The Legend of Futian
1455 Is This Adequate
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1455 Is This Adequate

"Do you have a death wish?"

"I do have a death wish, indeed!"

The exchange between both men was filled with unbridled pride, and both showed absolute confidence in their own powers.

Ye Futian stated that he had a death wish, challenging the nine from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to kill him.

The leading figure among the nine looked on with a cold expression, finding it unnecessary to hold back, given how his opponent asked for death.

The nine burst with the same aura of the Great Path. The Divine Sound circled about them and resonated with the great path. Killing currents coalesced in a frenzy and rampaged about in their surroundings, with the might of the attack being brought to the extreme.

The Qianqiu Brush burst with unparalleled killing light. The brush tore through the space as if it cut through the ages of the dynasty's reign.

Everyone sensed the towering killing intent right above Ye Futian's head. The brush was enlarged as if it was a divine brush of the heavens, every single stroke able to tear through the space and kill everything in its path.

Many saints were among the crowd, watching the battle, and all of them sensed how formidable the killing currents were.

At that moment, Ye Futian, who was right below the brush, looked insignificant.

However, that seemingly insignificant silhouette burst with a light of increasingly high intensity. Celestial light burst and shot through the heavens. There seemed to be a mystical aura filling the vast space, like a formless being emerging from behind him amidst the tremendous killing currents. It was as if it was a shadow a celestial being.

Furthermore, that being took the form of Ye Futian.

"The Celestial Soul." The mighty ones were all shaken. They all looked intently at Ye Futian in the air. That was his Celestial Soul Form.

"He is unleashing the mystical ways." The hearts of the crowd shook, especially those from Haotian City. The mystical ways were of unparalleled significance to those from Haotian City, and that method, which had been previously lost, was even more so.

Ye Futian had used it before when he saved Wang Yanbing, but that was him saving someone. The crowd had yet to witness the true use of the Celestial Soul Attraction.

At present, the Celestial Soul Attraction — a mystical way which had been lost for over 1000 years — was to be used in the battlefield, bursting from Ye Futian. Just how powerful was the spell?

No one knew the answer to the question.

Yet, everyone was eyeing Ye Futian at that moment.

The will of the great path throughout their surroundings seemed to have gotten even more powerful as the Celestial Soul Attraction spell burst forth. The currents of the great path gushed into the spell in a frenzy. At that moment, Ye Futian's silhouette seemed to no longer look insignificant. That silver-haired figure glittered with a divine glow, seemingly making him a true mystical being, and the shadows of the Divine Elephants around him were all shrouded in celestial light as well.

Boom. Ye Futian stepped out into the air. That step shook the air around him, with thousands of Divine Elephants stomping out throughout the air, pinning down the great path and tearing down the space around them. The force clashed with the incoming killing currents, causing the weather about them to change.

The rampaging space looked even more chaotic, and it was not only in that very immediate area. The nine, who were all watching from a distance, sensed extremely formidable suppressive power, and all of them seemed to feel a tremendously overwhelming pressure somewhat.

They frowned slightly, especially the one taking the lead. He sensed an intense threat from Ye Futian at the moment.

That feeling made him feel very uncomfortable.

"How do you plan to kill me?" A raging voice was heard. Ye Futian extended his hand as he took another step. All nine of them felt their souls shaking at the moment.

"The hell..." Their expressions changed drastically. They saw a tall, imposing celestial shadow appear right before them when they looked at Ye Futian.

It was a very weird feeling. There was nothing right before them, yet that tall, imposing shadow seemed to imprint itself on their souls right there and then. That being's might pounded on their spirit, causing their auras to lose focus and their synchronization of the Divine Sound to falter. The killing currents in the air were no longer as stable as before; it turned into a chaotic storm, whipping about without order.

The Qianqiu Brush trembled slightly. However, that tremble differed from before, which made it seem as if the will of the great path that controlled the Qianqiu Brush was affected, causing it to lose stability.

"What is happening?" some of the nine asked telepathically. They felt as if their souls and spirits were no longer in their control. It was as if Ye Futian was able to manipulate them from a distance, simply by extending his hand.

That feeling made them extremely uncomfortable, so much so that it affected the Divine Sound that they were casting at the moment, which affected the control of the brush drastically.

Ye Futian was able to tell that he was right from how the power of the brush faltered. The power of Celestial Soul Attraction was more than just being able to amplify one's combat capacity. It was also capable of enabling one to suppress their opponents. The Divine Sound needed nine people working in tandem to be formidable. At the same time, the Celestial Soul Attraction was something capable of breaking such synchronization, causing him to be able to suppress his opponents somewhat.


Ye Futian took yet another step. The sky trembled, and the killing currents were shattered in a frenzy. The Qianqiu Brush, which was being brought down, was repelled right away.

