The Legend of Futian
1441 Opening of the Gate
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1441 Opening of the Gate

When Ye Futian released the flame, his eyes also became strange. It was as if they could see through everything in the nothingness.

Within the statue of the turtle, the spirit of the black turtle still huddled inside the shell, allowing the flames to burn without any reaction and without releasing any breath.

Ye Futian understood the reason why the turtle had never been awakened before. It was too lazy to move, so how could you wake it up?

"Turtle elder, hiding inside is not a solution. Why don't you give me some consideration?" Ye Futian said to the statue of the turtle.

All who had heard Ye Futian's words in Fae Alley hesitated.

Was this guy a fool?

He was talking to the turtle statue?

For many years, no one had ever awoken the statue of the turtle, and he was having a conversation with it.

And what did it mean to give him some consideration?

Hack! The old man coughed and rolled his eyes. This kid was really funny.

However, if this was useful, why hadn't it been tried before?

Over the years, people had tried everything.

Attempting to awaken the black turtle by having a conversation with it?

Wasn't this a dream?

When Ye Futian saw that the turtle did not react at all, he sighed and said, "Although the turtle's shell is hard, is it afraid of fire?"

As he was saying this, in the life palace, will infused into the spirit orb of divine flame. Suddenly, the golden will of divine flame appeared in the life palace, burning directly in the void toward the figure of the black turtle.


Suddenly, a boundless and thick breath erupted, suffocating everyone. Ye Futian's body was directly knocked out, and an invisible wind blew upon him.

The sudden scene made countless people stare.

What happened?

The breath was coming from the statue of the black turtle.

It actually moved.

Gao Huang's eyes flashed a very sharp will, staring at Ye Futian.

The others also revealed a look of surprise.

This wouldn't really be useful, would it?

Countless eyes were now staring at the statue of the turtle. For many years, the statue of the black turtle had never moved.

Today, there was a terrifying atmosphere inside this statue, which made everyone feel extremely heavy pressure.

In the air, choking pressure of might permeated.

Ye Futian looked forward and saw the sleeping turtle look up, a pair of cold eyes staring at him.

Ye Futian and the turtle looked at each other, and the spirit of the black turtle slowly emerged from the statue.

"Can you see me?" A human voice came from the turtle's mouth, directly sounding inside Ye Futian's ears, but the others could not hear it.

At this moment, Ye Futian felt an extremely curious breath. It was as if he was in another world, and what he saw was not from the outside world.

Ye Futian nodded. This time, he did not speak.

"What about them, can you see them?" the black turtle continued.

Ye Futian looked at the other three statues and saw a giant dragon shadow hovering above the void. A horrible purple mist was hidden within the shadow of the Qilin, and the phoenix seemed also to want to break through the statue. An invisible fire was released, making the space extremely tight.

As if something was detected, the three spirits turned their eyes at the same time, looking at Ye Futian.

At this moment, they seemed to be able to perceive the existence of the other.

The four pressures of might bloomed at the same time, and everyone saw the four statues light up.

The hearts of many trembled. Was the alliance this time was successful?

"What's your physique?" The black turtle stared at Ye Futian as if talking to himself.

How could their existence be seen? Even Renhuang could not do it as they could ever only perceive their existence unless a connection was made with them.

But Ye Futian did not.

Ye Futian looked bewildered. He had no idea what kind of physique he had. Even though he claimed to have the Divine Body of the Heavenly Path, he meant it more as a joke; some made up stuff that he used to amuse himself.


The other three cultivators sensed the peculiarity of the statues and released their power to a greater degree.

There was a sound of dragon chanting. At this moment, a giant shadow of the dragon appeared above Fae Alley, hovering in the sky. A mighty pressure enveloped the endless void. All of Fae Alley was shrouded in this terrifying might.


Wind blew past them, and the breath of flames seemed to burn the world. Qin He's body was directly knocked down by the shock, and she felt like her body was about to be lit on fire. She retreated instantly.

In the sky above the statue, a divine shadow of a phoenix manifested. The song of the phoenix was heard above the clouds as a divine fire of the Great Path swept out. Many in Fae Alley felt as if they were about to prostrate on the ground, and many whose cultivations were weaker were shocked back.

Then, it was the divine beast—the Qilin. The majestic and dominant breath appeared in the sky above. The Qilin's eyes—full of contempt—looked at everyone, and no one dared to look at him in the eyes.

Three statues manifested at the same time, and three out of the four spirits were awakened.

In an instant, countless eyes looked at the statue of the black turtle. Only one was left.

The divine turtle's gaze was still fixed on Ye Futian, and then, the breath was roaring between heaven and earth, with the will of the Great Path churning and flowing toward him.

