The Legend of Futian
1421 Li Ba
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1421 Li Ba

The Emperor of the Purple Underground looked at Ye Futian in surprise as well. He had defended against the thunder with his sword. It seemed like a skill from the Golden Clan. The thunder in his sword contained both the Infernal Thunder of Wutu with its overwhelming attack power and the extremely frightening Death Lightning.

However, this was not the Violet Thunder of Shengmie, one of the eight Thunder Methods.

He had never thought that there was someone so outstanding in the lands he ruled. There were many incredible talents in the world of cultivators. This one had probably kept his abilities hidden in the past, but now he probably wanted to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace. Thus he had come out, using the power of the Purple Underground to advance himself.

Of course, he did not care. As long as Seventh Swordsman's display was good enough, it would bring honor to the Purple Underground.

Beside him, the Master of God-slaughtering Mountain watched his disciple being crushed. He looked at the Emperor of the Purple Underground and said, "It seems that you hid that one very well."

"Seventh Swordsman is just one cultivator among many in the Purple Underground. Why should I deliberately hide him? However, his strength is a little surprising. It seems like your disciple doesn't even have a chance to counterattack." The Purple Emperor was gladdened by what the Master of God-slaughtering Mountain had said, and so he deliberately tried to make him angry.

This guy was usually haughty and arrogant. It felt good to be able to trample on his prestige a little bit now.

"Your disciple Zhang Changqing forfeited and asked this one to take his place. He merely waited until the end so that all his opponents would be exhausted. It is a good trick," snorted the Master of God-slaughtering Mountain. Of course, in reality, he knew from the disparity in power that the two fighters were displaying that even if Seventh Swordsman had not waited until his opponent was tired, the battle would still be the same. The outcome was not in any doubt.

Ye Futian slashed his sword through the sky, graceful as a flowing cloud. He formed a sword matrix, and the Great Path Rules entered into his sword. He continued to bring his sword down, crushing Wang Xiao of God-slaughtering Mountain even further.


A loud noise rang out as Wang Xiao was sent flying backward. He slammed into the wall of light around the Thunder Platform. All of the swords moved together, shrieking towards him with a fierce whistling sound.

The outcome of this battle was not in any doubt. He would definitely be crushed.

Everyone watched Ye Futian with surprise. "Who is this man? Wang Xiao of God-slaughtering Mountain is being dominated. He does not even have the strength to fight back."

"He's someone from the Purple Underground," said some of the ones who were discussing this. "Zhang Changqing forfeited, and he showed up. He must have gotten here late. But he is powerful and skilled in many different methods." This battle had obviously attracted a lot of attention.

Zhang Changqing stood among the crowd of people below the Thunder Platform, watching Ye Futian's brilliant display. He was a bit troubled by this. What Ye Futian was doing was everything that he had wanted to do, but he had not been able to do it. Now, Ye Futian was taking all the glory.

It was possible that he would not enter the Violet Heavenly Palace to cultivate. Seventh Swordsman might replace him.

But he had no regrets. It would be better to stay in the Purple Underground and continue to cultivate rather than being embarrassed here as he tried to force his way into the Violet Heavenly Palace. Thus, he would give this chance to Seventh Swordsman, as this also had the benefit of making the Purple Underground look good. He hoped that Seventh Swordsman would bring them great honor.

After Ye Futian came down, Zhang Changqing looked at him and said, "Not bad. It seems that you are already ready."

The people from the Purple Underground who had come here with Ye Futian looked at him in shock as well. Seventh Swordsman had walked alongside them so he could use their position to get into this feast, and thus have a chance to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace.

In that case, he had used them all.

Zijun's face darkened. No wonder he had been so cold and arrogant. But Ye Futian was so strong. Zhang Changqing and the rest of them had all witnessed it. So she could not say anything.

"There are not many people left at the Unblemished level. If you win about three more battles, you can probably make it to the final battle. How sure are you of victory?" Zhang Changqing asked Ye Futian.

There were nine Thunder Platforms here. There were four on each side, corresponding to the four tiers of the Saint plane. The four tiers would all fight at the same time. So many people had been eliminated over the past few days, so those who were left over could truly be said to be powerful figures.

In the end, the final victors of each of the platforms on both sides would face each other in a final battle on the platform in the center.

Based on how grand this occasion was, most of the people there assumed that the four cultivators who made it to the final battle would probably be directly accepted as disciples of the Violet Heavenly Palace, at least in name. As for how much favor they could win, it would depend on just how talented they were.

"I am completely sure," said Ye Futian calmly.

Zhang Changqing felt himself twitch at Ye Futian's casual words. He was so confident in himself that it was almost crazy. He dared to say that he was sure of victory.

But Ye Futian was indeed powerful.

"Before you reach the final battle, your greatest opponent will be Li Ba of the Li clan in Thunder Punishment City. It is said that he is a cultivation genius. He has made it to the Saint level, but he is quite inexperienced, as he has spent all his time cultivating. He has been immersed in thunder ever since he was young. He is not wise in the ways of the world, and so even though Thunder Punishment City is right below the Violet Heavenly Palace, his family never sent him there to study. But now, the Li family vows to seize this chance to show the world how talented Li Ba is in the Way of Thunder by having him directly enter the Violet Heavenly Palace. If he can do so, he will be able to focus on nothing else but cultivation once again," Zhang Changqing told Ye Futian. "Even if I were at full strength, I would not have a chance against Li Ba.

