The Legend of Futian
1444 Emerging out of Isolation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1444 Emerging out of Isolation

Ye Futian trained in the mystical ways quietly for the next several days.

Training of mystical ways was just like the other methods, and it was only natural that it would have taken him more than just a day to do so. The deeper his comprehension, the more powerful they would be.

The news of the mystical ways being acquired by an outsider was spread all over Haotian City for quite some time.

That man was named Ye Futian, and he was the younger brother in training of Gu Dongliu, who was then training in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. In that grand event held at the Violet Heavenly Palace not long ago, he had been able to defeat Zhan Yuan—the one who possessed the supreme body of the great path—by demonstrating legendary talents. That battle shot him to fame, and the conflict of the great path in the Heavenly Mandate Realm had him concluded.

Furthermore, Ye Futian seemed to have earned the admiration of beautiful women. The number one virgin of Brahma's Pure Sky—Qin He—did not even bother with the crown prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. She was very interested in Ye Futian instead and had been traveling with him for quite a while. They were at the moment, training in the same palace, and they seemed to share a close relationship.

At present, he had even acquired mystical ways of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, making it so that accolade upon accolade was given to him, making him on par with those top-notch geniuses who were already famous.

However, everyone was curious as to how Ye Futian had managed to have the mystical ways voluntarily pick a master.

There was Hua Qingyun above the Celestial Gate and Wang Yanbing below. However, the mystical ways picked Ye Futian instead, and that baffled many people. There was also all manner of speculations circulating in Haotian City.

But then again, mystical ways that had been lost for a millennium was finally out in the world, and that was considered a piece of good news nonetheless.

As time passed, the day where the Wang Clan came to the Celestial Gate was finally upon them.

Countless mighty ones gathered below the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven on that day.

Celestial light enveloped the Celestial Gate, making it look extremely sacred.

Mighty ones were all over the steps of the Celestial Gate. Many mighty ones of the Celestial Gate gathered there, making a huge scene, leaving countless in awe.

The rules of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven stated that a challenge to the clan was a matter of utmost importance. It could have been said to be one of the most important affairs of the clan, and the clan would definitely take the matter seriously.

It was more than just a simple ordeal, as it seemed to be something tied to the future of the entire clan, so long as the Wang Clan succeeded.

The Wang Clan would have returned to the fold of the Celestial Gate, becoming one of the rulers of the clan then.

That would have been something affecting the fundamental organization and governance of the Celestial Gate. If the Wang Clan were to rejoin the Celestial Gate, then they would have earned the right to make decisions about the affairs of the Celestial Gate.

The people below were not only there to watch for their own amusement and pleasure. That was something that would have concerned the future of the clan, and the hearts of many were extremely heavy, and they all sported solemn expression.

"Back then at Fae Alley, the clan leader of the Wang Clan appeared and had indeed reached the required plane. There was no actual need for a test. If everything were to go as it should have, Jiang Taichu and Wang Yanbing would have clashed to decide upon the future of the Celestial Gate," someone said. That was what many speculated before.

"Wang Yanbing paid a visit to Qin He that day, and Gu Tianxing expressed some of his thoughts regarding what the Celestial Gate did. If the Wang Clan were to join the clan, things would have probably been dire for Gu Dongliu. They would have possibly not wanted the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven to pin too much of their hopes on Gu Dongliu."

"The Wang Clan had been one of the rulers of the Celestial Gate in the past, and they had little to do with the Gu Clan in the first place. It was only natural that they would not have wanted to put too much effort into fostering Gu Dongliu. They would have rather seen the effort being used on Gu Dongliu to allow Wang Yanbing to stand at the pinnacle instead. What Wang Yanbing said that day fully showed his pride. We'll see who shall stand at the pinnacle of Heavenly Mandate Realm."

"I wonder what level Gu Dongliu is at right now," many lowered their voices and quipped.