Suddenly, a real figure of the black turtle appeared.

At this moment, everyone's hearts were beating wildly.

The four spirits of Fae Alley were awakened.

Would the mystical ways finally reveal themselves?

The old man watched the four spirits waking up. He looked extremely emotional. His arms were trembling slightly.

He had waited all these years, and finally, it was here.

His mission could finally be completed.

The mystical ways could finally find its successor.

At this moment, the four spirits released brilliant divine light, and suddenly, lines appeared between heaven and earth, turning into a terrible matrix of the four spirits as the four statues exchanged their positions.

Behind the four statues was the end of Fae Alley. There was a closed up mansion that was called the Fae Palace by those in Fae Alley.

But there was no doubt that this courtyard must contain mystical ways, which had been sealed for many years.

"The four spirits are the key that unlock the seal?" Many saw the radiant matrix and revealed a strange look, their hearts beating.

Qin He looked on rather blankly. Her beautiful eyes drifted toward Ye Futian beside her. Although she felt the strong will inside the statues before, she was unable to awaken it. Then, the situation changed suddenly, and the divine phoenix was awakened. The scene in front of her eyes appeared.

It was not just the divine phoenix, but the four spirits seemed to be awakened at the same time as if they were stimulated in some way.

And all of this started when the statue of the black turtle started to release its breath.

Could it be that the statue of the black turtle was the key?

Ye Futian was able to provoke a reaction from the statue of the black turtle and subsequently awakened the four spirits at the same time. They manifested one after another.

"How did you do it?" Qin He asked Ye Futian.

Out of the statues of the Four Spirits, the one who had never been awakened before was the statue of the black turtle, which was also known as the hardest to awaken.

But Ye Futian did it today.

Ye Futian looked at Qin He. Clearly, he couldn't say that he could see what others couldn't, so he shrugged and said, "Maybe the black turtle elder heard me and didn't want me to be embarrassed in front of everyone."

Qin He blinked, and she looked away silently.


This b*stard didn't even make a good excuse when he was lying.

Only idiots would believe him.

If having a dialogue with the statue could awaken them, those geniuses who had tried would probably vomit blood now.

"The alliance of the four top genius talents indeed live up to their name," the people in Fae Alley said amongst themselves, very shocked. Some people said, "That guy is very tricky. He led the statue of the black turtle to react, and the four spirits woke up at the same time."

"Very tricky, indeed," everyone said in their hearts, not sure how he did it.

The four spirits flew into the matrix. A flame seemed to be burning, and it gradually turned into nothingness. Immediately, the front gate of the Fae Palace moved positions, then opened directly to reveal an ancient path, with the four statues standing guard on both sides.

"The Fae Palace is opened." The eyes of many were blazing hot. All had the urge to step inside.

At this moment, the old man took a step forward, and a horrific might of Renhuang appeared, suppressing the entire Fae Alley, also suppressing the thoughts on everyone's mind.

At this moment, he changed his former temperament, and dazzling divine light flowed upon his body, his long hair flying in the wind.

The old man's eyes swept towards the crowd. At the moment, he was faintly struggling within his heart. He had waited for many years. He thought he would feel the excitement of relief at this moment, but he didn't. As existence of Renhunag, his state of mind ought to be extremely stable.

But the wait of a millennium had given way to other thoughts inside his head.

For a moment, he seemed to have made a decision. He said to the four people in front of him, "The four spirits have awakened. The mystical ways will now choose its master. I will unseal the mystical ways while you wait here."

As he finished, he walked first toward the Fae Palace.

Ye Futian and the others stood outside quietly, watching the old man step into the Fae Palace.

"Are the mystical ways finally about to be revealed?" A brilliant light flashed across Hua Qingyun's eyes. The success this time was unexpected to everyone.

The same was true for Wang Yanbing; he just came to try but did not expect that the Fae Palace would really be opened.

Now, they were all thinking about other things, such as who would inherit the mystical ways.

"The mystical ways are an inheritance of the Fae clan. Now, it is by chance and coincidence that the mystical ways would be revealed to the world. Both Goddess Qin and you are not descendants of the Fae clan. Could you give up the claim to the mystical ways? If one of us inherited it, I'm sure the rewards for you two would be generous," Wang Yanbing said to Qin He and Ye Futian.

The four spirits were awakened by the four of them, and it should be inherited by one of them.

However, only Hua Qingyun and he were the descendants of the orthodox lineage of the Fae clan.

"A generous reward that could unravel the mystical ways?" Ye Futian smiled and asked. Did they think they would give up so easily?

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    《The Legend of Futian》