The Legend of Futian
1432 The Miserable Violet Heavenly Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1432 The Miserable Violet Heavenly Palace

Ye Futian nodded and said, "He was born to be a warrior. If body form theory really exists, there are some people who have the Supreme Form of the Great Path and some people with body form of all Laws. His body form should be called the form of Battle Deity, since he is born to fight, and his physical strength is just invincible."

Many people heard Ye Futian's words and felt stirred. They had seen Ye Futian's performance, and the power he displayed in the battle with Zhan Yuan was just astounding. Even the great demon beasts of the Divine Dragon Clan did not dare to say they could beat him with the massive power of the divine elephant.

However, he said that there was still another person who was stronger than him and had the body form of War Deity and was born for war.

Who in this world dared to call their physical strength invincible?

Even the warriors of the Divine Dragon Clan and the Divine Elephant Clan didn't dare to say their physical strengths were invincible.

However, Ye Futian had proven how powerful he was with a violent victory. Since he claimed another person was strong, he was probably really strong. Otherwise, Ye Futian wouldn't just babble in front of so many top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm who could use a fist to test if what he said was true or not.

Many top figures were a little curious, and all looked at Ye Futian. The powerful figure of the Divine Dragon Clan asked, "Who is this person?"

Ye Futian glanced at the vast and boundless crowd, seemingly looking for someone, but there were too many people. It was impossible to find someone at a glance, so he shouted, "Yu Sheng!"

Somewhere in the crowd, Yu Sheng was with other companions. He looked up at Ye Futian in the void, quite speechless.

You were in the limelight, fine, but what does it have to do with me? he thought.

Why are you picking me?

Yu Sheng was a little unhappy, but he still walked to the void sky.

The moment he showed up, he attracted the attention of countless people.

He was tall, a head taller than Ye Futian. He looked quite brawny. His shoulder-length black hair looked casual, but his face was sharp, and he had an indescribable temperament. From just one glance, one could get a sense of his power.

Of course, one's temperament did not truly display their real strength. All cultivators who had reached the Saint Plane had cast off their mortal body structure, so nobody's temperament was poor. His real strength was still unknown.

Ye Futian said his physical strength was invincible, maybe because of their friendship. It should be an exaggeration.

Amid the crowd of the Violet Heavenly Palace, Tan Zimo, many people recognized Yu Sheng. So had the Jinyi Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky and others.

Yu Sheng was the person who stood next to Ye Futian and challenged the disciples of Violet Heavenly Palace back then. His physical strength was indeed very overbearing.

However, it was difficult to tell how strong he really was.

Jinyi Goddess murmured something to the people of the Brahma's Pure Sky around her. Many people looked at Yu Sheng. Since Ye Futian had such appalling combat power, this person must not be weak, either. He must be really strong, but people needed more proof of how strong he really was.

Yu Sheng walked quietly to Ye Futian and said nothing, but the top figures in the void sky were all staring at him, fighting will in their eyes.

"Sir, this is Yu Sheng of the True-Self Saint Plane. I was really not raving. If I am qualified for the Great Law battle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he should have a place, too," Ye Futian said.

The warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace didn't look happy; even the Lord of Heavenly Penalty Palace looked sullen.

The event today was held by the Violet Heavenly Palace.

What did Ye Futian think the place was?

Did he think himself as the master here?

"Whether his physical strength is invincible or not, I will know only after I fight with him," a cold voice came out. The speaker walked out of the crowd of the Violet Heavenly Palace. The person was also of the True Self Saint Plane and was the strongest warrior of this Plane in the Violet Heavenly Palace. His name was Xu Yin.

Tan Zimo and others were about to say something, but Xu Yin had already stepped out, so they could do nothing but watch. Now, they could only hope that Xu Yin could win.

If they failed the battle again...

The Violet Heavenly Palace was quite embarrassed by Zhan Yuan's defeat. Seeing Ye Futian introducing other people, how could they submit to them? Xu Yin's Life Spirit shone behind him. It was a violent giant monster of Thunder. Suddenly, the Thunder Light illuminated the sky. His eyes swept toward Yu Sheng, and he said, "Please feel free to give me instruction."

Yu Sheng took a peep at Ye Futian.

"During the Great Law competition today, we should show enough respect to our opponents, so please make sure you put in your full effort," Ye Futian said.

"Okay," Yu Sheng nodded and walked forward. The light of Buddha and demon shone around him. When he stepped, the void sky made a dull sound.

"The Buddha and demon gathered in the same body, which made the Law of Demon even more vigorous," other warriors commented. Yu Sheng stepped into the void sky, and the space was shaking. A demon shadow appeared around his body, and behind him, a demon statue showed up.

It was as if he was the devil himself.

After entering the Saint Plane of True Self, Yu Sheng's cultivation had a stunning transformation, and his divine skills became stronger.

The supreme divine Might came, and Xu Yin of the Violet Heavenly Palace frowned. He felt a thrilling pressure from the Demonic Laws. When he looked at Yu Sheng, he felt as if he was looking at a demon.

Xu Yin's eyes shone with thunder. He took a forceful step, and the thunderous, giant beast burst into a roar. Tens of thousands of rays of thunder light annihilated the void sky. He seemed to merge into the thunder beast and moved forward to destroy the demon deity.

