The Legend of Futian
1462 The Dragon Abyss
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1462 The Dragon Abyss

The land of the Demon Realm was vast and boundless.

In the vast Demon Realm, the Origin Mountains was the birthplace of the Demon Realm. In addition to the Demon Metropolis, there were several other bustling areas in the Demon Realm.

For example, the Celestial Dragon Eight Demon Cities City, including Purple-gold Dragon City, Azure Dragon City, Black Dragon City, Fire Dragon City, and Frost Dragon City, and other three form an extremely prosperous district in the Demon Realm. Eight dragon kings ruled the eight dragon cities.

However, all the warriors in the Demon Realm knew that the ancestral land of the Dragon God Clan was not the Celestial Dragon Eight Demon Cities City, but the Dragon Abyss in their center.

The Dragon Abyss was an incredibly vast area where many islands were floating in the air. Amid the floating islands, there was an endless abyss. Here, you could often see real dragons looming.

The endless mountains and islands of Dragon Abyss were also called the Dragon God Mountain.

Here was the true Holy Land of the Dragon Race, and those mountains were shaped like dragons.

In this vast area of the Dragon Abyss, one could also see real adult dragons teaching young dragons to cultivate and travel through the mountains and abyss.

At this time, in this area, two figures were walking in the air. One of them had horns on his head, wore a dragon robe over his body, and had a very strong demonic aura. Apparently, he transformed from a true dragon.

The man next to him was burly and dressed in a black robe, with a majestic and cold temperament all over him.

"Dragon Emperor Grandpa, who is this human?" At this time, a hundred-meter-long dragon circled up in the void sky and came in front of two of them. The dragon's beard was long, but the dragon's face looked quite immature. Obviously, this dragon was young in the dragon family.

He was looking at Yu Sheng, wondering who this man was.

"He is called Yu Sheng. He is here for cultivation," the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan said with a smile. Ye Futian said that he would send Yu Sheng to the Dragon God Clan for cultivation, and he agreed. If that guy was not willing to teach, he would teach Yu Sheng the power of Dragon Deity by himself.

Since the Prophet predicted that the Heavenly Mandate Realm would change, he had to make some preparations in advance.

"Where is Dragon Emperor Grandpa taking him for cultivation?" the young dragon asked curiously.

"Kids don't need to care about such things. Go cultivate," the old dragon said with a smile. He kept heading forward with Yu Sheng. The young dragon wobbled and circled down, somewhat depressed.

There were very few humans here.

These two figures kept moving forward, and after they came to a place, they even went all the way down to the bottom of the Dragon God Mountain Area.

Yu Sheng was a little confused, and when he looked down, he seemed to perceive a terrifying life force from it.

"Here, this area is the forbidden place of our dragon clan," the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan said to Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng was even more puzzled. Since it was a forbidden area, why did he bring him here?

Could it be that the person who the Dragon God Clan wanted to teach him stayed here in the forbidden area?

With confusion, Yu Sheng went deep into the abyss with him. Yu Sheng's eyes narrowed slightly as he stared down. In the abyss, he felt an extremely intimidating demonic Will. It was as if it was everywhere in this land of the abyss.

They went down deep into a place that looked like hellish space of the Demonic Law. It was like the underground of the Dragon Abyss, with many mountains inserted into this district upside down, which seemed to be the extension of the mountains above. Over these countless mountains, there were infinite chains. Each chain was made by divine weapons, reflecting extremely bright light.

The infinite chains seemed all leading to one place.

They stopped, and the big figure of the Dragon God Clan raised his head and looked in one direction. Yu Sheng also looked toward that side and saw a huge body curling behind the upside-down peaks. The twisted body was so huge that it wrapped more than ten peaks. The scene was very shocking.

Its skull was immensely large, and even its eyes were larger than human bodies.

The dragon scales on it were black, with a terrifying dark sheen.

"A demon dragon," Yu Sheng murmured, staring at the front. It was definitely a giant-level demon dragon. What was even more shocking was that its huge body seemed to be wrapped with infinite chains. It was as if the endless chains on the peaks were all just used to lock its body.

"I haven't come to see you for a long time," the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan, who came with Yu Sheng, spoke to the locked demon dragon.

The demon dragon's huge eyes stared at him. His body circled upward, and he didn't say anything.

He had been here for over 300 years. It didn't matter whether or not anyone came to visit him.

Of course, 300 years was not too far away for him.

"You must be bored of cultivating here for hundreds of years. I met a human cultivator outside who cultivated in the Demonic Path, so I brought him here and asked if you would accept him as a disciple and teach him."

The powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan continued to speak, but the demon dragon seemed to have no interest. He took a glance at Yu Sheng and then looked at the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan and said, "I have no interest in teaching disciples."

His voice was extremely deep. It had a slight sense of depression, which was quite horrifying.

