The Legend of Futian
1437 His Cultivation of One Day Was Better Than That of One Year for Others
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1437 His Cultivation of One Day Was Better Than That of One Year for Others

Qin He looked to Wang Yanbing. Did he come here just to say this?

It seemed that, even though he had not yet entered the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, Wang Yanbing was already concerned with many issues, such as who the strongest figure in the Heavenly Mandate Realm was, and whether or not the things the Celestial Gate had done were right or wrong.

This should not be something he cared about. But what Wang Yanbing said undoubtedly proved that he had regarded himself as one of the top figures in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Besides, he had also voiced his opinion about the competition of the Heavenly Mandate Realm because he wanted to participate in it. He thought it would all be related to him.

It seemed the Wang Clan was ready to enter the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Wang Yanbing came here today just to set the stage for this.

She did not respond. She always watched her mouth. She was the First Maiden of Brahma's Pure Sky, but the matter of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was none of her business, and she would not comment.

"Is this your idea, or is it the idea of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven Wang Clan?" a lazy voice said. Wang Yanbing moved his eyes to Ye Futian, who was sipping tea.

People in the distance also looked at Ye Futian. Qin He didn't even respond. Was Ye Futian trying to join their conversation?

Wang Yanbing's gaze fell on Ye Futian. He still looked calm and peaceful inside. He asked, "Is there a difference?"

"Of course." Ye Futian put down the teacup and looked at Wang Yanbing, saying, "Since I came to Haotian City, I heard that the Wang Clan used to be a Celestial Gate Clan and once was one of the leaders. You left the Celestial Gate after the decay. Now that there is a sign of revival, you may return to Celestial Gate.

"If what you said is the Wang Clan's idea, I suggest the Wang Clan better not enter the Celestial Gate because you don't deserve it."

After Ye Futian spoke, everything fell silent. Numerous eyes were staring at Ye Futian, and solders behind Wang Yanbing all released a sharp and dangerous life force.

This statement was utterly presumptuous.

People below the stairs and in the distance also looked at Ye Futian. This guy liked talking big. How dare he suddenly rave that the Wang Clan didn't deserve to enter the Celestial Gate?

There was also a sharp light flashing in Wang Yanbing's eyes, but he seemed to have good self-control. He did not get angry or release cold wills. He just calmly said, "Please continue."

"If it's your idea, I can only say I feel pity for you. You asked who was qualified to stand at the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Although I don't know who it will be, I am sure there will be no place for you."

Many people in the distance showed anger.

"Such an arrogant brat," someone in the restaurant slapped the table and said with a cold look. Wang Yanbing was the top one figure under the Renhuang of Haotian City. Even though Ye Futian had a brilliant record in the Violet Heavenly Palace, he did not have the right to be so arrogant.

First, he insulted the Wang Family. Then he explicitly said that Wang Yanbing was not worthy of competing for the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Why?" Wang Yanbing was still calm as he asked Ye Futian.

"You said that Gu Tianxing and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven did everything for themselves, and you also said that the storm that weakened the Celestial Gate at that time was caused by the grudge between Gu Tianxing and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty." Ye Futian stared at Wang Yanbing and said emotionlessly, "Let me ask you, what was Gu Tianxing's identity at that time? What was Gu Jiangnan's?"

Wang Yanbing raised his eyebrows slightly. He seemed to know what Ye Futian meant.

Ye Futian continued, "As far as I know, Gu Tianxing was one of the three leaders of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, and among them, he was the strongest. He led the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven to reach the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. There were 12 Immortals in the Gu Clan that overtook the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and Gu Jiangnan was also a peerless figure of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. But according to you, Gu Jiangnan's death was just Gu Tianxing's problem? Didn't they belong to the Celestial Gate?

"As you said, this is a matter of Gu Clan. If so, what kind of sect is the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven? Why do all people only enjoy others' contributions? Can I assume that if the Wang Clan were useful to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would want you? Otherwise, they could just forget about you."

Ye Futian's voice was penetrating. He continued, "If so, how is the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven qualified to stand at the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm? It was all because of Gu Tianxing, who volunteered to sacrifice Gu Clan for the Celestial Gate's future. Now the Celestial Gate took Gu Dongliu back because they owed him. Top figures should have such trust and morality. Who is really selfish? If this is the Wang Family's idea, isn't it the failure of the Celestial Gate to let the Wang Family enter the Celestial Gate? Once a clan is useless, just discard it!

"According to you, if Gu Dongliu stands at the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm in the future, the purpose of entering the Celestial Gate for him would not be cultivation but revenge, since the Celestial Gate abandoned the Gu Clan. You want to make progress quietly and grow stronger. You think peerless figures will emerge from the Celestial Gate, but why would that person come from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven? What if that person comes from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Violet Heavenly Palace, or is Gu Dongliu himself? At that time, how will the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven act? Why can't you fight by yourself?"

Ye Futian continued, "You don't have the courage and responsibility to face your responsibilities. You just want to sit down and enjoy other peoples' achievements. Even though you have talent, you lack belief in yourself and others, so you will be destined to fail in the competition of the Heavenly Mandate Realm."

