The Legend of Futian
1439 Fae Alley
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1439 Fae Alley

There was an alley in Haotian City called Fae Alley.

At the end of the alley, there was a family with an old man living in it. According to the people in the alley, the old man may have lived there for hundreds of years. The people in the alley have lived there for generations, yet the old man was the same as before.

It was also said that he might have lived for thousands of years.

Gradually, there were many legends about the old man in the alley, and all had said that he was a fae.

Furthermore, there were often visits made by some well-known figures to the old man, but most of them returned, disappointed.

As time went on, there were more and more rumors regarding the old man. The big one was that the old man in the alley had been guarding something. It was said to have been a fae craft of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, waiting for The One.

It was just that many years had passed, but this fae craft was still waiting for its master.

The alley was located somewhat remotely in a corner of Haotian City. Those who lived here were definitely not the most recognized of Haotian City. However, many formidable men had come out of this alley. Every few years, there would be an incredibly talented figure that walked out of this alley.

Generation after generation, out of the many who came out of this alley, a considerable number of them had become existence of Renhuang.

Therefore, this alley was becoming more renowned, coming to be known as Fae Alley.

Many were wondering, was the old man someone to be bothered with?

Just what exactly was he guarding that made him stay there for fo many years?

This kind of loneliness was not something that ordinary people could bear.

Recently, this alley had become troublesome again, with many visitors coming daily.

Moreover, those who visited were all exceptional in temperament.

At this moment, at the end of the alley, a young man named Qi Yuxuanang was playing chess with an old man. This young man was always staring at the chessboard. He did not dare to be distracted for a moment. The old man's hand was toying with the chess pieces. He had a mild smile on his face, looking at the young man thinking, It seems that he likes this state very much.

The youth's temperament was outstanding, but the old man was very simple. He hadn't known how many years he had worn his clothes for. It seemed to be the same in many people's memories.

"The predecessors have nothing to do, and the junior's chess skills are shameful." The man in black spilled the chess pieces on the chessboard and shook his head a bit decadently.

"It has been very good to be able to play for so long," the old man said with a smile, looking very kind.

"Is this game difficult to solve, or is it difficult to solve the game over there?" The man in black looked up to the side. At the end of the wide alley, there were four statues guarding the alley.

The four statues were the four spirits.

Dragon, phoenix, kyline, and black turtle.

The four statues were guarding this place so that the whole alley seemed to be shrouded in a peculiar atmosphere.

However, at this time, in front of the four statues, an outstanding young man in a blue robe was playing guqin. His skills were extremely exquisite, and the sound of the guqin attracted the movement of the Great Path in heaven and the earth. One of the statues was faintly releasing radiant beams as if it could perceive the existence of the sound of the guqin, and a certain response was born.

"Take a guess," the old man smiled at the questioning young man.

"I guess that game should be more difficult to solve," the young man said with a smile. His gaze was still focusing there, and he asked, "are the Four Spirits really alive?"

"Of course," the old man replied.

"How could the statues be living creatures?" the young man whispered, not as if to ask a question but rather just talking to himself.

The old man smiled without saying a word, and the mood expressed by the sound of the guqin was even more transcendent. It seemed to communicate with the world and resonated with the Great Path. There seemed to be shadows of dragons and phoenixes whistling around the young man, with golden rocs and cranes flying hither. It was a scene so magnificent that the second statue was lit up.

In the vast world, suffocating pressure of might suddenly enveloped the space, and a low voice was heard. It was the sound of the dragon, and at the top of the sky, an immense shadow of the divine dragon loomed. Its huge eyes stared ahead. Its might shrouded the entire alley.

At this moment, everyone in Fae Alley could feel a terrible pressure.


A crystalline sound came out, and the mood created by the guqin was interrupted and stopped abruptly. The young man let out a low moan and showed a look of disappointment. He glanced up at the sky, and the dragon's shadow gradually dissipated. But the statue still stood there, as if there had never been any change.

But the scene that had just happened was so real. Not only did he feel it, but so did everyone else in Fae Alley had.

Figures came to this side. The hearts of the people in Xianren Lane trembling slightly, and there was slight turbulence in their hearts.

As far as they knew, the statues had not had any reactions for many years.

Who was it that could let the divine dragon statue come to life?

It would seem that someone of importance had arrived in Fae Alley.

When they saw that the young man, who was playing the guqin, was so young, they were all slightly surprised. Moreover, the young man's temperament was extremely elegant and otherworldly. It was as if he was a disciple of the Fae Clan.

