The Legend of Futian
1450 Reminder
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1450 Reminder

The crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty got to the palace and paid a visit to Qin He, the number one virgin of Brahma's Pure Sky.

People gushed out from the palace at the very moment that voice was heard. The virgins all had serious expressions on them after going outside the palace. It was obvious that they were taking that particular visit more seriously than Wang Yanbing's.

The one who came that time was the crown prince of the dynasty, who was of unmatched status in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The Heavenly Mandate Realm reigned supreme throughout the realm for many years. Despite having been weakened, they stood at the very pinnacle of the realm. It was a dynasty that oversaw many dynastic forces, possessing immense history and wealth. It was difficult to imagine just how powerful the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had been when Gu Tianxing went against them all those years ago. Bodies littered the fields from that battle, staining the entire dynasty red.

Some said that half of the Renhuang who participated in that war were killed by Gu Tianxing alone, and that was just how destructive someone at the pinnacle could have been.

Qin He was seen outside the palace as well. Some by her side said, "Welcome, Crown Prince."

The mighty ones of the dynasty stepped onto the steps of the palace and arrived right outside the palace. The Crown Prince was able to hog all attention just by standing around as if there was a halo around him. That aura alone was something that many would not have been able to achieve.

"We have met back at the Violet Heavenly Palace, Goddess, yet we have never spoken. I've come to pay a visit after knowing that you have arrived at Haotian City," the Crown Prince said, rescinding his sharp aura somewhat, appearing polite and gentlemanly.

"Our place has indeed graced by your presence, crown prince." Qin He continued, "I hope you do not mind our humble abode. Please have a seat."

The people all around the crown prince frowned somewhat, wondering if Qin He had simply intended to host their guest just outside the palace.

They heard that Wang Yanbing had paid a visit before, but there was no way Wang Yanbing could have been compared to the crown prince.

From the standpoint of status alone, despite being a clansman of the Wang Clan of Haotian City, Wang Yanbing's status had apparently paled in comparison to the number one virgin of Brahma's Pure Sky. Qin He was giving Wang Yanbing face, and so, it was entirely natural to do everything outside the palace.

But this time, it was the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty they were talking about. There was only one such being in all of the realms, and not even Qin He—a number one virgin—would have had a status as unshakable as that of the crown prince.

"Do you intend to receive the prince just outside the palace, Goddess?" someone from the dynasty behind the Crown Prince asked, sounding rather displeased. Wang Yanbing's people were unqualified to be displeased, but not them.

If that was truly Qin He's intentions, then her attitude may have been a little too much.

Qin He looked at the one who talked and then said to the Prince, "The palace is a place where the woman of Brahma's Pure Sky train. I beg your forgiveness, Crown Prince."

"Wouldn't that be a little pretentious of you, Goddess? To my knowledge, there would also be quite a number of men inside the palace," that man from the dynasty continued. Ye Futian had been one of those men who stayed in the palace with a goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky right from the start.

It would have been alright if Qin He worded it in other ways. Making such an excuse was deemed a deliberate slight to them.

If Ye Futian and his people were able to stay in the palace, they saw no reason to do all the reception of the crown prince outside the place.

"Do you think I owe you an explanation or anything like that?" Qin He's tone turned rather cold all of a sudden as she talked to the one who spoke before. Her words seemed as if they were coated in a faint aura of coldness.

It was absurd that she had to seek the permission of people from the Heavenly Mandate Realm, regarding who she was to allow to step inside.

The pupils of that mighty one from Heavenly Mandate Dynasty contracted slightly, looking rather glum.

He wondered if it was indeed as rumored elsewhere that Qin He, the number one virgin of Brahma's Pure Sky, was interested in Ye Futian.

However, the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was a legendary figure unlike any other, but Qin He never bothered taking even another look at him. He wondered what made her interested in Ye Futian instead.

That man from Heavenly Mandate Dynasty intended to continue before seeing the Crown Prince waving and stopping him. The Crown Prince then said, "You people are too much. Apologize to the Goddess at once."

Those from the dynasty were rather puzzled, but they nonetheless cupped their hands and said to Qin He after seeing the eyes of the Crown Prince. "We have overstepped our boundaries. We ask for your forgiveness, Goddess."

"No matter. I do hope that you do not mind, Crown Prince." Qin He rescinded that coldness about her.

Everyone took their seats, and the ones from Brahma's Pure Sky looked at the Crown Prince. They found that the Crown Prince looked rather different from before. Back at the Violet Heavenly Palace, he had behaved in an extremely arrogant manner. At present, however, he seemed rather humble.

"May I know what brought you here, Crown Prince?" Qin He asked.

"While I do not venture out into the world much, I have heard about how renowned the goddesses of Brahma's Pure Sky are. The Empress' will reaches all over the 3,000 realms. She trained all over the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Her powers remain unmatched. She is lauded to be the number one figure among the women throughout the Heavenly Mandate Realm. My father claims as well that no woman throughout the realm is able to compare to the Empress. Right now, I see that you are capable as the Empress had been at your age, and you are known to be the one to follow the Empress. As such, I've always wanted to pay a visit to Brahma's Pure Sky, and it was quite a pity that my status got in the way. Now that the opportunity to do so presents itself, I naturally needed to pay a visit."

The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Realm appeared extremely polite and showered praises as he elaborated.

