The Legend of Futian
1459 Power of the Whole City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1459 Power of the Whole City

In the silent space, warriors were watching those two figures, who were shaken back in the void sky at the same time.

The violent airflow over the sky dome gradually dissipated, and it soon completely vanished. There was no sound in the void air at all; the silence was somehow a little terrifying.

Both seem to be injured, but how were their injuries?

And even at this moment, they were still staring at each other. The strongest inheritors in the Heavenly Mandate Realm seemed to have both been severely injured in this battle.

Was the Heavenly Mandate Divine Advent Skill still unable to suppress Gu Dongliu? warriors thought to themselves. This was the inheritance that Gu Tianxing gave to Gu Dongliu. Within just a few months, he had skipped many levels and entered the Nirvana Plane.

After entering the Nirvana Plane, he did not lose in the battle against the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty—Yi Tianyu.

People of Haotian City were exhilarated, and they looked quite agitated. They were not sure about this battle, especially when the Heavenly Mandate Divine Skill was released. When the Heavenly Mandate Divine Advent Skill befell, they all thought that Gu Dongliu would be defeated. Even though Gu Dongliu had the super inheritance, he owned it for a very short time. Yi Tianyu had cultivated in seclusion for many years until now he returned as a Nirvana Saint with a very stable condition.

And his cultivation method also once was the strongest inheritance in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, so no one would think that Gu Dongliu had any real advantage in this battle.

Gu Dongliu did not lose in this battle, which was enough.

He still had time. After Gu Dongliu stabilized his status and fully digested the power of Gu Tianxing's inheritance, he would keep transforming and become more powerful. At that time, he would be more confident and more likely to defeat Yi Tianyu.

Between these two destined opponents, Gu Dongliu seemed no longer to be the only one with a disadvantage.

Many people looked toward the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. In this battle, Yi Tianji—the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty—came to fight in person, using the strongest Heavenly Mandate Divine Skill, but he still failed to beat Gu Dongliu. Nobody knew how the Violet Heavenly Palace and Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would solve what had happened today.

At least, they had failed to lower the morale of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Even though Wang Yanbing was defeated, Ye Futian had a triumphant victory and solely vanquished nine opponents, and Gu Dongliu was not defeated, either.

As for the Violet Heavenly Palace, their strongest figure—the Supreme Form of Great Path Zhan Yuan—had been lost to Ye Futian once, so perhaps the next battle would also be in vain.

"You are brave to let your soul enter the Path," at this moment, Yi Tianyu finally said after the two of them were separated from each other. He looked at Gu Dongliu and said, "It seems that what Gu Tianxing has done is meaningful."

After these words, he turned and walked away. He did not continue the fight with Gu Dongliu. When he turned around, his face looked slightly pale, but his gaze remained firm, and his long hair was blowing in the wind.

In this battle, he was wounded. Gu Dongliu's last blow collided with him head-on. Both were badly injured.

Gu Dongliu saw him turn around, so he turned and left, too, with no words.

Any words would be meaningless. Although during this battle, he didn't defeat him, he believed that the next time when they met again, he would become stronger.

However, he also acknowledged Yi Tianyu's strength. He was the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He was born to be the Supreme. If he had been easy to defeat, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would not have been which it was.

At this time, the blood in his body was boiling, and his life force was fluctuating. Gu Dongliu's injury was not slight, either. If he continued to fight, he was not sure if he would win, and Yi Tianyu had no absolute confidence, either.

This battle had to stop here.

After all, the collision of the last strike, even for themselves, was not controllable. If they fought again, no one knew what the end would be.

After they returned, the space became quiet again.

Warriors of Haotian City looked toward those powerful figures. They were the ones who would decide how everything would turn out.

The Lord of the Heavenly Penalty Palace and the Divine General of the Heavenly Mandate's Dynasty did not speak. They stood there quietly, but an extremely depressing atmosphere formed between the sky and the earth, making people feel extremely uncomfortable.

Heaven and earth once again fell into a dead silence, but it was even weirder this time. The previous silence was due to the end of the battle between the two peak figures. Then, what was it this time?

No one said anything. Those big figures didn't speak, so everyone else also had to shut up.

At this moment, Gu Dongliu passed by the two Lords of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. The Lord of Jiang Clan nodded at him, and then he looked up at the void sky in the distance and said, "Since you two have arrived, why do you hide?"

Many warriors trembled when they heard what the Lord of Jiang said.


And they were two people.

Just for a moment, a thought came to people's minds and made their hearts tremble.

Who else besides those two giants could attract the attention of the two Lords of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and watch the fight in the dark?

At this moment, the oppressive atmosphere became stronger. It was as if the source was here.

Many people's hearts thumped fast. They looked up at the sky, which seemed to have turned into a world of thunder. In the endless thunder, there seemed to be a Thunder Shrine, inside of which a figure was standing with his hands behind his back. He had a distinguished bearing.