Ye Futian finished, and the vast and boundless space became even quieter. There was no sound at all. Even in distant inns, peoples' chatter stopped. They all looked at the white hair figure above the stairs, lost in thought.

If one said that Wang Yanbing's words showed his wisdom in making decisions, then Ye Futian's words, at this moment, reflected a kind of spirit.

It was hard to say who was right or wrong. Everyone's thoughts were different and how they judged things also differed. What Wang Yanbing said was not wrong, but Ye Futian's words could also refute him.

At this time, many people began to compare them.

Wang Yanbing, who was born in the Wang Family, seemed to be outshone.

Qin He had an amazed look on her face. She looked at Ye Futian next to her. She could feel his strong spirit from his words. It was as if there was still a brave young man's soul in his body, even though he had reached the Saint Plane.

Wang Yanbing looked at Ye Futian and seemed to be thinking about his words.

"You have some idealism, but what you think is unrealistic. What you said is just sophistry. You have faith but no strength. If war breaks out, even the figures on top of the Heavenly Mandate Realms can't defend Renhuang warriors' attack. No one can escape death."

After a moment of silence, Wang Yanbing said, "Gu Tianxing and the old Imperial Lord were so powerful back then, but now they are buried underground. As for who can stand at the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realms, you can't make that conclusion. Let's see who among the top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm will stand at the peak in the future."

Wang Yanbing stood up, bowed to Qin He, and said, "My apology for bothering Goddess. I should leave now."

Qin He smiled and said, "Take care."

"Farewell," Wang Yanbing cupped his hand and said. He turned around and walked away. Warriors of Wang Clan all rose and left. Before leaving, they all glanced at Ye Futian. Then they stepped into the air and vanished.

"His last sentence didn't sound that ridiculous," Ye Futian whispered, seeing Wang Yanbing leaving. "However, it won't come true."

"Among the top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, who will stand at the peak in the future?" Qin He murmured. Wang Yanbing was indeed very ambitious.

However, Ye Futian said his dreams wouldn't come true.

"It seems that Mr. Ye believes the top figure of Heavenly Mandate Realm will be dominant in the future," Qin He said with a smile.

"I'm the Divine Form of Heavenly Law," Ye Futian said. He shrugged and smiled. Qin He looked at his handsome face and no longer felt very disgusted.

After knowing him for a while, she felt he was not bad.

But she still didn't understand why she was asked to approach Ye Futian.

"The Divine Form of Heavenly Law," Qin He said and smiled. Her sweet smile was breathtakingly beautiful. Ye Futian looked at her smile and slightly felt it was more natural than before.

"Let's return."

Everyone rose to their feet and returned to the palace.

However, people outside the palace had not dispersed. There were a lot of discussions about the argument between Wang Yanbing and Ye Futian today.

However, they did not have a real fight today.

Wang Yanbing was a Nirvana Saint, and his Plane was higher than Ye Futian's. Their fight was meaningless.

Let's just see who will dominate this generation in the future, they thought.

Perhaps neither of them would be able to do that.

Time passed. More and more people had entered Haotian City. Many powerful people had gathered in this celestial city, just like in the Thunder Punishment City not long ago, but they did not show up. They stayed quiet in the city.

After all, this time was not the same as in the Violet Heavenly Palace. This time, the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty came to challenge the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

To the east of Haotian City, there was a celestial gate land that towered into the clouds. It had an immortal atmosphere. This was the territory of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

At this time, at the top of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, in a celestial matrix that connected the sky and earth, ancient characters were circling. Beams of the Great Law drooped down from the sky and fell into the celestial matrix.

In the center of the celestial matrix, a figure was sitting cross-legged, surrounded by the endless ancient characters.

He was Gu Dongliu.

Outside the Celestial Matrix, the Lord of Jiang Clan stood there quietly with his hands behind his back. He was watching Gu Dongliu in the matrix.

At this moment, a middle-aged figure in a luxurious robe came down. He stood beside the Lord of the Jiang Family and said, "How is it going?"

"He still stays in the Unblemished Plane," the Lord of the Jiang Family said. "But, his status now, which he cultivated for a day, has taken other people a year to accomplish."

"Good." The middle-aged man beside him nodded.

Cultivation required one to take one step at a time. Usually, it was impossible to skip Planes to cultivate. No one had done it before, and even if someone did it, their status would be unstable.

However, Gu Dongliu was a special case.

He directly inherited the Laws of origin and absorbed the fortunes of the entire Origin Mountain. There were the wills of tens of thousands of demons in his body, and he also had the Thought of the Demon Monarch.

In the end, Gu Tianxing sealed his own will and the divine matrix in his body. It protected him with celestial methods. The power was so appalling that it was comparable to the creation power of the sky and earth. That was why big figures of the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were scared of this young man. The methods Gu Tianxing had used on him were too strong that they went against heaven's will.

Gu Dongliu was in the process of refining and cultivating. He was also digesting the wills of countless warriors. His cultivation in one day was better than what others did in a year.

However, he was about to reach the limit of cultivation this time. Whether he could break through the Nirvana Plane or not depended on Gu Dongliu's own comprehension in laws!

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    《The Legend of Futian》