"You're too kind, Crown Prince. I dare not compare myself to Her Majesty," Qin He replied with a smile. The Empress of Brahma's Pure Sky was an epochal figure who established a pinnacle force all on her own. She had been known as the number one beauty when she was young and had many pursuers. Even at present, her appearance remained at the peak, yet none dared to act on their wishes with her, for they found it sacrilegious to do so.

The Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was able to sense the distance from her words. He then smiled and added, "I know what my father said put you rather on guard, Goddess. But rest assured, I have little interest in forming any marriage alliance. While I do admire you, Goddess, I would never link my sentiments with the interest of my family. If you find me pestering you, I will naturally keep my hands to myself. My visit here today is but to make friends with you, and I have no other intentions."

"Thank you, Your Highness." Qin He nodded. She was indeed finding the marriage alliance to be rather off-putting, just like how she had found Ye Futian off-putting in the beginning. The upper echelons of Brahma's Pure Sky should not have told her to do something like that, and she was still puzzled as to why she was told to do what she did.

However, as she had gotten to know Ye Futian better, she no longer held any enmity against him. It was an order from Brahma's Pure Sky, and it had nothing to do with him in the first place. Furthermore, she found that man to be rather intriguing. He was always capable of pulling surprises.

"I heard that you have a rather amicable relationship with Ye Futian. May I know what do you think of him?" the Crown Prince asked.

Qin He was on guard by then. The Crown Prince had just said that he had no intention of offending her, yet he steered the direction of the conversation to Ye Futian. She was puzzled as to what was going on in his mind.

"Sir Ye is a genius like no other. I believed you witnessed this yourself in that battle back in the Violet Heavenly Palace, and how he managed to awaken that turtle in Faw Alley, who had not been moved a muscle in 1,000 years in Haotian City, subsequently gaining the lineage of the mystical way. Other than having no direct background of any kind, everything about him is extraordinary." Qin He showered the man with praise, hardly paying any attention to what the Crown Prince thought.

What she said had little to do with stance, and it was pure appraisal based on cold, hard facts.

"You're quite reserved with what you say. In truth, he showed what he was capable of back in the Origin Mountains. He had acquired the lineage of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions and picked up ultimate moves from the Divine Elephants, all of which culminated into his surprisingly extraordinary performance in the Violet Heavenly Palace. He indeed is a genius like none other." He then nodded and continued, "It is no surprise that you think so highly of him, Goddess.

"It is rumored everywhere that you are interested in him. I wonder if that is true."

Qin He locked her eyes on the Crown Prince, who then added, "Rest assured, Goddess, I bear no ill intentions."

"I'm just good friends with Sir Ye," Qin He replied.

The Crown Prince nodded, then smiled, saying, "If you eventually become a couple with Ye Futian, that would indeed be pleasant news. In truth, I wouldn't mind making friends with Ye Futian. However, due to certain relations between us all, I'm afraid he might not be willing to do so. Regardless, I hope this is how everything is, and nothing else will be brought into these matters. I believe the Divine Elephants wouldn't mind, as well as those of Brahma's Pure Sky."

It became apparent that he was saying that he did not mind Qin He being friends with Ye Futian, so long as none of the matters with the forces throughout the Heavenly Mandate Realm were brought into the fold, such as hoping that despite Qin He being good friends with Ye Futian, Brahma's Pure Sky would not side with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

"It's not like I have any say in any of those matters anyway," Qin He replied with a smile. The Crown Prince was right; however, given the gravity of the matter, it was definitely up to the Empress to decide, and she would have had no say in those matters.

"I'm indeed honored that you show such concern, Your Highness." A voice was heard at that moment. Ye Futian and his people were seen walking out of the palace at that moment, looking at the Crown Prince, who was sitting there.

"But, as you've put it yourself, it is destined that we can never become friends," Ye Futian continued. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was a sworn enemy of his third brother, and there was no possible reconciliation between them. The crown prince of the dynasty was destined to be someone who had to fight his third brother sooner or later. Some matters were already decided right from the start.

"Even if we were are unable to become friends, I do still hope that we don't become enemies," the Crown Prince said as he looked at Ye Futian.

"That is something I'm unable to guarantee, Your Highness," Ye Futian smiled and said.

"I'm aware." The Crown Prince nodded. "I don't wish to see us become enemies, but then again, I don't mind making another enemy. Ye Futian, you've acquired the lineage of a Divine Elephant Emperor, so I definitely won't act against you on my own will. However, I do believe that the Divine Elephants won't make their stance clear in the matter for you alone. As such, I do hope that you don't drag other forces into it for your own interests."

"Thank you for your concern, indeed, Your Highness," Ye Futian continued.

The Crown Prince smiled and added, "The power of one man is eventually limited. More so, given that the power of said man is only a saint level. While I do acknowledge that you have superb talent, I do still think that you still fall short of what is required to stand at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm."

"You're prideful, indeed, Crown Prince." Ye Futian then continued, "Well, what about your powers all on your own, by the way?"

"Me?" The Crown Prince then replied, smiling, "I, of course, won't be alone."

The two behind him glittered with saintly light as soon as he finished. The will of the great path all around them resonated with them instantly, unleashing extremely powerful pressure.

"They are all geniuses under the rule of the dynasties reigned by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. There are also princes of the dynasties, who fill every single plane of sainthood. Care to try them out for yourself?" The Crown Prince then added, "But then again, given your powers, they definitely won't be taking you on in a one-on-one manner."

Qin He looked at the ones behind the Crown Prince, sensing extremely powerful pressure from them.

All of them had probably been geniuses fostered in the same batch, specifically for aiding and supporting the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

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    《The Legend of Futian》