The Legend of Futian
1461 New Hope
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1461 New Hope

Xia Qingyuan cursed Ye Futian quietly in her heart, but Ye Futian, who turned around and left, also had a bitter smile on his face.

Over these years, Xia Qingyuan had been accompanying him since they were Emperor Xia's Realm, and she had helped him a lot. She had gradually changed from the quarrelsome princess to what she was now. Recently, Xia Qingyuan no longer quarreled with him and just stayed quietly beside him.

How could he not understand her feelings? But in most situations, he could just act silly. He seemed careless, which gave Xia Qingyuan some hope, but in fact, he just had no idea what to do. He didn't know what to deal with the relationship between him and Xia Qingyuan.

It was impossible that he didn't have feelings for her at all. The cold and proud princess had sacrificed a lot for him, and he knew it. But before all, he came to the Supreme Path Realm to find Jieyu.

He was very clear, and Xia Qingyuan knew it, too. So, in fact, both of them had never thought about other things before. Even though Xia Qingyuan had feelings for him, she would just bury it in her heart.

But recently, he asked people of Brahma's Pure Sky about Jieyu twice, and the answers he got made him a little bit unwilling to face reality, and even want to escape from it. He and Xia Qingyuan both knew that all they were doing might be nothing but his illusion. Jieyu was no longer alive.

Until then, something had changed in Xia Qingyuan's heart.

However, it was a bit difficult for him to completely forget Jieyu and stay with Xia Qingyuan. Perhaps, the relationship between them was still a bit distant. Unlike her, Jieyu had been with Ye Futian since they were both young. They had spent the most beautiful years of their lifetime together, and everything between them was natural but also unforgettable.

However, if he just told Xia Qingyuan to leave, it would be a bit too cruel, so he could only act silly, perhaps, to give both sides more time.

Above the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the celestial mist was everywhere. This was the real celestial land, and the whole Celestial Gate was shrouded in the immortal air.

Ye Futian would temporarily stay in the Celestial Gate for cultivation; Yu Sheng went to the Dragon God Clan; Ye Wuchen went to the Wang Clan to cultivate in Mystical Ways; the Sword Saint also cultivated the Demonic Sword over the Celestial Gate; Xia Qingyuan chose to cultivate alone in the sea of clouds.

Now, for Xia Qingyuan, she had no option but to make herself stronger.

The hazy sea of clouds was like a paradise on earth. A black and white lotus appeared over Xia Qingyuan's body, being refined, blooming and fading as if it was undergoing reincarnation again and again. There were two distinct life forces flowing around her body, which were two kinds of wills that were even totally incompatible.

One was the Wills of Life, for living forever.

One was the Wills of Death, for terminating life.

But now, life and death—these two opposite forces—appeared in her body at the same time, permeating the space.

During the storm in the Origin Mountains at that time, she experienced a catastrophic disaster and almost lost her life. Ye Futian took her into the abyss and guarded her so she could survive in that horrible situation.

But then she was blessed by the misfortune. From the dangerous situation, she understood the will of death, which was the opposite of the Will of Life.

There was great horror between life and death. Now she understood the wills of life and the will of death, these two Paths, which she thought might refine her cultivation.

In front of another cliff in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, there was also a place full of clouds and mists. Ye Futian was sitting there quietly and seemed to have entered a state of self-oblivion. There seemed to be a faint sparkle blooming from his body, making his perception extremely powerful. It made his thoughts blend into the world.

His soul was roaring, into the sea of clouds that suspended in the air, into the white clouds that flew above the sky, into the omnipresent wind between the sky and the earth. Everything was so clear. It was as if he didn't need to use his eyes but was able to see this world more clearly, and more real.

He had a faint feeling of detachment as if he had detached from all forms of existence, detached from everything. It was as if his life would be sublimated.

The so-called Mystical Way was used when the cultivator's thought merged into the sky and the earth and resonated with them, thus emanating the celestial power.

Behind Ye Futian, a figure of spiritual soul showed up. It perceived the Great Path Wills of the sky and earth. His perception spread toward the distance, and his celestial spirit seemed to be able to see extremely distant places and continuously extended outward. Ye Futian felt like his soul had left his body, and his whole person was in nothingness, but now he seemed to be able to see more clearly about all the Laws in the world.

He could resonate with the world with the change of just one thought.

His figure of nothingness lingered between the sky and the earth, continually drifting away, and even came out of the Celestial Gate.

At this moment, Ye Futian seemed to perceive something. In the nothingness, the soul shadow looked up at the sky, where there seemed to be a similar life force.

He looked curiously over there, but the next moment, his body of nothingness trembled violently, and Ye Futian's heart also thumped hard with it.

He could actually perceive the existence of another figure of nothingness as if it was right in front of him.