They had yet to see that rumored Gu Dongliu in person, yet his name was already a very big deal throughout the Heavenly Mandate Realm. No one did not know of him despite it being the first time his name was heard throughout the realm due to what Gu Tianxing pulled.

All of that happened because what Gu Tianxing did was simply too shocking.

However, Gu Dongliu's actual powers remained a mystery now, and everyone wondered what kind of surprises he would bring to the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The sky above the Celestial Gate was all blue. More and more mighty ones showed up, and Ye Futian's group was there as well.

Their appearance caught the attention of many, not just because it was Ye Futian who showed up, but also because there was Qin He and because there were those mystical ways in Fae Alley.

Ye Futian and Qin He were both at the very front. There was little need to say anything about Qin He's appearance, and that silver-haired young man clad in white was just as handsome and extraordinary. They would have made quite the couple.

"It was rumored that the mystical ways sealed within Saint Alley were the method practiced by Emperor Yuan all those years ago—Celestial Soul Attraction. It was said that the art was extremely difficult, and I wonder how well he's done with it."

"Training in the mystical ways requires one to enter yet another plane—the Fae Plane. Only by getting this far will one be able to get into the intricacies of the mystical ways. I'm afraid the training needs a long time to be completed," some said as they speculated.

Ye Futian naturally sensed the eyes of everyone around him. Qin He, who was at his side, then said, "There are many looking at you."

"How do you know they're not looking at you?" Ye Futian smiled at Qin He and said, "Don't you know who you are to them?"

Qin He shot a speechless look at him. The longer she was around him, the more she found him to be a flirt.

However, what Ye Futian was the truth. Regardless of where she ended up, she would always be one of those people who caught the most attention.

"We're not the main cast of the day." Ye Futian then added, "They're here too."

He then looked up at the sky, seeing extremely pointed will permeating the place. While there was no one there just yet, he was already able to sense that extremely pointed aura.

Divine light glittered, and it seemed as if legendary weapons zipped in the air and dropped down in an instant.

The mighty ones spread out where the crowd was, creating some empty space. At the very next moment, a group of mighty ones descended from the air.

The group who had just arrived was none other than the mighty ones from the Wang Clan of Haotian City.

Wang Yanbing was undoubtedly among them.

"They're here."

Everyone sported solemn expressions. The mighty ones of the Wang Clan then looked up at the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven before them. All of them had determined, serious-looking eyes.

It was especially so in the case of Wang Yanbing. His body was like that of a legendary weapon, emanating brimming, unyielding aura all over.

The people of Haotian City all said that the key to the Wang Clan's admission into the Celestial Gate lied with his battle with Jiang Taichu, and that had indeed been the truth. If it had not been for him, the Wang Clan would not have issued such a challenge.

Wang Clan's expulsion by the Celestial Gate all those years ago was seen as an eternal insult by those in the clan, and they had held it close to their heart.

The Wang Clan was thinking about returning to the Celestial Gate all the time, and that had been the teaching that had been passed down along the generations all this time. Their descendants were required to give all they had to allow the Wang Clan to return to the Celestial Gate, reclaiming the glory that had been lost throughout the years.

On that day, Wang Yanbing swore that he would definitely achieve that feat.

He swore not to go home until he achieved it.

He would be far from being qualified to rise to the pinnacle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm otherwise.

"We of the Wang Clan of Haotian City intend to return to the Celestial Gate," the clan leader stood at the forefront and said. His voice reverberated throughout the place.

His voice was heard everywhere in the Celestial Gate.

The Wang Clan intended to return to the Celestial Gate.

More mighty ones appeared on the steps. The place from the Celestial Gate to the bottom was filled with mighty ones of the Celestial gate.

Two figures stood side by side above. It was the clan leaders of both the Jiang Clan and the Hua Clan.

"The Wang Clan was once a ruling force in the Celestial Gate. We left the Celestial Gate and trained in Haotian City, practicing the mystical ways. Our clan was in Haotian City for generations," the clan leader of the Jiang Clan said with a brimming voice. "The Wang Clan is allowed to challenge the right of entry to the Celestial Gate. The people of Haotian City shall bear witness to this."