Yu Sheng stood there and could clearly feel a suffocating oppression. He didn't know what crime the demon dragon had committed to keeping him locked here.

"I know," the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan continued, "but he is a little different. It seems he was maybe destined to meet you. You can take a look at him first."

"Why is he different?" the Demon Dragon said coldly, and his voice still had no fluctuation.

"It's hard to tell, but maybe you would be interested. Just take a look, and if you don't have any interest, I will take him away," said the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan again.

The demon dragon ignored him and just looked at him quietly.

"I will get out first, and if you are not interested, you just let Yu Sheng go out by himself, and I will take him away," the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan continued. After these words, he rose into the air and left.

Yu Sheng showed a strange look. Didn't he worry if the demon dragon would hurt him?

What exactly happened between the demon dragon and the Dragon God Clan? In their dialogue, there seemed to be no anger at all, and they both looked very calm.

When the dragon saw him leaving, his huge eyes glanced over, Yu Sheng. Was it because his previous master was a human cultivator that he sent a human to follow him for cultivation?

However, he was never interested in teaching anyone to cultivate; he only admired stronger power.

"Go away," the demon dragon said to Yu Sheng. No matter how talented this human was, he would not be interested.

Yu Sheng frowned when he heard what he said, a bit unhappy. The character of this demon dragon was a bit weird.

"I should leave then." He didn't say much and just rose straight up, about to leave.

Since he didn't show any interest, Yu Sheng was not interested in him, either.

He didn't need others to teach him to cultivate; he could do it alone.

The demon dragon also noticed Yu Sheng's dissatisfaction, and a look of contempt flashed across his huge eyes. He was just of the Saint Plane. How dare he show discontent?

His sharp claw swept through the air, and suddenly, a rumbling sound came out. Yu Sheng immediately felt extremely strong pressure. He saw a huge demonic claw smashing down at him, crushing the void sky. The dark claw seemed to be transformed from a giant dragon claw, and the power was terrifying.

"Not everyone is qualified to cultivate in Demonic Power," an indifferent and domineering voice spat out from the mouth of the demon dragon.

Over Yu Sheng's body, the demonic power roared and rumbled, and a gust of mighty demonic life force swept out. He stepped in the void sky, and the dark golden light circled around his body. Demon statues appeared behind him, and all the demons rushed out.

A huge demon palm print blasted out and went straight toward that huge demonic claw. With a loud noise, the claw and the palm print collapsed at the same time.

The scene made the dragon show a different color in his eyes. Although he deliberately controlled his power and wanted to give Yu Sheng a lesson, warning Yu Sheng that no one was qualified to cultivate in the Demonic Law, he thought it was still enough to crush Yu Sheng based on his Plane. However, Yu Sheng blocked it.

The dragon's huge eyes stared at Yu Sheng, and he felt somewhat familiar with the demonic airflow around Yu Sheng.

Boom… The huge body moved forward, and the chains made clanging sounds. His huge claw smashed down toward Yu Sheng as if the Might of Heavenly Law befell. Yu Sheng just felt suffocated and fixed his eyes on the claw approaching from the sky.

This time, the demon dragon did not control his power. One could imagine how terrifying it was.

The Demonic Might over Yu Sheng's body snarled and roared, and many demon shadows appeared. But the smashing claw was like a devil's claw, and the gap of their planes was too large to overcome. Yu Sheng could not even escape and was directly smashed down. He growled wildly, and his big eyes just stared at the other side.

"How dare you resist. kid?" The demon dragon spoke coldly. His huge body approached, his eyes fixed on Yu Sheng, his claws exerted strength slightly. Yu Sheng was frantically struggling, but it was of no use.

The claws were still exerting pressure. It was as if he wanted to crush Yu Sheng's body. Yu Sheng stared at him coldly, the Demonic Might in his body reaching its max. He was on the brink of dying, so he had to use up every ounce of his strength, but even so, it was still useless.

Boom… A peerless demonic shadow appeared and used a pair of cold eyes, sweeping toward the other side. When demon dragon saw the demonic shadow, he was stunned first, and then his huge body shivered violently.

Boom… As the dragon's body trembled more and more violently, the whole abyss seemed to be shivering. He let his claw loose, and when the shivering dragon saw Yu Sheng's chilly gaze, he lowered his extremely proud head and kneeled down as if in worship.

Boom… The countless upside-down peaks of the abyss were still shaking. Outside of the abyss, the powerful figure of the Dragon God Clan frowned. He looked around and saw the mountains of the Dragon Abyss were trembling. Many warriors of the Dragon Clan rose up and watched this scene in shock.

This was... What happened?


The dragon's snarl rang through the sky and the earth. Many young dragons in the Dragon Abyss were shocked and dropped to the ground, and many adult giant dragons were also trembling and groveling. The whole bottomless Dragon Abyss seemed to be trembling at this moment!

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    《The Legend of Futian》