to defend against a Thunder Method attack. It is perfectly normal to take a small wound," someone said.

Ye Futian looked at him indifferently. A small wound?

"Zhang Changqing is very clever. If he had not intentionally taken a wound from that strange Thunder Method, he would not have been able to defeat his opponent. If they had continued to fight, the outcome would have been in doubt. Thus, he had decided to end the battle quickly. But the price he paid for this was that the Thunder Method hit him. It will probably be difficult for him to continue," said Ye Futian coolly. He did not leave the person he was talking to any room for saving face.

"What is this nonsense?" snorted Zijun. Had he said that Brother Changqing would have a hard time continuing?

However, one of the Nirvana level cultivators from the Purple Underworld was staring at Ye Futian. He could see that what Ye Futian had said was not far from the truth. Zhang Changqing's opponent had been very slippery.

"Who are you?" came a voice. Everyone turned and saw a figure coming.

"Brother Changqing!" called ZIzun, her face full of admiration. "This is a man we ran into on the road. You don't need to listen to his nonsense.

"I am Seventh Swordsman," said Ye Futian indifferently. "You are indeed the most talented member of the Purple Underworld, but people from all over the area controlled by the Violet Heavenly Palace are here, and many of them are extraordinary, especially those who have fought their way to this point. Everyone who is left is a top talent. Since you took a wound in this battle, you probably will not make it much further. Of course, even so, you will still probably have proved yourself worthy to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace to cultivate."

Zhang Changqing stared at Ye Futian. He had never heard the name Seventh Swordsman.

However, the fact that he dared to give pointers to his better showed just how arrogant he was.

But he had to admit that what Ye Futian had said was true.

"The people at all levels fighting elsewhere all seem to be quite strong, so we must be reaching the end of this grand event," Ye Futian murmured. "But as long as they can enter the Violet Heavenly Palace, it will be enough. It is just not as glorious as an actual victory."

"Have you also cultivated the Thunder Methods?" Zhang Changqing was staring at Ye Futian. If he took a wound at the end, and even though he was able to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace he was not able to make it to the final fight, he would still count it as a loss. If the other forces that cultivated the eight great Thunder Methods made a more outstanding display than him, his Master would lose face.

But as far as he knew, there were several people there who were better than him.

"Of course," said Ye Futian.

"Then let me see your Thunder Methods," said Zhang Changqing.

"Brother!" Many people looked at him, not understanding what he intended. A look of surprise came over the faces of some of those who were older than him.

Ye Futian reached out, and suddenly, a terrible aura spread out from the palm of his hand. Dark thunder rolled out like the light of death, making everyone suddenly feel cold.

Zhang Changqing narrowed his eyes when he felt this will. He stared at Ye Futian. There was, of course, no way that he could know that the man before his eyes had appeared before him many times in the past!

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    《The Legend of Futian》