The Legend of Futian
1425 The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1425 The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty

On the Thunder Platform of the Violet Heavenly Palace, the battle between two Nirvana Saints was still exciting. The final winner's name was Duan Huang; he was a man with superb talent. The defeated person was older, and he was a figure with fame for many years. His level was at the peak of the Nirvana Plane, and his name was Gai Bo.

"Duan Huang, would you like to cultivate as my disciple?" The Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace invited him directly. This time, he was more straightforward than before and directly invited Duan Huang to be his disciple.

Duan Huang's talent is extraordinary, and his power was also intimidating. His level was not far from the Renhuang Plane.

In this grand event, when it came to real strength, Duan Huang should be the first.

Duan Huang looked calm. He slightly bowed to the Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace and said, "I'd be glad to be your disciple, Master."

He was humble and courteous, without any arrogance, in sharp contrast to Ye Futian.

This made many people sigh. The reason that the Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace directly took him as a disciple was probably because of Ye Futian.

"Yes," The Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace nodded slightly and was quite satisfied. The Seventh Swordsman before really made him feel a little unhappy. Despite his extraordinary talent, he was just a Saint-Plane cultivator, after all. He might have too much of an ego to regard the battle platform as a place for trial.

"Gai Bo, are you willing to cultivate in the Violet Heavenly Palace? Your cultivation has achieved sublimity, and you are only one step away from the Renhuang Plane. After entering the Palace, if you do not understand anything, you can just come ask me," the Deputy Lord said to another person.

"Thank you, Deputy Lord. Gai Bo is willing to be a member of the Heavenly Palace," Gai Bo bowed and answered. He was experienced and knew he needed the opportunity. Although he was only one step from the Renhuang Plane, it seemed still far away and hard to touch.

After entering the Heavenly Palace, he would have a greater chance to set foot in the Renhuang Plane.

He, as a Nirvana Saint, was already standing at the top of the world and could rule over an area.

But in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, only Renhuang could stand at the top.

"Good." The Deputy Palace Lord nodded, and then he said to the people around him, "if you think anyone among them has potential, you can ask if they would like to cultivate as your disciple."

Those Renhuang figures nodded and sent out invitations. There were indeed many cultivators with potential among those who had been defeated.

Naturally, figures like Li Ba had to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace.

This time, more than 30 disciples had been selected by Violet Heavenly Palace at one time. These peoples' talent was very outstanding, and if they received training in Violet Heavenly Palace in the future, their potential would be discovered more and would be strengthened.

Those cultivators who had not been selected felt somewhat lost. This time, they should have had the opportunity to ascend to the sky, but they could only watch other people enter the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Zhang Changqing did not enter the Heavenly Palace. Perhaps because he gave the opportunity to the Seventh Swordsman, and after what the Seventh Swordsman did, the Violet Heavenly Palace would show mercy to him by not getting angry at him.

The Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace stretched out one hand and grabbed toward the void air. Suddenly, the Thunder Platform rose and disappeared, leaving a huge empty space on the ground.

The 36 disciples selected by the Violet Heavenly Palace all showed up below the Heavenly Palace seats and lined up, with Duan Huang taking the lead. Among these Saint-Plane figures, many people would become Renhuang in the future.

The Deputy Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace looked around at the warriors in the vast and endless space and thundered, "You must have heard about what happened in the Origin Mountains not long ago. In the past, Gu Tianxing rebelled in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and his hands were stained with much blood. The Great Law couldn't tolerate his sins. They gathered the power of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and eventually killed him, but we did not expect that his soul did not disperse, and even passed on to his descendant. He had destroyed the Origin Mountains in the Demon Realm and wanted to rebuild a new him. Now, he also had the protection of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. If we leave him be, in the future, I am afraid he will massacre many people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Therefore, we the Violet Heavenly Palace held this grand event here to invite all warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Realm to participate and enjoy themselves. We hope that warriors of the demon clans will not be bewildered and will help a human cultivator who stole your Laws of Origin. We, the Violet Heavenly Palace, selected the best cultivators to train and prepare for this. The descendant of the Gu Clan must be removed."

He talked loudly and used a lot of righteous words. It was as if Gu Tianxing was a heinous sinner.

However, in those days, Gu Tianxing's hands were indeed stained with many people's blood, especially in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, countless warriors were killed, and many people of the Violet Heavenly Palace died. But everyone also understood that it was because of Gu Jiangnan's death that Gu Tianxing went crazy and went on a killing spree, staining the Heavenly Mandate Realm with blood.

Now, since the descendant of Gu Tianxing grew up and became another him, the first thing he would do was take revenge on the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Therefore, the Violet Heavenly Palace must make arrangements in advance and prepare for this.

However, these big figures all had their own ideas. Although the giants of the demon world could not directly assist Gu Dongliu, they would not join forces with them the Violet Heavenly Palace. They would just sit by and watch as the situation changed.

"The words of the Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord are very reasonable. As long as the Gu Clan of the past still exists, it will bring disaster to the Heavenly Mandate Realm," the Divine General of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty said. The Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord in his mouth was actually the Deputy Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace. He was in charge of the Laws of Heavenly Penalty and ruled the Heavenly Penalty Palace in the eighth heaven of the Violet Heavenly Palace with appalling power.

