The Legend of Futian
1447 Weapon, Shattered
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1447 Weapon, Shattered

"Bing, dismantle!"

Countless looked up in the air, and their minds shuddered. It was as if they had been hit by something.

Wang Yanbing. Bing. Dismantle.

That person was the number one below the Renhuang outside of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, and he was of equal renown to the likes of Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun, yet he used that move just to get to the Celestial Gate.

It was as if he was making good on his word.

He would not go home until he had gotten to the Celestial Gate.

However, many wondered just how he would have been able to go home even if he were to have entered the Celestial Gate using that move.

They were thinking about metaphors like the mind being one's home and such.

And they wondered what would have happened with the body.

No one knew that an unmatched, legendary genius like Wang Yanbing would have been forced to such extremes. That move was the ultimate killing move of the Art of Yanbing, making the user capable of being completely turned into a divine weapon, becoming a complete manifestation of the way of Bing, entering yet another level.

However, the cost of doing so was his life.

"Wang Yanbing!" the clan leader of the Wang Clan shouted angrily. He hoped that Wang Yanbing would have been able to hold a sword as he entered the Celestial Gate, yet he never thought Wang Yanbing would have had to resort to such a move to fight.

Wang Yanbing was the only extraordinary cultivator produced over the generations, and everyone piled their hopes onto him, hoping that he would be able to help their clan return to the Celestial Gate. Even if the clan were to remain incapable of getting into the Celestial Gate, he would have been around, and he would have been capable of great achievements in the Heavenly Mandate Realm in the future.

He did not wish to see Wang Yanbing trade his life to have their clan rejoin the Celestial Gate. It was the Wang Clan's wish to enter the Celestial Gate.

But then again, Wang Yanbing was, too, hope for the clan.

"Father, let him have his way for once," a middle-aged man held back the shuddering body of the clan leader and said calmly. The man looked at the storm of divine arms in the sky, and there were tears at the corner of his eyes, as that was his son.

However, regardless of the outcome, he was a son he was proud of nonetheless.

Wang Yanbing, son of the Wang Clan, and a legendary figure of his time.

The mighty ones of the Wang Clan watched the scene in the air, and all of them looked heavy-hearted and solemn. Wang Yanbing, the pride of the Wang Clan, was about to die for the clan.

The eyes of many were reddened, as even Renhuangs had emotions.

Anybody with a heart was capable of shedding tears.

That young man might have shouldered too much on him. The fate and glory of the entire clan was tied to a single man, after all.

His childhood had been imperfect, as he had shouldered too much responsibility. His name—Yanbing—carried the mystical ways of the Wang Clan.

His name was Wang Yanbing, after all.

Many great figures of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, including those from the Jiang Clan and the Hua Clan, stood quietly. Their clothes billowed as they saw how Wang Yanbing used one such fatal move, sighing as they watched.

Did he really have to go that far?

Every clan had their own fate and destiny, and no one would have been able to ensure that their clan would stay high and mighty forever. Such was the course of history.

Gu Tianxing brought the Gu Clan to the most glorious of times all those years ago, reaching the absolute pinnacle, but the clan ended with a grim end nonetheless. The Gu Clan was eradicated down to the last man, with Gu Dongliu being the sole survivor of the clan.

One would have had to withstand pressure corresponding to the heights they were at. They stood at the pinnacle of the Celestial Gate, gaining a vista that no common man would have been able to see, yet they were walking on thin sheets of ice at the same time, shouldering pressures and responsibilities that no common man had to shoulder. They shouldered the rise and fall of their clan, as well as many other responsibilities.

Taking Gu Dongliu back to the Celestial Gate was an act that carried great pressure on its own, so much so that the act could have brought war to their doorstep.

Furthermore, there was no guarantee that Wang Yanbing would have been able to fulfill their clan's wish just by pulling one such fatal move.

He shouldered a lot of responsibilities, and it was the same with Gu Dongliu. However, unlike Wang Yanbing, it was the vengeance of the two of his predecessors that he shouldered, and he was the hope of the Gu Clan. Unlike the Wang Clan, he was the only man left in the Gu Clan.

Wang Yanbing could not have afforded to lose, and Gu Dongliu felt this even more so.

Neither of them could afford to lose.

