The Legend of Futian
1467 Embarrassmen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1467 Embarrassmen

Ye Futian naturally had also seen Yi Tianyu and others, but he just took a glance at them and looked away.

He did not expect that the charm of the First Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky would be so great that the lineup of warriors who came this time was even better than that in the Violet Heavenly Palace. Of course, so many events that happened recently might also make the situation in Heavenly Mandate Realm a little bit more intense, which was why cultivators of many forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm had become more sensitive.

At this time, many people looked up toward the direction of Xuantian Pavilion and saw Goddesses in long dresses descending from the sky and landing on different steps. They were all stunning beauties.

Over the sky dome, there were constantly figures descending. They were like fairies first coming to the world of immortals, and they stood on the steps in different locations and looked tranquil.

At the highest place, a peerless Goddess slowly fell with breathtaking beauty. She was the First Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky—Qin He.

Qin He directly landed on the peak of Xuantian Pavilion. She sat on the ground, waving her hands, and an ancient zither appeared in front of her.

Is it the Great Brahma Heavenly Voice? people thought and felt unsettled. People had heard about this ultimate skill of Brahma's Pure Sky, but people's impressions of Qin He from Brahma Sky City had always been of the First Goddess know for her great beauty, and they had almost neglected her strength.

However, the Great Brahma Voice was the Music of Killing. Nobody knew what things would be like if the killing power erupted in Qin He's hands.

"How many Goddesses are there?" someone asked in a low voice and secretly counted the Goddesses of Brahma's Pure Sky, who appeared on the stairs of Xuantian Pavilion.

"All the 81 Goddesses have arrived," someone said. People had made it clear that on the Xuantian Pavilion stairs, there were 81 Goddesses.

In the Brahma's Pure Sky, there were Nine Jiutian Sacred Ladies, and under their thrones, they were respectively nine goddesses.

This meant that the 81 Goddesses were all the Saintesses in Brahma's Pure Sky. Such a lineup was terrifying.

Of course, the Goddesses with titles did not necessarily have high Planes. In Brahma's Pure Sky, there were many cultivators whose cultivation levels were higher than that of the Saintesses. Therefore, they could not be called the strongest figures of Brahma's Pure Sky.

But, at this moment, many more figures walked down from the Xuantian Pavilion; they were other cultivators from the Brahma's Pure Sky. They descended and showed up around the Goddesses, enlarging the array.

Seeing the scene, many people showed a different look. How many cultivators had the Brahma's Pure Sky deployed this time?

However, even though hundreds of Saint-Plane cultivators had shown up at the same time, when they scattered on the magnificent stairs of Xuantian Pavilion of tens of thousands of feet, they were spread apart and could barely occupy every position.

At this time, over the Xuantian Pavilion, there was a Renhuang warrior of the Brahma's Pure Sky. She looked down toward the crowd and said, "Today, Qin He will lead all cultivators of the Brahma's Pure Sky to challenge warriors of all forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. People from all forces can join the battle this time. There is no limit on the number of people, and we will adjust the number of warriors on our side who participate in battles according to the situation. Anyone who gets hurt will be replaced.

"One more thing: the killing force in the matrix is not controllable. Therefore, for those who have not cultivated enough, please be cautious and do not enter the battlefield casually. Those who can reach Xuantian Pavilion will be considered as having cracked the matrix. Today, let's see who can take the lead to enter Xuantian Pavilion first."

Her voice spread through the void sky, and everyone could hear it clearly. She waved her hand at everyone and said, "Please."

After these words, she retreated to the Xuantian Pavilion and left the place for Qin He and the other Goddesses.

At this moment, on the Xuantian Pavilion stairs, Qin He was sitting there alone, looking peerless. She put her slim fingers on the strings as she gazed down.

She didn't look to see the people below her. It was as if the bustling and noisy world below had nothing to do with her.

At this time, Qin He gave people a feeling of loneliness. It was as if she was the only one in the world.

In addition, Qin He didn't seem to have the kind of sweetness and gentleness that she usually had. Instead, her temperament was cold. Her long skirt fluttered slightly, and there seemed to be an aura of killing between the sky and the earth.

Even though the crowd was far from her, they could clearly feel the changes in Qin He's temperament. Now, she was a completely different person.

"Cultivating in Music?" The young man of Divine Music Palace next to Yi Tianyu looked up at her in the void sky and whispered, "She is so beautiful."

"Indeed. If Tianyu could marry her, it would surely be a good story," the Elder Brother said with a smile. Even in the Divine Palace, Qin He's appearance could be considered peerless. Although cultivators of their levels were free from sexuality, they still admired beauty. Who did not like beautiful things?

"Someone has started to move." At this moment, they looked in one direction and saw a group of figures walking down the stairs. Their leader looked unusual and was dressed in luxurious clothes. They were very eye-catching, but their faces were quite unsightly.

They were warriors of the Purple-gold Rat Clan.

Unexpectedly, the Demon Clan took action first.

"The Rats are so eager to challenge the Matrix. Do they want to improve their later generation's facial genes? Stop dreaming," some human cultivators in the surroundings said jokingly.