"The dragon spirit among the four spirits is revived. How fitting for Hua Qingyun of the Fae Clan."

At this time, a voice spoke up. Suddenly, an extremely sharp breath appeared in the alley. The gaze of the crowd turned to a figure coming forward. Though his walk was very casual, it was enough to exude sharpness to those around him. It was as if he was a divine soldier that was unsheathed, all invincible.

At the same time, many people were slightly shocked. The handsome young man who played turned out to be Hua Qingyun, the most ingenious talent of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

In the Fae Clan, though many had never seen Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun, they certainly had heard of their names.

Hua Qingyun looked at the newcomer, and recognizing the other immediately. He said casually, "You are not preparing for the entrance of the Fae Clan, and what are you doing here? Could it be that you also want to give it a shot?"

The man who arrived was Wang Yanbing. He would be tested by the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven in a few days.

Many people who were present also recognized him, and many were a little thoughtful.

Hua Qingyun above the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and Wang Yanbing below the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were both here. Jiang Taichu was not. Otherwise, these three men, who enjoyed the same renown, would be all here in one place.

"Just walking around and ended up here," Wang Yanbing said. The Wang clan was once the governing family of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. He naturally knew what was sealed here.

Unfortunately, until this day, no one had gotten it.

Even during the times of extraordinary figures, such as Gu Tianxing and Gu Jiangnan, they were unable to take these items when they were in the Saint Plane.

These mystical ways, to this day, were still sealed here.

But for the clan principalities inherited through Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, these mystical ways must be obtained.

It was just that it was uncertain as to when it would be done, or who would be the one to complete the task.

"Since you are here, we could try together," Hua Qingyun said as Wang Yanbing continued forward until he was in front of the old man. He bowed slightly. "Wang Yanbing greets the venerable elder."

"The descendant of the Wang clan is also here." The old man smiled. "I just don't know how many years we will have to wait."

"When the time is right, naturally, it will be solved," Wang Yanbing responded. He looked at the chess player sitting opposite the old man.

"Gao Huang." The man nodded with a smile.

Wang Yanbing's eyes flashed a strange color. He replied, "Nice to meet you."

Although Gao Huang of the 10,000 Divine Mountain was not widely known, far less so than Zhan Yuan of the supreme body of the great path and the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, he had studied the top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Gao Huang was not a simple man; he was a legend in his own right.

His achievements definitely would never be less than that of Zhan Yuan of the supreme body of the great path.

"Likewise." Gao Huang nodded in return. Two of the three most excellent people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had arrived today. He sensed that both Hua Qingyun and Wang Yanbing were more complex than they looked.

At this moment, sounds that came through the sheer air, which caught everyone's attention. They saw a group of people come out of thin air. They were extraordinary in temperament, especially the woman amongst them, who was stunningly beautiful. Her image was ravishing.

"How beautiful." Many couldn't help but express their admiration. In addition, the other two women were also extremely good-looking. One of them, though dressed in men's clothes, radiated a clear beauty.

"I didn't expect the goddesses to be here." Gao Huang smiled. It was truly lively today. Not only was Qin He—the premier maiden of Brahma's Pure Heaven—here, but Ye Futian, who had defeated Zhan Yun of the supreme body of the great path, had accompanied her.

Wang Yanbing also nodded slightly to greet Qin He. On the other side, Hua Qingyun looked over there with a smile, saying, "Fae Alley fairy is lively today."

Ye Futian looked at all who were present. Not only was Wang Yanbing here, but also Gao Huang. If he remembered correctly, this person should be the top genius of 10,000 Divine Mountain. But while at the Violet Heavenly Palace, compared to the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Zhan Yuan, Gao Huang seemed to be even more low-key and restrained.

It was unexpected that he arrived first at Fae Alley. He was obviously very familiar with Haotian City.

Then, he looked at the four statues of spirit again, guarding the four directions. Although they were just statues, he could feel a sense of invisible might.

Not long ago, while he was entering Fae Alley, he even saw a divine dragon descending.

It should be that statue.

"Four Spirits of the Fae Alley. Rumor has it that the four spirits must be awakened before the mystical ways can be revealed. For many years, no one had been able to do it," Qin He transmitted her voice to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded gently. So then, among the four spirits, it was the dragon spirit that was awakening, but it only lasted for a moment.

The old man was standing to the side aside and looking at the people. He stood with his hands behind his back, without any trace of breath from his body. It was the first time that genius characters from all sides came all at once. It was still uncertain if there were some surprises in store for all of them!

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    《The Legend of Futian》