The Legend of Futian
1440 Alliance
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1440 Alliance

Ye Futian stood there quietly, feeling the atmosphere. Standing in this alley, he could clearly feel the inexplicable and invisible might coming from the front.

Although the four spirits were only four statues, they gave out a slight sense of might, and the method with which they were made was unknown.

Or rather, was there a mighty person who had gifted will to the four spirits?

And just now, how did Hua Qingyun awaken the dragon spirit?

The people of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and Haotian City should have had an even better idea than they did.

"Does Goddess Qin know what conditions are needed to awaken the Four Spirits?" Ye Futian transmitted his voice to ask Qin He.

"I don't know," Qin He responded. "No one knows, or maybe, even if they knew, they couldn't do it. Or maybe, just awaken them with will so that any means are possible."

Ye Futian nodded secretly and did not ask again. If it were so easy to wake up the four spirits, then someone would have already done it.

All these years, with so many great men from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, including peerless characters, such as Gu Tianxing and Gu Jiangnan, all had been unable to achieve it.

The disciples of the Fae Clan must have tried, but clearly, no one was successful.

After all, there was a volume of mystical ways hidden here, and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven wanted it more than any other forces.

The same was true for Wang Yanbing. The Wang clan wanted to return to the Fae Clan. If they could get to the mystical ways hidden in this Fae Alley, it would undoubtedly increase their chances and improve their reputation as the ones who brought the mystical ways to the Fae Clan.

Thus, Wang Yanbing came here to give it a try.

Although the chance was slim, one could still try.

"Hua Qingyun, did you have any comprehension communicating with the dragon spirit just now?" Wang Yanbing stepped forward and asked Hua Qingyun.

Hua Qingyun looked at him only to hear Wang Yanbing continue, "With your strength alone, I'm afraid it's impossible. Now that everyone wants it, why don't we all cooperate and give it a try? As to where the mystical ways ultimately belong, we can fight for it later."

Hua Qingyun smiled dashingly and said, "To give consciousness with the sound of the guqin and perceive the given will in the dragon spirit, to try to communicate and awaken it. Since it can be awakened, then will must be within them."

Everyone agreed in their hearts, but in fact, many had also guessed as much. Otherwise, how could truly inanimate objects be awakened?

"How about trying together?" Wang Yanbing looked at Hua Qingyun, Qin He, Gao Huang, and the others.

"Sure." Hua Qingyun nodded. "I will still take care of this dragon spirit, but you take care of the others."

"I will take charge of this Qilin," Wang Yanbing said.

As he was speaking, they looked at Qin He and Gao Huang. Gao Huang smiled and said, "Ladies first."

"Phoenix," Qin He replied.

"Okay, then I will try to wake up this black turtle. But the black turtle is the laziest, and I have stated in advance that I don't have much confidence," Gao Huang said lightly.

"Let's do it," Wang Yanbing said as he stepped toward the statue of the Qilin.

Hua Qingyun was in front of the statue of the dragon spirit, and his hand lightly rested on the guqin. Gao Huang walked toward the statue of the black turtle. Qin He glanced at Ye Futian next to her and said, "You will stay here and experience it?"

She was very clear that even for the four of them to join forces, they would not easily succeed. This time, it was mostly just an attempt.

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded.

The group of four stepped forward one by one, and everyone in Fae Alley revealed a strange look when they beheld this scene.

For these four people, Hua Qingyun and Wang Yanbing were the most genius talents above and below the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Qin He came from Brahma's Pure Heaven, and Gao Huang was from 10,000 Divine Mountain. It was unknown if the alliance of the top four geniuses could revive the four spirits.

The sound of the guqin sounded with highly penetrating power, the notes jumping and heading toward the statue of the dragon spirit. Hua Qingyun's demeanor while playing the guqin was lovely, and a wonderful breath appeared around him, shrouding him with that statue of the dragon spirit.

Wang Yanbing came to the Qilin, and an extremely sharp breath bloomed from him. Countless divine arms whistled when he stretched out his palm and put it on the statue of Qilin. In an instant, an extreme sharp breath of divine arms bloomed, and Wang Yanbing seemed to be turned into a weapon of divine arms.

It was as if Wang Yanbing, at this moment, had turned into the king of arms.

Many of the cultivators in the alley felt that the divine arms that they carried were trembling as if they were out of control, wanting to head for Wang Yanbing.

Ye Futian also felt an unusual breath, and he looked at Wang Yanbing with surprise.

Was this the mystical ways of warriors from the Wang family?

The statue of Qilin was dazzling all over. It was as if the will of the divine arms buried it. Suddenly, a terrible pressure of might pervaded from the Qilin, shrouding Wang Yanbing.

