The Legend of Futian
1451 Sworn Enemy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1451 Sworn Enemy

Ye Futian looked at the Crown Prince's eyes, which were filled with pride and confidence. It felt rather provocative as well.

A figure stepped out from behind him before he was able to say anything. That man stepped on the ground outside the palace, shaking the place. It was as if a tower-like figure had emerged. Other than Yu Sheng, there were no others like that.

Letting Ye Futian challenge the underlings of that Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?

That would have been a disgrace to him.

Formidable pressure swept out at the ones from the Dynasty.

The Crown Prince looked up slightly at that vast, tall figure. He then rose and said, "Yu Sheng performed just as admirably back at that battle in the Violet Heavenly Palace. Ye Futian once claimed that he was of unparalleled strength. In that case, it would be unwise to take him on alone. Coincidentally, I do have several Saints of True Self who serve me."

He then took a step back and turned around, before walking out again.

Many from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty did as he did. It was as if his movements themselves were absolute orders.

After those people stepped out, the ones who remained where they stood before looked exceptionally obvious. Their aura burst, and all of them, without exception, were cultivators at the Saint of True Self level.

Furthermore, when they burst with their aura, all of them actually resonated with one another. The great path became linked into one entity around them, conjuring a terrifying storm of the great path.

Screens of the great path burst form them, and it seemed as if there were dazzling holy light glittering beneath their feet, which melded into a single entity. At that moment, Ye Futian and the others seemed to be seeing illusions. They saw a single complete entity instead of a group of people.

Boom... A storm of the great path whipped out right outside the palace all of a sudden, sweeping out like a great wave bashing on everyone's bodies. The people of Brahma's Pure Sky retreated one after another, making space for the upcoming battle. However, Ye Futian's group stood their ground and let the storm hit them.

Boom. Ye Sheng stepped on the ground hard. The air shook violently, and his body shot out like a raging wave, heading straight for those before him. Demonic might raged and circled around his arm. He then raised the arms and melded unmatched power into that one fist, which he launched straight before him. There seemed to be a devil howling in rage behind him. One could have imagined just how frightening that punch was.

The space seemed to be about to break under the stress of that punch, yet those mighty ones before him did not retreat at all. They stood their ground steadily, merging with the great path with themselves. They then extended their hands and clapped at the same time. In that instant, there seemed to be a heavenly god-like figure appearing, which then launched a palm attack before them.


The attacks from both sides clashed in an instant. The air burst with a stifled rumble. The raging winds swept all over their surroundings, causing Ye Futian's clothes to billow.

However, his eyes remained fixed forward. Yu Sheng slid back. That stout man was actually thrown back to where he stood before.

At the same time, the group before him was thrown behind a single step as well. That extremely raging power swept their bodies, and it seemed as if the attack was quickly dissolved by their aura. The light on their bodies shimmered as they were a single, complete entity.

That scene made Ye Futian's pupils contract a little bit, as he stared at the scene before him. He was no doubt clear of just how ferocious Yu Sheng's power was. Despite having done little than throw a punch, the attack was so powerful. Nobody in his plane would have been able to resist it, and superior numbers would have done little to compensate as well.

However, the group before him was actually able to clash head-on with Yu Sheng as they collaborated, bringing the might of both sides to actually break even. Yu Sheng did not manage to gain the advantage at all.

Furthermore, he felt that they had been very extraordinary when they attacked. It was as if there was no opening when they fought.

"You do live up to your reputation of being unparalleled in terms of sheer strength indeed," The Crown Prince praised the stout man while having his back face Ye Futian's group. He then added, "Before you get to the top, the power of one man will be limited eventually, and you won't be able to change much of anything. Do not get involved in this haphazardly. The Goddess shall have my blessing whoever she wishes to be friends with, and I'm willing to be their friend as well. But, I do not hope any of that to be involved in the fight among the forces of the realm."

He finished his line and then stepped forward.

"When the Heavenly Mandate Realm conferred the title of Crown Prince all those years ago, the Crown Prince disappeared for years right after that. The Crown Prince only appeared before the eyes of the mighty ones of the realm as of late, but a genius would attract attention wherever they went, and it would have been impossible for them to conceal the radiance about them."

Qin He then turned to look at the Crown Prince's back and added, "Unless, you were not in Heavenly Mandate Realm throughout the whole time."

There were 3,000 realms of the great path, and there were nine realms to the Supreme Path Realms.

She deemed that it was extremely possible that the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had been sent away at a very young age, and he had only returned as of late. As such, the Crown Prince had a history that was known to no one in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"You are indeed perceptive and smart, Goddess," the Crown Prince said while having his back turned against them.

He did leave all those years ago.

"Your talent would enable you to be a part of top-notch forces of other supreme realms without trouble, I take it." Qin He then continued, "I've heard of one thing before as well. It was said that before the Crown Prince disappeared, quite a number of people in Heavenly Mandate Dynasty disappeared as well."

