The Legend of Futian
1424 The Refusal
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1424 The Refusal

"The Seventh Swordsman—Zhuo Yuan."

At this time, over the lofty platform, the Deputy Palace Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace, who was sitting at the center of the crowd and overlooking the whole scene, announced Zhao Yuan to everyone.

The scene engaged many people.

Many figures of top powers, such as the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Brahma's Pure Sky, took a close look at Ye Futian and Zhuo Yuan. These two people, as well as a Li Ba, all showed their extraordinary talent at the level of Unblemished Saint Plane and definitely would win a place in the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Today, the Deputy Master of the Violet Heavenly Palace had announced it in person.

"You guessed it," on the other side, the big figure of the 10,000 Divine Mountain said to Gao Huang, with his gaze also on Ye Futian.

This person was specialized in swordsmanship, and he also cultivated in the Laws of Thunder and many other Laws. In the future, if he strengthened his cultivation of the Laws of Thunder in the Violet Heavenly Palace, he would grasp a broader ability and reach a higher level. At that time, he would be close to the Supreme Master Zhan Yuan.

Ye Futian and Zhuo Yuan looked up at the Deputy Master of the Violet Heavenly Palace. He was smiling at them down below, saying, "Would you like to enter my Violet Heavenly Palace to cultivate?"

Zhuo Yuan bowed slightly toward the direction and said, "Yes, sir, it would be my pleasure."

As a cultivator of Thunder Laws, his ultimate goal was to join the Violet Heavenly Palace. Now, the Deputy Palace Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace had invited him personally. Why would he refuse?

The Deputy Palace Lord announced this in person, which meant they paid attention to him.

Seeing Zhuo Yuan nod, the Deputy Palace Lord smiled and turned to Ye Futian, but Ye Futian just stood there quietly and did not answer immediately.

He smiled and continued, "The Seventh Swordsman, how about you? You can enter the Violet Heavenly Palace and cultivate under my guidance first."

Many people were a little shocked when they heard this. They all looked at Ye Futian with envy. He could directly cultivate under the Deputy Palace Lord's guidance.

Nobody had ever had such an opportunity before.

What was more, he just came halfway, without participating in many battles, but now he was treated with so much regard.

The Deputy Palace Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace smiled and still looked at Ye Futian. He thought that Ye Futian did not speak because he wanted to hear a commitment. After all, geniuses were very proud, and just entering the Violet Heavenly Palace was not enough for him.

So, if he accepted him as a direct disciple, he thought this Seventh Swordsman should be satisfied.

Countless eyes fell on Ye Futian. After today, there would be another peerless figure in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and he might have a place in the Saint Plane.

Ye Futian slightly bowed to the direction of the Violet Heavenly Palace, then looked up and said, "I came to this event today to see how strong the top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm are, and I do not intend on joining the Violet Heavenly Palace. Besides, I am not specialized in Thunder Laws, so I don't want to waste time cultivating in the Heavenly Palace. "

After Ye Futian's words, the vast space suddenly fell silent. The excited and bustling crowd looked at the figure dressed in white on the stage, stunned. They all looked bewildered.

What was going on?

Did the Seventh Swordsman just refuse?

The Deputy Master of Violet Heavenly Palace personally invited him to cultivate in the Heavenly Palace, and he refused to become his direct disciple!


Those people of the top powers were confused, too. Some people showed interested looks. Things were getting more interesting.

Over the high platform of the Violet Heavenly Palace, the Purple Underground Emperor's expression subtly changed. He contracted his pupils and stared in the direction of Ye Futian.

He represented the Purple Underground Sect to fight in place of Zhang Changqing, and now he refused the offer of Violet Heavenly Palace. What did he mean by this?

He was embarrassing the Violet Heavenly Palace. And as a referee, perhaps he would also offend some people.

The Deputy Palace Lord looked at Ye Futian. Couldn't it be that this Seventh Swordsman wanted to cultivate under the Palace Lord's guidance?

Thinking of this, he continued, "After you enter the Heavenly Palace, you may also receive the Palace Lord's personal guidance if your performance is outstanding enough."

The Palace Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace was a supreme figure—one of the mighty powers in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, a true giant. The Deputy Palace Master was indicating that Ye Futian still had the opportunity to become the Palace Lord's disciple in the future.

However, if the Seventh Swordsman wanted to directly become the Palace Lord's disciple, the Palace Lord was not present, and other people could not make a decision for the Palace Lord.

"Thank you for your consideration, but I'm not interested in cultivating in Thunder Laws," Ye Futian took a bow and refused again, which made many warriors in Violet Heavenly Palace look mortified.

Ye Futian was the first person to refuse the offer of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

No one would have thought that on such occasions, the Violet Heavenly Palace would be rejected, and the person who rejected the offer was a peerless talent who they had valued most so far.

"Seventh Swordsman!"

At this time, the Purple Underground Emperor's eyes swept toward Ye Futian. He said, "The Heavenly Palace's invitation to you is your honor. Entering the Heavenly Palace and studying Thunder Law will only make you stronger, and it will not affect your cultivation in Sword Laws."