He was the Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace.


Countless people looked up at the sky. Did he turn the vast and endless world into a world of thunder? With a single thought, the world was turned into that of doomsday.

The other person was standing in another location. He was like a deity, with his whole body fully bright, and his majesty incomparable. He was like the King of all beings.

He was hailed as the most powerful person in the Heavenly Mandate Realm—the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

These two supreme powers came at the same time. They had been quelled by Gu Tianxing in the Origin Mountains and got some injuries. Now it seemed that they had recovered very well and could directly come to Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Forceful life forces rushed into the clouds from the Celestial Gate, and countless beams of immortal light were released, shrouding the void sky.

The Lord of the Jiang Clan looked up at the two in the sky and said, "What is your matter?"

"We are here to ask for a person," the Violet Heavenly Palace Lord said.

"I am afraid that Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven does not have the person you want," the Lord of Jiang responded.

"In the past, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had betrayed Gu Clan, so why should you let the descendant of Gu Clan return now? Since we have even come here in person, please hand him over to us. We don't want to fight against the Celestial Gate again," the Violet Heavenly Palace Lord said. There was a sense of threat in his calm voice.

Moreover, he also said that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had betrayed the Gu Clan in the past, which was devious. He was trying to alienate the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven from Gu Dongliu. Even though Gu Dongliu did not believe their statement, if they repeated it many times, it would still leave a crack in his heart.

"You seem unwilling to come. Why are you still here? Please go back," said the Lord of the Jiang Clan.

Boom! Over the sky, the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty took a step forward and pressed downward with infinite and supreme majesty. Behind him, many Renhuang-level warriors also stepped out. With just one step, they made the sky tremble, and countless people in the lower sky felt a real sense of death.

Many people trembled slightly.

Was the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty ready to start a war?

"What if I will take him away anyway?" the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty said arrogantly, his voice shrouding the endless void sky. Many people stared at him, and the sense of killing emitting from his body made the world feel that he might really start a war here.

Not only that, but after Yi Tianyu retreated, he actually left from behind the crowd under several Renhuang figures' escort.

Did everyone guess it wrong?

People's hearts beat faster. Did they send Yi Tianyu away in advance in order to prepare for the war?

Boom... The light of thunder engulfed the void sky and kept radiating out, covering the whole Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven under the glare of thunder.

"The Violet Heavenly Palace will not see a second Gu Tianxing emerge," said the Heavenly Palace Lord. These two supreme-level figures both launched an attack in person.

The destructive Laws of Thunder continued falling down. The Renhuang figures behind him followed, and at the same time, stomped down, crushing the sky dome.

"Let's go," someone said. Warriors below felt something unusual. Were they going to start a war?

Once the war began, not to mention themselves, the entire city would be affected, and even disasters would befall all cities around.

People started to panic, and many were preparing to evacuate.

Everyone had emitted a sense of war.

The Lord of Jiang Clan looked up above the void sky, then fell his gaze on the Lord of Hua Clan and the warriors behind him. He said, "In the war of that time, we chose our own interest, so we comprised on some things. Today, after almost a hundred years, it's time we take these things back."

In that battle, the Gu Clan was exterminated. They "betrayed" Gu Clan, which led to the Gu Clan's destruction.

What about today?

Would they repeat history, hand over Gu Dongliu, and sacrifice this last descendant of Gu Clan, who was also the most promising and talented figure of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven?

"Disciples of the Celestial Gate, who wants to fight?" the Lord of the Jiang Clan shouted, his voice spreading across the Celestial Gate.

In the immortal gate, celestial light was blooming. Dazzling Renhuang celestial matrixes were launched, and countless warriors stepped into the void sky.

"I want to fight."

"I want to fight!"


Voices came from everywhere in the space. A horrifying aura was formed in the entire Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

"Disciples of the Celestial Gate will never stop fighting until the last one of us dies," the Lord of the Jiang Clan continued. At that time, only Gu Dongliu survived.

Now, they would not stop fighting until there was only one last person left.

"We want to fight," at this moment, below Celestial Gate, a group of warriors rose up. They were the Wang Clan, who had just wanted to set foot in the Celestial Gate.

"I want to fight," in the distance, gradually more figures rose up and shouted. Gradually, countless warriors of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven surrounded warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The power of the whole city shared the same belief.

An invisible force was formed. The faith of the whole city overwhelmed the world.

Even the two giants—the Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty—felt the pressure.

Power of the whole city.

Ye Futian stood among the crowd, and he was slightly touched by this scene. This battle had historical roots for the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, but it was also a battle for the third brother.

A weak faith was the reason for every defeat.

Today, although Gu Dongliu was not the ruler of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, he could be called the hope of Haotian City!

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    《The Legend of Futian》