The Legend of Futian
1433 Take Advantage
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1433 Take Advantage

Warriors of the Divine Dragon Clan all looked at Yu Sheng. The Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder was a top power in the Demon Realm.

The Sky Demon Court once created an air alliance to gather all the strongest bird demon beasts, so nowadays, there were many top demon clans in the Sky Demon Court.

There was no need to say much about the strength of the Golden Raven Demon Master, but the Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder was also a great power. His strength was no less than that of the Golden Raven Demon Master.

Kun was the Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder's offspring. Although he was not best at physical strength, the physical power of the Art of Kunpeng was also extremely overbearing; however, it didn't affect Yu Sheng at all. It could be seen that Ye Futian's words were not exaggerated and that Yu Sheng's power was indeed terrifying.

"He is really strong, and his demonic skills are impressive, too. Your Master must not be a usual person," said a warrior of the Dragon God Clan.

"Yu Sheng's demonic method was taught by a mysterious old guy who said he had unparalleled heavenly strength and was suitable for demonic cultivation. After that, the old guy disappeared and no one else has taught him. As for me, I have many teachers, and now one of my teachers is present. My cultivation method comes from him. Now, by chance, I inherited from Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions and learned the Divine Elephant Emperor's teachings. I have been extremely lucky on my path to cultivation and have met many good teachers. Otherwise, I would not have made accomplishments like today," Ye Futian said, smartly explaining why their talents were so outstanding.

Everyone could see that Yu Sheng's demonic method was extraordinary at first glance. He could only say it was the teaching of a mysterious man. There was no way he could say it was Yu Sheng's father.

Otherwise, they were going to wonder what Yu Sheng's origin was.

As for himself, he would just attribute his diverse knowledge and skills to the good teachers he had met and good luck. He was not wrong in what he said.

"First of all, you must have talent and ability, only then can fortune become a factor. You have the opportunity to meet famous teachers and have extraordinary luck, which also proves you are an unusual person," the powerful figure of the Divine Dragon Clan said slowly. "As for Yu Sheng, the demonic method he cultivated is very rare. There are very few people who can teach him in the Heavenly Mandate Realm."

"How about you find a famous teacher for him? It will be his great fortune," Ye Futian said.

He is too shameless, people thought, staring at Ye Futian.

This b*stard.

Even though he had shown his talents, he was still too shameless.

He had the Divine Elephant Clan as his background and was praised as the Supreme Form of the Great Path by the powerful figure of the Divine Elephant Clan. Now, he was not satisfied with only having the Divine Elephant Clan as his background but wanted to seek connections with other powers?

He was very brazen.

The Divine Elephant Clan and the Divine Dragon Clan were both top demon clans in the Demon Realm. If they were both approached by him, there were really few forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm that dared to touch them. Even the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had to think twice.

"In our Divine Dragon Clan, there is indeed a powerful figure that could give Yu Sheng some guidance. However, he has a weird temperament and has not received any disciples yet. If Ye Sheng is willing, he can come to my Divine Dragon Clan and meet him. I will recommend him," the powerful figure of the Divine Dragon Clan said.

Many top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm flashed their eyes. Many of them faintly knew who he was referring to. Not only them, but many warriors who knew something about the Demon Realm had also guessed who he was.

The Demon Dragon of the Divine Dragon Clan was a superpower, a monster that even the Head of the Divine Dragon Clan could not command.

The Divine Dragon Clan wanted to introduce Yu Sheng to that figure!

"He won't have any opinion. Are you leaving now, sir? Just take him with you. Yu Sheng will belong to Divine Dragon Clan from now on," Ye Futian said.


All warriors stared at Ye Futian with a stunned look. How could he be so shameless?

Belonged to the Divine Dragon Clan?

Was he still the peerless gallant figure who had just defeated Zhan Yuan?

Why did he suddenly become so toady?

Yu Sheng looked at Ye Futian, bewildered.

He was speechless. Had he even asked for his opinion?

Amid the crowd, Qi Xuangang smiled and shook his head. Little Condor muttered, "Master is too shameless. He made Yu Sheng Master lose his dignity."

"In this Heavenly Mandate Realm, dignity is of no use. In the Origin Mountains, Futian turned the Violet Heavenly Palace upside down and unlocked the secrets of the Imperial Bone. He survived the tree of death and seized the ancient emperor's corpse. Still, he was hunted all the way, and Zhan Yuan—the Supreme Form of the Great Path of the Violet Heavenly Palace—was still so overbearing."

Qi Xuangang spoke slowly. Were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng inferior to Zhan Yuan?

The battle today had proved many things. What they lacked was just a powerful backing.

As the saying went, a tree that outgrew other trees in a forest would be broken by the wind. Ye Futian certainly understood it. He stood out today and embarrassed the Violet Heavenly Palace. Besides, he was Gu Dongliu's younger brother. He showed such peerless talent, but if he had no background, the outcome would not be good.

Ye Futian knew this very well, which was why he asked Yu Sheng to come into the limelight and find someone to back him.

With the Divine Elephant Clan and the Divine Dragon Clan as their backing, whoever wanted to harm them needed to think twice.

Besides, he did so perhaps for his Third Elder Brother as well.

After all, Gu Dongliu had inherited the Laws of Origin. Gu Tianxing wanted to make him the new king of the Demon Realm, but in fact, he was taking big risks, and the probability of success was extremely low. If he lost, he would be eternally doomed.

But if Ye Futian could make good friends with the two top demon clans in the Demon Realm, there would be less pressure in the future.

The powerful figure of the Divine Dragon Clan also looked at Ye Futian and felt speechless. This guy didn't care about his own image at all. Where was the proud person who had just defeated Zhan Yuan?

However, Zhan Yuan and the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were the same kinds of people. They were born to be extraordinary and had always been at the top of the power. They were born to be supreme. At any time, they had a noble temperament, but Ye Futian was different. He came here all through his own effort and knew better how to survive, even though he could show off his peerless talent and pride when facing Zhan Yuan.

He knew people like Ye Futian would have a more ambitious life.

The future of the Heavenly Mandate Realm would change, and it was likely to happen in this generation. After all, it was caused by Gu Tianxing. Then, these top talented people would be extremely important to the future. The Divine Dragon Clan, of course, wouldn't mind establishing relationships with young figures like them.

"Good. If so, we Dragon God Clan will take care of Yu Sheng from now on. If that guy refuses to teach him, the Dragon God Clan will teach Yu Sheng to use the power of dragon deity, but it may not fit his own cultivation method," the powerful figure of Divine Dragon Clan said.

"Thank you, sir," Ye Futian bowed and said. "Yu Sheng, come and say thank you."

Yu Sheng looked at Ye Futian, speechless. But when he turned to the warrior of the Divine Dragon Clan, he became serious. He bowed slightly and said, "Thank you very much, sir."

"Shameless," other warriors murmured, seeing Yu Sheng joining the Dragon God Clan, full of jealousy, envy, and resentment.

With the protection of the Divine Elephant Clan and Dragon God Clan, these two guys could act tough in the future.

"Congratulations." At this moment, a cold voice came from the Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace. He looked emotionless. Had this grand event of Violet Heavenly Palace become the place to fulfill all Ye Futian's wishes?

It could be said that Ye Futian had taken advantage of this grand event not only to embarrass them but also to reap benefits for himself.

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    《The Legend of Futian》