There were few who knew of something like that, but the top-notch forces of the realm took note of that nonetheless.

There had been quite a number of people who speculated where the Crown Prince ended up, and they did their fair share of investigations into the matter as well.

Brahma's Pure Sky knew a thing or two about the matter, which was why Qin He was able to know something.

From the current look of things, those people would have, as speculated by those forces, left with the crown prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The Crown Prince stopped his footsteps and did not say anything else. He simply added, "I shall pay you a visit again, Goddess. Please excuse me."

He then took to the air and left.

Gu Tianxing had almost ended up bringing a colossal end to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty all those years ago. Since then, the Dynasty began their reconstruction, and after he was made the Crown Prince, a group of the most extraordinary people was selected from the royal members of the Dynasty to be trained alongside him. A great amount of resources had been spent to foster a group of people of extraordinary caliber. Those people were then sent away with him.

That matter had been overseen personally by the Dynastic Overlord, and only a handful of core members knew of those young people's whereabouts.

Among the inner circle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the plan was coined the "Heavenly Awakening."

At present, members of the Heavenly Awakening had returned to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The members were the strongest group of people gathered among the dynasties ruled under the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty all those years ago.

After those people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty left, Yu Sheng turned around to look at Ye Futian and said, "They are powerful."

"I'm aware." Ye Futian nodded. He then frowned and said, "If they had only been strong individually, it would have still been impossible for them to stop that one punch of yours, but they were stronger at combining their ways, resonating with the great path and bringing a force that was far greater than the total sum of their power. It might have been the work of some immensely formidable secret method."

Speaking of which, there had indeed been a group of people like that around the Crown Prince.

Furthermore, he was able to speculate from what Qin He said that it was extremely possible that those people returned after training in other realms, thus merging training methods of other top-notch forces with the inherent powers of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, enabling them to bring greater powers to bear.

"I'm afraid they are after the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven," Qin He turned her eyes to Ye Futian and said. Ye Futian nodded in response.

At present, Gu Dongliu returned to the Celestial Gate in a very overwhelming manner, causing many forces to be on the move. Gu Dongliu's potential was unparalleled after all, and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty intended to suppress such a situation.

Brahma's Pure Sky was thinking the same thing. At present, there were many forces that had gotten rather close to Ye Futian, which meant that the Crown Prince's visit served as a reminder somewhat.

That one-punch-clash above the palace did not escalate into a full-blown battle, so it did not cause too much of a commotion. Only some who saw it from afar claimed that mighty ones from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty clashed with Yu Sheng, and both sides seemed to be of equal power. Furthermore, the atmosphere where both sides were ready to get at each other's throats was blatantly obvious.

It seemed that it was inevitable that the Crown Prince and Ye Futian, both of whom were legendary figures, would stand against each other sooner or later.

The mighty ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace arrived at Haotian City a day after the Crown Prince paid a visit to the palace. With top-notch people from both the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace getting to the city one after another, it seemed that dark clouds loomed above the city.

It was obvious that both forces came for the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, intending to lean on them and force them to hand over Gu Dongliu.

Both top-notch forces did not meet when they arrived; however, the very next day, they seemed to have departed at the same time as if they have made an agreement prior, heading in the same direction—the place where the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was.

The people of Haotian City were all prepared. They were countless cultivators gathered below the Celestial Gate. Everyone had been waiting for that moment to come.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace made their declarations before, after all, and they were naturally compelled to make good on their word.

Celestial mist shrouded the place above the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, which exuded a mild pressure all over the place. It was as if they sensed the pressure coming from afar.

The clan leader of the Jiang Clan opened his eyes above the Celestial Gate, looking far away. He then flashed and appeared before a cultivator.

That cultivator opened his eyes and looked at the clan leader, who then said, "They're here."

"Indeed." Gu, Dongliu nodded. The clan leader then continued, "The Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is quite a schemer. He sent the Crown Prince away all those years ago and said the Crown Prince would have definitely been of formidable power, more so that what was demonstrated by those from the Violet Heavenly Palace. He will be the most powerful enemy of yours among those of your generation in the realm. Despite having become a Holiness of Nirvana, your plane is ultimately one that is brought about by some machinations of destiny, instead of something forged through your own training. You still lack somewhat, and your plane needs fortification. As such, I hope that you'll be able to stabilize your plane for a bit before you clash with the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty."

"But then again, it seems like they have no intention of waiting," the clan leader then added. With the Crown Prince arriving personally, Gu Dongliu would have to fight whether he liked it or not.

The upcoming battle would definitely be a lot more perilous than the one he fought with Wang Yanbing before.

While Wang Yanbing was powerful and was trained in mystical ways, he eventually was just of the Wang Clan. It would have been very difficult to compare him to the favorite son of the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

"I understand." Gu Dongliu rose and cast his gaze far away. The strongest of his enemies in the Heavenly Mandate Realm also happened to be his sworn enemy.

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    《The Legend of Futian》