He was not being modest. He was just very aware of the gap between them.

Li Ba was one of the most highly regarded Unblemished Saint here. There was probably no one here who could compare with him. If Ye Futian wanted to make it to the final battle, he would have to surpass him. This would be extremely difficult.

"Are you reminding me?" Ye Futian looked at Zhang Changqing. "If you faced me when you were at full strength, you would not have a chance either."

"It's good that you are confident. I hope that you can make it to the final battle. And it would naturally be even better if you could win the final battle," said Zhang Changqing. If a member of the Purple Underground could enter the VIolet Heavenly Palace, it would make for a great story, and it would be beneficial to them as well.

Seventh Swordsman may not have been a disciple of the Purple Underground, but he had taken the identity of one to replace him in the last battle, so there was no difference.

Ye Futian still seemed extremely cold and distant. He watched the battles upon the Thunder Platforms, ignoring Zhang Changqing. This made the other disciples of the Purple Underground unhappy. This guy may have been powerful, but his arrogance was simply ridiculous. He did not pay any attention to them at all.

Zhang Changqing was a great talent, but in Ye Futian's eyes, it was like he did not even exist. He ignored him in every way possible.

After a while, Ye Futian fought in his second battle. His swords flashed through the sky, and he once again crushed his opponent. It was very similar to what had happened in the first battle.

This made many more people take notice of Ye Futian. Previously, most of the people there had thought that Li Ba was without equal on this side of the Thunder Platforms and that no one would put up a good fight.

Now, it looked like Seventh Swordsman of the Purple Underground had the potential to offer him a good fight.

Ye Futian was watching how Li Ba fought.

He was strong, extremely strong. He crushed his opponents in an overwhelming fashion. No wonder someone as strong as Zhang Changqing had said that even if he were at full strength, he would have no chance against him.

Li Ba achieved absolute victory over many of the cultivators from the Purple Underground. Given his strength, there was no doubt that he would become a disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The Li family of Thunder Punishment City hoped that he would be personally taught by the Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Even if he could not achieve that, he could at least be trained by the Vice Palace Lord. Given Li Ba's personality, this was the only way that they could avoid offending him.

As the battle continued, practitioners of all of the Eight Thunder Methods all showed their skills, but Seventh Swordsman from the Purple Underground persevered.

Even the cultivators of the Purple Underground were paying attention to Ye Futian now. The Vice Palace Lord asked the Clan Leader of the Purple Underground, "This Seventh Swordsman is quite strong. Did he study under you?"

The Emperor of the Purple Underground felt a little bit of trepidation, and so he did not respond. Previously, Ye Futian had used the Purple Underground's name to participate in the battles, and he had told everyone that he looked on Seventh Swordsman as a disciple. If he told the Vice Palace lord that he was not a disciple now, that would mean that he had been tricking a Renhuang level cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace.

He had not thought that Seventh Swordsman was so strong that the Vice Palace Lord would ask about him.

"Seventh Swordsman has been cultivating in the outside world, so I have not taught him much." The Emperor of the Purple Underground had to lie.

"Ah. He is good enough to enter our palace," said the Vice Palace Master."

"Congratulations to the Purple Underground," said the other clan leaders up on the platform. The Vice Palace Lord had spoken, and so there was no longer any question of whether or not Seventh Swordsman would be able to enter the palace.

Moreover, there would probably be many Renhuang level cultivators willing to teach him.

The other clan leaders were a bit unhappy, but they still congratulated him. After all, Seventh Swordsman's status would soon change.

"Zhan Yuan, what do you think of him?" the Vice Palace Lord asked the man beside him.

"He is skilled in many different methods, and he is very balanced. He is very strong, which is why he has been able to win so many battles in a row. However, he has not shown off any skills that give him an absolute assurance of victory. In this way, Li Ba is stronger than him," said Zhan Yuan.

"Mm," The Vice Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace nodded. Zhan Yuan's evaluation was excellent. Seventh Swordsman was good at everything, But he was not an absolute master of all these varied skills. It could only be said that he had a huge advantage. But to truly be the best, he had to be utterly outstanding in every respect.

Li Ba could do this. If this were all that Seventh Swordsman could do, then Li Ba would surely defeat him.

The two of them continued to chat casually. "What about the fighters of the other levels? How are they?" asked the Vice Palace Lord.

After a while, all of the battles on the Thunder Platforms reached their climax. Almost all of them were epic showdowns.

"Li Ba of Thunder Punishment City, and Seventh Swordsman of the Purple Underground, step onto the platform," came a voice that drew everyone's gaze.

A burly and overbearing figure flew up to the Thunder Platform. Terrifying purple lightning wrapped around him. His bare arms were corded with powerful muscles. A single glance at him gave everyone a feeling of overwhelming power.

Everyone was watching. They were all very interested in this battle. Li Ba had a very distinctive personality. There were very few people like him on his level, and thus he attracted a lot of attention!

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    《The Legend of Futian》