The Legend of Futian
1442 The Mystical Ways Chooses
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1442 The Mystical Ways Chooses

Qin He looked at Wang Yanbing and said with a smile. "Surely, young master Wang is joking. Since these mystical ways were sealed in Fae Alley, not in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, it clearly cannot be said to belong to the Fae clan. Let's be honest, is young master Wang really a disciple of the Fae clan?"

Generous reward? What kind of heavy reward were they talking about?

Now that there was a chance to inherit the mystical ways, no one would give it up so easily.

These mystical ways had been sealed here for a millennium. Now that it was finally revealed, it must be extraordinary.

Wang Yanbing didn't say much when he heard this. The opening of the Fae clan was purely an unexpected event this time, which no one had anticipated.

Now the mystical ways were about to be unveiled, it was impossible to ask anyone to give up.

While they were speaking, a dazzling brilliance shot to the sky from inside the Fae Palace, and a very strong breath permeated their surroundings, accompanied by great might of Renhuang.

"What's going on?" Everyone's eyes flashed with uncertainty. What was happening inside?

"Not good." Hua Qingyun's eyes suddenly became cold. He said, "Let's go and see."

Just as his voice fell, several aggressive breaths came from Fae Alley. Several figures walked directly toward the Fae Palace.

"Fox guarding the henhouse?"

Ye Futian's eyes also showed some surprise, but he didn't say anything. Perhaps he was wrong.

However, it was entirely possible.

This old man should be a guardian of the mystical ways, and it was rumored that he had been guarding it for a millennium. Even for someone in the existence of Renhuang, having been here for a millennium, the state of his mind was perhaps shaken. To think of stealing the mystical ways for himself was not impossible.

The four spirits previously seemed to be a very strong seal of the Fae matrix, that even the old man himself could not break. The master of the mystical ways had guarded against him taking it away.

Ye Futian and the others also went toward the palace.

The gate of the palace was opened wide, and over the stairs, there was a figure standing in front of a palace. It was the old man from before.

He released a breath of horror, his palm reaching toward the sky, attempting to take down the thing that was above his head.

It was a scripture. At this moment, this ancient scripture was releasing brilliant light of the divine as if it was locked in the center of the fae matrix, impossible to move for the time being. Even though this Renhuang made an attempt, it was only enough to make the matrix tremble, while that ancient book was still suspended in the air.

It couldn't be taken.

"What are you doing?" Figures descended as Hua Qingyun and Wang Yanbing were followed by those of Renhuang existence, the same with Qin He.

The might of pressure of Renhuang rained down, aiming toward the old man.

"I have guarded it for thousands of years," The old man stared at the space above his head, his voice very cross, saying, "but I have never held it."

He had never thought that it would take this long, and he had wanted to leave it behind, but then a thought took hold of him—he wanted to see just it could open it and take it.

After he had become used to it, he must admit that it was the getting used to it that was the most horrific. He felt like he was just an ordinary person, and this was his routine every single day.

Until now, when the gate was opened, there was a great shock that took hold of his mind. It gave birth to thoughts he had never had before.

He had kept the mystical ways for thousands of years. Why couldn't he take it?

Why should he give it to others?

When his thoughts turned to this, he raised his palm again and grabbed toward the void. A great handprint clawed at the ancient scripture, trying to pull it out of the Fae matrix. Still, he was not able to shake it.

"You won't be able to take it," said a Renhuang existence of the Hua clan. The power of might from several Renhuang pressed down at the same time as they raised their hands to press down. Even if they tried to control the range affected by this display of might, the vast and endless void still felt the suffocating pressure.

Ye Futian and the others felt that it was impossible to move even half a step. Their bodies felt extremely heavy, and they could only watch everything that was happening in front of them.


As a terrifying storm swept out, the old man's body shook and was actually able to shatter the oppressive attack directly, demonstrating just how strong his cultivation was.

Hua Qingyun, Wang Yanbing, and the others beheld this scene with a grave countenance. They had thought that once the gate was opened, the old man who guarded the gate would relinquish the mystical ways proactively. But in fact, he was overtaken by his greed and wanted to possess the scripture for himself.

"Even if it can't be taken, I want to take a look," the old man said. His eyes were on the ancient book, and the great handprint forcibly took away the ancient book and opened it.

The ancient scripture flipped in the void, page by page, but the old man's face suddenly turned pale.

It turned out that the book was blank.

There was nothing, and he didn't see anything.

For an instant, he seemed to run out of strength and looked on, powerless. Why was it so?

At this moment, several breaths of terror came from afar, and the mighty majesty of Renhuang shrouded the heavens as if demanding all beings to submit.

In the distance, cultivators descended from all directions and all sides, and their breaths were extremely horrific.