"Why, indeed?" Ye Futian sighed as well. He had once said that Wang Yanbing would not be present at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, yet he never expected that Wang Yanbing would have pulled such a move before they were even near fighting to be at the pinnacle of the realm.

Ye Futian looked at the battlefield. His eyes were on his third brother. Even if that was the move Gu Dongliu was about to take, he definitely would not back down. He knew the significance of that battle for his third brother all too well.

That was the very first battle he had to fight after inheriting Gu Tianxing's lineage.

If he were to lose that battle, then all Gu Tianxing had done, all that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had done, would be for nothing.

Countless divine swords appeared in that vast space. Every single sword seemed to have contained Wang Yanbing's will. He turned himself completely into a sword, completely merging with the great path.

All those divine swords were him—Wang Yanbing.

Gu Dongliu looked up in the sky, and he felt rather rattled. If it were to be usual times, he might have taken a step back, seeing how insistent Wang Yanbing was. At that moment, however, he was unable to afford to do so.

Seeing how Wang Yanbing was determined to emerge victorious by any means necessary, it was all the more important for him to win that battle.

Fate had a way of playing with people. It was indeed a pity that Wang Yanbing had picked the wrong time to do so. If he were to come earlier, shattering himself to fight might have made Jiang Taichu balk, as Jiang Taichu would not have been willing to throw his life away for the fight. He might have been able to send the Wang Clan into the Celestial gate.

However, such was the time that he had chosen instead. Furthermore, he expressed doubts about the way Gu Tianxing and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven did things. All that cemented the fact that he was unable to afford to back down.

Everyone had their own missions and stances, and Gu Dongliu's mission was to keep Wang Yanbing at the steps. There was no other way around it.

The Juexian Diagram spun, and all methods were activated. Gu Dongliu performed the hand seals, and the Nine Symbols glittered. Divine light shrouded the sky on the Juexian Diagram as if there were countless celestial shadows performing hand seals at the same time. Celestial beings and demons unleashed their powers at the same time, and chants of the great path were heard all over their surroundings, making the scene unbelievably grand.

Voom. Billions of divine arms zipped past in the air, streaking down as they traveled.

The ultimate weapon was deployed to bury the celestial being.

Billions of divine arms rained down at the same time, making it a scene unlike any other. Yet, at the same time, hand seals throughout the air blasted in the air. A rumbling was heard throughout the sky. The great path quaked, and Renhuangs were seen unleashing their power, stopping aftershocks of their battle.

The battlefield was unbelievably dazzling at that moment. All of those billions of divine arms were manifestations of Wang Yanbing. He was out to kill all the celestial beings and demons before him.

One seal after another was broken and turned into nothing. However, as the ultimate divine matrix, the Juexian Diagram had yet to stop working. Their surroundings resonated with the Nine Symbols. The great path was in tune, the celestial beings and demons emerged, and the divine arms streaked the sky.

Even if Wang Yanbing's killing move had been able to create an eye of the storm in the air, it still would not have been enough to break the offensive power from Gu Dongliu's Juexian Diagram.

"Not even going that far had been of any use then?" Many sighed, and they were able to do nothing but sigh.

Wang Yanbing gave everything into the fight, and still, it proved inadequate.

Gu Dongliu's combat prowess was simply unmatched.

The billions of divine arms were eventually exhausted.

When there was only one sword left in the air, the weapon seemed to be wailing in sorrow.

That sword did not continue attacking. It had instead turned around and headed for the steps of the Celestial Gate, slowly moving upward.

It was as if it wanted to take one last look at the Celestial Gate.

Many sighed at the scene with the last, lonely sword. They actually felt sad about it.

Gu Dongliu felt just as sad seeing what happened, yet celestial light rained down nonetheless, getting in the way of that sword and making it difficult for it to move forward.

Fate had its way of toying with people, and Wang Yanbing was simply born at the wrong time.

The crowd was astonished and speechless.

"Wang Yanbing." The people of the Wang Clan felt sad and speechless as well.

Everyone felt intense sorrow. Wang Yanbing was no longer in the Wang Clan.

"Head back with me," the clan leader of the Wang Clan said to that lonely sword.

Yet, at that moment, a figure stepped into the air. His eyes were terrifying. It was as if it had opened the eye of heaven, intending to peer into nothingness.

Celestial light was at work, and Ye Futian said, looking at the sword, "Why indeed?"

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    《The Legend of Futian》