The Legend of Futian
1423 Admiration
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1423 Admiration

Thunder fell from the sky upon the platforms in the Violet Heavenly Palace, converging upon the central Thunder Platform.

A powerful Renhuang level figure walked to the center. He closed his hands, and endless divine lightning converged towards one place. The nine Thunder Platforms merged together, forming one huge platform. Thunder will flowed down from the sky upon the platform, suffusing it with lightning.

"The eight people who are left will now stand around the platform," said the Renhuang level figure. Eight figures stepped forward and walked up to the curtain of light that surrounded the platform. Their levitating bodies were bathed in Thunder Will, and their auras grew even stronger.

Ye Futian was naturally among them.

The cultivators of the Divine Elephants gazed at him. When he had been cultivating with them, the Divine Elephant Emperor had personally trained him. Most of the cultivators of the Divine Elephants did not know the reason for this, but Ye Futian was indeed frighteningly powerful. He had learned their Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky and Divine Elephant Void Splitting Fist techniques, and had trained himself in the Divine Elephant Massive Power. Additionally, he had learned many other techniques.

Later, there had been friction between him and Xiang Mang, but every time they fought, it seemed like Ye Futian had restrained himself from using his full power. Even so, he had still been able to deal with Xiang Mang, which showed how incredible his combat ability was. Many of the Divine Elephants even mistakenly thought that Ye Futian was one of them.

After Ye Futian left, the Divine Elephant Emperor's orders had shocked them.

Now, he had taken the identity of Seventh Swordsman, and he was just as powerful. He was still not exerting all of his powers, like the techniques he had learned from the Divine Elephants, his staff techniques, his starry spells, and more.

One of the great figures of Ten Thousand Divine Mountains turned to Gao Huang beside him and asked, "Who do you think is the strongest of these eight people?"

When he asked who was "strongest," he did not mean in terms of physical power. He was speaking of the differences in their levels.

Gao Huang naturally knew what he meant. He watched the eight people by the Thunder Platform with his deep, dark eyes. "The seventh Swordsman," he said. "The one from the Purple Underground who defeated Li Ba."

"Why do you think it is him?" said the man beside him. "The one from the Nirvana level and the Saint of True Self are outstanding as well. Perhaps they are not as good as Zhan Yuan with his supreme body of the Great Path, but if they have the chance to study at the Violet Heavenly Palace, they will not be much weaker than him. They have great potential."

"Because he is the only one that I can't see right through," said Gao Huang softly. The man he was talking to nodded slightly. That was true. The other seven were strong, but they had all revealed their most powerful abilities in their previous fights. But even in his fight with Li Ba, it had not been clear if Seventh Swordsman was pushing himself to the limit.

Beside them, the Divine General of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked at the cultivator from Ten Thousand Divine Mountain. Then he turned to the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and said, "What do you think, Your Highness?"

"They are all the same to me." Brilliant light flashed in the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's eyes. His voice light and casual, but it was still full of power.

The Divine General smiled. He knew what he had meant by saying they were all "the same."

Indeed, His Highness always said that the Prince was a supreme talent. All of these fighters would be the same when facing him.

If they fought him, they would be crushed.

The number of people who could face him in the Heavenly Mandate Realm could be counted on one hand. There were probably not more than three.

His main opponent was probably that genius who had been built up by Gu Tianxing. The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had not come today, but it was easy to imagine that the genius that had been created out of the heavens and the earth by Gu Tianxing would be an extremely formidable foe.


The Divine General of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty watched as two Doctrine Saints stepped onto the platform one after another. A great hubbub broke out below them.

One of the two Doctrine Saints was fro one of the top forces of Thunder Punishment City, and the other one was an extremely young cultivator who had come from far away. He was very talented and had a deep understanding of Thunder Will. Many people admired him and thought that he had a lot of potential.

The battle started, and in the end, it was the cultivator from the top force in Thunder Punishment City who won. His opponent had not been any less talented than him and was maybe even a little bit better, but it had been their use of thunder techniques that had decided the battle.

After the battle was over, the Violet Heavenly Palace sent them invitations. They both agreed to enter the palace to cultivate, changing from enemies into fellow disciples.

But there were many disciples in the Violet Heavenly Palace. Entering the palace meant that they were joining the number one power that used Heavenly Mandate thunder techniques, but how far they could advance would be up to them.

The second battle was just as exciting. Both of the Saints of True Self were incredibly strong, especially one of them whose genius was so astonishing that the people of the Violet Heavenly Palace trembled to behold it.

After the battle, the two of them were also invited to enter the palace and become disciples.

"Now for the battle of the Unblemished Saints: Seventh Swordsman and Zhuo Yuan," came the announcement. Zhuo Yuan was just as highly praised as Li Ba had been. And Seventh Swordsman's strength had shocked everyone when he had defeated Li Ba.

Thus, their battle attracted a lot of attention.

