The Legend of Futian
1452 Pressure
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1452 Pressure

Stifling pressure loomed from far away outside the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Countless looked up in the air outside the Celestial Gate, finding divine light sparkling above and lightning flashed about. It seemed to have overwhelmed the flighty celestial aura from the Celestial Gate. A terrifying aura was sensed, and it seemed to be something deliberate.


Flashes of lightning rained down from above, as if doomsday was near, flashing in all directions. There were lightning bolts hitting straight into the crowd below, causing the minds of many to rattle. Everyone seemed to have been able to sense that shocking might.

Thunderclouds rolled and rumbled in the sky, seemingly having darkened the place all over.

A group of people appeared high in the air before descending slowly, hovering midair as they looked at the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven before them.

In yet another direction, dazzling divine light sparkled above. It was as if a heavenly army have descended from the sky, moving alongside the mighty ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace. Towering might swept out at the Celestial Gate right away, shrouding the vast, seemingly endless area of the Celestial Gate.

Ye Futian looked up at the sky and found two leading figures whom he met before. There was the Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord and the other as a general from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Both of them were known to be second-in-command figures in their own respective forces.

"So, the overseeing Palace Lord and the Dynastic Overlord are not here yet?" A voice was heard from within the Celestial Gate far away. Both the Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Dynastic Overlord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had been injured by Gu Tianxing back at the Origin Mountains, and it was unknown if they had recovered.

"The Palace Lord sends his regards," the Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord replied.

"I'm indeed flattered," a cold response was heard.

"Gu Tianxing of the Gu Clan of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven declared war in the realm all those years ago, causing many deaths. Many forces joined the Celestial Gate, and the Celestial Gate also agreed to cast the Gu Clan out. At present, the sole remnant, Gu Dongliu, remains alive. Why is the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven protecting him?" the Heavenly Penalty Palace Lord said. There seemed to be lightning of divine punishment flashing about as he spoke.

"You all have had your fair share of blood on your hands in the slaughter all those years ago. With the feud of a generation being over, the matter should have been settled. Gu Tianxing sealed the training of his descendant so as to not to get said descendant involved in the scuffle. It was too bad that you people from the Violet Heavenly Palace refused to let the matter slide and brought him away. That was what set the remnant thoughts of Gu Tianxing into motion."

The voice from within the Celestial Gate sounded calm and serene. It was as if it was out of that world.

"Consider the matter settled?" The general from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's pupils took a fearsome glow. "Would the sole descendant of the Gu Clan be willing to end it all just like that? If we were to leave him to his own devices, he would have probably grown into yet another Gu Tianxing, and he might stain his hands with the blood of countless people."

"Then, it seems like none of us will be able to convince the other." The voice from the Celestial Gate sounded somewhat more serious. "In that case, may I know what brings you all here today?"

Pleasantries and small talk seemed to have no place in such a situation. All that was left was what to do next.

"We're here to advise you to take serious consideration of the gravity of the matter." The voice of that general sounded sharp as always, penetrating the space before him and making sure all from the Celestial Gate were able to hear him clearly.

"There is no need for that. I've made up my mind. If you have no other business, then please return. I'm afraid our air will be ill-suited for all of you." A faint voice was heard, seemingly demanding the guests to leave.

The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven did not welcome those from the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and they had no intention of concealing their displeasure.

After the clan leader of the Jiang Clan finished saying that, the air above seemed to have become more stifled. Devastating bolts of lightning continued to flash about. The boundless divine light was shot at the Celestial Gate. Those who stood outside were able to sense the heaviness in the air. It was as if a fight was about to break out at a moment's notice.

At that moment, among the people who came to see what was happening, there were also members of other top-notch forces of the realm present. Those who had participated in the grand feast back at the Violet Heavenly Palace seemed to have all gathered there. There were even great monsters from the demon realm present.

Their eyes were fixed at the air, wanting to see what would happen next, and how that scuffle would end.

They were all curious if the ones from those two top-notch forces would truly dare to attack the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

If they were to fight right there and then, it would have been a super battle, capable of shaking the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm. No one would know how many mighty ones would perish in such a battle.

"We're here, after all, and there is no way we will let the trip be for nothing. His majesty, the Dynastic Overlord, does not wish to declare war against the Celestial Gate, and we would be willing to let you consider the matter further in order to prevent a greater commotion." The general of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty then continued, "It is said that Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun are the strongest among the younger generations of the Celestial Gate. We have quite a number of our younger generations here as well. As such, we would like to have sparring matches with top geniuses of the Celestial Gate, and we would like to find out just how capable Gu Dongliu is. The Celestial Gate might consider changing its mind afterward."

"We of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven have no intention of doing so." The voice of the clan leader of Jiang Clan was heard. He then continued, "But, of course, if the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty intends to find out what the members of our younger generation are capable of, I do not want to let you down. Other than Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun, we do have quite a number of capable people. I wonder if the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, or the one with the supreme body of the great path from the Violet Heavenly Palace, would be interested in having a go?"

"There are many capable ones at the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty other than the Crown Prince, and we may not need him to fight personally," that general said plainly. He then waved, and nine mighty ones emerged. All nine of them glittered with divine light, and all of them were of superb bearing, vaguely having the will of Renhuang coursing through their bodies, hinting that they were all exceptional people.

What was even more astonishing was that the aura of all nine of them seemed to be capable of melding into a single entity, conjuring a terrifying aura.