The demonic melody lingered and rang through the world. In addition to the demon statue behind Yu Sheng, there also seemed to be thousands of demon phantoms. He was the peerless demonic deity of the world. He thrust his demonic palm down and destroyed all beings.

The Might of the violent beast seemed to be completely suppressed. Xu Yin and Yu Sheng's attacks collided. The Demonic Might suppressed might of Thunder Law.


There was a loud noise. Under the suppression of the demon palm print, the light of thunder dimmed, and the violent thunder monster was penetrated. The palm prints directly blasted over Xu Yin's body. For a moment, Xu Yin was blown away and thrown back to the crowd of Violet Heavenly Palace.

He should go back to where he came from.

Even though Xu Yin was a talented warrior in Violet Heavenly Palace, he was not even at the same level as Zhan Yuan. If Zhan Yuan and Yu Sheng were on the same Plane, they might be able to fight.

As for Xu Yin, he was obviously not qualified enough, so he could only be suppressed.

In regards to Yu Sheng's demonic method, the more he cultivated, the more powerful the method became. Even after the Saint Plane, his demonic power would only become more and more terrifying as he practiced.

Therefore, since Yu Sheng listened to Ye Futian's words and didn't show mercy, Xu Yin naturally couldn't bear it.


Many people saw this scene and felt speechless. One could say the previous battle between Ye Futian and Zhan Yuan was like a showdown, a strong duel, a battle between two top figures. Ye Futian had a hard time even though he defeated the Supreme Form of the Great Path.

Then the battle was a slaughter. They were obviously not at the same level.

Xu Yin didn't deserve being to be an opponent for Yu Sheng.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was miserable.

Many people were thinking, This was a big event held by the Violet Heavenly Palace, but what's happening now?

The warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace were beaten one after another, and even Zhan Yuan—their Supreme Form of the Great Path—was defeated.

Vroom. At this moment, a gust of fierce wind passed by, and suddenly, the violent demonic flows engulfed the world. A demon shadow appeared. His whole body was sharp. Behind him was a huge phantom of a Kunpeng.

The warrior was a Kunpeng beast from the Sky Demon Court. He was a top character from the Sky Demon Court.

He straddled the void sky in an instant and landed in front of Yu Sheng. His giant Kunpeng wings behind him swept down and almost opened a crevice into the void sky. They swept toward Yu Sheng.

"He is Kun—the descendant of the contemporary Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder," many people murmured. The current Kunpeng Demonic Giant Elder was appallingly powerful and was a giant figure in the Sky Demon Court. He even disdained the Golden Raven Demonic Great Elder and was seeking autonomy.

The descendant of Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder didn't have very much fame in the world of human cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but in the demon world, he had a great reputation and was considered to be the future master of Kun Clan.

It seemed that he couldn't help but have a try.

Yu Sheng looked up and swept toward the void. He saw the wings coming toward him, and he threw his first out, banging the approaching wings and breaking them.

Vroom. Kun stirred a storm, and a huge vortex rose between the sky and earth, devouring and tearing everything apart. It headed toward Yu Sheng.

Bang. The storm drowned yu Sheng, and the horrifying storm tore his body apart. The demon shrouded Yu Sheng. When the horrifying storm raged over his body, he suddenly turned into a terrifying dark whirlwind, devouring this storm frantically, rushing straight toward Kun.

Yu Sheng forwarded in the storm, and his Fist of Devil penetrated everything and rushed straight toward Kun.

With wings spread behind his back, Kun flashed toward Yu Sheng. Since Ye Futian had said that Yu Sheng's physical strength was unparalleled, he wanted to see how strong Yu Sheng's offensive power was.

The crowd saw them colliding together and fighting at a very close distance. the Art of Kunpeng and the overbearing demonic powers clashed with each other, and the battlefield seemed to be trembling.

Countless warriors were staring at them, and every collision made their hearts tremble.

The Sky Demon Court was a power of the Demon Realm Alliance, of which many great powers were also present. They looked at the battlefield and were quite stirred.

They knew Kun's power the best. The Art of Kunpeng and his attacking power were also extremely strong, but at this time, when he collided with Yu Sheng, the demon cultivator was getting stronger and stronger in the fight. Demon statues of all skies appeared over the sky dome, with appalling Demonic Might quelling everything.

Kun had turned into his original body form, and Yu Sheng transformed into a huge figure of demon deity. They made the void sky tremble continuously.

Finally, they were separated, and the overbearing demonic shadow was still standing there. Kun was the one who fell back. His wings trembled slightly, and he stared at the other side.

"Your strength is not bad. You are the strongest enemy I have ever met," Yu Sheng looked at Kun and said. Among all the opponents he had ever met, no one else was stronger than Kun.

Many powerful figures slightly trembled. His strength was not bad?

He was the descendant of Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder, with great fame among young generations. And he just said his strength was not bad?

This guy, as Ye Futian said, was truly overwhelming in physical strength and was peerless in his generation.

In today's battle, two top-level figures showed up, and both of them were able to stand on top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Where did these two guys come from?

Not to mention them, even the warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan had no idea that Yu Sheng, who often stood beside Ye Futian, was so strong.

Before, nobody had noticed.

From now on, the Heavenly Mandate Realm would be bustling!

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    《The Legend of Futian》