The Seventh Swordsman participated in the battle as a representative of the Purple Underground Sect.

Now, if he offended the Violet Heavenly Palace, wouldn't he...?

Did this jerk dare to cause trouble for him?

"Brother Changqing." Below, in the crowd of Purple Underground Sect, Zijun looked toward Zhang Changqing. The scene going on was beyond everyone's expectations.

Zhang Changqing was also looking downwards. Before, when he saw Ye Futian defeating Zhuo Yuan, he felt a little lonely for himself but also happy, since, at least, it was the Purple Underground Sect's honor.

But now, the honor had become a slap on the face of the Purple Underground Sect.

What was he doing?

Was he being used by others?

However, if this b*stard didn't want to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace, what did he come here for?

"I used to hear that all the Thunder Laws of the world originated from the Heavenly Palace, and I have been admiring this holy land. This time, I came here to join the battle just to confirm what I have heard about the Heavenly Palace. Since I have already confirmed it, I will not cultivate in the Heavenly Palace," Ye Futian looked toward Purple Underground Emperor and said. "I thank His Majesty for allowing me to participate in this event."

After his words, the Purple Underground Emperor gave him a black look. Did he just expose him?

Zhang Changqing was the same. He looked coldly at people around him and asked, "How do you know this person?"

Zijun and others also realized something, and their faces turned pale.

They seemed to have been taken advantage of.

On the vast heavenly palace platform, countless people were discussing.

The Seventh Swordsman directly called out the Purple Underground Emperor. Was he not a disciple of the Purple Underground Sect?

If so, did he come to participate in this event just to challenge the cultivators of Thunder Laws over the world?

In other words, he was targeting the Violet Heavenly Palace.

But how dare he do that?

Although in front of all powers of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the Violet Heavenly Palace would maintain dignity and not do anything to him, he had offended the Violet Heavenly Palace, and it would be very easy to kill a Saint-Plane person if he became the Heavenly Palace's enemy. Not to mention the Violet Heavenly Palace, would the Purple Underground Emperor let him go?

"Interesting." Those people of top powers watched the scene, all excited.

"Isn't the Seventh Swordsman your disciple?" at this time, the Lord of the God-slaughtering Mountain next to the Purple Underground Emperor looked at him and asked. Just a while ago, the Purple Underground Emperor was very proud.

"So, did the Purple Underground Emperor find someone else to replace Zhang Changqing and participate in the battle as a disciple of Purple Underground Sect?" another lord also asked in a sour tone. Before that, the Purple Underground Emperor was high-spirited and talked proudly when the Seventh Swordsman defeated the warrior of the God-slaughtering Mountain.

But now, the Seventh Swordsman turned out to have been "invited" from somewhere else and was not a disciple of the Purple Underground Sect. Moreover, he even refused the invitation from the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Although this event did not require winners to cultivate in the Violet Heavenly Palace, it was considered a default that they do so. The Violet Heavenly Palace organized this event to select talented cultivators to cultivate in the Heavenly Palace Temple and train them as backup disciples.

Ye Futian refused the offer in public, which was like a slap to their face, especially since he was by far the most valued person, and the Deputy Palace Lord wanted to accept himself as a direct disciple.

In this way, Ye Futian made them more embarrassed.

The Purple Underground Emperor's expression was solemn. There was a coldness in his eyes. He glanced toward Ye Futian in the lower sky. Although, after the thing happened, Violet Heavenly Palace couldn't do anything to him. He was taken advantage of by a person of the Saint Plane and embarrassed in public, and now, so many people treated him like a joke. One could imagine what his mood was like.

"So, this time, you came here just to practice with other cultivators in Thunder Law?" the Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked at Ye Futian and asked. He was one of the top two big figures in the Violet Heavenly Palace, after all, and Ye Futian did not violate any rules of the Heavenly Palace. In his capacity, he would not do anything to Ye Futian in public.

If he had killed Ye Futian here with a slap, he would surely become a laughingstock.

It was the Violet Heavenly Palace that invited cultivators from all over the world here. And now, if anyone refused to go to the Violet Heavenly Palace, how could they punish him?

"Yes, sir," Ye Futian nodded. "Thank you for your understanding."

"Well, if you don't want to, the Heavenly Palace will not force you. You can just go." The Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace still had manners and did not appear angry. Although he was unhappy, he did not show it on the surface.

He must act as a host.

In the upper sky, the Supreme master Zhan Yuan took a glance at Ye Futian, looking cold. How dare he strike a pose in the Violet Heavenly Palace?

"The last battle—the battle between Nirvana Saints," the Deputy Palace Lord announced. Immediately, the last two warriors set foot on the huge platform.

This battle was still extremely violent, and the two warriors were evenly matched. Both Nirvana-Plane warriors had extremely intimidating powers. The platform continued trembling, and the light of thunder engulfed the vast area.

However, because of the previous accident, even though this battle was still exciting, many people were unable to concentrate, and all seemed to be thinking about what just happened.

Probably, the thing was not over yet. But, in any case, this event held by the Violet Heavenly Palace must come to an end!

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    《The Legend of Futian》