In the eyes of human cultivators, the Purple Golden Rats didn't deserve Qin He. If they had some thoughts, they were absolutely delusional.

This was probably the reason why the Purple Golden Rats had been working hard. Even though they had become the top forces in the Demon Realm, the world was still prejudiced against them. In the world's eye, the Rats were low-level demon beasts. Perhaps it would be difficult to change this stereotype with just one generation. It required the efforts of several generations. One day, when they stood at the real peak of the Demon Realm, the world could do nothing but admire them.

Warriors of the Purple-golden Rat Clan came to the bottom of the stairs. They looked up and said, cupping their hands, "We'd like to seek your advice."

"32 warriors," people whispered. The Purple Golden Rat Clan sent 32 warriors into the battle.

After they said it, the radiant purple gold divine light shone all over their bodies, extremely sharp. It was as if golden air flows were emanating from them.

At the same time, Qin He began to play the piano with both hands above the void sky. The moment the music sounded, a sense of killing shrouded the stairs, making people feel extremely cold.

Many Goddesses started attacking at the same time, and the holy light over their bodies shone and bloomed. For a moment, the aura seemed to be integrated into the music of the zither. The Great Law between the sky and earth started flowing, and soon people found that the world in front of them had changed.

On those stairs, there were countless phantoms. It was as if the stairs tens of thousands of feet tall was full of figures of the Goddesses of the Saint Brahma Sky.

These figures seemed to be transformed from the Goddesses' Wills. At this moment, they all moved with the sound of the zither, as if led by Qin He. For a time, the super matrix began to run on the stairs.

Vroom. 32 dazzling beams of purple-gold lights rushed into the sky, reaching the max limit of speed. They could directly penetrate the Great Law.

Bang, bang... Phantoms in the void sky directly shattered into pieces. The 32 beams of bright purple-gold light rushed above the sky and were indestructible. It was as if they had created some kind of resonance, and the blooming divine glow directly penetrated the Great Path.

"It's so fast," people looked at the beams of divine light and remarked, but it was even hard for them to see things clearly.

In an extremely short time, nobody knew how many phantoms had been destroyed. This scene had led many people to re-evaluate the strength of the Purple-gold Rats. Although the Purple-gold Rats looked extremely ugly, they were indeed very powerful now.

However, the aura of the Goddesses became more and more bright, and the rhythm became more and more urgent, penetrating the void sky and directly going into the eardrums of those purple-golden rat warriors. They seemed to be in a trance; it was as if they were in an endless mirage, and the phantoms couldn't be dispelled.

"They want to break this matrix directly, but the Purple-gold Rat Clan doesn't have the strength to do it," Huang Qingyun, amid the crowd of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, whispered.

Ye Futian also agreed with him. How could the matrix of the 81 Goddesses be so easy to break through?

Unless they had the absolute strength over Qin He, they would be passive if they broke into the field directly like this.

Warriors of the Purple-gold Rat Clan seemed to be too hasty.

Maybe it was because they were eager to prove themselves.

The Great Brahma Voice lingered between the sky and the earth. Even the spiritual souls of people who were not on the battlefield seemed to be strongly disturbed. It was as if the scenes before them had become unreal, and countless Goddesses were dancing in front of their eyes.

The warriors of the Purple-gold Rats had also realized it. Although they were extremely fast, as they moved up, their Wills became a little shaken, their spirits became unstable, and the Great Brahma Voice entered their eardrums like crazy. The sound also brought illusions and external Wills into their minds.

Boom. Extremely dazzling purple gold light erupted from the Purple-gold Rat standing at the center, and their speed suddenly skyrocketed, penetrating numerous phantoms directly. Now, they could only continue breaking through the matrix.

But at the next moment, they found countless phantoms of Goddesses holding divine swords at the same time show up, and the glory above the divine swords directly threatened their spiritual spirits.

"Be careful," the purple-golden rat in the middle said, but it was too late before he said it. The Great Brahma Voice became more emphatic and powerful. It contained an extremely powerful killing mood. At the same time, in their minds, countless divine swords dropped down, like otherworldly weapons that annihilated everything.

With this sword out, their souls were pierced through, and the swords seemed to be able to ignore their physical defenses and directly cut their spiritual souls.

Several vulnerable purple-gold rats let out shrieks. It was as if their souls had been penetrated by tens of thousands of spirits and cut into segments. They spat out blood, and their bodies fell down from the air. The light emitting from their bodies instantly dimmed down, and the aura disappeared.


Warriors of the Purple-gold Clan kept spitting out blood and fell one after another from the sky. They could not bear such an attack.

Seeing this scene, everyone sighed. They, who wanted to move first, attracted the world's attention, but now they had failed and became typical negative examples.

Today, in this situation, in which Brahma's Pure Sky had arranged such a large matrix, it was definitely not easy to break it easily. At this moment, their embarrassment was now the same as their sense of fulfillment had been when they entered the matrix in the spotlight!

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    《The Legend of Futian》