"At that time, when the Great Emperor unified the Divine Prefectures of the East, the human race and the demon race coexisted and did not distinguish between each other. The so-called Heavenly Mandate Realm was just nominal. Last time, we went to the Demon Realm, and today, warriors of the Demon Realm join us. There was no need for conflict. Today, there were various races in the demon world, and it was your heyday. When is it necessary for you to serve others as kings? Gu Tianxing was just a person full of self-importance."

The Divine General continued talking. His words sounded polite, but who knew what he had in mind?

The human race and the demon race coexisted, but how could they not have their own thoughts?

"Indeed. This time warriors from everywhere of the Realm came to attend the ceremony, and both the human cultivators and top figures of the Demon Realm are all there. If you want the intention, we can discuss Laws and make friends, learn from each other, and witness the prosperity of the Heavenly Mandate Realm together."

The Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord continued. The Prophet of the Demon Realm said that the Heavenly Mandate Realm would change. Now that human beings and cultivators of the Demon Realm were all here, it was possible to see the strengths of the top figures in all parties and tell their fortunes.

The Heavenly Mandate would change, and Gu Tianxing had made Gu Dongliu a peerless talented figure; however, Gu Dongliu was just a Saint-Plane warrior. If the change of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were related to him, then the change would come from this generation.

As for the so-called making friends, it was just a courtesy. Who didn't want their fortune and power to be unparalleled in the world and win over others?

Not to mention, between the human cultivators and demon cultivators, even among the supreme powers of human beings in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they were all continually fighting and wanted to stand at the top.

In the past, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were flourishing for a while, but then they became weak, and all other powers rose.

Now, the Heavenly Mandate Realm would change again. Who didn't want to reach the top?

At the very least, Gu Dongliu could not be allowed to grow; otherwise, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would resume its fortune of the past.

"I heard that the Imperial Lord hails the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty as the inborn supreme warrior, and I want to see if the Crown Prince indeed has unparalleled combat power," a powerful figure of the Dragon Divine Clan said, his voice resounding through the void space.

After his words, countless warriors bustled in the vast space, and the noise didn't stop.

Today, all the top warriors gathered here. They had thought they would just witness the battles of those who wanted to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace, but now it seemed that they could also see those strongest warriors' performance.

The Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord seemed to want big figures of all powers to practice combat with others as well.

"We are also curious. Since the old and new Imperial Lords of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty are all great figures, and now, the Imperial Lord claims that the Crown Prince is superior to him and born to be a supreme figure, is his ability overstated?" a Demon Emperor of the Sky Demon Court asked.

The Crown Prince was now well known in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, just like Gu Dongliu, and had attracted the most attention in the Realm.

Everyone wanted to see the Prince's real strength.

At this moment, the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was just sitting next to the Divine General. His body was bathed in radiance, and there seemed to be a divine gleam in his eyes. He glanced around at the people. Were they all wondering about his strength?

"Whoever wants to know about my strength, stand up," the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty said slowly. For a moment, the vast land of the arena was silent.

Was this an invitation to fight?

He could fight, but whoever wanted to fight must come out on their own.

The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Dynasty was born to be supreme. Now, he had proved his Law as Nirvana Plane, and he was very likely to be the strongest person below the Renhuang Plane in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, so how many people could fight with him?

Even when all the warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had gathered here, there were still very few.


A flash of golden lightning rushed out and was suspended over the place where the previous Thunder Platform was located. The figure was shining brightly, and the light of the Great Law fell. He was a golden-winged giant Peng bird belonging to the Sky Demon Court. He had unparalleled speed.

His eyes were extremely sharp. They penetrated the void air and gazed toward the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He obviously wanted to challenge this inborn supreme figure.

The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty slowly rose and stepped forward, suddenly striding across the void space.

Bang. He took a step and walked toward the other side. His whole body was bathed in the divine light, just like a deity.

Appalling beams of glow appeared around the body of the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird, and his sharp Might swept out, flowing toward the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

However, the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty stepped out again, and around his body, a boundless gorgeous scene appeared.

Above the sky, phantoms of the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird shone and soared between the sky and earth. A landscape appeared behind him. It was even more gorgeous than the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird, who was actually standing in front of him.


People's hearts thumped fast. It was too gorgeous. The Golden-winged Giant Peng Birds were surrounding him.


He pointed his finger forward, and suddenly, golden-winged Giant Peng Birds of all skies swept out. It turned into a rapid, cutting off the void air, flying toward the real Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird.

The Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird turned into his original form, its wings spreading out to cover the earth and cut off the sky. But another Giant Peng Bird, exactly like him, rushed out and thrust toward him. He lifted his claws and launched an attack, tearing off the void air. A shocking collision broke out.

The body of the Crown Prince was suspended in the sky, and endless divine light shrouded his body. A lot of Giant Peng Birds attacked incessantly.

It was as if he was standing there, able to use the power of phantoms to crush the real divine bird.

The Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty hid him for many years and called him the inborn supreme Lord. Of course, it was not an exaggeration.

He didn't show his strength, which didn't mean he had none, but when it was time to show off, he would not stop! 

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    《The Legend of Futian》