The two of them stepped onto the platform. Sword will wrapped around Ye Futian, with lightning moving through it.

Lightning flashed in front of Zhuo Yuan as he stood there, giving off sharp crackling noises as they shone like beams of light.

Lightning fell straight all around Ye Futian, each bolt even sharper than any of these swords.

Zhuo Yuan's lightning had incredible cutting power. It was a peculiar quality of his lightning, which made it very strong.

He floated up into the air, and endless thunderbolts shot out towards the space above Ye Futian in straight lines.

With but a thought, the swords whirling around Ye Futian rose up and slammed into the falling thunderbolts, creating a sharp, ear-splitting sound rather than the sound of crashing thunder.

Crack! Crack! The thunderbolts fell like beams of light, covering the whole area. The swords were split and broken, and some of the thunderbolts fell upon Ye Futian.

He felt a terrible tearing sensation. It was like his very soul was going to be cut open.

Zhuo Yuan floated towards Ye Futian, and more thunderbolts flashed to life. The swirled around Ye Futian and up in the sky, covering him completely.

With a solemn face, he formed a seal with both hands, and suddenly the endless thunderbolts shot towards Ye Futian. The entire area was bathed in the light of the thunderbolts.

Ye Futian reached out with both hands, holding up his infinitely bright sword. He floated up into the air as well, and the sword shrieked through the sky, creating a destructive storm of sword Qi that enveloped him.

The storm rose upwards, slamming into the falling thunderbolts.

"Zuo Yuan's thunderbolt attacks contain Space Rule Power within them. He is quite powerful," said the great figure watching from up above. Many of the disciples of the Violet Heavenly Palace could not even perform attacks like that.


But at that moment, a single sword burst through the terrible storm of sword Qi with incredible power. It shot straight towards Zhuo Yuan. Ye Futian was flying on the sword, piercing through the air on a blade filled with Qi.

Zhuo Yuan reached out, and suddenly a terrible swallowing power appeared in his hands. Endless thunderbolts formed there, forming a terrible space vortex that wrapped around the oncoming sword.

"Cut," said Ye Futian as he crossed the distance between them. The sword fell, piercing through the vortex. The endless thunderbolts fell into the vortex and were swallowed up.

Zhuo Yuan's eyes turned a brilliant purple, and he reached out towards Ye Futian. All of the thunder in the area gathered up in his hand, forming a terrible qi field.

He stepped out, disappearing from his original spot as he lashed out towards Ye Futian with his fist.

Woosh! Ye Futian disappeared as well, moving though space and appearing right above Zhuo Yuan.

Both of them were skilled in Spatial Power.

Zhuo Yuan looked up and saw Ye Futian staring down at him. With a single thought, thousands of swords appeared in the air, covering the platform.

The swords were filled with thunder, and in a flash, they all fell.

Zhuo Yuan's gaze was cold as he saw what was happening above him. Divine lightning seeped out from his hands. He stepped onto the ground and raised his fist up. A terrible vortex of thunderbolts filled the sky. As the swords fell, they were swallowed up by the vortex and destroyed.

He held the power of Divine Thunder in his hands.

The vortex grew bigger and bigger, covering the entire area. The endless divine swords fell, and they were all destroyed.

A mighty force swept out from Ye Futian. All of his swords were moving with the power of the Great Path Rules. They fell endlessly, but it seemed like they would never fill the vortex.

But he did not stop moving. Sword after sword fell, each one splitting the air as it did.

A fierce roar was ringing out without end. The falling swords seemed limitless, and each one was stronger than the last.

Finally, a sword that was 10,000 meters long formed. Everyone's hearts trembled when they beheld it.

The sword seemed to have been formed out of countless swords merging together.

Boom! Ye Futian stepped forward onto the sword and fell with it.

The roar shook the heavens. The vortex in Zhuo Yuan's hands swallowed up the sky, and endless thunderbolts wrapped around the sword. But the huge sword kept falling, piercing into the heart of the storm bit by bit. The vortex was like an abyss of thunder, and it tried to swallow the sword, but incomparably strong tearing power burst forth from the sword.

The thunderbolt vortex gradually expanded, growing larger and larger, until it was no longer able to support itself, and it collapsed with a loud noise.

A powerful beam of light shot out, piercing everyone's eyes. It covered the platform.

When everything was calm again, Ye Futian was still standing in the air. Zhuo Yuan was standing pitifully on the platform, coughing up blood.

"So strong!" Everyone's hearts trembled. The power that had been displayed in this battled was far more impressive than what they had seen in Ye Futian's battle with Li Ba. Last time, Ye Futian had avoided direct conflict. This time, he had faced Zhuo Yuan directly, giving everyone a huge shock.

A look of admiration came over the faces of everyone from the Violet Heavenly Palace. If this Seventh Swordsman were well trained, he would have a bright future. And even if he was not as impressive as Zhan Yuan, he was not much worse than him, and he could become an important figure in the palace in the future!

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    《The Legend of Futian》