"Xie Ling, how presumptuous of you," an indifferent voice said. The old man looked in the direction where the sound came from. Xie Ling was his real name. Once upon a time, he had followed the master of the mystical ways to cultivate, so that he would have the opportunity to become a Renhuang and reach an elevated realm.

"I've been here for a millennium. What is so presumptuous about taking a mere look at it?" Xie Ling responded, equally indifferent.

"It was only because of the greatness of Emperor Yuan at that time that you enjoyed the respect I paid you. But I never expected that you would steal that which you guard," the cultivator in the void said coldly. "Go away, and don't enter this place again."

Xie Ling glanced at the strong cultivators that populated the void. Several of the major figures had come in person. It wouldn't be hard for them to take him down.

He suddenly laughed into the sky and stepped into the air, leaving in an instant.

"Even though the mystical ways will be inherited, there can never be another like Emperor Yuan." An ephemeral voice came from the void. All the top figures looked somber. Emperor Yuan of yore was indeed fearfully strong. Everyone in the Heavenly Mandated Realm was in awe without exception.

Even if the mystical ways were passed down, would anyone be able to surpass him?

"The gate was opened by the four of you?" the lord of the Jiang clan asked, looking down at the four people below.

And they nodded.

"Two were not disciples of the Fae clan and are not qualified to inherit the mystical ways." The one who spoke was the lord of the Wang clan. The breath from his body was also very strong and overbearing, and he looked at the lord of the Jiang clan.

It would only be Wang Yanbing who would compete with Hua Qingyun. Hua Qingyun was extremely talented, but his cultivation was weaker than Wang Yanbing's. Thus, Wang Yanbing had a high probability of obtaining the mystical ways.

The lord of the Jiang clan looked down at Ye Futian and Qin He.

"These mystical ways were Emperor Yuan's, and they should follow his last wish. Since the four opened the gate together, let them decide amongst themselves," the lord of the Jiang clan said.

"What do you think?" the lord of Wang clan asked the lord of the Hua clan. The Hua clan had Hua Qingyun, so he also wished that the competition was limited between the two. Thus, the possibility of Hua Qingyun getting it was greater.

"If you want to disobey the wish of the ancestors, shouldn't you just take the mystical ways directly to Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and decide there. Why bother arguing?" Ye Futian said lightly. The Wang clan had not yet entered the Fae clan. What qualifications did they have to compete?

The head of the Wang clan glanced at Ye Futian with a sharp look.

"Master Ye is right. If the wishes of the ancestors are not respected, why bother fighting when it should have belonged to the Fae clan?" Qin He also spoke, preemptively blocking anything the head of the Wang clan could say.

Since they didn't want them to compete for it, then Wang Yanbing would also have no share in it, as he was not qualified to compete.

"The two young ones speak the truth," the lord of the Jiang clan remarked lightly, while the head of the Wang clan looked rather grouchy. He said, "If you think so, then we'll follow the wishes of Emperor Yuan."

"Then the four of you, fight for your share," the lord of the Jiang clan said, looking down at the four below.

Ye Futian and the others arrived at the center of the fae matrix, underneath the ancient book.

They saw that the book had been opened, but it was blank. There was nothing written inside.

"What's going on?" A few people showed a strange look and released their will, heading for the ancient book, trying to communicate with it.

Ye Futian was thinking of the time when the black turtle was awakened before. Could it be that...

His eyes changed again as everything between heaven and earth seemed to change once more. He felt that as his cultivation progressed, he seemed to be able to see more things.

At this time, in his field of vision, the ancient book was still turning, but above the ancient book, he saw an extremely elusive figure. It seemed to be integrated into the ancient book.

"This..." Ye Futian's pupils contracted slightly. He then released his will to communicate with it.

At that moment, the ancient book released a brighter glow, and sacred rays shot directly toward Ye Futian.

The ancient book seemed to light up and turn into endless characters. Each character floated toward his will and merged with it. Under the light of the ancient book, the entire person of Ye Futian became extremely sacred.


Everyone saw the extraordinary event occurring on Ye Futian. The four figures stood underneath, but the light of the ancient book fell on Ye Futian only.

It seemed to have chosen only him.

The mystical ways had chosen its master!

Qin He's beautiful eyes flashed brilliantly as she looked at Ye Futian next to her. She saw that the radiance from the ancient book was shining down. His entire person was illuminated by a beam of light, holy and sacred.

Could the awakening of the four spirits have something to do with him?

This thought arose in Qin He's mind. All four of them were standing here, so why did the mystical ways only choose Ye Futian?

There was no need for contention, as it was completely useless. The mystical ways had chosen its own master.

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    《The Legend of Futian》