The Legend of Futian
1422 Extremely Rare
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1422 Extremely Rare

Ye Futian alighted upon the Thunder Platform as well. Li Ba cast his gaze over him, and overwhelming Thunder will shot out of his eyes, making Ye Futian feel an overwhelming sense of pressure.

Li Ba watched him with a look of total superiority. And it was not just Ye Futian that he felt superior to; he had felt superior to all of the opponents that he had faced earlier.

Boom! Thunder boomed as it fell from the sky towards Ye Futian.

But he stood there calmly. The terrifying thunder fell upon him, washing over his body and flowing around him before it disappeared into nothing.

Mighty Thunder Will was gathering in the air above the Thunder Platform until it formed a massive image of a god of thunder. Li Ba stepped forward, and the Thunder Will entered into him. He looked at Ye Futian with his lightning-filled eyes, and suddenly, a massive bolt of lightning shot out, locking on to Ye Futian.

A fierce roaring sound rang out as the massive bolt of lightning smashed into Ye Futian. But he was still standing there. He seemed so small under that giant bolt of lightning, but he still bore the brunt of the assault with nothing but his body.

"Could his flesh really be so strong?" Everyone looked shocked. It may have only been a will attack, but it had been an extremely powerful one. A Thunder Will attack like that would have shattered an average person of Ye Futian's level. How could they withstand it like he had?

It seemed like this Seventh Swordsman might be able to withstand Li Ba.

Because of this, all of the other cultivators suddenly became interested in the fight.

"Your attack was too weak." Ye Futian's body was bathed in divine thunder. He floated up into the sky, brilliant sword will flowing all around him.

Li Ba was best at attacking. The Thunder Method that he had practiced the most was Sky Booming Thunder, which was able to destroy someone's body and soul. But Ye Futian had dared to say that his attack had been too weak.

Overwhelming lightning flashed in Li Ba's eyes. A mighty divine aura descended, and endless divine thunder gathered together on the Thunder Platform. The figure of a mighty war god of thunder appeared, then was absorbed into Li Ba's body, making him turn into a war god of thunder himself.

Not only that, but a Thunder Hammer also appeared in his hands. Thunder boomed, as endless lightning gathered together within the hammer. Both life spirits released their power at the same time, and in that instant, Li Ba seemed to no longer be a human being of flesh and blood. He seemed like a god.

Boom! A terrible peal of thunder rang out, making everyone's eardrums tremble. Ye Futian could feel the blood roiling in this veins as his Spiritual Will was shaken.

Li Ba was taking this fight seriously and putting forth his most powerful techniques. Just the sound of all that thunder would have been difficult for ordinary people at their level to bear.

At that moment, it seemed like Ye Futian was standing under the foot of a god. All the pressure up in the sky was bearing down on him.

Everyone shook their heads. "This guy dared to mock Li Ba for having weak attacks." He must have been crazy. Who could bear an attack from Sky Booming Thunder? Even those who were watching from the sidelines felt themselves going numb from all the power.

Ye Futian felt the pressure as well. Li Ba was one of the greatest geniuses of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. His Thunder method was top notch as well. When you added his natural talent to that, any one of his attacks would be difficult for any opponent to bear.


The sound of shrieking swords screamed out from all around Ye Futian. The swords around him lowed in a strange pattern, making the sword will grow stronger and stronger. Many ancient characters appeared and then turned into a massive divine sword that pointed up into the sky.

A sharp snapping sound rang out, and the sword that had formed out of ancient characters flashed with eye-piercingly brilliant light.


Thunder crashed as Li Ba stepped up into the sky. The Sky Booming Thunder rolled downwards menacingly, trying to crush everything in the area.


Ye Futian pointed into the sky, and all of the divine swords that had formed shot through the air, slamming into the falling thunder. In an instant, a shocking destructive power exploded out from where they smashed together.

The massive Thunder Hammer fell through that devastating power. Lightning wrapped around the hammer-like countless chains, giving it infinite destructive power.

The swords flashed through the air, flowing along using the power of the Rules of the Great Path as they shot towards the falling lightning.

There was one more huge sword right above Ye Futian. It drew upon the endless sword will, and shot straight up straight into the sky.


A huge crack appeared in the sword as it struck the hammer. Brilliant light flashed out wildly. Each beam of light looked like a sword.

There was a loud noise as the huge sword shattered into nothingness. But in that instant, a figure appeared in the air in front of the hammer. It was Ye Futian. He appeared right in front of the massive Thunder God, another sword in his hand.

The Thunder God looked at him, and terrible lightning shot out towards him.

But in that instant, Ye Futian turned into a beam of light and shot right through his opponent's attack, shooting towards him at incredible speed.

