The Legend of Futian
1420 Replace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1420 Replace

Zhang Changqing stared at Ye Futian, feeling the light from the dark thunder overhead. His face fell, and he said, "You are not at a high enough level."

Ye Futian looked back at him calmly, and let his internal will spread out. It swept out in an instant as light flowed all across him. His will did not have a single flaw, like a piece of beautiful, unblemished jade. It had reached perfection.

After returning from cultivating with the Divine Elements, he was now Unblemished.

Zijun and the other cultivators looked at him in shock. Their eyes narrowed. This guy had hidden his power and had pulled the wool over their eyes. They had not seen how powerful he was.

He was so young for an Unblemished Saint. He was clearly extremely talented. Moreover, he seemed to be a swordmaster, but he had also trained in thunder magic as well as the Great Path of Death.

He was well trained in many skills and understood many law powers.

Zhang Changqing felt Ye Futian's power. He had not been on the Unblemished Saint plane for very long, and thus his aura was not that thick. However, it was still extremely potent.

He raised his hands, and a horrible crack of thunder burst from his palms. He stepped forward, pressing his hands towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his hands as well, and they smashed into his opponent's. Terrible thunder rolled across their hands as they pressed their attacks as much as possible. Terrible energy formed between their hands. It was difficult to control so much power in such a small area. They squeezed out as much power as they possibly could, and the destructive energy grew even more fierce.

As the cultivators of the Purple Underworld watched from all around, they released their auras one by one, cutting themselves off from the awful power. They saw that the two men's robes were not even blowing in the wind.

"Cough..." a line of blood trickled down from Zhang Changqing's mouth. His internal organs were trembling violently. A dull noise rang out as he stepped back. He looked at his hands and saw that they had turned black as Death Will wrapped around them.

He looked at Ye Futian again, and his expression was unchanged. There was not the slightest trace of disturbance on his face.

This made the hearts of the people around them from the Purple Underworld beat faster. How strong was this Seventh Swordsman?

ZIjun's expression changed as well. Zhang Changqing was the foremost talent of the Purple Underworld, and she had always held him in high esteem. And yet his Thunder Methods had been overpowered?

"You see?" Ye Futian said to Zhang Changqing. "The world is large. There are many cultivators that you do not know, but they are not necessarily weak. Many of the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had gathered here in the Violet Heavenly Palace. You must have seen many of the other powerful figures here. It will be difficult for you to advance."

Zhang Changqing stared at Ye Futian, and then his face fell. "Do you wish to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace?"

Ye Futian did not answer him. He looked up high in the sky, where a group of great figures was seated. From their high vantage point, they could overlook the whole scene.

When he saw Ye Futian's expression, Zhang Changqing understood. Of all the cultivators who studied the Thunder Methods, which of them did not want to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace?

All of the Thunder Methods in the world came out of the palace.

This was an extremely rare opportunity, where you could display your ability and receive the favor of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

It was only reasonable for wanderers like Seventh Swordsman to come here.

"You may enter in the name of the Purple Underworld. I will go and ask our Master if we can make an exception and have you replace me," said Zhang Changqing to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at Zhang Changqing with no emotion in his deep eyes. "Excellent," he said softly.

It seemed that Zhang Changqing was a man who knew his limits.

This way, he would fulfill his purpose in accompanying the Purple Underworld here.

"Changqing!" called a Nirvana level cultivator from the Purple Underworld. This was an extremely rare opportunity. Even though he was injured, Zhang Changqing could still fight. This was a chance to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace. It would be a pity if he gave up now.

"You are right," said Zhang Changqing. "I will have a hard time showing my strengths in the next battle. It would be better to step down and allow more worthy fighters to take the stage than to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace in a way like this." He stared at Ye Futian. "I hope you won't disappoint me."

Upon saying this, he turned and left.

The fighting was already in its late stages, and there were not many matched going on anymore. Most of the fighters that he might face next were people that he was familiar with. They had come from other forces that followed the Eight Great Thunder Methods. He knew their strength very well. Even if he had been at full strength, he would have no assurance of victory. Now that he was injured, victory would be even more difficult.

If he had been the one arranging the fights, then the next opponent that the Violet Heavenly Palace matched him with would be someone from one of the top forces that followed the Eight Great Thunder Methods. If he lost, he would not necessarily be able to enter the palace. Moreover, the Purple Underworld would lose face.

This grand event was a meeting between the great forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but it was also a struggle between the forces that followed the Eight Great Thunder Methods.

Ye Futian stood their calmly, watching the large Thunder Platforms.

There were great stirrings in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The best human and demon cultivators were coming out one after another with a will to fight. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace wanted to form an alliance to deal with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. The Heavenly Mandate Realm might come to misfortune.

He needed to earn a place among those powerful figures before that misfortune came.

Only in this way could he influence some of the great powers.

"Why didn't you enter the Violet Heavenly Palace?" Zijun asked Ye Futian. He had said that he had been to Divine Mountain, and he had shown such outstanding talent here. So why had he not already entered the Violet Heavenly Palace?