Furthermore, they were surprisingly all of the same plane. All of them were Holiness of Nirvanas, and all of them possessed vastly formidable auras.

"Here are nine of the members of the younger generations of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and they wish to see for themselves just how formidable the mystical ways are. The Celestial Gate is welcomed to deploy anyone to spar against them. Even Jiang Taichu and Gu Dongliu would be welcomed if they're willing," the general said, causing everyone around him to look serious.

None had expected those from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to claim to want the nine to challenge Jiang Taichu and Gu Dongliu.

"I've heard that Yu Sheng fought with their people outside the palace of Brahma's Pure Sky, no?" a mighty one of the Divine Elephants came to Ye Futian's side and asked in a subdued voice.

"Yeah. It was a group of nine back then as well. Nine people acting as one, resonating with the great path, bringing powers far beyond what nine people would be able to bring to bear. Furthermore, all nine of them had a terrifying aura, and all of them were Holiness of Nirvanas. Worse still, I feel that the nine here are far more powerful than the nine who fought Yu Sheng back then. The ones before us now are of the same plane with the Crown Prince of the dynasty, and I'm afraid they're the most formidable sidekicks that the Crown Prince fostered," Ye Futian elaborated in a low voice.

"Then it should be as you've speculated—every single top-notch one has a good number of people serving as aides throughout their growth. Gu Tianxing had many capable people serving him all those years ago. The 12 of the Celestial Gate posed a threat to the dynasty, and that general at the Dynastic Overlord's side had been following and growing alongside the overlord throughout the years, eventually becoming the second-in-command today. If those people were to all be fostered for the sake of the Crown Prince, aiding him to reach the very top, then all nine of them would be very powerful."

That mighty one from the Divine Elephants continued, "It is not just one of them being powerful, but every one of them is. If they are versed in synchronized tactics, that will make them all the more fearsome. It is possible that the Crown Prince spars with them often just to hone their powers."

That mighty one was unable to help but recall those who were at Ye Futian's side. Yu Sheng, who was known to be unparalleled in terms of raw strength, was about to join the Divine Elephants to train. Ye Wuchen had acquired the lineage of the Sword Emperor of Hanzhou and was sent to train in the Art of Yanbing in the Wang Clan as well. Other than those two, there were also several others.

All of them would become the most powerful aides by Ye Futian's side in the future.

Ye Futian looked in the direction of the upcoming battlefield and looked rather serious. When Yu Sheng clashed with those from the dynasty back then, he was able to sense just how exceptional those people were. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had a long history behind them, and it was a coalition of many dynastic forces. The best of the best among those countless forces were selected to be fostered specifically, so much so that they were even sent outside Heavenly Mandate Realm to train. With so many resources being invested in them, there was no doubt that they were extremely powerful.

As such, it seemed that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would have a hard time dealing with them.

A group of people emerged from the Celestial Gate and stood on the steps. All of them wore sharp, severe expressions as they eyed the nine before them.

Among them, there was Wang Yanbing, who had joined the ranks of the Celestial Gate not long ago. His eyes were extremely pointed as he gazed forward. Celestial light dazzled on his body. He willed, and a storm howled around him. Divine swords were conjured with celestial light shrouding them, making them look tremendously sharp.

All of those divine weapons basked in celestial light before shooting out at the sky, heading straight for the nine before him in an instant.

The nine from Heavenly Mandate Dynasty stepped out at the same time. It took only a single step, and terrifying golden screens appeared before them. The divine weapons blasted onto them and were all repelled, unable to punch through at all.

The eyes of the nine were cold, and the one at the center sparkled with golden shimmer, thinking of just how one person was going to fight all nine of them.

"Wang Yanbing of the Celestial Gate." The Crown Prince cast his gaze forward and said plainly, "He is in way over his head."

The one at the center of the nine had little renown in the dynasty and was no way near being famous. Few knew who he was, yet he knew that if he were to step out and fight in that battle at the Violet Heavenly Palace, he would have been able to shoot to fame with just a single battle, just like Ye Futian.

That person was considered to be in the Crown Prince's shadow. He was most powerful among his subordinates. Wang Yanbing would have had a hard time just fighting that one man, let alone fighting all nine of the group.

As such, the crown prince deemed that Wang Yanbing would be in way over his head if he chose to fight alone.

All nine of them were fostered specifically to fight Gu Dongliu instead of Wang Yanbing, after all.

Divine arms continued to rain from the air, blasting hard at that golden screens of light, placing the area in a lockdown yet unable to shake the defending ones.

Wang Yanbing took one step out. Celestial light circled about him, and his entire being was turned into a nigh-indestructible divine weapon. Intense light burst, and he transformed into a sword, leading the charge with the thousands of divine arms behind him, enabling him to almost tear through space.

The nine from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty stepped out again. Solemn voices were heard all around them all of a sudden. That was the sound of the great path.

The sounds had no form, and it reverberated throughout their surroundings, resonating with the great path in the sky. All nine of them pooled their powers and conjured fierce, formidable will, making it seem as if it was the might of the heavens about to break through the limit of Holiness of Nirvanas.

"Wang Yanbing is about to lose," the very capable ones of the Divine Elephants muttered. That aura was indeed very powerful.

Furthermore, it seemed that he heard of such powers before.

A beam of divine light burst, making it seem like heavenly palm strikes shot forth. The crowd then saw Wang Yanbing's divine weapon form be blast backward, causing the minds of countless to be rattled.

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    《The Legend of Futian》