However, Wang Yanbing was still standing there, and clear sounds of crackling could be heard. The will of the divine arms was broken. He felt an extremely terrible might, but Wang Yanbing did not retreat. He turned his whole person into an extremely sharp weapon of divine arms. As long as the four of them each did their part, and awakened a statue of the four spirits, there may be hope for success.

Qin He's slender and delicate hands were also touching the statue of the phoenix. Her body was shrouded in sacred light, which made her even more beautiful and radiant. Various divine thoughts enveloped the statue of the phoenix, seemingly wanting to feel its existence.

Her beautiful eyes gradually closed, her perception getting stronger and stronger. Shrouded under the divine light, it was if everything between heaven and earth was within her perception.

Her hands felt a little hot. From this statue of the phoenix, she gradually sensed hot stream that burned her mind and even made her palms feel a burning force.

This feeling caused Qin He to take it a little more seriously, and she looked extremely focused. Under the sacred light, her divine will released to the extreme as she attempted to capture the spirit of the phoenix. Only in this way could it possibly be awakened.

Many in Fae Alley looked somber as they felt the change between heaven and earth, the invisible pressure of might seemed to grow stronger. It was as if there was a sacred force shrouding Fae Alley. Many, whose cultivations were weaker, felt a sense of suffocation. Some even felt that their bodies were burning. It was as if they were on fire.

All three statues had reacted except for the statue of the black turtle. The turtle laid there without any change. The breath on Gao Huang was strong, but he could not make the black turtle react in the slightest.

Of the four spirits, the black turtle is the hardest to awaken, people in Fae Alley secretly thought. They had heard many stories over the generations. Many great men had come to try it, and the other three statues all had reacted before.

As the saying went, the thousand-year-old turtle lived so long that it was a lazy b*stard; no one could wake up.

The old man next to him looked on quietly. A slight smile appeared at the corner of his eyes.

These many years of waiting with no one able to achieve it, it was not so easy to be woken up.

It seemed that today was fruitless.

Ye Futian looked at all this quietly. His eyes were deep and boundless, as if there was a magical luminosity that appeared. At this moment, the entire world seemed to have changed in his eyes. It was as if he could see everything in the nothingness.

He looked at the statues of the four spirits as if he could see the picture hidden within them.

Of the statue of the Four Spirits, the statue of the Dragon Spirit seemed to be the most irritable, and a faint shadow of a dragon could be seen. The statue of the Qilin and the Phoenix also had a strange spirit as each opened their eyes.

Only the statue of that black turtle seemed to have a spirit prostrating underneath the shell of the turtle. It did not react, and no breath was able to be detected from it.

As if he had detected something, not far away, the old man looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian turned his gaze to look at him in the same manner, and the luminosity in his eyes disappeared. He smiled. He walked toward the old man and said, "Elder, are any means allowable as long as the four spirits can be revived?"

"Yes," The old man glanced at Ye Futian and nodded with a smile. Just from Ye Futian's eyes, he could feel an unusual breath.

In his realm, when he regarded those eyes, he felt that he was being observed in secrecy.

"Can the statues be destroyed?" Ye Futian asked.

"Try it." The old man smiled. Destroying the statues?

"Very well." Ye Futian nodded. "This black turtle does not seem to have any movement. I would like to give it a try."

Ye Futian walked to the statue of the black turtle.

Gao Huang saw him coming this way and said, "You want to try?"

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded.

"Please." Gao Huang stepped back, making way for Ye Futian.

"Much obliged." Ye Futian nodded smilingly, and then walked in front of the statue of the black turtle. He reached out and knocked on the statue's turtle shell, making a crystal clear sound.

This scene made many onlookers blink.

Who was this?

"Turtle elder, if you are indeed a spirit, please show yourself. Otherwise, you'll have to pardon my tactics," Ye Futian said. There was no response. Many people looked at him, speechless.

Xia Qingyu and Yu Sheng rolled their eyes. This guy never cared about his image.

Seeing that the black turtle without response, Ye Futian placed his palm on the shell of the turtle, and a flame manifested immediately. The statue of the turtle was shrouded in an instant, and the flame penetrated every part of the turtle.

The pressure of might from the other three statues was getting stronger, but still was not waking up. There was just a sense of suffocation, and the statue of the turtle was still motionless, without any reaction.

Everyone who was watching smirked at Ye Futian. This guy was also asking to be humiliated.

However, Ye Futian did not feel anything, and the flame was burning still. Inside his body, the ancient tree of the world in his life palace was swaying, turning into a fiery red ancient tree. The Fire Spirit Orb released the terrible light of the flame, and then flowed out along Ye Futian's arms, turning into the power of flame and burning the statue of the turtle.

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    《The Legend of Futian》