Crack! Powerful lightning armor appeared upon the Thunder God's body. Obviously, Li Ba knew that Ye Futian wanted to avoid a direct collision with him. He tried to use his physical strength to take advantage of his weaknesses.

Frightening sword will seeped out of Ye Futian's eyes. The endless will wrapped around him. It descended in an instant, piercing towards the Thunder God's forehead.

A terrible bolt of lightning shot towards him, but the sword split it in two.


The sword struck his forehead, but it could not pierce through it instantly. Powerful Thunder Will was seeping out of his forehead, and it covered Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had a cold and sharp look on his face as the thunder rumbled through him. His arms contained infinite power that flowed into his sword.


The sword penetrated his forehead, and destructive power flowed out of it wildly. Everyone's expression changed as they watched this, especially those from the Li family of Thunder Punishment City.

There was a loud noise as the huge image of the Thunder God disappeared, and a figure was sent flying backward.

As his life spirit was retracted, Li Ba's original form reappeared. Blood was flowing from his forehead as he stared at Ye Futian.

Boom! The Thunder Hammer appeared in the sky once again with all of its overwhelming power.

Li Ba reached out to control it, but Ye Futian's figure flashed, and he disappeared. He reappeared right in front of Li Ba in an instant.

He thrust his sword forward.

Li Ba roared, and thunder shot out from his fist with overwhelming power.

The sword fell upon his fist, which was as strong and sharp as a soldier's, but Ye Futian was powerful as well. He had been training his body all along and had cultivated the power of the Divine Elephants. Just his raw strength was impressive, and it was even more so when it was put into his sword.

Blood appeared on Li Ba's fist, and the sound of his veins burst in his arm could be heard. But the fist did smash into Ye Futian's sword, and the lightning struck him, flowing all over his body.

"Look, Zhan Yuan," said the Vice Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace. "This man's attack and defensive power are all top-notch. Now, look at Li Ba. His attack power is impressive, but as long as you can block his most powerful attacks, then you can target his weak points."

"Mm." Zhan Yuan nodded. "This is indeed most unexpected. Seventh Swordsman's sword is stronger than his lightning. It seems that since Li Ba focused on cultivating the Thunder Methods, he is weaker than him in many aspects."

"Li Ba has been defeated utterly. It looks like the best Unblemished Saint will turn out to be Seventh Swordsman," said the Vice Palace Lord with a smile. "If you fought him, how much of your strength would you have to use?"

"About half of my strength," answered Zhan Yuan. Li Ba's attacks have flaws. Otherwise, there would be no way to defeat him."

"Mm. Once he enters the palace and receives some of our teachings, they will become perfect. If he can forge his Thunder Method Matrix to be compatible with his Thunder Hammer, he will be on a whole new level," said the Vice Palace Lord with a smile. Li Ba may have been defeated, but if his potential was cultivated, he would be no weaker than Seventh Swordsman. He was a good prospect.

"Also, once these two enter the palace, we will need to suppress their arrogance. When that time comes, I leave it to you," said the Vice Palace Lord. Zhan Yuan nodded. If the two of them were well trained then in the future they could become his two greatest assistants.

Many of the other people from the great powers were discussing how powerful Ye Futian was and comparing him to their own disciples.

"The Purple Underground has a good disciple," said someone beside the Emperor of the Purple Underground. He was a little bit bitter, having heard the tone of praise that the Vice Palace Lord had when he spoke of Seventh Swordsman.

The Emperor of the Purple Underground smiled but said nothing.

Upon the Thunder Platform, Li Ba was staring at Ye Futian. His aura rose around him, and his expression was cold.

"If you had directly tried to resist my attack, you would be the one who lost," said Li Ba coldly.

Ye Futian looked at him, then turned to leave. Before he walked away, he said, "If I had directly resisted your attack, you would have lost even worse."

Once he said this, his figure flashed, and he flew down off the platform.

Li Ba watched him leave in disbelief.

If he had directly resisted his attack, he would have lost even worse?

How was that possible?

Ye Futian had purposely avoided his attack and targeted his weak point.

"After we enter the palace, I will find you again for another fight," he called down to Ye Futian below him.

Ye Futian did not approve of this, and so he did not reply. He was not going to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace.

But given Li Ba's strength, there was no doubt that he would be able to enter the palace.

The battles on the other platforms continued, each of the different levels holding their fights at the same time. It was the last fight before the final battle, and the cultivators who were left were all extremely powerful.

Finally, the battles on the eight Thunder Platforms ended, and there were only eight people left. Everyone was talking about them, and guessing who would win in each of the four tiers of the Saint plane.

"The eight people who are left are all quite strong, but none of them has a supreme body of the Great Path," said the divine general of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The people around him all nodded.

Indeed, people who had supreme bodies of the Great Path were extremely rare!

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    《The Legend of Futian》