That scene caused many mighty ones from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to change drastically. It was apparent that they, too, felt something was off.

The resonance of the Divine Sound was breaking. With the resonance of the great path no longer in synch, the burst of power would lack somewhat.

Ye Futian seemed to be able to suppress the Divine Sound after using the Celestial Soul Attraction.

The crowd was unable to think much about the situation before seeing Ye Futian shooting to the air, stepping through the sky with a single step. The Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell pinned the place down. That time, it was directly on the nine mighty ones, and it was more than just pinning down their bodies; the nine felt as if their souls and spirits were being pinned down as well, so much so that they felt their souls were about to leave their bodies and be crushed. The situation was so severe that they seemed to be unable to breathe, feeling choked.

A divine punch followed. The Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist blasted onto them right away, pounding on the space where the nine of them were. That one punch was infused with power from the Celestial Soul Attraction. That one punch tore the skies apart and crushed their spirits.

The nine, who had been standing together, were thrown in different directions immediately. Their formation was crushed, and they grunted. Two of them were even seen spitting up blood, looking ashen.

"The hell..."

Everyone's heart raced. The people of Haotian City felt incredibly shocked deep down.

So, this is the true power of Celestial Soul Attraction — the spell that has been lost for 1000 years? they thought to themselves.

Ye Futian's Celestial Soul was invoked, and the tables were turned right away, pinning down even the Divine Sound.

Furthermore, the mystical way seemed to have an extremely potent use. They speculated that they had not been able to feel anything due to not having faced Ye Futian directly. However, the nine from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were greatly affected. They would not have collapsed instantly otherwise.

Ye Futian's aura did not dissipate just yet. His Celestial Soul remained active after the nine were repelled. Celestial light continued to circle around his body, and all other might of the great path was suppressed, with him at the very center.

He lifted his foot and took another step right away.


Elephant trumpeting spread all over the sky, stampeding through the space. Those nine were being subjected to attacks by the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell, and one Divine Elephant after another trampled them.

Boom, boom, boom...

The mighty ones were sent flying yet again. They spat up blood. Their inner circulation was thrown into chaos. Their spirits were shaken, and their auras were dropping sharply.

Despite being geniuses of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, without the boost from the Divine Sound formation, they did not stand a chance against Ye Futian's Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky.

The stampede alone was more than enough to keep them pinned down.

That leader from before was the only one capable of summoning the Qianqiu Brush and continued attacking with it. The killing currents cut down the shadows of Divine Elephants charging about, but then again, his spirit remained shaken, and his aura trembled unstably.

At that moment, he felt his body stiffen up all of a sudden. A figure was seen walking towards him. Ye Futian extended his hand and grabbed at the sky. That Celestial Soul figure came down in an instant, and his soul felt trapped. While he knew that it was just a feeling, it was something incredibly unbearable. It was as if there was actually a formless hand grabbing him.

"How do you plan on killing me?" Ye Futian asked. That mighty one from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked at him with a twisted face.

He had been the one asking if Ye Futian had a death wish.

Yet, it was him being thrust to the brink of death at the moment.

"Do you have a death wish?" Ye Futian asked instead, and that mighty one blanched.

Boom. Another step was taken, which stepped on his soul right away, causing his entire body to shudder.

His will was cranked to the extreme as he tried to shake off that feeling. Yet, Ye Futian simply took another step and said, "Answer me."

Blood spilled from the corner of that mighty one's mouth. His face continued to look pale. He was unable to move and did not dare to move. It was entirely possible for Ye Futian to actually kill him right there and then if the former wanted to.


Ye Futian took another step, seeing as how he had yet to answer. He was at the critical point of collapse, and his mind was shaking.

Countless looked up at that scene, and their minds were rattled.

Those mighty ones from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were being trampled on.

He had asked if Ye Futian has had a death wish.

At that moment, Ye Futian returned the question to him.

They deemed that the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was at an inconvenient position to do anything now.

It would reflect very badly on them if they were to do so.

The trumpeting of elephants shook the sky as they trumpeted in a frenzy. As Ye Futian continued to bring the spell down on his body, again and again. That mighty one felt as if his inner organs were about to be crushed and his soul about to split. He was truly being pushed to the extreme.

Dejection was seen in his eyes as he finally relented and said, "No, I don't."

He felt his entire body relax right after he said so. However, that was just his body. His mind and soul remained pained.


Ye Futian took one final step and sent his body flying.

Ye Futian then swept his gaze over all of the mighty ones from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty before finally eyeing the Crown Prince, saying, "Except for the Divine Sound, none of them could handle one cultivator. So tell me, is the power of one adequate?"

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    《The Legend of Futian》