The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was Haotian City's Celestial Gate. Only forces of Haotian City approved by the Celestial Gate would be allowed entry into the Celestial Gate.

"Clan leader of the Wang Clan, please demonstrate your plane of training," an elder below announced. The clan leader of the Wang Clan stepped forward and came below the Celestial Gate. His body gradually rose into the air. Celestial light dazzled on his body, and imperial might spread out all over the place.

Countless below the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven sensed that towering might emanating from him.

"Renhuang of the Wang Clan, please demonstrate your plane of training," the elder continued. That was a hidden condition. There was a need for a clan to have over nine Renhuang among them.

In truth, the people of Haotian City all knew that as the pinnacle force of Haotian City, the Wang Clan had long met the requirements of returning to the Celestial Gate.

Terrifying might of Renhuang burst at the same time in the crowd where the Wang Clan stood. There were ten might of Renhuang sensed, which made it obvious that they had met the requirement.

"You passed," the elder responded. The clan leader of the Wang Clan returned, and the aura was rescinded. The elder then continued, "The Wang Clan shall now choose a Renhuang and a saint to challenge those of similar planes in the Celestial Gate. You shall be permitted to return to the Celestial Gate should you win one of the two battles."

Two figures stepped out from the Wang Clan.

A Renhuang and a saint.

The Renhuang was named Wang Yu. He had formidable power; however, the people of Haotian City all thought that he had yet to reach the level required by the Celestial Gate.

Wang Yanbing would have been the only one who was qualified to fight with the top figures in the Celestial Gate.

It was said that Wang Yanbing had trained the mystical ways passed down the Wang Clan to extremely formidable levels.

Both of them came below the steps and looked up at the Celestial Gate.

"Clan leaders, please select your candidates," the elder then said to the clan leaders of both the Jiang Clan and the Hua Clan.

Two figures stepped out, and, as expected, it was a very powerful Renhuang. The saint was none other than Jiang Taichu.

Jiang Taichu's robed appearance made him look extraordinary. His eyes were locked onto Wang Yanbing below. If the Wang Clan intended to return to the Celestial Gate, then Wang Yanbing needed to defeat him.

"Hold on." At that moment, a voice was heard from the Celestial Gate.

Many sported puzzled looks at that turn of events. The Wang Clan looked up in the sky, finding it rather astonishing that someone had interrupted such a sacred period.

The Wang Clan had been preparing for this day for too long.

Nobody would have been allowed to get in the way of them returning to the Celestial Gate.

At that moment, celestial light rained down from the Celestial Gate. A figure was seen treading the celestial light as he walked down from above.

Many quickly recognized that figure soon enough.

It was an extremely handsome and extraordinary man. His white garb was immaculate, and he wore hair bindings. His eyes were brimming, and he looked dashing in a way impossible to put into words.

Furthermore, he had celestial light coursing all over him. It was as if he had been enveloped in holy will, appearing extremely extraordinary.

The clan leader of the Jiang Clan's eyes smiled when he saw that man.

"Who is he?" someone asked.

All from the Wang Clan looked him, and that silhouette reminded them of someone.

"Gu Dongliu." Those below realized who it was, and their eyes sparkled.

Gu Dongliu appeared.

"Third brother." A smile was seen in the eyes of Ye Futian, who was in the crowd. He finally met his third brother again, and his third brother looked incredible.

"Dongliu," the Sword Saint called as well. The weight on his shoulders was finally lifted.

Gu Dongliu was now a Holiness of Nirvana.

The minds of many were rattled. They did not expect that Gu Dongliu would have emerged at such a critical time.

That legendary figure that Gu Tianxing had created had actually become a Holiness of Nirvana.

Just how strong was he?

The Wang Clan intended to return to the Celestial Gate on that day.

Gu Dongliu of the Celestial Gate emerged from isolation.

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    《The Legend of Futian》