"Why would I want to enter the palace?" countered Ye Futian. Zijun's face paled. She had no response.

If Brother Changqing had been willing to give up his place for this man, what could she say?

Ye Futian turned his gaze, no longer looking at her. After a little bit, Zhang Changqing returned, saying, "The master has agreed to put forward my request, but we don't know if it will be accepted. We must wait for a while."

At that moment, Ye Futian could feel someone looking at him. He turned and looked up at the high platform. A figure there was staring directly at him. It was the Emperor of the Purple Underground.

"It is not a problem if you want to fight. If you have any strength, you had better show it," said the Emperor of the Purple Underground. He wasn't worried about whether or not Ye Futian was plotting something. Even if he was very talented, he was just a Saint level figure. Would he really dare plot against a Renhuang?

He could not imagine anyone doing this.

At that moment, an elder upon the Thunder Platform said, "The first fighter is Wang Xiao of God-slaughtering Mountain. Zhang Changqing of the Purple Underground was wounded and has forfeited his right to fight, and has asked his fellow disciple Seventh Swordsman to replace him."

"Replace him?"

Everyone looked surprised. Wang Xiao and Zhang Changqing were the two best people to display the power of the Eight Thunder Methods.

Wang Xiao was the best Saint level disciple of God-slaughtering Mountain and had forged extremely powerful Demonic Thunder of Lushen. And Zhang Changqing was the genius of the Purple Underground.

Now, Zhang Changqing had forfeited and had asked someone from the Purple Underground that no one had ever heard of to fight in his place.

Was Zhang Changqing a coward?

Perhaps he was indeed wounded and knew that it would be impossible to continue, and that was why he had forfeited.

Zhang Changqing's forfeit implied that the Purple Underground had given up. This Seventh Swordsman was probably just being used as a stopgap to make up for the awkwardness of Zhang Changqing stepping down.

Many of the disciples of God-slaughtering Mountain. Even the Master of God-slaughtering Mountain looked at the Emperor the Purple Underground beside him and asked, "Did Zhang Changqing come here to ask you for permission to give up?"

"Zhang Changqing took a wound, but he found someone to take his place, so it is all the same," said the Emperor of the Purple Underground.

"But I have never heard of Seventh Swordsman. Are you just sending out someone to save face?" asked the Master of God-slaughtering Mountain.

"Watch and see." The Emperor of the Purple Underground's expression did not change. Up upon the massive Thunder Platform, powerful demonic thunder was flowing over Wang Xiao's body, making a wild burst of lightning appear on the battle platform that was sealed by matrices. It was incredibly terrifying.

Ye Futian stepped onto the Thunder Platform as well. Only a few people in the crowd were watching him.

"Zhang Changqing does not even have the power for one more fight. Since he wanted to give up, why not simply forfeit? Why did he have you come here to waste my time?" said Wang Xiao as he watched Ye Futian. Peals of black demonic thunder roared, falling all around Ye Futian, forming a cage of destructive thunder all around him.

Ye Futian drew his sword. As it came out, thunder flashed up into the sky.

Bang! Ye Futian stepped forward, holding his sword in both hands. Suddenly, heavy and dark swords of deadly lightning flew around him. Demonic thunder fell from the sky, making fierce crashing sounds.


Demonic thunder entered him, flowing through his body with a loud roar. But it did not threaten him.

He swept his sword through the sky, pulling thousands of catastrophes into it. Lightning flashed in the air, dazzling everyone who was watching. Countless swords appeared, flowing all around Ye Futian. A terrible flow of deadly Qi flowed within each sword.

Wang Xiao felt how threatening Ye Futian was. He floated up, commanding thunder to fall from the sky. A peal of terrible demonic thunder fell with the power to destroy someone's spiritual willpower.

Ye Futian waved his hand, and his swords shot out, splitting through the demonic thunder.

The lightning was split down the middle. This was the Way of Space.

"Go!" shouted Ye Futian, and suddenly the thousands of swords shot out towards Wang Xiao.

"Boom!" Wang Xiao wrapped himself in an armor of dark demonic thunder. He thrust out his fists with incredible strength, and the sky seemed to crack as the swords that were flying towards him shattered.

But the endless sword will continued to fly through the sky. Wang Xiao gave a great cry, and the phantom of a thundering god of war appeared behind him. It thrust out its fist, making the sky shake.

The swords surrounding him were endless. Death Will covered the sky, allowing no life to exist. Wang Xiao's face grew darker. This was too much for him to bear.

He stepped into the sky, then shot upwards, trying to escape the area.

Ye Futian pointed towards him. The swords that were shooting towards him contained the power of the Great Path.

Cracking sounds rang out, one after another. Each sword was more powerful than the last. Wang Xiao seemed to be trapped in a sword pattern. It would be difficult for him to break out.

"That..." Everyone gasped as they watched the fight between Ye Futian and Wang Xiao with trembling hearts.

The foremost talent of the Purple Underground had not forfeited?

How could his replacement be even stronger than him? He was crushing Wang Xiao so badly that he had no power to fight back!

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    《The Legend of Futian》