The Legend of Futian
1468 The Xuantian Matrix
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1468 The Xuantian Matrix


As the last warrior of the Purple-golden Rat Clan was knocked to the ground, the powerful Killing Will gradually dissipated. The phantoms disappeared, and everything returned to peace. However, the peerless Goddess at the top of the Xuantian Pavilion stairs was still surrounded by a cold, murderous life force.

Qin He looked down at the ancient zither in front of her and moved her slender fingers away from it. In the previous battle, it seemed that her zither played a role in leading the willpowers of the Goddesses to launch the terrifying spiritual attacks.

The vast and boundless space was extremely quiet. People looked down again and saw that the warriors of the Purple-gold Rat Clan, whose bodies had been crushed, stood upright and looked up at the stairs. The defense of the Purple-gold Rats was actually very strong, but their spiritual souls still couldn't bear the great attacks of the Great Brahma Voice and the Divine Sword of Cleansing.

The body of the Leader of the Purple-golden Rat Clan shone brightly. Purple-gold light emitted from his eyes as if he was unwilling to give up and still wanted to have another try.

Hiss… A sound of something breaking the air came, and the body of the Purple-gold rat leader disappeared. He turned into a beam of purple-gold light rushing directly toward the stairs, leaving an extremely bright light beam in the void sky. It was as if it was about to go straight up the sky.

Qin He's long hair was fluttering in the air above the stairs. Her cold and beautiful eyes glanced at the divine light in the lower sky, and then she suddenly struck the strings with her hand. The forceful sound of zither erupted. Almost at the same moment, the Goddesses released their Wills, which resonated with the music of the zither.

An illusory divine light penetrated the void sky, like a sword of emptiness, pure and flawless. It chopped down over the Rat's body and stopped the purple-gold divine light in the void sky. The figure of the divine light appeared, which continued breaking through the void sky. The Rat was trying to cross the stairs with his own strength.

Qin He was still playing the zither with her head lowered and ignored him. Behind her body, a statue of the Divine Goddess showed up. This Goddess seemed to have many arms, each holding a sword at the same time. Countless illusive figures were appearing above the head of the Purple-golden Rat. In the Great Brahma Heavenly Voice, the light of the Divine Sword was shining, purifying everything in the world.

Boom! The Nirvana-Plane Purple-golden Rat stopped again, trembling, and tens of thousands of swords penetrated his spiritual soul. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and as a beam of light fell, his body again fell into the lower sky.

His legs were bent, and he was half-kneeling on the ground, blood oozing out from his mouth.

It was obviously not easy to forcibly go through the Xuantian Matrix alone. Even Qin He's ability was not less than that of the Rat.

Besides, even though the Rat had been injured by the shock, Qin He's zither sound did not stop, and the Great Brahma Voice continued. The Xuantian Matrix turned translucent, and countless phantoms of Goddesses appeared and filled the stairs tens of thousands of feet long.

Those who looked up from below the stairs could no longer see where Qin He was.

"Time to retreat," said the Demon Emperor of the Purple-gold Rat Clan. The forcible attack this time was a complete failure.

They couldn't shake the Xuantian Matrix in the slightest bit.

"Qin He seems to be a little different than before," Ye Futian murmured and looked at the dissipating figures in the distance. Qin He was full of Killing Will while playing the zither; she was completely different from the Qin He Ye Futian was familiar with.

Was it because she was fighting on the battlefield, or was it because of the change of her state of mood?

"She is indeed a bit different," said Jiang Taichu next to him. "Besides, it is useless to rely on a large number of people to crack the Xuantian Matrix; such a strategy is not even as efficient as having a single top figure challenge it."

Ye Futian nodded slightly. He had also realized this.

Earlier, the warriors of the Purple-gold Clan broke into the Matrix, but, in fact, they all fought alone. In the large-scale attack of the Great Brahma Voice and the Divine Sword of Cleansing, all of them received attacks of the same level. Therefore, people with the lowest Plane were injured first.

"The only solution is to let the whole team have the same level of attacking ability. In this way, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty will be the most promising one to break the Matrix among all the top forces," Hua Qingyuan said in a low voice.

Ye Futian and others were silent. What Hua Qingyuan said was not unreasonable. Previously, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had performed the combined attack of nine warriors, which had amazing killing power in cooperation with the Divine Sound Skill. Now, many of Yi Tianyu's Brothers had also arrived, and the effect of their combined attack would undoubtedly be far stronger than that of warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

They would become the strongest force to fight together. Speaking of breaking the Matrix, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was the most promising.

Everyone present was not ordinary, so they could all tell.

At this moment, another figure stepped forward. He came out by himself. It was Long Chen of the Dragon God Clan.

Long Chen knew that their Dragon God Clan was not good at combining attacks. They were afraid that they would be defeated one by one in the Matrix, so it was better for him to try it alone and directly break into the Xuantian Matrix.

"Long Chen is ready to attack," people murmured.

Both human cultivators and warriors of the Demon Realm were very concerned when they saw Long Chen come out. This top figure of the Dragon God Clan was equivalent to "Yi Tianyu" in the Demon Realm, but the world was not clear about how strong he really was.