If that had been all, he would not have been surprised, but he couldn't be more familiar with that face of the figure.

His heart shook violently. It was as if he had been hit by something. He released his thoughts madly, and in the nothingness, he looked at that gorgeous figure, his eyes moist.

"Jieyu," Ye Futian murmured. Jieyu. She was still alive.

Vroom. In the nothingness, the illusory soul disappeared instantly as if it had never shown up.

"Jieyu!" Ye Futian shouted, his eyes suddenly wide open. He stood up and ran to the place where she had stood.

However, there was only endless nothingness. Nothing was there, not to mention a figure like Jieyu.

"It is impossible..." Ye Futian yelled in his heart. He could not have been wrong. It was absolutely impossible.

Jieyu left in the form of a spiritual soul, so was she still alive in the form of soul today?

However, since she was alive and had already come, why should she leave again?

"Jieyu!" he called. Ye Futian's eyes became extremely sharp. It was as if he could see through the nothingness. He started to run and chased in one direction.

Was it a dream or his fantasy?

He didn't believe that he would not be able to distinguish between reality and illusion when he had reached such a high cultivation level. Unless it was a very powerful illusion attack, he could not have hallucinations.

So, it was most likely that it was really Jieyu.

Jieyu. She was still alive.

Must be alive.

"Friend Ye." At this time, someone in the Celestial Gate saw Ye Futian and called him. However, Ye Futian went straight into the distance as if he hadn't seen him.

"What's going on?" the people of the Celestial Gate asked each other, looking at Ye Futian in confusion.

He seems to be chasing after something. Did anything happen? they wondered.

Ye Futian ran forward aimlessly. There had been no trace of Jieyu at all, but he just went ahead according to his feelings. In the state of the celestial soul, his perception was unprecedentedly powerful, and that feeling was also so terrifyingly keen that his eyes could even capture bodiless beings.

Soon, Ye Futian stepped out of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and continued moving in one direction. His speed was very fast, and he didn't stop at all.

After a while, Ye Futian looked ahead, and a strange look flashed in his eyes.

Had he been wrong this time?

He was too confident, but even in the Saint Plane, could he suffer from illusions?

Maybe his perception was no longer as keen as before, or was it because he missed her too much?

Ye Futian took a few steps forward and drifted down slowly without continuing chasing. After he arrived here, that kind of feeling seemed to have disappeared.

He looked toward the palace in front of him. There were still people outside at this moment. They saw Ye Futian and saluted, "We are glad to meet Mr. Ye."

"Glad to meet you, too, Goddesses," Ye Futian said and nodded slightly. "Have the Goddesses of the Brahma's Pure Sky not returned yet?"

It had been a while since the battle, but Brahma's Pure Sky's people were still here.

So, he had run to where Brahma's Pure Sky was stationed. Before, he had also lived here, so he guessed that he might have had a hallucination, and perhaps that kind of familiar feeling was because of this palace.

He had lived here for a long time.

"Not yet. Sister Qin has been waiting for Mr. Ye," a lady said, Ye Futian pointed at himself and said, "Is Miss Qin still here?"

"I haven't bid farewell to Mr. Ye yet, so of course I am still waiting," a gentle voice came. A stunning lady came near with a smile. It was Qin He.

"That day, Mr. Ye directly entered the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and didn't say goodbye, so I had to wait here for you. Now, finally, Mr. Ye comes out of the Celestial Gate, so I should bid farewell to you now," Qin He said. Her voice was extremely gentle, just like a spring breeze.

Besides, her words did not go beyond courtesy, but she also showed her concern for Ye Futian at the same time. Even Ye Futian had to say that she was a bit "dangerous," enough to enrapture every top figure.

"I didn't say goodbye that day. It's my fault," Ye Futian said. "I should apologize to Goddess."

"Never mind. If you are interested, please come to Brahma's Pure Sky one day and have a cup of tea with me," Qin He said, smiling. Ye Futian nodded slightly and said, "Absolutely."

"Okay then, I should leave now."

"I will see you out," Ye Futian said.

"Thanks for your kindness, but I am afraid Mr. Ye must have a lot of things to do. I can leave with the people of my sect," Qin He said. Her voice was still gentle.

"Goddess Qin, take care of yourself." Ye Futian didn't say much but just cupped his hand and said, "Please."

"Thank you, Mr. Ye. You take care, too," Qin He said.

Ye Futian nodded, turned around, and left.

After he left, Qin He returned to the palace and came in front of someone. The person in front of her was also an unusual lady. As Qin He—the First Maiden of Brahma's Pure Sky—appeared in front of her, Qin He looked quite timid and just stood there without speaking.

"Let's return to Brahma's Pure Sky," the woman said.

"Aye," everyone nodded and answered. Soon this large group of people left by air!

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    《The Legend of Futian》