At most, one Purple-blood Divine Dragon could appear in one generation in the Dragon God Clan, and in this era, the dragon was Long Chen.

Dressed in a dragon robe, Long Chen stood there with an imposing bearing, like a towering mountain. He looked up at the stairs and then took a step forward, walking directly toward the stairs.

The moment he stepped on the stairs, he seemed to be surrounded by countless phantoms, and the Great Brahma Voice flowed directly into his eardrums, making his mind confused.

But then from his body, a horrifying, bloody roar burst out. Suddenly, the void sky turned into the color of appalling blood. He didn't look at anyone, nor did he see where they were. But the terrifying glow of blood just engulfed the stairs of tens of thousands of feet as if it had covered every corner of the world.

"Is this the power of the Purple-blood Dragon?" people exclaimed, their hearts beating fast. They even felt that their own blood vessels also had a mysterious reaction and also were roaring and rumbling.

Long Chen's Blood Force was indeed horrifying, which might be the strongest one below Renhuang level that no one could compare with.

Even warriors of the Divine Palace beside Yi Tianyu showed a surprised look. Someone said, "The Purple-blood Divine Dragon of the Heavenly Mandate Realm indeed deserves the fame inherited from his ancestors."

"Is he the legendary mutant of Purple-blood Royal Family in the Dragon Clan?"

Long Chen stood on the stairs, his spiritual soul trembling the space. His eyes turned the color of blood, and he raised his hand and clawed toward the void sky. Suddenly, countless blood-colored real dragons appeared and circled around the world. Those exploding gusts of Blood Force at this moment all turned into bloody true dragons. The blood in the Goddesses' veins was also roaring and tumbling as if this monstrous blood sea devoured everyone.

"Be careful," a voice sounded in all the Goddesses' ears. Long Chen was standing on the stairs, and a horrifying dragon shadow showed up over his body, roaring against the sky. The void air was shaking violently. He raised his fist and punched directly into the void space.

"The power of the Dragon God," people said, hearts beating hard when the fist strike came out. This was the first time for most people to see Long Chen attack. It was so intimidating that he could be considered appalling.

The punch blasted out, and those bloody dragons roared and dashed toward those ladies. Many ladies in the Xuantian Matrix let out groans. The blood in their bodies seemed to be out of their control, and their delicate bodies were about to break and collapse.

Bang, bang, bang… A series of explosions came out, and many ladies have shaken away. The ladies behind them, who had not fought yet, immediately replaced them, but they also felt their blood surging and roaring. Long Chen's attack was extremely overbearing.

The zither music became more intense. Wind and clouds danced in the vast void sky. Many Divine Swords of Cleansing showed up, piercing into the sky and thrusting toward Long Chen.

Roar… The sound of the dragon roaring trembled the sky. Long Chen's dragon soul seemed to directly depart from his body and turn into a Purple-blood divine dragon. The gigantic dragon encircled his human body. The horrifying Divine Sword of Cleansing arrived and tried to cut through his spiritual soul, but the defense power of that purple-blood dragon was also amazingly strong. The blood light directly entangled the sword and competed with it.


Long Chen took a step forward, forcibly approaching the Goddesses. Each time he took a step, the void sky trembled. The blood in Goddesses' bodies kept growling, and the sound of dragon rumbling shattered the void sky.

Every step and every growl of the dragon contained the power of the Dragon God, which was extremely overbearing.

Yi Tianyu watched Long Chen breaking into the Matrix and felt stirred. There was another top figure. It seemed that the current generation of the Demon Realm was not inferior to human cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm at all.

However, at this moment, with the Great Brahma Heavenly Voice, countless figures were attacking toward Long Chen. Although he was still marching forward, he was also badly affected.

Another trembling sound of the dragon growling came and shook the world. Long Chen directly transformed into a divine dragon and merged into the dragon soul. He rose up and forcibly cut open many attacks from the divine sword.

Qin He didn't raise her head and was still playing the zither. The Wills of many Goddesses resonated. Behind her, the holy figure showed up again, like a goddess with three heads and six arms, glaring at the lower sky. Countless divine swords of nothingness dropped down and chopped toward the body of the dragon. The Divine Dragon let out trembling dragon roars and flew all the way up.

The Goddess drew many palm prints using her six arms at the same time, and the countless divine swords merged into one and chopped down.

Boom! The dragon's body stopped, and the palm print of the Goddess remained in the void air. The finger of the palm once again pointed down, and another divine sword fell again, penetrating directly from the head of the dragon to its body, disregarding its defense.

Roar… A loud roar came out, and many more ladies were injured by the shock, but as another sword fell down, the divine dragon could no longer bear the attack and retreated to the lower sky.

The Divine Dragon turned back to Long Chen. He looked up at the divine lady, who was playing the zither in the void sky, and sighed, "It seems that it is impossible for a single person alone to break Goddess's Matrix."

After saying those words, he turned around and left. Despite his failure, the strength reflected in his performance was still shocking.

Long Chen's failure also made people realize that it was impossible to rely on a single person to break the Xuantian Matrix. From this perspective, it seemed that there weren't many top forces in the vast Heavenly Mandate Realm who could break the Matrix.

Perhaps now, the most promising team was the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. For other forces, it might be almost impossible!

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    《The Legend of Futian》